Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson Names Top Pick For The Supreme Court . . .

johnson_transparentYesterday, I had the odd experience of walking into my torts class only to have a student proclaim “all stand for Justice Turley.” Unbeknownst to me, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson had publicly stated that I was on the top of his list for Supreme Court nominees. While I am not ditching my day job just yet, I am honored by Governor Johnson’s consideration. If nothing else, it got my students to stand up as I entered the class. I had assumed that the class was recognizing the achievement of my Chicago Cubs in clinching of a spot in the National League Championship, but this is even better.

While I might consider a trade of a position on the Court for a ticket to the World Series with the Cubs, I realize some things are too much to hope for.

Seriously, though I have never met Governor Johnson, I obviously share many values with him on the constitutional system. Gov. Johnson’s acknowledgement was an entirely unexpected but deeply appreciated.

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  1. I gave the Libertarians full marks on their platform. It’s their candidates who are off the wall on some other list of topics. In any case a great effort by many has diluted itself to the status of message candidate as a result. At this point and this close to the election their only use is diverting votes from themselves to one or the other of the two big dogs in the fight! Along with Klein they serve no other purpose except Klein stayed on message.

      1. It did say what I wanted to read about them in 80% of the constitutional related areas and the theory of self government. I didn’t much care for two of their more left wing notions like same sex and marijuana as they are guaranteed vote killers for any serious candidate. but then Weld went off the deep end and stayed there and Johnson did the same and then waffled and neither one has the first notion about self government nor Constitutional Republics. I don’t really see the point of putting that much effort and money into a project and then following a loser plan of action.

        Instead of Too Big To Fail the title should be To Little To Matter.

  2. “During Bill Clinton’s scandals as president, Trump actually claimed that Bill was the victim, much like he’s claiming to be a victim himself today. He’s attacking his accusers just as Hillary attacked Bill’s, and people who don’t yet know what truth there may be in these accusations are cheering him on while condemning her. It’s really not that uncommon for women not to come forward when abused by a man of tremendous wealth or power, but for the sake of the party many are pretending that it proves the accusation false. Bill Clinton’s accusers who didn’t report him immediately are to be believed without question though. Double standards are double standards on either side of the aisle.”

    1. Absolutely, and Trump is unfit to serve, and that’s why so many Republicans refuse to support him. Democrats, on the other hand, circled the waggons around Clinton and used every trick in the book to protect him. Some were mildly critical, but in the end supported him anyway.

        1. I n real life it’s 50 50 and pick ’em. The last minute decisions in the polling booths will make the choice. It’s still not about candidates it’s about what kind of government you want. progressive socialism with a dictator or a chance…at retaining a constitutional republic. We can survive Trump he couldn’t be worse than Carter, LBJ the other clinton or the Bush’s but can we survive a Hillary after an Obama?

          NOTA looks like an awful good choice but the thought of losing the entire Constitutional Republic is even more awful. I have an advantage I’m already out of the country most of the time and can make that full time with no problem. The rest of you are stuck.

    2. There is in fact a problem with allegations brought up years after the fact.
      It can be difficult enough to get at the truth when there is a timely allegation, and a prompt investigation.
      Since you concluded that Trump “assaulted a member of the media”, you made it clear that you can selectively solve that problem to your own satisfaction.
      Just like the recent claim here that Clinton is “an alleged rapist”, and Trump is
      an “actual alleged rapist”.
      Or that repeating an allegation in another media outlet is a “verified account”.

      1. Thank you and well said. The charges are especially silly coming from people and groups with no morals values or standards. Ludicrous is more like it.

        1. You say the female accusers have no values or morals. Do you think the same thing about the accusers of the pedophile priests?

