Swiss Study: People Become More Sociable After A Single Beer

imagesWe recently discussed the dubious research grant on lesbian drinking habits. Now, researchers in Switzerland have used a research grant to establish what would seem the most obvious fact known to most anyone over 10: drinking a single glass of beer can make people more sociable. It turns out that Mackeson Beer was right: “It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly it does you good.”

The researchers from University Hospital in Basel tested only 60 people men and women drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer. They then found what everyone learns after briefly visiting a bar or party: people seemed more sociable after drinking.

unknownProfessor Matthias Liechti explained: “Although many people drink beer and know its effects through personal experience there is surprisingly little scientific data on its effects on the processing of emotional social information.”

I am not sure that I would describe the lack of studies as “surprising.” Most of us did our research in college at keggers.

The study is being published in the journal Psychopharmacology and presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress Conference in Vienna.

22 thoughts on “Swiss Study: People Become More Sociable After A Single Beer”

    1. “Next on the Important Scientific Research Agenda: Just what exactly are bears doing in the woods?”

      Why do all women grow more beautiful as the hour grows later?

      Why am I simultaneously wittiest and most profound at last call for alcohol?

    1. What Renegade said. Actually, it is figurative. Some people become hostile when they drink. Some don’t.

  1. Okay, I could have told you the result of this study from years of personal experience. The real question is: How many beers before you put the boxing gloves on? That one is worth real investigation.

  2. Next will be a study to establish a bell curve relating to the number of beers consumed and becoming ensnared by a strange bedfellow.

  3. More sociable? Here in WI, there is so much of that stupid alcohol that the men don’t even realize they have no basic, living paternal rights. I can’t think of any other substance that makes entire townships socially inept and dysfunctional. Just take a look at the posters here at JT who use alcohol…..they never even leave their computers unless it’s for a 12-pack.

  4. The Frenchman love there native wine
    the Germans love their beer
    the English love their “off and off”
    because it brings good cheer
    and ‘
    the Irish love their whiskey straight
    because it brings them dizziness
    the Americans have no choice at all
    so they drink the whole damn business

  5. Prost! There is beer and then there is bier. Thankfully the US has developed a great micro brew industry so we don’t have to drink Bud, Pabst, etc.

  6. I had a career in R&D, but I never got to do fun stuff like this ! What next – a study on whether money corrupts politics ?

  7. Just wondering, what if we all had a few beers before we posted. What would our postings be like?

  8. BFM, I believe you have been a PBR guy for decades. But, you know it has become a hipster beer. But, for hipsters, it’s not about the beer. It’s about the 16 oz can. In many small town taverns in Wisconsin PBR is the primary beer on tap. A hipster would never order a tap PBR. Of course, they would never set foot in a small town tavern or bowling alley.

    1. @Nick Spinelli: “A hipster would never order a tap PBR. Of course, they would never set foot in a small town tavern or bowling alley.”

      Their loss. But look on the bright side, more for us.

      So how come its so hard to find the long neck bottles?

      1. Blame those freakin’ hipsters, BFM. They created this 16 oz can craze, so that’s what Pabst makes. You would like the tour. I’ve toured probably 20 or so breweries. Pabst is one of the best. I refuse to tour a Bud brewery. I can just go to a toilet, because Bud is piss!

  9. Wood turtle drinks beer. It’s true.

    Did a hike on the Appalachian Trail. Took a lunch break & sit on rock. Get out turkey sandwich with pickle & vanilla beer from Holland. Something rubs me from behind.
    It’s a big wood turtle eye balling my lunch. I shared. Turtle eats some turkey & pickle. Put some beer in bottle cap. Then set near turtle. And turtle drinks it. Did a refill too.

    As JT stated, It turns out that Mackeson Beer was right: “It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly it does you good.”

  10. What an auspicious beginning. Clearly what we need is more research and a lot more beer – especially if the beer is PBR.

    Now, that would be perfect.

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