Washington Post-ABC Poll: Hillary Clinton’s Unpopularity Hits Record High And Majority of Women Now Hold Unfavorable Views [Updated]

unknownunknown-1Hillary Clinton has campaigned tirelessly for women votes, including heralding her nomination as a historic moment for all women. However, she continues to be unpopular not only with voters as a whole but a majority of women.  The new Washington Post-ABC poll shows her at a record low despite spending roughly $100 million in political advertisements and an overwhelming media barrage against Trump.  While seen by supporters as more of an anti-establishment figure, Trump has equally shocking figures and even top Clinton in unpopularity with many groups.  Voters continue to reject both Trump and Clinton but that overwhelming voter anger at these choices does not appear to matter in our political system.  The importance of this poll is not to suggest that Clinton will win. Rather, for voters, many believe it simply does not matter. Their views of Trump or Clinton seem immaterial to a system that is detached from the wishes of the majority of the electorate. While the Washington Post reports that Clinton has halted the polling “swoon” in August, the overwhelming distrust factor from the earlier poll continues.

Clinton recently asked why she was not 50 points ahead of Trump, but it is now clear that voters continue to harbor deep distrust of Clinton.  Her unfavorable rating have gone from 42 percent in July to 56 percent now.  To some degree, it is not surprising.  Polls clearly showed that the voters did not want an establishment figure so the DNC worked to guarantee the nomination to the ultimate establishment figure. However, it clearly goes deeper than that.  Even against one of the most unpopular figures in history (Trump is even worse at 63 percent unfavorability), Clinton cannot even maintain a majority of women with favorability ratings.

Despite the missteps of Trump and controversial history with women, Clinton’s favorable rating among women has dropped from 54 percent to just 45 percent.  Her support among Hispanics has fallen from 71 percent to 55 percent.

Vice President Joe Biden seemed to reflect this persistent problem today by remarking that “I know some of you, and some of the people you are trying to convince are not crazy about Hillary. I know that.”  However, he insisted that Clinton has gotten an unfair deal.  Of course, the Clinton campaign appears to have largely pursued the “lesser of two evils” approach that is all too familiar to critics of the power duopoly in this country.  The result is tragic where the citizens are being given a choice between the two least popular presidential candidates in the history of modern polling.


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  1. Trump and Clinton are two nasty dirty old men who have preyed on women throughout their lives. Although we’ll never be rid of their ilk completely, there is less and less tolerance for behavior like theirs.

      1. His behavior was totally litigated in court, in the congress, and in public opinion 20 years ago. It was a $40 million taxpayer funded investigation. I’m not singling you out when I say it’s lame to bring it up again in a vain attempt to deflect from Trump’s current problems.

        And then there is the current issue of trump still insisting on the guilt of the Central Park five even though they were exonerated by DNA evidence. Is THAT what he means by law and order??

        Trump is the most despicable public figure of my long lifetime.

          1. This election will be written about by scholars for centuries to come and it’s not over yet.

                1. Bigfatmike
                  ..try to look on the bright side.
                  We still have Darrell Hammond for when Slick Willy goes back to the White House, and the gal ( forgot her nams), who does Hillary.

                  larry David as Bernis and Tina Fey as Palin will be miseed, but the SNL cast still has a lot of good material lined up for years.

                  1. @tnash80hotmailcom ” the gal ( forgot her nams), who does Hillary.”

                    Oh my, don’t forget Kate McKinnon, one of the great political analysts of her generation.

                    But while we are speaking of greats, lets not forget the great linguist Donald Trump who has managed to bring ‘pussy’ out of the shadows and into the mainstream of political discourse.

                    Now we can talk clearly about the really important issues of the day.

                    Thanks Donald, I knew there was something missing from the MSM and our discussions, but you managed to put your finger on it, so to speak.

          1. I’ve long said that the Clintons were the most savvy, opportunistic and corrupt politicians of the last 100 years. But in terms of overall despicability, Trump trumps.

