Claremont Colleges Face Controversy Over Housing Ad That Excludes White Students

Unknown-5Unknown-6There is a new controversy at Claremont Colleges where a housing advertisement specifically barred white students from living in an off-campus house. Karé Ureña (PZ ’18) posted a housing offer for People of Color only and added “I don’t want to live with any white folks.” There has been a rising objection, particularly from conservative students, that there is a double standard on campuses and that, in this case, the school would never tolerate a student barred blacks or Hispanics from applying for housing. Indeed, off-campus housing at Tulane University was recently the scene of students tearing down a display viewed as racist without any sanction from the university. Some (even CNN commentators) insist that African-Americans or people of color cannot be racist by definition. For example, CNN Political commentator Marc Lamont Hill has maintained that black people lack the “institutional power” necessary to “deploy racism.”

The post at Claremont states that “POC [people of color] only” will be considered for this living opportunity. Various students supported the right to bar whites. For example, AJ León (PZ ’18), a member of the Pitzer Latino Student Union is quoted as saying that “This is directed to protect POC, not white people. Don’t see how this is racist at all…” So, if a white student says, he does not want to live with Hispanics, that would not be directed at Hispanics?

Sara Roschdi (PZ ’17), also Pitzer Latino Student Union member, insisted, “People of color are allowed to create safe POC only spaces. It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, it is self preservation.” Another Nina Lee, a Women’s Studies major, objected to those objecting: “We don’t want to have to tiptoe around fragile white feelings in a space where we just want to relax and be comfortable.”

Other comments in support of the exclusion are too profane to include in this column, but can be read here.

Claremont has not responded what it would do with white students who bar students of color from off-campus housing. However, the controversy should produce a response from the school on its policy on such racial discrimination in housing.

What do you think?

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    1. Mitch: Thanks for the link. It’ll be more than interesting to find out what is found in Rich’s residence, databases, etc. One could infer that the apple-dumpling gang perception proffered by the Democratic Party is really a criminal enterprise.

  1. @KarenS

    Good for you! Sounds like we both are all about speaking Truth to Power although obviously we come from very different perspectives. I grew up in Germany and think that a social democracy is very beneficial for all citizens.

  2. Autumn:

    “Thing is I am a Jill Stein supporter but find myself defending Trump constantly and calling out the MSM! Truly surreal.” I know what you mean. I’ve found myself constantly defending Bernie Sanders, even though I disagree with socialism.

  3. I want a full investigation into the death of Seth Rich. It looks like the Clinton’s pardoned sleazeball Marc Rich and killed Seth Rich. Assange REALLY hates Hillary. I hope he has ample security.

  4. I want to see Hillary’s health records. She has epilepsy. She might have a seizure and launch nuclear weapons as she flails about. I hear the SS nickname for her is “Shake and Bake.”

  5. Anyone who claims that African Americans cannot be racist does not understand the definition of the term.

    1.a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
    2.a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3.hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.”

    In my area, racism between African Americans and Latinos is intense. Students of one race have been driven entirely out of schools, as they self segregate. I knew someone who drove to Compton to help a nice lady fix up her house. She very kindly told him to leave before it got dark or he would get attacked because he was white. Sure enough, driving down the street he was chased by young guys throwing rocks at his work truck. All he did was drive down the street. For safety, he had to remove this city from his service area. There was no way he could ever send an employee to that part of town again. Liberals encourage this baloney behavior by pretending it doesn’t happen, or excusing it as not as bad when it does. This is a disservice because the behavior contributes to broken window syndrome, drives employers and workmen from the area, which falls into blight. And people walk around thinking what they’re doing is allowed because they have sufficient melanin that the rules of civilized behavior do not apply to them. They seem to have absolutely no idea the damage they are doing to themselves and their neighborhood. That’s not helping anything.

    Roscoe – I am gobsmacked that a college student wrote that grammatically impenetrable mess. Do we need further proof that they’ve lowered the bar?

  6. @IndyBob

    I have to say I understand that guide’s objections. Here in Charleston, SC (as well as in many other cities deemed desirable places to live) the gentrification is going crazy. Now that rich whites want to live Downtown fancy public schools are being built and blacks are being pushed off the Peninsula. Many of these families have lived here for generations (descendants of plantation slaves who actually drove the economy and built the city!) and are used to being able to walk to the grocery store, barber shop, churches, parks, etc. Where are they supposed to go? To the hideous burbs where one cannot walk to anything? Surely a balance can be found. The money the rich whites bring to the community is certainly welcome — and they have the money to fix up some of the beautiful older homes, but driving the blacks away is terrible. Do we want to live in a sanitized upscaled adult Disney Land??

