GW Law Grad Selected As New Trump Campaign Manager

Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway has been reportedly selected as the new campaign manager for the Trump campaign. Kellyanne is one of my former students at GW Law where she also served as an adjunct professor. It is a huge responsibility and Trump supporters should be highly encouraged by her selection. She is smart, resourceful, and very disciplined. Just what the Trump campaign needs at this critical time.  She also now have the distinction of being the first female to head a GOP campaign for president.

Like your humble host, Kellyanne is actually half Irish and half Italian with an Irish name. She is one of a long legacy of GW grads in politics on both the Democratic and Republican side as well as third parties.  We are proud of the wide range of political activities and affiliations of our graduates.  Kellyanne was the president and CEO of The Polling Company as well as a regular television commentator.

She received her B.A. in Political Science from Trinity College and her J.D. from George Washington University Law Center. She also is a former judicial clerk.

She is a Jersey native and has four children with her husband, George T. Conway III, a partner at the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Unfortunately, George missed out on the GW law education but he seems to have been able to get by without it.

Congratulations Kellyanne!

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  1. Respectfully, Professor Turley,
    Do you continue to assert your commentary about KellyAnn Conway in light of her recent comments post Trump election concerning her media commentary that White House Press secretary Spicer gave “alternative facts”? I realize that we all have different opinions and views. I would appreciate your analysis of Conway’s language and meaning.

  2. Dr Turley , please let her know how hard Clinton has tried to impose blasphemy laws on the world !

    (P. S . I have never seen lawyers called as doctor but doesn’t JD stand for Doctor of Jurisprudence ?)

  3. @longforfall

    I think you must have seen the wrong speech. I thought the apology was great. Maybe you have been hanging around Hillary and the Democrats sooo long that your BeeEss detector has been blunted??? To the point where you can’t distinguish honesty from insincerity.

    As far as blacks, nobody can fix them. Their problems run too deep inside themselves. They will have to fix themselves. We have to stop enabling them. That’s the limit on what white people can do. And maybe quit bringing in their job competition from overseas.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. Wow. Just saw parts of his speech in Charlotte and you can see the huge influence of Conway. It was absolutely hilarious! His apology about saying the wrong thing sometimes just reeked of insincerity and apparently he plans to hang out with his soon to be new friends and make AMAZING changes in the black community. Paraphrasing Mike Bloomberg, I’m from New Jersey and I know a con when I see one.

  5. Agree with Nick S that Darren’s comment is impressive. I would take issue with putting too much onus on the voter to see through all the propaganda, lies and corruption his/her tax money helps to pay for. We all have limitations in time, energy, background and understanding available to us to see through the absolute fog of obfuscation increasingly in both national and local politics. It does not seem cut and dry that we the people get the politicians we deserve as much as the politicians the powers that be find acceptable to further their interests.

    Hell, we don’t even get to choose which politicians we get to choose from.

  6. @IsaacB

    Re: Your comment above, “a dizzy *%&t for hire to the highest bidder . . .”

    FWIW, spelling the “C” word with symbol marks is still horrible misogyny. You should be ashamed of yourself!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. Could be she’s Catholic? Ya think?

    The situation may have been less pronounced in 1985, but in general there were and are few authentically Catholic colleges. I don’t think Trinity Washington would have made the list. That aside, there are a number of historically Catholic institutions more convenient to New Jersey than this little college in Washington. Seton Hall, Fordham, and St. John’s to name 3. These three are research universities (albeing Seton Hall and St. John’s are just under the envelope). If you were looking for a teaching institution, there were four Catholic colleges in New Jersey at that time and a couple in New York City at least one of which was a woman’s college. You didn’t have to enroll at a place which was going broke.

  8. vinegart,

    Thank you for your words. I would like to correct a misunderstanding of what I wrote. Mike is not my enemy or the enemy next door.

    In my experience, members of the govt. are the people who who sees “enemies” everywhere. Further, they are trying to divide and conquer us by making us think that those with whom we disagree, even on a profound level, should be seen as our “enemy”. This worries me a lot.

    We need to reject the propaganda that “the other”-black, white, male, female, rich, poor, different politics etc. is automatically our enemy. We need a united front of ethical people who will say NO to the powerful’s will towards atrocity.

    I do agree with your later statement that people will use horribly sexist terms regarding Clinton. That is very wrong and it completely obscures accurate, powerful and much needed criticism of her actions.