        1. Trump may be and most likely is despicable (he has been despicable to me). The real argument that Clinton supporters will not address are her policy failures, and how they have helped create the most dangerous situation in the world since 1983. I find it amazing. Clinton supporters tend to ask as though no one has asked that question. If there is any comeback, it’s usually based on what the piss-haired magnate “might do” as opposed to “what has been done and what is happening now” that is directly related to Clinton.

          1. The folks who “briefed” Trump on foreign policy said that he was less informed than Sarah Palin. Let that sink in for a minute. No knowledge of what’s happening in the world. No interest either apparently.
            His “secret” plan for Syria is a jumbled up version of Clinton’s plan and the current administration plan–nothing new, nothing dramatic, nothing thoughtful, clever or nuanced. Not even as interesting as Nixon’s secret plan for VietNam.
            Put this man, who is indebted to the Saudis and the Russians in charge of our foreign policy and you waill have twenty disasters on your hands in six months.

            The reason Putin wants Trump to win so badly is that he’s smart enough to see America running off the cliff under Trump. It would be an unmitigated disaster.

            Worse than Palin. Think about it.

            1. Worse than Palin. Think about it.

              Gov. Palin had 11 years under her belt as a public executive – as mayor, state bureau chief, and Governor. She had no history of abnormal conflicts with the legislature and the state was in fine condition fiscally during her tenure. BO and Slo-Joe Biden had no experience as public executives. Or as private sector executives (unless you count running the Chicago Annenberg Challenge into the ground). None of this matters to partisan Democrats, who play status games because their worldview is fundamentally superficial..

            2. As with most of the Clinton crowd on here, you seem to think foreign policy is star wars. The fact that you regularly sell Putin short displays your ignorance. One more pivot by the Soros policy machine and we all will have a brand new perspective on things. It’s time to talk to the Russians just like all the cold war presidents did. Trying to bully Putin like the other puppets we can’t even handle isn’t going to work either. Besides, Russia has a coherent foreign policy–that’s why he’s spent time in governments all around the world. We are probably being cut out of deals as we speak due to our “Let’s make a movie” or “what do you think we should do today” foreign policy. Trump indebted to the Saudis? Maybe you better check again where Mrs.Clinton’s big allowance comes from.

        1. Alejandro – Bill is giving more speeches than Hillary. Her judgment about Bill is important.

        2. Yes, and Hillary has said she would put Bill in charge of the economy. And what other policy decisions will Bill have? Bill will be the president he always wanted to be – again – for his illegal third term. There is NO way that Hillary is capable of doing the job without co-president Bill and her entire entourage of hired hands. She actually does have bad judgment. Trump is absolutely correct on this point.

  2. There are politicians in both parties that want her elected, they are the establishment. They like things the way they are.

  3. I can’t handle hearing one more time that Hillary “hasn’t gotten a fair deal.” OMG!!! OMG!!! The woman is a crook, a liar, an unindicted felon! My God, please stop saying that Hillary Clinton has not gotten a fair deal! Just stop.

      1. You’d rather vote for a xenophobic, racist, groper, who has no real respect for women unless they’re a size 0, a man whose business practices are questionable, who won’t release his taxes because he has something to hide, who can’t quite bring himself to apologise to all those people he insulted during the race for the Whitehouse. You think this man can make America great again, can bring people together? Are you really going to vote for him? It makes me wonder why an intelligent woman, like you say you are, would do such a thing???

        1. And you would vote for a woman that utterly destroyed a 12 year old rape victim? A woman that completely assassinated the character of women her husband raped? A woman who vilified a young woman that performed oral sex in the Oval Office for the sitting president? A woman married to a man that inserted a cigar into,the young woman’s vagina? Further the Clintons eagerly accepted money from the despicable kind of people you described and destabilized the Middle East causing the greatest refugee crisis since WWII?

          Okay – go for it you must love duplicitous criminal leaders.

          1. Still trotting out the old Hillary 12-year-old rape victim story? That’s been shot down so many times people mistake it for rotten swiss cheese.

            You really have to do better.

            How about just posting stories about all the Arkansas state troopers she murdered with her bare hands?

            Right wingers are furious that Hillary stayed married to Bill, but if she had divorced him they’d be going after her for that.