          1. Don’t be putting words in my mouth to satisfy your off the wall comment. The reports i read had no foundation or verification. The people with no morals values ethics or standards refers to the progressive left which runs the former Democrat now Socialist party and specifically their presidential candidate. You will notice I tarred the RINO republicans with the same brush. Are you anti-catholic or what? Where did that come from. I think you do not think. As for that group since you brought it up. Execution comes to mind using the fly swatter theory. Do you remember the name of the last fly you executed? That group deserves the same treatment. BUT after the trial. That’s a major difference between a Constitutionalist from our moderate centrist point. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or with enough verification e.g. The Clintons and Soristas in the court of the people. Guilty until proven innocent by a media headline is I suspect where you are coming from.

            In a Constitutional Republic the Constitution IS the center it is not the center of the left.

    3. When you are balancing a Constitutional Republic against a Socialist Autocracy at this point “Does It Really Matter?”

  3. Much as the idea appeals one cannot depend on a message candidate except for including one’s name in the message. What message? Who knows? We are still waiting to find out the message from the Libertarians other than an explanation of why their candidate and their platform are two separate issues. I rate them B Plus on platform and insufficient information on the candidate. Ms. Klein on the other hand makes no bones about her purpose and articulates what you would expect to be hearing from the left. The Republicans (aka RINOSs) and the Demcorats NKA Socialists by their own request are too busy chasing around with pooper scoopers after their two candidates to have time for issues. Especially since they all seemed to have flunked history, civics, and economics.

    That leaves one choice called None Of The Above. NOTA. Brewster saw the future. Explain to me why I should support any of those on the list of a rigged ballot, in a rigged election, featuring lots of dirt and now the bimbo parade has started by people who themselves have no morals, values, standards nor ethics.

    Why not use a political science trick called undervoting. At the least your vote won’t get change to winner take all. It’s honest, and the message this year started with 46% of the voter pool in that category during the Presidential Street Theater years and 50 plus % in the intervening Charade years.

    Why should I support someone who doesn’t represent me?

    After All I’m Mr. Nobody. Worse I believed and believe in my oath to the Constitution.

    I see the center not as the center of the left but in a Constitutional Republic as the Constitution.

    Nearly 430 million and this is the best the political system can do?

    NOTA condemns them as much as it does their candidates.

    Oh well let’s look at realty. Not the TV kind not the Tweet-ee Bird jind nor the social ha ha contract offered by Space Book and TV in general. The Real Kind.

    Vote for Hillary is a 100% sure and certain vote for a Socialist Autocracy. When the two extremists of the left (National and International Socialism) were offered that much power they must have looked for a hidden catch. In this case it’s Clinton pretending once again to support women’s issues.

    Vote For Trump is a Gambler’s choice. All the Bimbo BS aside he is first and foremost a business man not a politician – adept at using the governments own rules and regulation to his own advantage. You asked for an outsider. You got one. Odds are we keep the social contract of a Constitutional Republic for a while longer.

    It makes some sense. Autocrat or Deal Maker it’s still Statists who make the rules everyone else must follow or Corporatists who successfully follow the rules including money as free speech.

    Slight edge to Trump. I doubt he has heel clicking and recitations of “Hail Hillary We Serve The Party” planned as his education program.

    I look to the future as much of one as I have left on this mortal coil. Time to start planning how to use that near 50% who have been abandoned. Someone will have to pick up the pieces….chips fall where they may.

    A great philosopher put it this way. In any question there are three choices. Yes, No and Compromise. Which means two are wrong and one is right.

    Can you imagine Bubba in a skirt?

    Having said that turn your attention to the question posed in the beginning. What? You forgot already?

    Not the two choices socialist autocracy or constitutional republic but …..Turley for SCOTUS?

    1. The women you refer to as Trmp’s bimbos are his victims. Sexual assault is a crime.

      1. Prove it. The Democrats have a long history of using bimbos in elections and have no shame nor morals. So far it’s just ‘talk’ and one wonders how much were they paid just like the one that went after Mr. Godfather the Pizza candidate some years ago. On the other hand the four that sat in the front row of the Second Debate were ‘in fact’ victims of Hillary Clinton and before that the serial predator she enables. Hillary playing the women’s card? What a joke. And that goes for the NOW gang that supported Bubba and Hillary in the nineties to their everlasting shame and turned their back on their ‘sisters.’ Sexual assault at any level IS a crime except when it involves the Clintons or is bought and paid for. That form is a psychological version that SHOULD be reminding women who the real enemies are to their movement.

