Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson Names Top Pick For The Supreme Court . . .

johnson_transparentYesterday, I had the odd experience of walking into my torts class only to have a student proclaim “all stand for Justice Turley.” Unbeknownst to me, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson had publicly stated that I was on the top of his list for Supreme Court nominees. While I am not ditching my day job just yet, I am honored by Governor Johnson’s consideration. If nothing else, it got my students to stand up as I entered the class. I had assumed that the class was recognizing the achievement of my Chicago Cubs in clinching of a spot in the National League Championship, but this is even better.

While I might consider a trade of a position on the Court for a ticket to the World Series with the Cubs, I realize some things are too much to hope for.

Seriously, though I have never met Governor Johnson, I obviously share many values with him on the constitutional system. Gov. Johnson’s acknowledgement was an entirely unexpected but deeply appreciated.

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  1. Okay, having anyone in the public eye saying good things about a person can be flattering to that person. But let’s face the fact that this is Gary Johnson we’re talking about. You know, the guy who’s running for president who doesn’t even know that Kim Jong-un is the “supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”–aka North Korea.

    Someone who purportedly is supposed to hold Libertarian positions and/or who purportedly cares about free speech and liberty should know a little about the people and nations in the world that hold those things in utter contempt. If Johnson read Prof. Turley’s blog even once in a while, he would know about Kim Jong-un’s despicable acts. The guy is infamous for repeatedly saying or doing outrageous things that are an affront to any decent human being.

    The following is just an example:

  2. I’m sorry to see that people would rather talk about their own inherent biases here than congratulate you or appreciate your fun story.

    1. “I’m sorry to see that people would rather talk about their own inherent biases here than congratulate you or appreciate your fun story.”

      Funny posting under my name. I always appreciate a good prank! =)

      Still the fact remains that Johnson is a corporate shill as he supports the TPP and is wholly ignorant about foreign affairs.

  3. Congratulations!

    In a town where so many judge through political glasses, you would be the best pick for a seat. Justice truly is blind in your eyes. You have a long history on commenting on what is right or wrong, lawful or unlawful, regardless, and often in direct opposition to your own personal views on the case at hand. You have defended free speech that you personally abhorred, simply because you defend the Constitution. Sometimes, defending the First Amendment is hard based on the speech involved, but you have never shied away from a tough ethical decision.

    I hope that all of the Presidential Candidates take note, and pick the best man for the job, namely you, once he or she is elected.

    The archetypal Supreme Court Justice is one where personal politics, religion, or other opinions do not matter. The law is the law. They should uphold the law and the Constitution as it was written. It’s up to the legislative branch to amend or write new laws.

    Here’s to Justice Turley!

    1. What Nick said! Also, as another commenter noted – should JT become a Supreme Court Justice I too hope this blog continues. A great community.

  4. Johnson may fumble the arcana of politics from time to time, but selecting JT is one more reason to think that Johnson is the best of the lot on policy, governing philosophy and character.

    1. re: “the best of the lot on policy, governing philosophy and character”

      Really? Didn’t know what Aleppo was? Pro TPP? He is a fake Libertarian backed by Soros to pull votes off Trump.

      1. Dude’s been talking about the state of Syrian conflict since before the last cycle. Just because you get your “news” from late night talk shows doesn’t mean he’s not up to snuff.

        He may well be “fake” Libertarian, but since 100% means he’d be certifiable, I see that as a merit.

        And since you don’t have any proof of your Soros claim aside from some sketchy blog somewhere, it’s worth pointing out that Trump is his own reason not to vote for Trump, and Soros backed Clinton with $25M .

      2. Johnson did not know Aleppo. He still has the most coherent Syria policy: non-intervention. If he wanted to send troops to Syria I would expect him to learn the details about Syria. No one knows every detail of the world and a little humility would do us all well. The current president said he visited 57 states during the 2008 campaign. I would have preferred Rand Paul but he’s out of the race.

        So here is the presidential race in a nutshell:

        Hillary Clinton: Major influence seller. Authoritarian. Congenital liar. Incapable of embarrassment. Supports unnecessary, non-defensive wars. The former first lady, senator and secretary of state did not know the rules dealing with handling classified information. She continues to insist it must have a header indicating classification, which is not true. She escaped criminal prosecution because it was not clear if her law breaking was intentional or she was merely incompetent. She utterly failed in her health care overhaul, had no significant accomplishments as a senator and was a disaster as secretary of state. Greatest strength – she’s not Trump.

        Donald Trump: Major influence buyer. Authoritarian. Trump once said his sister signed legislation as a judge. He could not pass a 6th grade civics quiz. He may have said more incredibly stupid things than anyone in politics other than Nancy (replace fossil fuels with natural gas, pass the bill to find out what’s in it) Pelosi. He is positively vulgar and seems utterly incapable of embarrassment. Might, or might not be as interventionist as his former friend Hillary. Who knows? Has been all over the map on just about every issue. Greatest strength – he’s not Clinton.

