thumb chc_1200x630For the first time in decades, the Cubs won a playoff game without giving up a run.  The San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs showed incredible pitching tonight and this is going to be a hard fought series.  Indeed, I was hoping that my Cubs would face the Mets.  (I am equally concerned about facing the Los Angeles Dodgers down the road).  However, for all Chicagoans, it was a sweet start to the series.

The Giants will face the Cubs again on Saturday in another pitcher’s duel.  The Giants were a tough team to pull in the first round, but as Friedrich Nietzsche said, what does not kill us makes us stronger . . . even giants.


  1. I’m very happy to see that the Cubs are finally in the playoffs. As an old Red Sox fan I know what droughts are like. It always seems like it’s going to be next year. Finally, the playoffs. On another note, The Patriots are4-1. Again, congratulations to the Cubs. Best wishes to all.

  2. The Cubs will keep with tradition. Never fear. They can only slaughter so many goats.

  3. This game score can only have resulted from interference by space aliens or higher dimensional beings ….

  4. Speaking of the Cubs. I just watched Alex Gibney’s “Catching Hell” documentary. It was fantastic.
    Sorry the Cubs fans are so superstitiously inclined to believe that a scape goat had to be used to explain away poor playing on their part.
    I’ve never understood how someone could collectively be so affected by events that they have had absolutely no influence over.
    Fanaticus maximus beyondus.

    1. Especially when fans refer to themselves as part of the team like “We should have won that game last night, but”or “We have to do better on defense” like they are actually on the team.
      Funny those folks always seem to be the ones who hate politics and could care less about voting.
      Just a personal observation of course.

  5. Hillary is from Chicago, its all a plot by her to make Americans to wear Cubs hats…..Sorry, I just wanted to say that before someone else did..

    1. Hahaha people on here will believe that. Be careful.

      Propaganda > Truth on the JT Blog.

  6. Hopefully you don’t have to worry about the dodgers!! Bring out the goat!

  7. Bill, You are correct. While having a good closer is important during the regular season, it is critical in the playoffs. I’ve seen very good teams w/ a weak bullpen lose playoffs.

  8. If Donald Trump is elected president this will not be a problem. He will Mske America Great again by making sure the Cubs don’t win another playoff game for 108 more years. And build a wall to keep illegals out of the left field bleachers. And he will build a casino for the Chicago Blackhawks.

  9. This is so great!

    What about that Putin guy, are you sure he wasn’t involved?

    Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

  10. “The Los Angeles Giants”!?! Please tell me that was an intentional, light-hearted jab at your S.F. readers…

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