Duterte Denounces The U.S. And Pledges To End Cooperation and Reliance . . . U.S. Responds With $180 Million In Aid

rodrigo_duterte_and_laotian_president_bounnhang_vorachith_croppedThe election of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte constitutes the lowest point for the struggling Filipino democratic system.  Duterte has used profanities against President Obama, the United States Ambassador to the Philippines, Pope Frances, the United Nations and others who have questioned his blood-soaked reign as president.  Recently, he even compared himself to Hitler in not only refusing to stop his extrajudicial killings of alleged criminals but saying that he was prepared like Hitler to murder millions.  This budding tyrant has declared that the very  concept of human rights is the “anti-thesis of government.” Finally, Duterte has pledged to end military training exercises with the United States, break away from the close alliance with the United States, and rely more on China and Russia. He has even been taunting the CIA to try to oust him. For those already familiar with our checkered history of supporting dictators and even enemies of the United States, it will come as no surprise that (just as Duterte is pledging to support Russia and China and fighting the United States), our government just approved another $180 million in aid to someone widely viewed as blood-soaked, anti-American lunatic.

So after screaming profanities at the U.S. and our President (and ambassador), this crude clown is rewarded with $180 million as he pledges to pull back from the U.S. alliance and work with Russia and China instead. Americans are still steaming after supplying much of the weaponry acquired or captured by ISIS and other Islamic extremists. We seem eager to give weapons and wealth to those who hate us. In addition, we are supporting a government that is killing thousands of accused criminals and a man who compares his hopeful death toll enviously to Adolph Hitler’s success in murdering millions of Jews.

Duterte is now one of the most vocal and vicious authoritarian leaders in the world and we will affirm to the world that human rights violations matter little to the United States.

To make this particularly absurd, Duterte has indicated that he wants to buy weapons from Russia and China. He will now be able to have million more to spend with the U.S. ponying up $180 million from the Obama Administration to support his military.


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  1. This guys favorite character from the Old west was the honorable Roy Bean. We ‘re gonna give them a fair trial then hang them.

  2. Duterte Denounces The U.S. And Pledges To End Cooperation and Reliance . . . U.S. Responds With $180 Million In Aid

    After all, Eisenhower stabbed France and Britain in the back about Suez, when he told them to stop their winning war against Nasser; the latter, emboldened by his success, was the supporter and the model of much anti-Western terrorists, such as the Baathists.

    And let’s not forget how South Vietnam was sold down the river on 1975.

  3. Why, why, why do we keep doing this?

    Are we trying to buy love? Should we give our politicians tough parenting books?

    I oppose Obama politically and on policy, and God knows I obsess about getting rid of Obamacare, but as long as he serves in the Oval Office, he is my President, and represents my country abroad. At some level, he is a symbol. Any foreign leader cussing out our President, as opposed to merely disagreeing with him, is like stomping on our flag.

    This move not only projects weakness and poor judgement, it emboldens all the savage tyrants out there. As it is, our reputation for strong military might is what keeps some of the attacks against us from Western hating regimes down. If we rolled over and became pacifist, all the countries that despise Western values would be encouraged to rise against us, just as they often do against their neighbors when borders seem like a suggestion.

    It is dangerous for us to make such poor decisions. And in my opinion, it is immoral to give financial aid to a country that abuses human rights. If its people are starving, you can give food and medical aid, but please do not give over a hundred million dollars to a despot in the market for buying weapons, and openly allying with Russia and China.

    There are so many good people in the Philippines, and we are financially supporting a tyrant who plans to abuse them. We’ll share the blame on that.

    Because, yes, the 1980s foreign policy is back.

    1. Karen – Obama has lowered the level of the Presidency to the point where cursing at him is alright.

      1. Obama is still well above Bush and Trump. Bush was never Presidential material. Obama is and has proven it time and time again. Trump is not even a credible carnival barker. Trump is deplorable, therefore his followers have their choice. Clinton was accurate in her use of words. Some may be irredeemable.

