SpongeBob SquarePants Posed Existential Threat To Turkey

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.

A nefarious, existential threat was recently vanquished by the post-coup censorship offices of Turkish President Erdoğan. No, it was not the PKK, nor ISIS, nor Fethullah Gülen. It was SpongeBob SquarePants and Smurfette, broadcast on a Kurdish Language children’s television network.

The media crackdown in the aftermath of the failed coup in Turkey has led to closures of dozens of news services and thousands of firings among journalists. Cartoon networks can now become labeled as seditious.

Apparently, SpongeBob’s cohort Squidward Tentacles nefariously slithered into the fabric of the state’s security apparatus and cunningly attempted to dismantle it from within. His ink: it sows discord by fueling the printing presses of subversives.

The Kurdish language was once considered a threat to Turkey, only having in the 1990’s permitted to be spoken without fear of arrest. Yet, to President Erdoğan, the Kurds–Turkey’s largest ethnic minority–present not only a convenient scapegoat but the target of attacks and denials of many human rights. The situation became worse since the failed coup months prior.

Zarok TV (Kid TV), the first Kurdish language children’s network, began last year providing several western children’s cartoons translated into the Kurdish. The station prided itself in not only providing entertainment for youngsters but also an avenue to preserve their mother tongue.

The government on September, 28th served a shutdown order on twenty-three television stations, including Zarok TV. The government claimed the children’s channel backed “separatist and subversive” activities in Turkey.

The network’s chief broadcast coordinator, Dilek Demiral, explained in an interview with al-Monitor that Kurdish Language television is often subjected to bans. But, he found these latest actions perplexing; the extent of  how such bans now applie to children’s programing and also that the Higher Board of Radio and Television (RTUK), the government’s effective censorship board, issued no warning prior to the demand for closure.

Many Kurds and others having interest in the plight of liberty continue to be both confused and outspoken about  human rights attacks increasingly becoming inherent within the government of our NATO ally. The censorship of childrens’ programming and cartoons show the paranoia surrounding an increasingly authoritarian neodictator.

It begs the question: who is the greatest threat to Turkey: SpongeBob, Papa Smurf, or that licentious harlot Smurfette?

By Darren Smith

Source: Al-Monitor

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  1. The best definition of “life” for me is “learning instrument”. But how can you learn if the door to questioning is closed? Those governments that limit the scope of learning by punishing the inquirer are walking the road to their own extinction. History gives us several examples of this socio political error. Why doesn’t humanity learn from its errors?

    1. Independent Bob – only JT or Darren can vote him off the island. I think that is what he wants.

  2. This article is hysterical insofar as D Smith’s attempt at humor through sarcasm flops.

    JT and DS chose positions dependent upon being cowardly and servile to the rich and powerful. They’ve adopted similar views when it involves them, someone they are fond of, the U.S. Empire, and The West more generally.

    I used to think there was knowledge to be gained from this blog. I stand corrected.

    1. Chip – you keep p**sing and moaning about this blog and its contents. It is clear you are not satisfied with them. Well, leave.

    2. I suggest you ask for your money back.
      Customer service representatives are standing by to help you with your struggles understanding the atmosphere of this blog.

  3. A hundred years ago the governments of Canada and the US banned the children of indigenous peoples from speaking their native languages. It was our shame then. Turkey is living its shame now.

    1. d Smith probably doesn’t even know this basic fact. After all, he’s a savior! He had a badge!!!!

    2. Now we have people who work at the burger world down the street that is taking your order and can’t understand you because they don’t speak english!

      I don’t have a problem with people speaking their native tongue, but you must learn the language of the country!

  4. My money is on Smurfette. All those smurfs and one smurfette, you know they were doing the nasty. 😉

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