Sacred Spuds: Quebec Seniors Find Potato With Sign Of God

220px-russet_potato_cultivar_with_sproutsThe Quebec seniors at the La Rive de Grande-Riviere seniors residence are cherishing what many are calling a divine message . . . in a potato. When a cook was cutting potatoes, he found one with a sign of the cross at the center.

It is not clear if the divine message is to carbo load or to go Atkins. It is still a message and the potato has been preserved as a sign for people to visit and admire.

Residents insist that the potato is bringing them strength and comfort — and not simply because they are a rich source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium.

Emilien Morin, head of the residents’ committee of the La Rive residence in Grande-Riviere in eastern Quebec is quoted as insisting that “anyone who is Christian would say that’s a sign.”

I am not quite sure about that assessment, but the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

17 thoughts on “Sacred Spuds: Quebec Seniors Find Potato With Sign Of God”

  1. My interpretation is the Good Lord loves poutine just like all those French hosers.

  2. This theory is half-baked, at least that is what some television commontater said. Or was it a spudiatrist who said that?

    1. So how do we classify this?

      #varieties of religious experience or
      #the raw and the cooked

    1. Where is the piece of gold you are talking about? It is a hole in the middle of the potato. I have seen hundreds of such holes in all sorts of shapes. This is nothing more than coincidental alignment of the cut and the shape of the hole in the potato. Since there is no god, this can not be divine.

      I can’t say as I have found any rocks or anything inside a potato, but I have seen the roots of certain species of grasses grow right through a potato.

    1. Darren,

      If this was a Catholic cross message, Jesus would be on the cross. This is a protestant miracle and now that potato needs to go to work and show what it’s made of!

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