Rio Olympics Ratings Plunge To Levels Below 1992 in Barcelona

2016_Summer_Olympics_logo.svgMany have criticized NBC for its dismal coverage of the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympics for inane comments, numerous commercials interruptions, and a bizarre decision to repeatedly play over the ceremony music with an interview from one of the creators on the “vision” underlying the ceremony (that NBC was not showing). Whether it is the general controversy over the selection of Rio or the NBC coverage problems, the viewers are not tuning in — at least thus far. The ratings are substantially below those of 2012 and 2008. Indeed, the rating are even below 1992 levels.

Here is the current shakedown:

1. London 2012 – 36.8 Million

2. Atlanta 1996 – 34.4 Million

3. Beijing 2008 – 30.6 Million

4. Barcelona 1992 – 27.0 Million

5. Seoul 1988 – 24.4 Million (Rio 2016 – 26.7 Million)

6. Athens 2004 – 24.0 Million

7. Sydney 2000 – 23.9 Million

25 thoughts on “Rio Olympics Ratings Plunge To Levels Below 1992 in Barcelona”

  1. The Olympics used to be a really special time. Now every athlete has trainers, managers, sports equipment companies. We only focus on the big winners. I think it would be nice if events were broadcast in late night and early morning so we can record and watch the whole thing. The personal stories are not about the Olympics. You’re ready to watch an event and suddenly you’re in someone’s home town.

  2. I don’t understand the complaining about coverage here. What is it that people want?

    NBC is running coverage on five channels: NBC, USA, Bravo, NBC Sportsnet, and either MSNBC or CNBC most of the time. Bravo seems to be exclusively dedicated to tennis, but the rest cover a wide variety of events. I’ve watched rugby, fencing, swimming, diving, beach volleyball, regular volleyball, soccer. archery, air rifle, trap (or skeet — not sure what it was, as I not into either), basketball, team handball, gymnastics, water polo, and judo. There is more coverage or US events, but there has been plenty of coverage of significant matches involving other countries.

  3. Some things I could do without (besides NBC itself)

    1) The interminable broadcaster who is paid to believe trivia always trumps content.
    2) The NBC broadcaster’s iron rule to never, EVER, show a whole event lest someone actually enjoy the broadcast.
    3) Same as number 2 except with the qualification, enjoy the broadcast more than the commercials.
    4) Monopoly capitalism. NBC pays a fortune for exclusivity (meaning no competition) and television suckers viewers pay for it in the form of being subjected to NBC’s idea of a good time (spoiler alert: watching commercials). Granted, we have the internet now and can get around this to a limited degree. .

    It’s been a long time since I watched the Olympics…

  4. Rio is an amazingly beautiful location and Brazil is a beautiful country except for all the US and European corporations trying to steal Brazil’s vast resources.

    The Olympics, as others have noted, yawn. So a person is born with agility, muscles, coordination, and high energy. Some are. Some aren’t. So what?

  5. I was a young child, but still remember the 1972 Oympics in Munich – aside from the horrific terrorist attack during the opening ceremonies there was a streaker. It was so funny watching watching the cops run after the guy as he wove in and out of the people who formed the five circles at the stadium. Whatever happened to the streaking trend?

    Also that stadium is great to see concerts – I saw The Rolling Stones and the J Geils band there – one of the best open air concerts I’ve ever attended.

  6. Decades ago, the Olympics coverage was much better to view. Fewer commercial interruptions, little or no scripting – just follow some competition from beginning to end.

    But now we are treated to long discussions about why so many of the athletes have hickies on their shoulders. Ecckkkk !

    1. OK, the hickies were a bit gross…looked like an octopus attacked Micheal Phelps! And I hate that professionals are playing in the Olympics…let the ‘kids’ have their day!

  7. What are the “Olympics”? TV shows a bunch of fruits in race track outfits and swim suits.

  8. I think the Olympics are boring because the athletes are trained and drilled and coddled and pampered to the point where they are almost not human anymore. They may a well replace them with robots. They have very little opportunity to de velop a personality because everything revolves around going to the Olympics. I personally know a silver medal winner from the 80s. Believe me- she wouldn’t win any medals in living a happy life.

  9. I haven’t watched TV with any regularity for at least 15 to 20 years. I occasionally watch movies and selected sporting events on TV. Ain’t gonna watch the Olympics this year. I tried doing that for a short time and the announcers made me nauseous.

  10. The only news I’ve heard about the Rio Olympics concerns the Zika Virus, how many condoms are being distributed to athletes, and that the Russians were kicked out (I don’t know why). All in all, the whole thing seems like a big dreary mess.

  11. Good. I am eagerly anticipating the implosion of the MSM along with the DNC and RNC.

  12. I have decided to boycott the Olympics this year because of the poor coverage the last couple of times. I do not care how much NBC loses on the Olympics.

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