            Face it, you’re just throwing feces at the wall now…

        2. Well, I guess that you are in denial about the enabling of WJC by one HRC? About when exposed, one HRC destroyed the reputation of those women? Of the Clinton foundation what is oh so closely tied to clintons and they will not release their tax returns, of insults of millions of Americans by HRC who called them a bucket . . .
          I have always thought that what is needed in the White House is a business person. That person would know what it’s like to run a business, make a payroll, pay taxes, worry and sweat that their business will succeed from one year to the next.
          There is only payroll HRC has ever dealt. It is the public payroll. No secret there. So how can she claim that she is for the working class when she has such great disdain for them?
          And to say that the White House knew nothing about the private server of HRC is just a damn lie, and you know that!
          So, climb down from your higher than thou perch and become a real human.

    1. And he has no one to blame but his own gross, disgusting self.
      His surrogates on TV are really going off the deep end.

      1. very funny given that Bill is a serial womanizer – even a rapist. Totally an attempt by the MSM to distract from the pay to play scam run by HRC and the Clinton Foundation. HEYY Haiti is suffering greatly – can the Clintons return the donation dollars?????????????????

        1. To tell you the truth I don’t think Bill Clinton could successfully run today. Fortunately, he is not running.

      2. Show me 2 guys who didn’t act that way BACK THEN. As changes in society occur, so does behavior. I remember doing things years ago that I would not think of doing today.
        Let the first innocent cast the first stone. Ha, no stones get thrown today – unless ur dishonest.

    2. WOMEN FOR TRUMP and I want to say loud and clear…listen up corrupt news media…..as an Independent voter….and a single woman….highly educated and informed….I am voting FOR Trump! And everyone I know is voting for Trump!

      I don’t care what he said or did in the past — no matter what the Clinton’s dig up about Trump’s past NONE of it compares to the trash and corruption of the Clinton’s. WOMEN LIKE ME DO NOT CARE about petty character attacks!

      Trump can do the job. Hillary is not a leader – never was, never will be. She is too mired in corruption and scandal to ever effectively lead this country. Zero possibility.

      Trump is an imperfect leader. Trump’s imperfect self is still the far better choice for America’s future.


      1. Assuming you are actually a woman, and actually voting for Donald, I have a couple of questions:

        1. Is there anything you might learn about Trump that would cause you to not vote for him? I’m thinking of the pending trial for rape of a 13-year-old girl, which is now scheduled to be heard in court. Or the recent release of an audiotape in which he further proves what a pig he is toward women–I’m referring to his “grab them by the p*ssy” statement. I have a link if you think it’s fake.

        2.If the answer to question #1 is that there is NOTHING that would cause you not to vote for him, what do you think that says about you?

        1. LOL! I told my wife about an hour ago the trolls would be trolling this Trump thing this morning. Trump raped a 13 year old??? You must be thinking about Bubba.

            1. phillyT – evidently they have thrown the case out of court three times before and now the judge wants a status hearing. It is a civil trial, not a criminal trial.

              1. Paul Schulte….you are correct.But labeling a status hearing as a “pending trial”, and implying that this is a criminal case, may beonly a case of “literary license”.
                The case isn’t a game changer as far as the election.
                I don’t think that the recently released sexist comments by Trump will be a game changer, either.
                It may mean that Hillary wins ny c.100 electoral vites instead of 50, but I think the GOP essentially handed the election to Hillary once theynominated Trump.
                On the civil suit alleging that Trump raped a 13 year old…I don’t think criminal charges could ne filed in any case.
                The alleged incident was well over 20 years ago, and the statute of limitations probably prevents bringing criminal charges now.
                A civil lawsuit that’s been withdrawn and refiled several times, involvinng an alleged incident from 1995, may not be a stong case.
                The start-stop-start etc. lawsuit has in fact been refiled, but I’m not sure how much patience the courts have re the number of times this cycle can be repeated.

              2. The case wasn’t thrown out, it was withdrawn because they could not convince a corroborating witness to come forward. She is now willing to testify so the judge is willing to hear it.

