University of Wisconsin – La Crosse: Students Encourages To Submit Their Halloween Costumes For Review For Possible Racist Elements

unknownThe University of Wisconsin – La Crosse has been much in the news these days and, for some, the news is not good.  The school seems at the heart of a national trend toward hyper-sensitivity and intense scrutiny over the use of free speech.  In one recent inside, a student objected to a Harry Potter mural that was condemned as depicting  “Man power. Cis power. Able power. Class power.”  Then there is the school’s “Hate Response Team” which has investigated such alleged offensive terms as “All Lives Matter” and “Trump.”  Then last December, the Vice Chancellor apologized for the “fear and angst” caused by a truck that drove through campus with a rebel flag on its grille.  Now the Ethnic and Racial Studies Department of UW LaCrosse have posted signs for the review of Halloween costumes to determine if they are racist.


The poster  asks “Is Your Costume Racist?”and informs students of a costume review session in early October.


We have previously discussed other schools declaring costumes to be inappropriate or racist, including efforts to deter students from dressing as cowboys and Indians.

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  1. Where are the parents? Did these students leave high school this fragile? This is a publicly funded university, right? Is this what the residents of Wisconsin want for their universities? I went to school at UW Stevens Point. Is this rolling through every university in the state? Or is this a passing fad the administrators hope will go away when the students also go away?

    1. Olly, I live in a liberal college town. I talk w/ kids all the time. The majority of students hate this horsesh!t. But, mostly they just ignore it. It’s fascist educrats and lemming students that push this. The silent majority need to rise up.

      1. The “silent majority” won’t rise up because as their name implies, they are silent. If they remain silent then they are a useless majority. A useless majority is in effect a minority.

  2. It’s all hilarious.

    Anyone care to discuss whether there is ANY kind of line here at all? Or should everyone just suck it up and let people have their fun?

    The kid who showed up at a BLM rally Ina gorilla mask handing out bananas: OK or too much?

    A mock lynching of a black man at a frat house: OK or too much?

    A simulated rape display: OK or too much?

    A fake KKK cross burning in front of a black fraternity with students in full regalia: OK or too much?

    A cop being murdered by a sovereign patriot: OK or too much?

    A mock-up of the 17th St Baptist Church bombing: OK or too much?

    I know its all pathetic and stupid but does anyone care to really discuss this? And if we are going to draw a line somewhere, who gets to draw it?

    1. Philat,
      “I know its all pathetic and stupid but does anyone care to really discuss this? And if we are going to draw a line somewhere, who gets to draw it?”

      It is not all pathetic and stupid. Why broach the subject in this way?

      Should the line be drawn by the people present or the neighbors?

      I think your examples are all abhorrent, and I would probably try to discuss the matter with the perpetrators. Why are they wearing a gorilla suit to a BLM rally? Why not a clown costume if you disagree? Still gets the point across without the stupid, racist overtones.

      Do you think the university is being excessive but should draw the line somewhere? Like a school dress code does not allow revealing clothing or clothing that depicts s*x acts, curse words, etc?

      What do you think is reasonable?

      1. Start by reading the comments. Almost all the comments are simply mocking “stupid libruls” and their attempt to stop conservatives from having free speech. No one stopping to have a thought about it, just dismissing it as yet another sign of our society’s decline. That’s where I was coming from.

        I like the idea of having a free speech zone where people can go to listen or avoid if they don’t want to hear it.

        And I think there are limits. Letting the Nazis march in Skokie? Yes indeed. Letting them set up a mock gas chamber display in front of a synagogue? Not so much.

        1. “I like the idea of having a free speech zone where people can go to listen or avoid if they don’t want to hear it.”

          Me too. It’s called the United States. What these schools are doing across the country is akin to infecting our 1st amendment rights with mersa. The answer is not to allow it to spread. Carving out “safe spaces” for natural rights will result in cutting them out altogether. This is our Roe v Wade fight for the 1st amendment.

        2. Philat,
          I read the comments. Most are decrying general authoritarianism. One comment expressed concern about Hillary Clinton continuing it, another about Trump. Only 1 comment connected liberals to the erosion of free speech in general. That is hardly most comments saying “stupid libruls”.

