University of Houston Student Suspended And Required To Attend Cultural Events For Writing “All Lives Matter”

Unknown-1The University of Houston has offered the latest example of how free speech is being rapidly eradicated on our campuses. Rohini Sethi, vice president of the university’s student government association, was given a 50-day suspension from her student government post for saying “all lives matter” on social media. She has now been told that the suspension will be lifted after she publicly apologized and agreed to attend cultural events.

Sethi originally wrote “#ForgetBlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.” This was done in response to the murder of five police officers. She was immediately denounced as racist and various students claimed that she had created a hostile environment by stating her viewpoint. Student government President Shane Smith responded with the draconian measures.

Now, Sethi will be allowed to return after a type of public confession that seemed more appropriate to a reeducation camp than an American campus. Sethi issued a joint statement with Smith that said that “I have chosen to take these steps on my own because of the division I’ve created among our student body,. I may have the right to post what I did, but I still should not have. My words at the time didn’t accurately convey my feeling and cause many students to lose their faith in me to advocate for them. I will always continue to learn and be ready to discuss these issues.”

So she has the right to speak but will be sanctioned if she does?

Smith is qouted in the Washington Post as saying:

“Her post and subsequent actions were very divisive. It caused some in our student body to become very upset with her. They lost faith in her ability to represent them because they felt that she did not understand or respect the struggles in their lives.”

Smith actually apologized to those who wanted more of a sanction, writing “For those that are disappointed by the change, this is a compromise based in the reality of the situation. My stance on racial injustice has always been clear. For all involved, this is truly the best outcome.” No, I do not believe it is the best outcome. The best outcome would be to respect the right of all students to speak freely.

We have previously discussed (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here) the erosion of free speech on college and university campuses as students and faculty are punished for expressing views deemed offensive to any group. In the meantime, we have also seen protests by Black Lives Matter and other groups that silence other students with little response from university administrators.

The controversy of University of Houston shows how schools are now instilling speech regulation as an accepted part of academic environments. The result is a new generation of students taught that they must conform to majoritarian or official views if they want to be educated or avoid sanctions. The primary responsibility for this rollback on free speech rests with the faculty and administrators of our schools, who have often supported such notion of speech as “microaggressions” or hostile acts under school codes.

While Sethi originally stood by her comments, she has now been brought to heel under a de facto speech code. None of this has anything to do with the merits of the rivaling views on the use of “All Lives Matter.” It deals with the right of students to engage in an open debate on such issues. I recently spoke with a student at Missouri (groundzero for the controversy over Melissa Click), for example, who told me that he no longer felt that he could even raise concerns over the demands of “Black Lives Matter” at his school. Despite his support for measures to fight inequality and racism, he said that students no longer felt that they could question even the list of demands being made by the group. This is someone who supports the effort to reform aspects of his school but still fears speaking about the issues. He noted that his faculty has also been silenced in the aftermath of the controversy. His experience is not unique as faculty and staff have succeeded in chilling the speech of those with questions or opposing views on our campuses.

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  1. This is nothing new, the same damn thing applies to you job. I can recall about 15 yrs ago when I was working customer service and pinned up a article in my little cubicle, and unbeknownst to me the bottom had a ad for the tv show Sex and The City.After berated by the supervisor, someone higher up the food-chaion came and told me to take it down.

  2. Black Lives Matter Demands Freedom for Killers of Black and White Cops

    August 11, 2016

    Daniel Greenfield

    The Black Nationalist hate group Black Lives Matter released its agenda. Among its demands for reparations and a tax on air, not to mention an end to automation, it demands freedom for cop killers.

    The “political power” part of the agenda demands, “We are calling for the release of all political prisoners held in the U.S. and the removal of legitimate freedom fighters from the International Terrorists list.”

    These “freedom fighters” are black nationalist terrorists who include Assata Shakur. And the racist hate group’s demands explicitly call for her release and the release of other racist black nationalist cop killers.

    Removal of Assata Shakur from international terrorist lists.

    Rescind the bounty on the head of Assata Shakur

    ​Shakur helped murder New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster. Black Lives Matter is advocating for this cop killer as well as other members of the racist Black Liberation Army terror group.

    The Black Liberation Army was a violent, radical group that attempted to fight for independence from the United States government in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The BLA was responsible for the murders of more than 10 police officers around the country. They were also responsible for violent attacks around the country that left many police officers wounded.

    And Black Lives Matter is just a hipster version of the BLA. The BLM platform advocates for a number of black racist cop killers.