        1. So, if according to Clinton, Bernie supporters are a bucket of losers, and Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables…she’s really running on a unifying ticket. She shows great respect for the people she is applying to lead, and will represent all of us with dignity and concern.

          Hillary Clinton has class, but no honesty. Trump has honesty, but no class.

          Bush had both.

          1. Trump is a liar and he is soon to be a loser. And,yes, his white klan supporters are “deplorable” to most people.

            1. What’s pathetic Dave is that you thought that your irritable mental gesture was worth wasting pixels on.

            2. Dave
              – Hillary didn’t say that the KKK was deplorable.
              She said half of Trump supporters were deplorable.
              Unless you think that 50 % of Trump supporters are in Klan, your “defense” of Hillary”s statement is very lame.
              The point made in the comment before yours was that there is a contradiction in claiming that you want to be “president for ALL Americans” at the same time you dismiss a sizable minority of them as deplorable.

              1. His support is dropping so fast that she might ultimately be right. The white nationalists will ever leave him.

              2. Unless you think that 50 % of Trump supporters are in Klan,

                You used a % sign. You might fry his circuits.

                The various klanlets in the United States have a sum of members of about 2,000, give or take the paid FBI informants.

                1. Today he is at 38 percent in the polls and dropping Most of these white nationalist sympathizers are not reflected in the klan membership numbers.

                  1. Dave__
                    Most recent polls sbow Hillary with a 4-6% lead.

                    The NBC/WSJ Poll has Clinton at 52%, Trump at 38%.
                    That poll is either very right, or very wrong, given that it way out of the range of all of the other polls.
                    I don’t pay too much attention to the popular vote polls, but either the NBCWSJ Poll alone has it right, or the poll is a farce.
                    Hillary has so,many Electoral College votes sewed up that I think she’ll win that vote by a wide margin, regardless of the outcome of the popular vote.

                    1. I had a chance to look over the most recent poll…8 or 10 of the most prominent pollsters.

                      As I mentioned before, most of these polls show Hillary with a 4-6% lead.
                      The NBC/WSJ poll has Clinton ahead by 14% ,well above the margin of her lead in the other polls.
                      2 of the polls have Trump ahead by 3-4%.
                      In looking at the internet headlines, it’s interseting that CNN, CBS, L.A.TIMES,etc.
                      headline. and focus
                      their articles on the “double digit Clinton lead” that the “new pollong” shows.
                      Even,IN DEFERENCE TO their own polls, the NBC/WSJ poll overwhelms mention of any other polls.
                      A cynic, or a realist, might suspect that the
                      reporters and “journalists” writing these “poll results” are harboring, and displaying, a clear bias.

        2. Obama is and has proven it time and time again.

          Only to people who are silly and superficial. His only executive experience ‘ere taking office consisted of running the Chicago Annenberg Challenge into the ground. His record in Congress was brief and undistinguished. His record in the Illinois legislature was distinguished only by the 100% raise his diversity racketeer wife received when he was handed a key subcommittee to chair.

          As for his time in office, he has no negotiating skills; reads memos prepared by his staff with multiple choice answers, checks a box, and writes in some inane marginalia; he puts the likes of Ben Rhodes in charge of foreign policy (when he’s not having ValJar vet key operations); has presided over serial foreign policy catastrophes; has engaged in serial abuses of power followed by stonewalling; has corrupted the IRS, the divisions of the Department of Justice, and the FBI; and engages in serial displays of spite, petulance, and mendacity.

      2. Only we are allowed to do that! Not other nations. 🙂

        That’s like the etiquette that you are not supposed to disparage your country when overseas, especially if you hold office.

  4. As for Sr. Duterte assulting the Pope and BO with profanities, recall that equal respect is the abolition of respect.

    1. Teaching Spastics to Dance – Obama does not attend his briefings so he will never know and Francis has heard it before.