          For example, my comments were made without any thought to the political leanings of those who are trying to control people’s Halloween costumes. Classmates should call out one another for being rude, not an authority.

    2. Should Nazi’s be allowed to march in Skokie? THE ACLU SAYS YES! It’s the NASTY speech that must be protected.

      Should people who don’t understand the 1st Amendment be allowed to ask stupid, vapid questions about it?

      1. BTW, the answer is “yes.” Stupid people should be allowed to ask stupid questions.

      2. Yes.

        Asking questions can help people figure things out.

        People in Skokie can counter-speak, they can ask the Nazis why they support such things and try to help the Nazis reason out why their views are wrong.

        People should draw the line as neighbors, speaking up and asking questions. Often, it is a case of poor judgment or thoughtlessness versus outright malice.

    3. I seem to recall federal subsidies given to a museum exhibition which included a photograph of a crucifix in a jar of urine, as well as to an indy film which included sequences of homosexual men dancing in chains and leather.

      The sort of people who make these rules are not interested in containing obscenity. They’re interested in defining obscenity in such a way as to rule out expressions which do not pay obeisance to the Official Idea on these campuses. However, the Official Idea has nothing to do with the schools black-letter institutional mission or the wishes of the school’s founders. It’s all idiot staff without enough work to do and in business for themselves.

  3. Every university should have a place where anyone can spout off whatever. They could stand behind a protective glass barrier and people could come and go through an acoustically designed space that would keep the messages contained. I once passed by ‘Speaker’s Corner’ in Hyde Park and listened to someone on a wooden box go on at length. The closer I got, the clearer the words, the clearer the words the more apparent the BS, the more apparent the BS the more I receded and eventually moseyed on.

  4. The backlash will be felt on 11/8. People are fed up w/ this horsesh!t. I went to school in the 60’s/70’s when free speech was established on campus. However, fascists liberals then took over the Education Industry and have destroyed the 1st Amendment. Most students HATE this stuff. They need to revolt like in the 60’s/70’s.

  5. Laugh, laugh.

    But vote for Hillary and this will be public law nationwide.

    “Hillary Clinton has vowed to prosecute climate change deniers if she is elected President of the United States.

    The Democratic Platform Drafting Committee issued a statement on Friday urging the Justice Department to investigate “alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change“.

    UW LaCrosse fascism will spread.

  6. When I was at a small college (no name, no blame) 50 years ago in Illinois I was in a frat and each member had a “frat name” and in those days the names caused no blame. You can guess the ethnicity of these fellows by their frat names: Wop, Pollock, Taco, Spade, etc. Maggot was a guy who screwed a townie named Maggie so he was Maggot. Taco was a guy who screwed a townie who was hispanic. It went on and on. No censorship in those days. Kids are weenies today.

  7. These people sound neurotic and unemployable. Can mental illness become a learned state from the constant state of nerves?

    These are like Victorian ladies with the vapors.

  8. I think the KKK and the BLM should decide which costumes are racist by unanimous vote.

    1. Into what exactly? While I am no scholared historian, this kind of shaming into submission is part and parcel of most (if not all) of the Authoritarian power grabs in modern history. They are proud Marxists (social ownership of all property and capital) and haters of Individual Capitalism which favors individual rights. Is it any wonder that they happily submit to their “elites” to gain social approval in all acts of their lives?

      So, It’s nothing more sinister than run of the mill Authoritarianism, you know, the one responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of innocent human fodder in the way to PC Paradise.

  9. Are they sure this isn’t Farber College? Sounds like something that Dean Vernon Wormer would have done to the members of Delta Tau Chi.

    1. Of course it is, if you replace the swastika with the school’s emblem. Now it is a protest.

  10. Jesus H. Christ

    I’m thankful I attended college in the 80’s. If Abraham Maslow were alive today he would craft a “Hierarchy of the Asinine” just to label La Crosse as the model of self-actualization on that scale.

    1. “I’m thankful I attended college in the 80’s.”

      I say the same thing all of the time. I feel bad for kids today.

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