Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

20954761-mmmainMeth dealer. In a twist that is reminiscent of “Breaking Bad,” Tuscaloosa defense attorney John Fisher Jr. was arrested last week and charged with trafficking in methamphetamine.

20954761-mmmainPolice say Fisher, 48, worked with Christopher Shane Rushing, 42, to operate a “one-pot” meth lab operation. The West Alabama Narcotics Task Force seized 369 grams of meth oil.

The police followed a tip and tracked what they believed as a backpack containing items believed to be components of a methamphetamine lab to an unreleased location. The backpack was then picked up by a second man. That man then went to an office located in the 1600 block of Greensboro Avenue in Tuscaloosa. Fisher’s law office is located at 1609 Greensboro Avenue. They then saw the first man arrive at the office and walk out with the same backpack. They arrested both Fisher and Rushing. Later they found what police described as an active “one-pot” meth lab in one of their cars.

John-Fisher-Jr-via-Facebook-800x430Fisher posted the $250,000 bond, but Rushing remains in jail under the same bond.
Fisher earned his law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1997 and is a general practitioner, including criminal defense. He received his B.A. from Columbus State University, Columbus, GA, in 1990. His bio states ” John Fisher is also very active in the Tuscaloosa community. He is a Deacon and Member of Calvary Baptist Church, host of The John Fisher Radio Show, and a guest lecturer at University of Alabama, just to name a few.” He is also a former candidate for the state legislature. He ran as a conservative with Tea Party support and was photographed on the side of controversial Alabama Justice Roy Moore.

We have not heard Fisher’s side of this arrest. Fisher may claim that Rushing is a client and that this was evidence, but it is not clear whose car contained the meth pot. Moreover, absent an effort to turn over evidence to police or prosecutors, the holding of criminal components is not something that is likely to convince a court. Conversely, it may be argued that he was working with Rushing to shutdown his operation. However, again, the possession of such material is problematic for a lawyer. As a conservative radio host, Fisher promised “Plain Talk, Easily Understood with NO Political Correctness.” This may be his greatest challenge yet.

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  2. Dunno. The account you summarize makes no sense to me. Person A dumps it in location X, person B takes it to the block where Fisher’s law office is located, Person A (for whatever reason) picks it up again, then police arrest Fisher and Rushing (but not Person A or Person B, unless it be your contention that Fisher is one or the other and/or Rushing is one or the other) and they locate contraband not in the traveling backpack but in the car of one or the other (which one unspecified).

    My gut reaction to his photograph is that Fisher looks like a con man. Your gut can deceive you, of course.

  3. Saw on of the best flicks I’ve seen in a long time, Hell or High Water. It’s about 2 brother bank robbers on a heist spree in West Texas w/ Jeff Bridges playing a gruff Texas Ranger. Superb acting and great non PC between Bridges and his American Indian/Mexican partner. The soundtrack is also first rate. There’s a scene early on w/ Bridges and his partner discussing if maybe meth tweakers were who were robbing the banks. The banter is just so realistic and funny.

  4. Tea Party hot. Pea Party Cold. Pee Party in the Pot Nine Days old.

    Meth guy was going to the office to pay a debt in money not meth. Simple.

  5. Time to face the music: I found the perfect cell mate. Ronnie Music Jr. a $3 million dollar lottery winner invested it all in meth.

    Lady Luck turned a run-of-the-mill meth dealer into a millionaire crank king.
    Ronnie Music Jr. was just a 44-year-old fix-it man from Waycross, Georgia, when he struck it rich after hitting the Georgia state lottery’s $3 million jackpot. He could have done what many who play the numbers and scratchers do: retire early and kick back.

    “You think he would have given it all up,” one law enforcement official said.

    Instead, he’s facing 10 years to life in prison.
    Back in February 2015, Ronnie Music, Jr. took home a “100X The Money” lottery ticket he apparently purchased at Papa’s Deli II (one of two gas stations owned by his dad Ronnie Music Sr.) and scratched his way to a $3 million windfall. Music was stunned he’d won so big.

    “Typically we don’t prosecute single hand-to-hand drug buys,” First Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Durham added. “[Music] was dealing with multiple pounds of ice. One of the deals involved with this crew was 10.9 pounds of ice, which is significant.”

    Back in Roanoke, Virginia Music joined forces dealing meth for a man behind bars in Georgia State Prison he only knew was “Wayne Miller.” According to Music’s July 22 plea agreement, he “made four previous trips where he had delivered kilogram-quantities of crystallized methamphetamine for Wayne at Wayne’s direction.” Music was paid in cash for the dead drops full of crank, all destined for Tennessee.

  6. Hmmm. The “Tea Party” angle is interesting because some users put meth in their tea! Because I can not provide any personal info without breaking certain legal confidences, I will just point you to this article:

    Hiding the Signs of Drug Use

    Law enforcement and drug rehabilitation professionals are very good at spotting the signs of drug use. No matter what type of drug you’re hooked on and what method of administration you favor, police have probably seen the tell tale signs before. Meth is often smoked in pipes, for example. These pipes can get very hot and burn the user’s fingers. Even heating the pipe with a lighter can lead to small burns.

    Because addicts try to hide their addiction and any signs that they are aware of, they will often try to come up with new ways to use the drug to hide the signs from others. One potential new method of administration could be soaking meth in a drink like tea in order to be able to drink a solution of the drug.

    Putting Her Granddaughter at Risk

    A two-year-old in Oregon was going to sleep for the night when her mother spotted that she was acting very strangely. The girl was scratching her skin, acted nervous, fidgety and was talking very quickly. The mother realized that this was far more than a child’s normal end of the day antics, and she rushed her daughter to the hospital.

    Doctors tested the girl and discovered that she was under the influence of methamphetamine. The mother was flabbergasted. Authorities investigated and determined that the girl was being watched by her grandmother at the time. Questioning of the grandmother determined that the woman had been trying to make a cup of meth-laced tea, and the girl had drunk some of the tea while being unattended.

    If Fisher is guilty, I bet it was a heck of a tea party!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. ” “Plain Talk, Easily Understood with NO Political Correctness.””

    Well … true to his word, a one pot meth cook is definitely not politically correct.

    Marijuana brownies – now thats politically correct.

  8. This is like finding the shell under the pea except they keep losing sight of the shell. I think they are going to have a little trouble with this case.

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