                Call it what you want, but it involves the rape of a 13-year-old and Trump is the perpetrator, and given everything else he has said on tape it’s no surprise.

                The only reason it’s civil and not criminal, by the way, is because of our insane statute of limitation laws in some states.

                1. Philly T. -There is a difference between a mid-December status hearing, and “a oending trial”.
                  You may have missed that distinction.
                  Thete’s also a real for lomitations on how long criminal charges can be brought aftet an alleged incident.
                  If , fir example, someone in 2015 alleges that an offense occutred in 1994, makes the accusation in 2015, withdraws, refiles lawsuit based on the allegation again and again,
                  Problems arise.
                  I understand that isn’t a problem for you, since you can’t distinguish between criminal and civil action, and you try to evelate an allegations in a civil suit as “evidence” of criminal guilt.
                  Describing your earlier farce of a posting as literary license actually understates your distortions.

                2. You can easily pick out the Clintonistas. They only comment on a thread involving her. They avoid other, interesting threads and just do their Goebel’s act here.

                  1. Nick, Referring to Philly T.’s earlier post as “litery license” was a polite understatement.
                    Given that he’s decided to double down, I’ll change my charCterisation from literary license, to “going off the dead end”.

                  1. Why don’t you answer it?

                    In my mind there are a couple of kinds of statutory rape. You’ve got the 18-year-old-boy dating the 17-year-old girl whose dad gets him arrested. Then you’ve got the forty-five year old man who assaults a 13-year-old.

                    As far as I’m concerned, the situation Donald is accused of should have NO statute of limitations. If we treated this kind of sex crime like I wanted, he would go to prison for the rest of his life. Period.

                    Other civil suits? It depends. This one, and abuse by priests? Should never run out. Ever.

                    And yes, Paul S., he’s the accused/alleged perpetrator. But there is a complainant and a witness now. Trump made death threats (allegedly of course), so maybe they thought twice about accusing a self-proclaimed billionaire with lawyers on retainer. So it’s no surprise that witnesses have been afraid to come forward.

                    Given all the other DEPLORABLE sh*t that just came out about Trump, this gets more believable by the day.

                    Anyone still supporting Trump should just jump right in the basket at this point

                    1. Philly T.
                      Since you complained about “insane” statute of limitation restrictions, I thought you should take the lead in suggesting reforms.
                      You would presumably keep the crime of murder as one where there should be no statute of limitations, as well as rape allegations made against candidates you oppose that surface 20 years after the alleged event.

                    2. phillyT – that money from Soros or Brock must really make you needy. You really are so desperate to vilify Trump, yet we know that Bill Clinton is a known rapist, not just accused. Still, Hillary lives with him and wants to give him charge of the domestic policy. She was crap at foreign policy as SoS, so this really makes sense.

            2. I would say virtually everyone here believes I’m married. I have touted my brides books and recently spoke of her third book coming out soon. I use my real name. You have fabricated your biz and work history and many do know that. Now, make yourself useful and make me a sandwich.

      2. Don’t you remember Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch almost on every song he performed at live performances. Would that happen today in a telecast? Doubt it.
        But we accepted and many actually copied him. Even some female singing performers.
        This just shows the changing nature of Sex in America.

  4. Thanks Jill for the info. I am bored – waiting to see if Hurricane Matthew gets weaker before it hits Charleston. Poor Haiti – do you think the Clinton Foundation might help them out? Like return the millions in contributions?

    Been on YouTube all day – I am amazed how many people have put out stuff pro Trump, pro Bernie, pro Jill — and anti HRC from their respective basements. Cultural creatives rock!! Kudos to Squeek as I include her amazing work as well.

  5. Read the article. Its worth the time. Disgusting stuff going on in yahoo and explains why the site sucks so bad now


    Ex-Yahoo employee sues Marisa Mayer claiming she led an illegal purge of male employees

    The lawsuit notes that when Savitt began at Yahoo, less than 20 per cent of the top managers were female, yet 18 months later, more than 80 per cent were female.

  6. But we all know that the laws are most often applied differently to the rich and powerful like Clinton and Trump.

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