Morocco Charges Nightclub Manager for Selling Alcohol To Muslims

UnknownMorocco has long been a country with a significant secular community and the persistent threat from Islamic fundamentalists and Sharia law. A recent case shows how the courts impose ridiculous prosecutions in the name of Islamic values. A nightclub manager has been charged with serving alcohol to Muslims as if a bartender can tell the difference between a Muslim and non-Muslim.

The case began with a bar brawl between two bouncers and a drunken client at the “Podium” nightclub, a subsidiary of “Les Idrissides” Hotel. The client was a fugitive and all three required medical attention. However, after the incident, the police arrested the nightclub manager and the trial court of Marrakech prosecuted him for “selling alcohol to Muslims.” The court also prosecuted the two bouncers and the client. That is Islamic justice. Prosecute them all, including the manager for serving a man who turned out to be a Muslim.

It has been a crime since 1967 for bars to sell alcohol directly to Muslims in Morocco.

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  1. Why is JT complaining about what Islamic “justice” is in Morocco? JT and the liberals/leftists have no problem whatsoever with expediting the mass migration of Muslims, particularly those with terrorist training or terrorist potential into the US, so that they can pacify and proselytize the US population into accepting this very same form of Islamic “justice.”

  2. I think the part that nailed the manager was when he shouted, HEY MOHAMMED AND ABDULLAH, HOW ABOUT ONE MORE, FOR THE ROAD? THIS ONE IS ON ME!

    On a more serious note, I find it humorous that bars have a prohibition against selling alcohol directly to Muslims, yet there is no mention of Muslims being forbidden from purchasing and ingesting alcohol. I’m sure that it exists, as well. It would seem, in a sane and normal society, that the onus would be on the purchaser to abstain from frequenting such establishments that sell liquor, as the seller, in a dark and crowded bar, should not be responsible for separating people by religion. Given the number of individuals in Morocco who are Muslim, I would bet that its bars and discos are filled with these purported practitioners on any given weekend. Morocco, along with the other fringe countries in that region–where Islam is dominant–appears to be sliding into the abyss. Bye, bye, Morocco, it was nice knowin’ ya.

  3. East of Corfu the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply.

    Morocco. Where is that place?

  4. This is like unto police officers sitting outside of bars and stopping patrons as they leave to see if they are over the legal limit. This type of ‘law enforcement’ causes the bar to have to close down because no patrons want to get pulled over as they leave there so they simply don’t go to the bar in the first place.. These type of actions in your article will stop there being any bars serving anyone and that is their real goal, total Prohibition.

  5. Hey Squeeky, could you picture the Muslim Brotherhood holding their meetings in an Irish Pub?

  6. Well, it is probably pretty easy to tell the tourists from the natives. Plus, I bet there is more to this story than meets the eye. Like maybe the bar tender knew the guy because they went to Mosque together, or during Happy Hour, the customer faced Mecca, knelt and prayed or something.

    That is my bet!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. Do they have special licenses that say a person is a Muslim, so they are not served? Adds new meaning to “carding.”

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