Nauti Boy: Accused Drug Dealer Arrested After Police Spot Elderly Disguise

1471696841970You have to hand it to Shaun “Shizz” Miller, 31, of Hyannis, Massachusetts. He found a way of hiding in plain sight. Miller adopted an expensive make over as an elderly man that allowed him to walk around Yarmouth despite his warrant for drug trafficking connected to the Nauti street gang.

Police surrounded Miller’s home and called for him to come outside. Instead, an elderly man emerged. Police however spotted the disguise on close contact and removed it to reveal “Shizz.” Inside the house, police found two loaded weapons in a laundry basket and nearly $30,000 in cash.

8 thoughts on “Nauti Boy: Accused Drug Dealer Arrested After Police Spot Elderly Disguise”

  1. He was just trying to look old so as to get the Senior Discount at the cathouses in Boston on Sundays only sale.

  2. Cash and a laundry basket– he has a laundry business in his home. No license to do business in the home in a residential district. Fine him. Fifty dollars every day, if he hollers make him pay.

  3. Cape Cod has a horrible heroin problem. HBO did a good, albeit depressing, documentary on the topic. People who don’t go to the Cape think it’s all rich people. Certainly there are wealthy families, but there is the full range of socioeconomic people. We would vacation in Eastham every summer for 2 weeks. Lot’s of blue collar families like mine chose the Cape as their family vacation spot. This heroin problem is not helping that.

  4. $30,000.00 in cash and 2 handguns. considering the amount of trouble he could be in, was this worth it?

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