Vanity Oh Vanity, Thy Name is Amy . . .

14095802_1345004562190340_5046150389965281047_nAmy Sharp, 18, is apparently irate. It is not the reason why she escaped from an Australian correction center. Rather, it was this picture circulated by police which she considered not flattering. Thus, she sent media the alternative picture below that she much preferred.

Sharp escaped from Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex on August 19th.

She was distressed to see her official photo on the television station and went on a TV station’s Facebook page and asked them, very politely, to use a different picture of her:


Her public picture on Facebook describes herself as “just a lil princess with anger issues”. In the end, it did not matter. She was arrested shortly afterwards not far from where she escaped and the television station used her mugshot to report the arrest. She is now charged with escaping lawful custody as well as an outstanding warrant.

9 thoughts on “Vanity Oh Vanity, Thy Name is Amy . . .

  1. Please do this in your home town. Find a photo of the publisher or owner of your local newspaper. Put the photo onto a roll of toilet paper. Under the photo put the tag: Convicted Pervert. Put the toilet paper rolls in the gas stations and other public toilets in your town. Make Mug Shots at thing that the publishers reconsider.

  2. Uhoh. I should have fought my curiosity and waited until my Contracts homework was done to check out your blog…now reading every blog post tagged “Bizarre”.

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