    Cease all current investigations and cold cases into former activists. Some cities like NYC, have ongoing “unsolved.” We know of the recent indictments of activists and freedom fighters from the civil and human rights era of the 60s and 70s like;

    Imam Jamil Al Amin (formerly known as H Rap Brown), captured in 2000
    Kamau Sadiki, captured in 2002 for a case from 1971
    San Francisco 8, indicted in 2007 for a case from 1971

    H. Rap Brown murdered Deputy Ricky Kinchen. Ricky was black. So was his partner whom Brown shot. Black Lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter. Only terrorism does.

    A Georgia sheriff’s deputy broke down in tears several times in court yesterday as he testified that the 1960s black militant H Rap Brown shot him and killed his partner two years ago.

    Mr al-Amin is accused of killing deputy Ricky Kinchen, and wounding his partner, Aldranon English, both African Americans, in March 2000. Both men had come to his Atlanta home with an arrest warrant on charges of theft and impersonating an officer.

    The prosecution contends that Mr al-Amin had opened fire with a rifle when the officers approached. The officers returned fire. When Mr al-Amin ran out of ammunition for his rifle, the jury was told, he took a pistol from his Mercedes car, stood over Kinchen and fired three more bullets into him.

    Yesterday, the deputy identified Mr al-Amin in court as the man who had fired at him.

    “The truth of the matter is that the defendant was the one who was standing on the sidewalk that night and shot me and my partner with the assault rifle,” said deputy English, the first witness. “He is the only one I saw that night.”

    Prosecutor Kellie Stevens told the jury, which includes nine black people, that Mr al-Amin had deliberately fired into Mr Kinchen’s groin when he was lying wounded on the ground. She said that scientific tests showed that the weapons found near Mr al-Amin in Alabama were the same as those used in the murder.

    This is what Black Lives Matter supports. Never forget that.

    As H Rap Brown, the president of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, Mr al-Amin was the first person charged under the 1968 Civil Rights Act for inciting a riot during a famous speech in Maryland. He became infamous for saying that violence is “as American as cherry pie” and for his call to resist racism “by any means necessary”.

    He was put on the FBI’s most-wanted list and arrested in New York in 1972, eventually serving four years for an attempted bar robbery. He was also in the Black Panther party, serving as its justice minister.

    During his sentence, he converted to Islam, and after his his release he established the mosque, which is now a community centre.

    Then the justice minister faced justice.

    Meanwhile Kamau Sadiki aka Freddie Hilton murdered Officer James Green.

    In November 1971, Hilton and several other people were members of a cell of the Black Liberation Army (“BLA”) that came to Atlanta. Ronald Anderson, a cell member, testified that John Thomas was the leader of the group and that the cell did not engage in any criminal activity without his approval. Thomas was about 35 years old and the rest of the members were 17 to 20 years old. Anderson testified that, early one morning around November 3, 1971, Hilton woke him up and told him that Hilton and Twymon Myers, another cell member, had “shot a cop.” Hilton gave Anderson a bag containing a .38 caliber revolver and a police officer’s badge and asked him to dispose of the items. Anderson drove around Atlanta looking for a place to dispose of the items, but did not do so, because he was “petrified.” He returned to the cell’s house and returned the gun and badge to Hilton. The next day, when Hilton, Thomas, and Myers were not at the house, Anderson, along with other cell members who were concerned about the killing, attempted to leave Atlanta, but they were arrested by DeKalb County authorities before they could do so and charged with some armed robberies. Anderson testified that he volunteered information about Officer Green’s killing to DeKalb officials while awaiting trial. However, Anderson and the other cell members escaped from jail shortly after that statement.

    Malik Abdur-Razzaq, a cell member known as Bobby Brown in the early 1970s, testified that he was in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the day Officer Green was murdered, but he left there and came back to Atlanta. He added that, when he arrived, Hilton told him that he had “taken care of business.” Hilton explained that he and Myers had killed a police officer, and Hilton showed Abdur-Razzaq a badge and a .38 caliber revolver that Hilton said he had used to shoot Officer Green. Hilton also told Abdur-Razzaq that he and Myers had patrolled the streets of Atlanta looking for a police officer to kill before they found Officer Green. Abdur-Razzaq added that, after the shooting, everyone in the cell was packing up to leave Atlanta.

    Hilton was also the father of Shakur’s daughter and a child molester.

    Finally BLM advocates for the San Francisco 8 who murdered Sgt. John V. Young. The BLA terrorists had walked into the police station and opened fire with a shotgun.

