Rio Olympics Ratings Plunge To Levels Below 1992 in Barcelona

2016_Summer_Olympics_logo.svgMany have criticized NBC for its dismal coverage of the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympics for inane comments, numerous commercials interruptions, and a bizarre decision to repeatedly play over the ceremony music with an interview from one of the creators on the “vision” underlying the ceremony (that NBC was not showing). Whether it is the general controversy over the selection of Rio or the NBC coverage problems, the viewers are not tuning in — at least thus far. The ratings are substantially below those of 2012 and 2008. Indeed, the rating are even below 1992 levels.

Here is the current shakedown:

1. London 2012 – 36.8 Million

2. Atlanta 1996 – 34.4 Million

3. Beijing 2008 – 30.6 Million

4. Barcelona 1992 – 27.0 Million

5. Seoul 1988 – 24.4 Million (Rio 2016 – 26.7 Million)

6. Athens 2004 – 24.0 Million

7. Sydney 2000 – 23.9 Million

25 thoughts on “Rio Olympics Ratings Plunge To Levels Below 1992 in Barcelona”

  1. I was bitterly disappointed in the sparse equestrian coverage. They devoted entire segments to volleyball and I think tennis. But buried within a 2 hour Olympic show was something like 4 dressage goes. I did manage to find cross country getting a bit better screen time. Of course, they’re doing the equivalent of jumping a VW Bus on its side in slippery grass and challenging water elements.

  2. “I think it would be nice if events were broadcast in late night and early morning so we can record and watch the whole thing.”

    Well, Rio is only one time zone ahead of EDT, so live coverage is not going to change. There are certainly broadcasts and/or rebroadcasts running on toward midnight. We watched a live beach volleyball match at 11:00 pm last night. If you want live coverage of every event to be available at all times, it would take many more channels than are available, and that has never happened in the history of Olympic coverage anyway. That’s why there is online live-streaming, which is available for a fee if you want it.

    “We only focus on the big winners.” I don’t consider the South Korean women’s archery team or the Brazilian women’s lightweight judo gold medalist to be in the category of “big winners,z’ but they were both inspiring to watch.

    “Now every athlete has trainers, managers, sports equipment companies.” Apparently a lot of US participants have jobs at Home Depot and Dick’s Sports — I don’t think they are really feeling all that pampered.

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