    Just posted this on the bridge/Christie story – not too good with technology. Wish there was an undo feature when commenting!! =)

  7. A couple of years ago I went to New York City for a long weekend. Took a site seeing tour. During the tour, we went through the Harlem section of New York. The tour guide let his political side show. He let us know that he didn’t like the fact that white people were moving into Harlem. Quite the liberal lefty. He’d probably fit right in at Claremont College.

  8. @Foxtrot

    You said, “People who major in “Women’s Studies” and “Africana Studies” don’t get jobs anyway.”

    Are you kidding? She just passed the first test to be an under-secretary of something or ‘nother in a Democratic Party administration! With a degree like that, she knows everything she needs to, to help regulate a business, or write regs for the Defense Department, or be a liaison with Wall Street!

    If she has a minor in Gender Studies, and speaks Spanish, she is headed for a cabinet level post! Maybe even Attorney General!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. This is way overblown since it only refers to housemates and NOT open for the public. If she owned some houses and rented space to the public, it would be illegal. It was also on her facebook page, NOT a for rent ad in the local newspaper. While the views are wrong and bigoted, they are not violation of the non-discrimination laws.

  10. Roscoe P. Coltrane –

    People who major in “Women’s Studies” and “Africana Studies” don’t get jobs anyway.

  11. See how this works.
    In stone on the internet, your on-line credentials.
    Works for me.
    Let the market deal with them later.
    Sorry, but Karma does work if you give it time.

  12. I can’t believe what Terriyonna Smith an Africana Studies major and Resident Assistant for the 2016-2017 year at Claremont College was quoted as saying in the Claremont Independent said regarding what appears to be racially insensitive apartment leasing applications.
    “White people always mad when they don’t feel included but at the end of the day y’all are damaging asf [as f*ck] and if a POC feels they need to protect themselves from that toxic environment THEY CAN! Quick to try to jump on a POC but you won’t call your friends out when they’re being racist asf,”

    Doesn’t this sound remarkably racist?

  13. I can’t believe what NINA LEE, Women’s studies Major, Claremont College 08/10/16 said in an article in the Claremont Independent said regarding what appears to be racially insensitive apartment leasing applications.
    ““We don’t want to have to tiptoe around fragile white feelings in a space where we just want to relax and be comfortable,” commented Nina Lee, a Women’s Studies major. “I could live with white people, but I would be far more comfortable living with other poc.”

    Does this not sound remarkably racist?

  14. If you want to punish these pseudo victims for trying to get away with impunity for their questionably racist viewpoints, regardless of wether it’s actually merited or not, might I suggest commenting across as many blogs as you can using their full names and linking to as many pertinent articles as possible.

    This way when they graduate and are applying for jobs their employers will Google their names and their comments in the context of the housing application there at CC will surface. Nothing wrong with being held accountable for one’s past on- line indiscretions huh?

    Just a thought.

  15. @Darren Smith

    “If the school sanctions a student for soliciting their request to live only with a particular type of roommate such action would be unconstitutional.”

    No, these are private institutions, so there would be no state action involved.

  16. @Issac

    Once again you prove what I’ve said spin, spin, spin, attack, attack. I guess the tax returns will be available when Hilly shows the Wall St transcripts and got a healthy payment for? Yes, you’ll get your Hilly in November and all that comes with her, you enjoy your ride thereafter.

    Go put that hat on and lube those gears.

  17. @Jill

    Sure racism is real, but where do you determine where racism ends and having your second out of wedlock child while on welfare begins? Where does racism end, and not learning in school because that “be actin’ white” begin? Where does racism end and teaching your children to disrespect authority and the police begin?

    IMHO, you can toss racism, and the KKK stuff in the trash can of history. For the last 40ish years, if you hate blacks, or think they are racially inferior, you need to become a liberal Democrat! Where you can promise to put black drug pushers back into black neighborhoods, to the cheers and applause of the Neo-Stephen Fetchit’s, and the college educated white folks who just loves them some banjo playin’ and tap dancin’ darkies. Sho nuff!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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