CNN Blurs Out Trump Tee-Shirt In Interview With Hero Former Police Officer

Unknown-1CNN has become the leading target of conservatives objecting to a bias in the media in both attacking Donald Trump and giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her own controversies. Now Headline News has blurred the name “Trump” on the tee-shirt of a hero former police officer being interviewed for saving a baby. It appears that someone viewed his shirt as unacceptable to be shown as if it were profanity. This followed a controversy at CNN where a Trump tweet was edited to remove the word “Crooked” in front of Hillary Clinton’s name.

cnntrumptweetLater CNN said that the tweet “shown have been shown in its entirety” but there was no news of any discipline or actions taken for a clear misrepresentation of the tweet. Just as it took someone to consciously change the appearance of the Trump tweet to remove “crooked”, someone had to blur the Trump name from the interview with Stevel Eckel.

Eckel, a retired New Jersey police officer, learned of a 4-month-old baby locked in a car alone in a Kohl’s parking lot and called 911. He then used a sledgehammer to break a window and rescue the baby.
Great feel-good story, but clearly someone did not like his Trump teeshirt being shown on television.

A CNN spokesperson said that in retrospect the “logo” should not have been blurred. Yet, again, there is no explanation or other action noted. Indeed, I have never agreed with the notion that logos need to be blurred. What a person is wearing is often an insight into their personality or interests.

What do you think?

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