    In the summer of 1971, Sergeant John V. Young was senselessly gunned down at the public service counter inside of the Ingleside Police Station. The murderers were members of a group of career criminals, most of whom had ties to the Black Panther Party and/or the Black Liberation Army. During the late 60s and early 70s, these two groups believed the best way to fight what they saw as ” racial oppression” was to kill as many authority figures as possible. Of course then as now, the most accessible authority figures in our society happened to be uniformed police officers. We became their prey!

    For many years it was believed in law enforcement circles that the actual triggermen in the Ingleside attack were Herman Bell and Anthony Bottom. It was also common knowledge that Richard Brown, Ray Boudreaux, Henry Jones, Francisco Torres, and Albert Washington were also present that fateful evening and had varying roles in the attack. These pillars of society had committed or conspired to commit hundreds of felonies in the San Francisco Bay Area during that time, including the attempted murder of seven other police officers. Among those attacks was the August 28, 1971 attempted ambush our own Sergeant George Kowalski, now retired. The crime spree also included the bombing of St. Brendan’s Church on October 22, 1970, and the attempted bombing of Mission Police Station on March 30, 1971. Their other crimes ranged from armed robbery to aggravated assault, all within the city limits of San Francisco.

    You can see why BLM supports this.

  3. Black Lives Matter’s Support for Killers of Black Cops

    Black police officer lives don’t matter.

    August 8, 2016

    Daniel Greenfield

    In the spring of 2000, Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputy Ricky Kinchen and fellow Deputy Aldranon English went to serve a warrant in downtown Atlanta. Both Kinchen and English were African-American.

    Kinchen had graduated Morris Brown College, a historically black college that had been founded in 1881 and named after one of the founders of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He had spent almost a decade serving the public in his current job and was married to Sherese Kinchen and had two children.

    At his killer’s trial, Sherese testified that, “When Ricky was killed, I lost a part of myself. Ricky was not only my husband, he was my friend for 18 years. He was my confidant and my rock, and now he’s gone.”

    Ricky Kinchen and Aldranon English were approaching a store owned by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H Rap Brown. Brown had converted to Islam after a term in prison and a shootout with police officers in the seventies. He had shot to fame as the very violent chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Typical lines included, “It’s time for Cambridge to explode, baby. Black folks built America, and if America don’t come around, we’re going to burn America down.”

    When Kinchen and English were approaching him, Brown was known as Imam Al-Amin, a Muslim religious leader who headed the Community Mosque and was a key figure in the National Ummah.

    He was no less of a terrorist for it.

    Al-Amin opened fire with a rifle on the two African-American law enforcement officers. Deputy Aldranon English was wounded and he stumbled to a nearby field to save his life. Deputy Kinchen was shot and fell. Al-Amin ran out of bullets, took a handgun from his black Mercedes, pointed it at the fallen African-American officer as he lay dying and shot him between the legs three times.

    Deputy English survived the attack. Later he would break down in tears on the stand as he described the murder of his partner. Defense lawyers for Al-Amin worked to rig the jury, removing anyone who disliked the violent racist Black Panthers hate group that Al-Amin, in his former life as H Rap Brown, had been associated with. They ended up with a jury of six black men, three black women, two white women and one Hispanic woman.

    The jury, including the six black men and three black women, found Al-Amin guilty as hell of the murder of an African-American police officer. Al-Amin and his two wives, the younger of whom was a teenager when they were married, who lived in houses three miles apart from each other, frowned as the verdict was read. Al-Amin was sentenced to life in prison. There would be no parole.

    Outside the church where Deputy Ricky Kinchen was buried, the line of police cruisers stretched for miles as officers paid tribute to a fallen brother. His casket, covered in the flag, was carried out to honor and glory. If there had been any justice, Deputy Kinchen would be remembered as a hero.

    Instead Al-Amin has become a martyr among black nationalists, including among the latest incarnation of the racist movement, Black Lives Matter.

    The recently released Black Lives Matter policy agenda calls for freeing a number of cop killers, including the murderer of Deputy Ricky Kinchen.

    Al-Amin is one of Black Lives Matter’s heroes. It doesn’t matter at all that he took a black life.

    Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter. Black Nationalist terrorism does. The racist hate group describes the murderers of black and white police officers as “political prisoners”. It demands the removal of Assata Shakur, a particular icon of Black Lives Matter, from “international terrorist lists” and an end to the bounty for the capture of the fugitive who helped murder New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster.

    Black Lives Matter also agitates on behalf of Kamau Sadiki, formerly known as Freddie Hilton, Assatu Shakur’s ex-boyfriend.

