Eight People In Oregon Shown Pushing Over Famed “Duckbill” Rock Formation

rock1We have previously discussed the shameful case of the men pushing over ancient hoodoos in Utah with their children and other acts of vandalism of national and state parks. Now we have another groups of destructive narcissists who are shown on YouTube celebrating their destruction of a natural feature. Various adults filmed themselves pushing over a popular sandstone rock formation known as the “Duckbill” on an Oregon beach. For the joy of destroying the beautiful formation, these people ensured that no one will be able to see it.

When Duckbill was first destroyed, Oregon State Parks officials said that they did not think it was the work of destructive humans. Then a video by David Kalas of Portland was posted showing a group of visitors pushing over the structure on August 29 at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. The 7 foot by 10 foot formation was in a fenced off area so these idiots went over the barriers to destroy a natural beauty. Kalas captured the group of eight people with his video. Eight people worked on the formation until it finally broke. Three saw a crack and, when others stepped away, worked on it until it was completely destroyed as shown in the video below.

Once again, such acts of vandalism will continue until park officials begin to arrest and charge the culprits. The videotape below hardly makes identification a challenge.

Thanks to these vandals, you can now only see Duckbill in pictures like this one. These people went into a fenced off area and intentionally destroyed this iconic rock formation. The question should not be whether but how many criminal charges to bring against them.

40 thoughts on “Eight People In Oregon Shown Pushing Over Famed “Duckbill” Rock Formation”

  1. The question should not be whether but how many criminal charges to bring against them.

    What is the mens rea component of this “crime”?

    Yes it was a really, really, really stupid idea to topple the rock but at the end of the day it was only a rock formation, get over it.

    Don’t we already have enough people warehoused for non-crimes in our prisons already?

    What next criminal charges for people who cut down beautiful trees?

    1. Hello,

      Destruction of natural beauty in public parks should be penalized. That doesn’t mean they should be “warehoused” at public expense, what about fines? What about public service? What about making sure that people who vandalize public property pay a price? It is not “no big deal” when people intentionally destroy significant natural monuments of historic significance. Merely because you may not understand or value nature does not mean that people should be allowed to vandalize public property. Many, many people value our nature beauty in this country and it should be protected against idiocy.

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