        And that goes for their supporters. For Shame …such people will gain equality only when their dragged into full time first class citizenship by their hair kicking and screaming all the way. For the way. By the way. How do you like equal citizenship now you are eligible for the draft?

        Do you know the female version of cannon fodder?

        For Shame….

        1. The women sound more than credible as did Bill Clinton’s accusers. Trump and Bill Clinton are predators but Trump seems to have more victims and he is running for president. Glad I did not have a dad like you. My dad protected me when a predator made advances to me as a child and luckily nothing happened.

            1. Agree. So we have an election between a perpetrator and an enabler/defendor of a perpetrator. The only rational policy is to vote against both. Johnson and Stein, take your pick.

              1. It is a shame we are in a country with a political party system that has failed so badly we only get None Of The Above choices. Insofar as Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians are concerned a pox on all your houses. It’s not the Constitution that failed the citizens it’s the other way around. Is there no one fit to the office? Approaching 430 million and there is no one?

                1. The Libertarians support a government of limited, enumerated powers – just like the US Constitution.

            2. So why are you not attacking Hillary Rodham Clinton with as much righteousness? The evidence there is preponderant and overwhelming. In the 90’s Bubba Cute Butt got a pass from women who turned their back on their …sisters? This time it’s Hillary’s turn to get a pass? For Shame….

              1. I consider women married to the perps to be victims, also. The perps lie so much the women don’t know what to believe. Melania is probably feeling confused as did Ivana and Marla. Bill Clinton did get a pass in the nineties but not now. He has paid a price ad Trump has not. Well, maybe he is now.

                1. Hillary a victim? She made a conscious decision to support a serial abuser and destroy his victims to obtain political power. Apparently a good trade-off in her view. Bill Clinton suffered mightily indeed – to the tune of tens of millions for just speaking to people.

                  1. Yes, she was victimized by Bill. He betrayed her many times. Serial predators victimize the women that trust them.

                    1. Agreed with your comment and it’s one of two things again just like the emails. In this case if she allowed herself to be what was it ….victimized…. then it’s still going on and she ‘s too weak to be President. If she is strong enough to be President or Dear Leader is more like it she wasn’t and still isn’t victimized. To quote Bill that dog won’t hunt. Email if she was to uneducated, asleep at the switch, forgetful etc etc. she shouldn’t be President. If she in control enough and sharp enough to be President then she couldn’t have pulled off the email business by Mother Gumpitis or is stupid is as stupid does.

                      You can’t have it both ways. She’s competent and culpable or she is incompetent and incapable.

                    2. Methinks you have been victimized by Comrade Clinton. I can think of no other reason to support someone who so ably demonstrates an ability to turn her back on them and then turn on them. I can’t see how you got that way that way but it does illustrate your condition. Come to think of it one has to be weak willed from the start to become a willing member of the socialist collective. Yoda’s sermons and bibles are not that good eve, the parts he cribbed.

                2. Actually, Bill Clinton did pay a price in the 1990s.
                  Melania isn’t running for anything. Should she ever choose to run for political office, she can lay the groundwork now by playing the supportive, forgiving wife.
                  A 60 Minutes interview where she quotes Tammy Wynette is always a winner.
                  From that point, she can play victim, enabler, advocate, etc.
                  Whatever is politically expedient at the time.
                  The playbook for Melania is already out there.

                  1. Bill Clinton looked covered with shame at the debate as he rightfully should have. In the meantime, Trump is still denying and lying.

            3. Thank you and that includes unproven charges in the opposite direction. Reverse Sexism is still Sexism.

  4. I thought that Prof Turley not too long ago expressed is lack of desire for a seat on the SCOTUS because of all the scrutiny and butt kissing a nominee has to do. The only butt kissing Turley is willing to do is to get some Cubs tickets.

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