    Hilton had been busted for the sexual abuse of his girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter. The Black Nationalist icon had allegedly molested the little girl for seven years. Eager to get out of trouble, he began talking to the police and it didn’t take them long to connect him to the murder of Officer James Green who had been killed by Hilton on orders from a superior in the Black Liberation Army.

    If the life of Officer James Green doesn’t matter to Black Lives Matter, perhaps the life of that little girl should.

    But it clearly doesn’t.

    Finally Black Lives Matter’s policy agenda speaks out for the murderers of Sergeant John V. Young. Young was killed with a shotgun blast inside a police station by Black Nationalist terrorists who were also involved in the attempted murders of seven police officers. One of their vilest crimes was the bombing of St. Brendan’s Church where the funeral of Patrolman Harold Hamilton had been taking place.

    Hamilton’s three little children were nearby when the bomb, filled with nails and screws, went off.

    If all had gone off according to plan, the bomb would have exploded as the casket with the fallen officer was being carried past it. But the timing was off and no one was hurt. But not for lack of trying.

    “To the violent and the criminal our efforts to halt this kind of lawlessness will be condemned as acts of oppression,” Governor Ronald Reagan declared. “Let them call it what they will. I’m unable to hear the whimper of the criminal above the cry of the victim and the weeping of his widow and children.”

    Black Lives Matter still calls it oppression. It demands that we hear the whimper of the cop killer.

    It is no coincidence that the cop killers that Black Lives Matter is agitating for were associated with the Black Liberation Army. Or that the hate group traffics in rhetoric about police genocide that is ominously similar to those of the racist killers and terrorists that it defends.

    Black Lives Matter does not care about the lives of black people or of anyone else. It is a terrorist organization that seeks power through terror. It plays the victim as cover for its abuses.

    The life of Ricky Kinchen has no value or worth to Black Lives Matter. It cares nothing about the pain that the father of two felt when Al-Amin stood over him, pointed a gun and pulled the trigger for no other reason than to torture him and to cause a dying officer more unspeakable pain.

    We must never forget that this is what Black Lives Matter supports. We must never forget that these are their heroes and their role models. We must never forget that the murder of police officers associated with Black Lives Matter campaigns is not an accident, but a design.

    That is why Black Lives Matter complains about the execution of Black Nationalist terrorist Micah X. Johnson after his murder of 5 Dallas police officers in its policy agenda. Whether it’s decades ago or today, Black Lives Matter supports the murderers of police officers.

  4. A Black Lab would never attend that Houston University. Four legs good, two legs baaaad!

  5. Squeeky Fromm calls herself/himself a journalist. It might be a good idea if JT lets her know that she is not the editor of this website.

  6. There is a better case for prosecuting HRC than prosecuting 6 cops in Baltimore.

  7. @PhillyT

    and then there is Dr. Cornel West who is urging his black brothers and sisters to vote for Stein as well

  8. @phillyT

    Tim Black speaks for the majority of us Progressives who will NOT under any circumstances vote for HRC

  9. @squeek

    don’t like the “jil-ted” bride thing either. Hmm, get thineself back to the drawing board.

    Hey, just remembered I forgot to check the mail today – went out and found my newest bumper sticker has arrived:

    “Lock Her Up”

    you might remember this was a favorite chant at both the RNC and DNC

  10. @PhillyT

    Surely you can admit HRC has had some help from Obama – why can’t we see her emails pertaining to the TPP until after the (s)election? The woman is utterly depraved. We are not going to sit by and let her destroy the US along with the rest of the world.

    We are working to ensure she does not get near the WH and that Jill Stein gets enough voters to ensure a third party.

  11. @PhillyT

    I think they know where babies come from, so I doubt it is ignorance as much as it is inertia and incentive. But I try not to get stuck on plans. I prefer goals. The goal is to reduce the rate of illegitimate births, and that requires less babies and more marriages. I think pulling the money for babies born after a date 10 months in the future would remove the incentives. The current welfare mothers would have to be “grand-mothered” in, but who knows. I would be willing to try anything, as long as it works.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  12. @Autumn

    It sounded like fun! If you like to dance, check out that 60’s Garage Rock video above! I listen to that and I swimming, and watusing, and fruging, and twisting all over!

    Also, I have a great idea for a Jill promo, and I need some help. I am thinking of something like this:

    I think there is some potential to the “getting Jill-ted” but I am not 100% happy with the runaway bride thing.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  13. Squeaky,
    The rate of incarceration for black men parallels your chart. And YES there is a big problem there, and we need to make sure that GOOD comprehensive sex education is mandatory EVERYWHERE, especially in poorer neighborhoods, black, white and otherwise. And that birth control is free and available. I agree there’s probably more than that going on, and we need to end the multi-generational welfare system. But we need to replace it with something. Change the incentives AWAY from money for each kid. Make the incentives about getting educated, NOT having more kids. Matching job grants.

