Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

joseph_boeckmannWell, if you have a good memory, we previously discussed the rather curious case of Judge O. Joseph Boeckmann of Cross County, Arkansas . . .

Boeckmann resigned in a truly bizarre scandal where he was accused of ordering male defendants to be spanked, engage in sex acts and bend over for thousands of photographs to fulfill their “community service.” Now he is the subject of a federal indictment that details how he dismissed traffic and misdemeanor cases in exchange for the photos of defendants in “compromising positions” while performing “community service” for the judge.

He is charged with bribery, wire fraud, witness tampering, and violating the federal travel act. The charges include allegedly encouraging defendants not to discuss case dismissals, falsifying court paperwork, and attempting to threaten and bribe witnesses. The allegations include dismissals allegedly in exchange for being photographed naked, or while masturbating, or while being paddled on his bare buttocks.

Here is the indictment: Boechmann Indictment

10 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

  1. Oh, cut the Judge a break. He’s a lawyer, a Democrat, and he’s from Arkansas. So he got mixed up in some criminal activities and sexual perversions. That seems hardly sufficient to derail an honorable and successful career. After all, the Clintons are still going strong.

    • Ralph Adamo – the National Enquirer is dropping a 20+ edition of Hillary’s sexual antics with both men and women, tomorrow. It will also back up some of the rumors on Vince Foster. Drudge has been hyping it all week. So, when in Arkansas, do as in Arkansas.

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