CNN Blurs Out Trump Tee-Shirt In Interview With Hero Former Police Officer

Unknown-1CNN has become the leading target of conservatives objecting to a bias in the media in both attacking Donald Trump and giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her own controversies. Now Headline News has blurred the name “Trump” on the tee-shirt of a hero former police officer being interviewed for saving a baby. It appears that someone viewed his shirt as unacceptable to be shown as if it were profanity. This followed a controversy at CNN where a Trump tweet was edited to remove the word “Crooked” in front of Hillary Clinton’s name.

cnntrumptweetLater CNN said that the tweet “shown have been shown in its entirety” but there was no news of any discipline or actions taken for a clear misrepresentation of the tweet. Just as it took someone to consciously change the appearance of the Trump tweet to remove “crooked”, someone had to blur the Trump name from the interview with Stevel Eckel.

Eckel, a retired New Jersey police officer, learned of a 4-month-old baby locked in a car alone in a Kohl’s parking lot and called 911. He then used a sledgehammer to break a window and rescue the baby.
Great feel-good story, but clearly someone did not like his Trump teeshirt being shown on television.

A CNN spokesperson said that in retrospect the “logo” should not have been blurred. Yet, again, there is no explanation or other action noted. Indeed, I have never agreed with the notion that logos need to be blurred. What a person is wearing is often an insight into their personality or interests.

What do you think?

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  1. Of CNN is just another network of Presstitutes. So what do you expect from Presstitutes? Responsible journalism? Cut me a break! Presstitutes will be Presstitutes and that is all they will ever be.

    Now, had Steve Eckel worn a t-shirt featuring the image below, why then. CNN would be zooming-in on the anti-Trump logo and the Presstitute interviewer would have even asked him questions about it, making it the focus of their story.

  2. Funny that we only get one side of CNNs faults. I just signed a petition protesting that CNN is employing as a news reporter an active member of Trump’s campaign. Think that FAUX will employ a Clinton campaign person? Then we have the FACT that FAUX has not been called out for falsifying the news on this blog as it has done on MANY occasions. Maybe some folks can show me where Turley has blasted FAUX for lying or actually censoring folks. When this happens, then I will take his objections seriously.

    1. Agreed. Conservatives get in a lather over biased progressive media while devouring fox news without any seeming awareness of its profound conservative bias.

  3. The irony here is that CNN is using Donald Trump tactics against Donald Trump.
    Say something or do something controversial just to get attention wether good or bad it’s still attention.
    Oh yeah by the way it’s delivered at no cost to a blog that has 20+ million visitors.

  4. Dear Mr. Turley – Not only was HLN stupid in their “blurring attempt’, but whoever did it, knows diddly-squat about Photoshop. Thank you for your continued, intelligent posts. Deb McKinley

  5. E-mails from the DNC itself show clearly that CNN and other newz organizations are colluding with the Clinton campaign. In one case, they actually complained mid show and had the moderator change his questions to be more to Clinton’s liking. The eraser of this man’s political choice, like all the attempts to control the news should be of concern, even to Democrats.

    There is currently an attempt to link any criticism of Clinton to being a Russian agent or stooge. This most clearly came through in a NYTimes” article yesterday on Assange written by Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorists. Here, the revelations concerning even the TPP were linked to Putin stoogery. “…one can only conclude that anyone who opposes US imperialist interventions, or, indeed, employs their critical faculties in relation to any aspect of US foreign policy, stands in danger of being indicted by the Times as an “agent” or “dupe” of the Kremlin.”

    Or, as Glenn Greenwald writes: “Some say WL has been on the market to buy dual-use aluminum tubes”!

    So you hate Assange or you hate Trump. Why should the suppression of speech matter to you? Because not allowing free speech is a classic “first they came” situation. It should scare the Hill out of you that your candidate is able to plant stories, fix primary elections, erase information and order hit pieces on her opponents. The press is clearly serving its masters. No one except people in the oligarchy benefit when this occurs.

    We are at a very dangerous point in this nation and we need all people, even Democrats, to repudiate the control of our media by the few, against the many.

  6. Politics aside, I remember when a man invited to speak on TV would wear a suit and tie because he would be too embarassed to look as tacky as the guy in the photo. Also, because his wife or mother would kill him.