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  10. Darren,

    Some of what you say is true. Try substituting the word “Trump” for “Mrs. Clinton” in your screed and your correct-average will rise dramatically.

  11. Jill, you hit that one out of the ballpark. Obviously, some folks are inflicted with unconscious bias on a level that exceeds severe forms of alcoholism and drug addiction, unable to overcome self-destruction, like pedofiles, no matter how much damage they do to children and families, perfectly willing to endorse murder, theft, forced servitude and destruction of the Constitution, anything so long as it perpetuates their failed beliefs and sacrilegious behavior. The enemy is no longer just the government. The enemy is now next door.

    Excellent link to John Whitehead’s profound article. Thanks.

  12. So Art Deco finds it “quite odd” that an Irish-Italian person named Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway attended D.C.’s Trinity College instead of a New Jersey state college……Could be she’s Catholic? Ya think?

  13. Mike A.,

    I have to say you have horrified me with your endorsement of Clinton. I guess I don’t understand what you and other Democrats consider a line in the sand. As SOS she cell phoned in drone kills of civilians. Like Obama, she knows well that drones are not precision instruments and that they will kill many more civilians than any “target” they have picked out for killing. As a lawyer, you know this action is profoundly unconstitutional. As a person, I think you know this is evil.

    As a Democrat, due to the release of the DNC e-mails. you now have incontrovertible proof that your candidate engaged in voter disenfranchisement. This should be an anathema to you.. She has been shown to have engaged in financial fraud, fraud which boggles the mind in both its depth and breadth. It is inconceivable to me how anyone can support such a person and I feel that support is actually putting the population of the US and the rest of the world at terrible risk.

    Right now, this govt. is in a state of insurrection against the people. Her supreme court choices will matter little when the govt. declares an open totalitarian state. At most, they will ratify her most draconian actions against the population. (Activists who oppose the injustice of this govt., whistleblowers and black men and women have already had only a part of the full faith and credit of USGinc. brought to bear upon us and we well understand what this govt. will do to those whom it opposes.)

    I’m linking you below to an article which goes over what the govt. is doing to the people. These are the actions I speak of (among others) when I say USGinc. is in a state of insurrection against the people. Under Clinton, this state of insurrection will come to its logical conclusion, No longer needing to hide the oligarch’s intent towards the people, we will have open dictatorship.

    Yes, we will also have this under Trump. If there was ever a time for citizens to stand up to the powerful and draw a bright line in the sand, to say, you may not do these things to the earth, to our people, to other nations, or to our Constitution, that time is now. I ask that you please withdraw support from a person who has committed murder of the innocent. It is time to say to would be leaders that we the people have had enough of their cruelty. The only language these people understand is the push back of NO–NO you may not engage in illegal, immoral atrocities any longer. Please be a person who stands up to injustice, a person
    who cannot endorse cruelty and wrong doing.

  14. Here’s my choice: A very corrupt political insider with a mountain of questionable activities that we’ll probably never know the entire truth about, versus the founder of the birther movement.

    I wish most things were this easy.

  15. One has to feel sorry for Ms Conway and hope that the trainwreck that is the Trump campaign won’t ruin her career. With the scandal of all that Russian money being funneled into his businesses and his campaign manager Manafort caught paying Russian money to DC Lobbying firms, the campaign is on fire. And with Trump refusing any sort of “pivot” it’s obvious now that Michael Moore was probably right and Trump never intended to win.

    He brought out the lowest base emotions in people and fed into their worst fears. The Republican party was on its way down, but Trump just tied cinder blocks around its ankles. Now Trump advisors and surrogates are out there going full crazy, wishing for a terrorist attack, blaming the father of a war hero for loving the Constitution, claiming that there were NO terrorist attacks while George W. Bush was president (Me. Rudy a-noun-a-verb-and-9/11 Giuliani). Sarah Palin’s advisors, who ran screaming from her willful ignorance all say he is worse, and THAT is a very scary thing. The list goes on and on, but to Trumps supporters (now we know why he said “We love the uneducated voter” ), there is nothing he could do or say to make them not vote for him, never mind the daily rush to distance from him on the part of party Republicans.

    Clearly, as bad a candidate as Clinton is, this election is hers to lose.

    Trump is going to run this thing into the ground–I hope he doesn’t take Ms Conway with him.

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