  5. For those already familiar with our checkered history of supporting dictators

    What does ‘support’ even mean? Foreign aid is seldom consequential except in Tropical Africa and in sundry loci suffering from insurrection and civil war. Both sets of circumstances are inclement for electoral institutions and public deliberation. Prior to about 1990, electoral institutions were anything but the default mode in Latin America and they’re a feature of the last generation everywhere in the Far East except Japan (and, if a very qualified way, Malaysia), everywhere in South Asia outside of India, and almost everywhere where they are currently extant in Tropical Africa. The last five years have demonstrated that they are unsustainable in the Arab World.

  6. The aid was probably already promised before this Philippino tRump showed up.

    Squeaky, so it’s perfectly ok to kill a person because that person is suspected of drug related crimes? I hear Mindanao is wonderful this time of year. Why don’t you buy a one-way ticket to “paradise”!

  7. In case all you inside the box thinkers haven’t noticed there is a WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION ongoing. It is in its early stages. It is going to get rough, so hold on tightly.

      1. Yep, since when is the murder of drug users revolutionary. Sounds very reactionary.

    1. Yeah and that’s why we need a rocket scientist like Trump for President. The shame is that this time around the process has been dumbed down to vitriol, lies, and exaggeration. On the issues of substance and mud slinging, Clinton won both categories in the first debate. In the second debate Clinton won on substance but Trump threw the most mud. When you look at elections before this the mudslinging took up ten to twenty percent of the effort and the substance regardless of how generic or particular regarding issues that concern most Americans dominated the debates. Trump’s effort was 90% focused on mudslinging and the remaining 10% was founded on lies and fear monger exaggerations. After Sunday if you follow Trump, you follow a combination of Chicken Little and Duterte. Whatever Clinton’s shortcomings may be, she is by far the more intelligent choice. The problem is that intelligence is in short supply in America these days. Now for some Trump like retorts.

  8. Thank god we have a President that can understand the difference between the people of a country that has been an American ally for decades and a transient tyrant. We have our own transient tyrant wannabe here in the US and hopefully enough Americans will understand the difference between ‘We the People’ and ‘I the Trump’. Unfortunately Turley and many others can’t think past the days dog and pony show headlines. Turley you failed again, or perhaps you are just stirring the pot, which is failure as well.

    1. Good comments, but “stirring the pot” isn’t such a bad thing. Weighing a range of perceptions is necessary to forming a credible opinion.

  9. Good for Duterte! He is actually doing what is necessary to stop the druggies, which is to start killing them. Indonesia is leaning toward that process, and China has indicated they will work with him on drugs. Americans are candy-a$$e$ who suffer from a surplus of money, and thus try to buy their way out of problems as opposed to addressing them. Thus we spend decades and billions of dollars trying to put the Mafia (for example) out of business, and yet the Mafia is still going strong.

    We suffer from criminal drug gangs in this country, and we are still trying to treat the problem the same way that we treat a lone robber holding up a liquor store. It simply ain’t going to work. Killing the gang members will work. Left out of criticisms of Duterte is that while 2,500 druggies or so may have been executed in the street, another 700,000 or so have voluntarily surrendered to avoid being killed.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. It is so much easier to criticize those who we do not support with regards to the words they use than criticize those who you do support when they conduct themselves in the same manner, isn’t it?
    I have been coming to this site since the very early days. It used to be about the law and now it appears to be a site about partisan politics and the efforts made to promote a unbalanced view of the issues of the day are ill becoming to a once valued site.
    And i ain’t talking about Dutertes words!

  11. Obama approval rating 6% – Duterte approval rating 76% – hello.
    I have lived in the Philippines since 2010 in Davao City which he was mayor of. Davao City is a very safe place to live if you are not a criminal, and soon the entire Philippines will be a much safer place to live – drug traffic reduced by 90% nationwide! What has America’s multi-billion dollar war on drugs done for America? All it did was eliminate their competition. Clinton smuggled 11 million of cocaine/mo while he was Governor – and the story only gets worse from there. Why are we still in Afghanistan? We have to protect our opium trade. American government and officials are all corrupt and you have the audacity to attack President Duterte – SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!!!. Maybe when Duterte is done with the Philippines you can hire him to clean up America. (Maybe he will take out a few ignorant attorneys while he is at it)

    1. While your statements suggest a need for some fact-checking, it is clear that there are differences of opinion on the political dynamics of various regions. Those who think they know the absolute truth about what goes on in other countries, need to recognize that their incomplete understanding of what is happening in their own back yard, is even less complete when talking about other regions.