    But, I sure as hell love, love, love the first amendment particularly when it allows people to behave in childish, outlandish, offensive, or despicable ways. We can learn a lot from boors: don’t censor them, don’t engage with them, and certainly don’t emulate them. Their actions strengthen the resolve, and skills, of those who prefer to develop their abilities to have well-informed, respectful discussions, even on the most challenging of topics.

    Short of shouting fire in a crowded theater [literal or metaphorical], I say have at it.

  7. When journalism mixes with propaganda and journalists allow themselves to be propagandists, nothing good follows. Joseph Goebbels once worked as a journalist during his short and yet too long reprehensible life.

        1. Terrific. And how many of those “dozens” would require the child to be outside the womb before they decided to take action?

          1. What’s in a woman’s womb is not a child. It is a fetus. The term child applies only after the fetus leaves the womb. Consult a dictionary. Here’s a little help:

            child |CHīld|
            noun (pl. children |ˈCHildrən| )
            • a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.
            • a son or daughter of any age.
            • an immature or irresponsible person: she’s such a child!
            • a person who has little or no experience in a particular area: he’s a child in financial matters.

            1. Nope. Child works just fine. As in, ‘she’s with child’. One only needs to complicate the vernacular in this case to deceive another. Nice try though.

  8. CNN has lost so much of it’s viewership. They have actually taken to copy the format of Fox News. But CNN is and will always be driven by their single minded racist white elites who make editorial choices and conversation, using their white devil, elitist minds who make biased decisions to suit their own protected thoughts.
    That is a HR requirement at CNN (Corrupt News Networksnot) .

  9. There was a time that this sort of story would have been newsworthy, but not anymore. Might as well run another “Christian Church in Egypt Burned to the Ground Killing 90” story or “Undocumented Drunk Driver Kills Family of Seven” and we learn it’s his 15th time he’s been arrested. Would anyone be shocked to learn a new batch of Hillary’s State Department emails were discovered that proved ALL meetings with her REQUIRED a minimum donation of $2,000 to the Clinton Foundation?

    20 years ago there would be shock, outrage and a call for action. Today, those stories would melt into the news soup of the Pokemon Go phenomenon and Joey Chestnut eating his billionth hot dog over the Labor Day weekend. Hardly a blip.

    This republic is toast.

  10. I think the media is owned and directed by corporations and corporate interests decide what we see and what we hear. Hillary is the darling of the corporations. As a result though I believe this kind of censorship is wrong, it will go on and on and on. The power of corporations to interfere with every thing from free speech to freedom of movement to elections is almost complete.

  11. I agree CNN resorted to its usual bias and will continue, only making modifications if it generates controversy.

  12. This doesn’t shock me since CNN and anyone I know who plans to vote for Hillary claims that Trump Supporters are all bigoted, racist, violent, uneducated, immoral and anti-American. To see a logo on someone’s shirt that doesn’t align with this absurdity could harm be deemed harmful. I assure you that I am a veteran, pro-America, non-bigoted, non-racist, non-violent, college educated, moral to a fault AND a very proud Trump supporter. I think the retired-officer should be equally outraged that his shirt was censored and bring awareness to this (thank you for your part in that arena). It baffles me how the censorship of this heroic retired-officers t-shirt is less offensive to Americans than NFL players (whom are paid) who refuse to stand for our National Anthem. Both appear to be free-speech to me. Perhaps I have entered the twilight zone. 🙁

    1. Ugh! The twilight zone had me miss an error when proofreading my post! Please excuse the extra word harm in my second sentence! My mother would horrified…

      1. You think that’s bad? Look at all the grammy and typo errors in JT’s articles and titles.
        Naw, don’t stress over it, I barely noticed it was there.!

  13. NBC has some dork named Chuck Todd who called Eric Snowden “a traitor”.

    CNN, ABC, b i bicki eye eye o b, bicki eye bicki o boobee.

  14. CNN is Clown’s news network , period . Clown = Cooper , clown = tapper , clown = all their so called wise pundits from Harvard !

  15. Of course the Clinton Newz Network would blur that out. Why would anyone be surprised? good news is that the MSM is finished – no one trusts them at all. RIP

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