    Just taking away the money won’t fix it.

  14. Independent Bob

    You are hitting all the typical libertarian high (well, low) points. My borrowed definition of a Libertarian is someone who happens to be fortunate enough not to need anything from anyone in this moment, and therefore holds that no one else should either.

    My second definition for Libertarians is people who think the government should only do stuff they like.

    as fir HRC, it’s clear that either she is the greatest criminal master mind of the 20th and 21st centuries, OR that maybe the wackjobs on the right really ARE out to get her. Millions and millions of your and my tax dollars spent, and they just can’t get her. No Benghazi, no email, no Clinton Foundation. Just no there there. State Department says the FBI got it wrong. Conspiracy? No doubt. Apparently Benghazi had more to do with Congressional Republicans cutting embassy funding for consecutive years than with anything she did. Who knew? Oh, that’s right, they all did. And the State Department has already investigated the Clinton Foundation and found nothing there either. So keep swinging for the fences, wasting money.

    Finally, your ridiculous comment about black on black crime indicates that you either haven’t read anything I’ve written, or you just don’t care. Either way, done with this one.

  15. @squeek

    just returned from the party. Great fun actually – no liquor of course, but good barbeque and other fixins and a lively DJ — this gal loves to dance. It was a birthday party for my friend’s daughter – sweet 16 – she is evangelical for sure but grounded and okay with all kinds of people who don’t share her belief system. Lovely girl in all aspects. Not one adult commented on my shirt, but the teens were on me like white on rice. They loved it — too young to vote but canvassing for the Donald anyway. I asked about their parents and with the exception of one (they are voting Johnson) all Trumpsters.

    Then after we went grocery shopping at the HT and people kept stopping me to say they loved the shirt. With one exception — a hipster dude — you know the type – the glasses with thick black frames, black socks – pushing 50 but trying to be 21. He glared and I smiled nicely. Then checkout closed so we had to do self checkout which annoys me. As usual I had problems so I said “f&^ck!” to my husband. Hipster says “ow!” and covers his ears. I said sorry! and he began to melt like snowflakes do.

    Anyhoo, from my small sampling I think Trump will have no problem sweeping SC.

  16. @Phillyt

    If your sister taught in an inner city school, then I am sure you have heard a lot. I think the whole point is, that racism does exist, and that in 1965 maybe it would have been too much to expect blacks to immediately snap into the middle class. Although, since the North was nominally not as overtly racist as the South, many northern blacks should have had an easier time. But in 1965 the whole Great Society thing started off, and the illegitimacy rate just exploded in the country, and worst among blacks,

    What I find so amazing is that this is about when birth control pills came out, and condoms became legal all over. If anything, the rate should have fallen. Unless casual sex just took off on the theory that pregnancy was avoidable, and therefore much more sex equaled much more chance for people to get sloppy. Who knows? Before my time.

    Probably the best thing to do is to end all Federal welfare except for food stamps and medicaid, and force welfare back to states and localities where there might be the chance for more control. If a single mom has to rely on a church or her family or a charity, which is in her immediate area, then the number of out of wedlock children will probably drastically decrease. because there is not unlimited funds at that level. Then, the anti poverty type programs might have a fighting chance. That, and stop the illegal alien flood to decrease downward wage pressures. And stop the free trade madness. That’s my GUESS as to what might work.

    But I don’t look for that to happen any time soon.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  17. Just curious phillyT, are you talking about the same justice department that won’t prosecute HRC. How about we stop producing baby’s we either can’t take car of or won’t take care of . Me and my wife had 2 children. after the 2nd was born I got fixed. We felt that we could raise and take care of 2 children. Neither one of us has a college education. This was just 2 adults making a rational decision. It looks to me that from your viewpoint this is nothing more than the result of our “White Culture”(just for the record, I consider myself an American, not a white American). There approximately 800,000 police officers in our country. In that 800,000 there are bound to be a few who should not have a badge. Last week in Chicago approximately 100 people were shot. 9 or 10 died in 1 day. This wasn’t the cops doing this. This was black people shooting black people. We live in an era where abortion procedures and birth control services are readily available. At this point in time there is no reason to produce all these children that the biological parents don’t have any desire to take care of and raise properly. Stop having baby’s you either can’t or won’t take care of. This isn’t rocket science!

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