        Johnson/Weld: Two highly successful, two term Republican governors of Democratic states. Fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Johnson was a successful entrepreneur, and among the very best governors of his time. He won’t try to run our lives or involve us in idiotic wars that have no bearing on our defense. It’s actually possible to vote for him without feeling morally repulsed. I’ll take it. The icing on the cake – he would name Professor Turley to the Supreme Court. So what if he’s not a polished speaker or geography bee winner. So he supports TPP, which is not the best trade agreement but would even out some of the disadvantages US companies face in trade with Asia. During a wacky election season, Johnson and Weld are the mature moderates in the race. So yes, Johnson is the best of the lot on policy, governing philosophy and character.

        It’s time to junk the political duopoly that brought us this utterly revolting election.

        1. “It’s time to junk the political duopoly that brought us this utterly revolting election.”

          I agree. Vote Jill Stein Green Party. Greatest advantage aside from platform and intellect? She is not a politician.

          1. Well, I am happy to see people vote against the two major parties. Let’s just agree to disagree on policy. Peace.

          2. Stein has no governing or management experience that qualifies her to manage as the chief executive of one of the largest countries. There is no reason to think that she has the skills necessary to achieve any of the objectives listed in the Green Party platform. There is plenty of reason, given her near complete lack of political experience, to believe she would be a disaster as President and set the progressive agenda back years, even decades, given that all her likely failures would be blamed on the Progressive agenda as well as her incompetence.

  5. Well, JT is a Libertarian. The blog needs to have a topic on just what a Libertarian is.

    1. Turley, doesn’t really fit the mold of a contemporary Libertarian. Yes he’s high on constitutional rights and individual freedoms, but he’s not nearly as quick to dismiss the need for a strong government. He is a staunch supporter of environmental laws and resource management , both of which most Libertarians would prefer be left up to the “invisible hand of the market.”

      Basically, he’s a Constitutional Libertarian with a grasp of the Tragedy of the Commons. Closer to what some have coined a South Park Republican.

      1. both of which most Libertarians would prefer be left up to the “invisible hand of the market.”

        Which libertarians? An old school constitutionalist like Gottfried Dietze complained that regulatory agencies like the EPA were usurping functions which belonged in the civil courts. The Libertarian Party back in the day were big promoters of class-action suits. Others claim that ‘Coasian solutions’ which involve bargaining between injured parties, will work.

  6. The political candidate’s stature went up in my mind. Could not make a better choice for the Court!

  7. Congrats. I really wanted to vote for Johnson but he turned out to be too goofy. However, he did pick up more newspaper endorsements than Trump. My local paper, the Chicago Tribune, endorsed Johnson.

    1. Chicago Tribune is pro TPP. And it hopes votes for Johnson will pull votes from Trump.

      1. Johnson or no Johnson, Illinois is not going for Trump. Do you know anything about electoral politics other than what you write about the TPP?

        1. Actually I do. But no one person can keep an eye on every issue so mine is the TPP which is huge enough as it is an umbrella for all sorts of things including state’s rights, the environment, big AG, big Pharma, corporate creep — but I’ll stop already. Any candidate who is for the TPP is a problem. I am interested in globalization and how it affects the US — as well as the rest of the world.

          I am for Jill Stein btw. not Trump. But Trump is less dangerous than HRC and the neo lib/cons. As I write this the US is urging the UK to get involved in Syria – the more the merrier ya know – the US bombed Yemen and two Iranian warships on the coast.

          NO sane person wants Obama 2.0

          1. Actually there are many sane people who prefer Hillary over Trump. Many of those same people would vote for Obama again were he permitted to run again. Your arrogance shows when you imply that only those who share you views about this election are sane. A reasonable argument can be made that anyone who thinks Jill Stein has even a remote chance of winning this election is much closer to insane than anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton.

  8. Wish the Crooked one and the Orange one, had the good sense to choose such an excellent choice, as
    Gary Johnson, would pick.!

  9. The choice of Dr. Turley as his pick for SCOTUS only serves to strengthen my support for Gov. Johnson. Dr Turley is one of the last true defenders of the Constitution.

  10. Well-deserved nod. However, not to be too selfish, but in such an event I hope this blog would continue.

  11. At least Johnson didn’t name you as the foreign leader he most admires. I thought he would tell us that his favorite foreign leader is Mary Jane Brownie.

  12. We are very pleased and in my view it is a nomination based upon merit and not litmus tests for pre-defined opinions as has sometimes been the case previously.

    What can I say? You’ve certainly earned the Honor. Congratulations!

    1. “We”?

      “Very pleased . . .”.

      The merit of this proposal from Johnson has nothing to do with you, Darren.

      Get a grip.

  13. Not that I’m trying to kiss your butt, but excellent choice. A better choice then Obacala if Hilly gets the nod.

    Here’s the problem do you think he knows who you are, maybe he thinks your a friend of Aleppo?

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