      1. Davao City is not safe. Its homicide rate is about the national mean in the Philippines.

        Duterte’s an old man, so I wouldn’t expect many riverboat gambler’s initiatives. And I wouldn’t believe the hype. China now has a domestic product equal to that of the United States and he’s indubitably figuring they have to make their arragements with the real big kid on the block.

  12. The better question is why are we (usa) giving forgein aid to any country? With the number of people in America that need help and the number of problems that need to be fixed in America how can we (usa) afford to send one dime over seas to help out another country?

    I say stop sending money anywhere but between our boarders!

    1. Borders? What borders? It appears that those in power in the US want to control all of the world’s valuable resources, transport routes, regional leadership, and military might. Providing dollars is always accompanied with demands for US interference in local resources.

    2. With the number of people in America that need help and the number of problems that need to be fixed in America how can we (usa) afford to send one dime over seas to help out another country?

      The foreign aid budget is (last I checked) around about $32 bn, and about 1/3 of it is security assistance. The poor of Chicago can’t do much constructive with grenade launchers. As for the other $20 bn, that’s a fraction of the SNAP card budget, much less the elephantine programs like Medicaid.

  13. We are stupid and it’s clear to most leaders that we have little or no back bone. No one is suggesting that anyone gets in a battle with this guy but sending him money that our own people’s sorely need is ridiculous and offensive. Of course, I realize that offending Americans is not really much of a concern for our leaders whatever party they are.

  14. What is his end game?

    Allowing killing of people who are innocent until proven guilty is one thing, but taking big money from the US and buying weapons from China or Russia is another.

    What is he up to?

  15. It’s probably only a matter of a few years and this president will attack the average citizens who formerly praised his brutality toward criminal elements. He has high public approval ratings presently.

  16. Again rewarding bad behavior with monetary rewards. What a bunch of low live criminals we have in power.

  17. This administration has set this nation back and we may never recover. If Hilly is elected it’s a guarantee. Watching her tonight state she was talking about Lincoln when questioned about Wiki leaks made me wonder what kind of person would support her.

  18. What is the matter with our stupid stupid idiotic govt–Why do we insist on punishing our friends such as Israel, and rewarding our enemies such as Iran and this turkey? Trump cannot come too soon ! Deplorable DMD

    1. Obama & others in his Administration maybe have a slightly more nuanced understanding of world affairs than you seem to want to grant them.

      Here’s a basic primer on President Duterte that might you to better appreciate complex issues such as our relations with foreign leaders & why we cooperate with Israel in covert/false operations both here and worldwide…despite the inhumane way Israel treats Palestinians.

      1. s & why we cooperate with Israel in covert/false operations both here and worldwide…despite the inhumane way Israel treats Palestinians.

        Be nice bill. Other people in the dayroom want to use the computer. Time for your thioridizine.

        1. good question. Both countries have many similar goals and Israel has a long history of carrying out successful false flag operations. Mossad agents are especially effective at posing as Arabs.

          A very interesting book that you might enjoy is: “Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence CommunityJul 1990
          by Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman

          Thanks for asking about this. It’s an important issue. Do you know anything about Israel & 9/11?

          1. Israel has a long history of carrying out successful false flag operations. Mossad agents are especially effective at posing as Arabs.

            Art therapy’s at 2:00 pm, bill. You’re late.

            1. Sounds like YOU need something more therapeutic than Art therapy. JREF might be a good place for you. It’s full of shills and and far-right wing Mossad wannabes. Did Randi assign you to troll JT?

    2. Ummm, you, of course, know that a recent aid package for Israel has been proposed that will give them $40 Billion over 10 years? I didn’t think so.

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