Hiking The Billygoat . . . After The Cubs Win The National Pennant

img_5407What better way to celebrate the Cubs pennant and (hopefully) the demise of the Billygoat curse then my weekly dawn hike on Billygoat Trail. The trail was gorgeous at dawn, though in the 40s. It had that crisp fall feel that many of us love.

It was in the 50s when I finished and I distinctly felt a warm glow fall over my Cubs cap. Bring on the Indians.









6 thoughts on “Hiking The Billygoat . . . After The Cubs Win The National Pennant”

  1. Game 5 took 4 hrs. 16 minutes. An abomination! Game 6 was 2 hrs. 36 minutes. A return to normalcy, as Warren Harding preached.

  2. Hopefully this curse crap will go away soon. Start thinking like a winner, not a cursed loser. My Red Sox fans family and friends stopped talking about the curse of the Bambino. Yes, it took a while. Although this hike is beautiful, maybe part of your 12 step program should be finding another venue to hike.

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