chc_1200x630In what has been one of the exciting playoff series in years, my Chicago Cubs came back in the 9th inning tonight to beat the Giants. They now head to the National League championship. As a lifelong Cubs fan (raised blocks away from Wrigley), it was a glorious night.

The come back in the 9th was as exciting as it gets in baseball. Chapman was great in the last inning and made up for the dismal performance yesterday. I was up to 3 am the night before during our loss in extra innings. This made up for the lack of sleep.

I have been wearing my lucky Cubs jerseys to teach each day during the playoffs. After the loss yesterday, I decided to pull out my prized Ernie Banks jersey and told my Giants fans in my class that the move would seal victory for the Cubs. (As I discussed in earlier columns, Banks has remained my hero since childhood. His death left a huge hole for all of us who loved him. I grew up not far from where Banks lived and my friends and I would see him every week. He actually showed me how to break in the baseball glove I received on Christmas one year).

The Giants were a brilliant team this season and made this a tough win. However, this was an “even year” that did not pan out for the Giants. So, we now head into the championship to face either the Nats or the Dodgers.

Go Cubbies!


  1. Yeah, but the Giants will be back next year, hopefully with a better bullpen. We have the best manger in MLB-Bruce Bochy.

  2. JT you must be embarrassed about your praise of Kellyanne Conway. She is such a tool without a moral compass. Sad.

  3. I’m very happy for the Cubs, It’s been a long time coming. As an old Red Sox fane I know what droughts are like. On another note the Patriots are 4-1. I wish the Cubs the best and hope they win it all. Best wishes to all.

  4. Wow, the last time the Cubs won the World Series the Progressive Era was just beginning. I’m rooting for the Cubs if that puts a bookend on it.

  5. You saw last night why a bullpen is critically important in postseason. The Giants don’t have one and it’s why they lost. I am pulling for the Cubs, as are much of this country. I think JT might be pulling for the Nats against the Dodgers, giving him a chance to see a game or two in DC.

    1. The last Cub World Series Championship took place at West Side Park at the confluence of Polk and Lincoln (now Wolcott). The current Wrigley Field did not open until 1914 as Weegham Park as the home of Federal’s League’s Chicago Whales. The Cubs did not move to Clark and Addison until 1916, after the demise of the Federal League.

  6. I gave up when the Cubs did not resign Greg Maddox. As a law student, I lived in Uptown, only 15 minutes from the ballpark, Junior Terrace and Clarendon. I wish the Cubs well(originally the Chicago White Stockings in 1876, how’s that for irony). But never forget these two names in 1908, the last Cubs World Champions: Fred Merkle of the NY Giants (see: Merkle’s Boner), and Hall of Famer Johnny Evers (Tinker to Evers to Chance), who knew Merkel never touched second base, and so the Cubbies went to win the game and later the World Series, thanks to Three Finger Brown, as the Cubbies defeated the Detroit Tigers, featuring Ty Cobb, and Wahoo Sam Crawford, in 5 games. The final game in Chicago drew the least fans in World Series history, 6210 went through the turnstiles. Over and out.

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