Steep Learning Curve: DNC Staff Rally Behind Brazile As Democratic Leaders Reportedly Groom Chelsea For Congress

220px-donna_brazile_1chelsea_clinton_dnc_july_2016_croppedFor even the armchair political commentator, the results of this election were not surprising. The voters made two things clear from the outset of the election: they wanted a change from the establishment and they did not like Hillary Clinton. The Democratic leadership responded by engineering the selection of perhaps the greatest establishment figure in politics and someone with a record level of unpopularity with voters. On election day, voters followed through on every poll: they voted against Clinton and the establishment. Only the mainstream media and democratic insiders seemed bowled over by the news — shocked that the voters would reject their sage advice and lopsided coverage. Indeed, as someone who contributed to the coverage that night, I was shocked how shocked everyone was. While the odds favored Clinton, her low popularity with independent voters and high polling figures on dishonesty made the election uncertain at best. As we began to discuss years ago, the “remaking” of Clinton seemed disconnected from voters who continued to view her and the Clinton family as the personification of the establishment. It showed how entirely out of touch the core Democratic leadership (and media) has become. Now, that thick cloak of denial appears firmly in place as Democrats blame FBI Director Comey for the loss despite the fact that Hillary was declining in the polls before his late disclosure to Congress and the fact that Hillary set records on dishonesty in poll after poll. Two stories this week have brought this home. One was the rallying behind Donna Brazile by DNC staff last week with the notable exception of one man who confronted both Brazile and his colleagues. The second is the report that Democratic leaders immediately turned form Hillary Clinton’s historic defeat to start grooming Chelsea Clinton for political office. The problem it seems was that the public was not given enough Clintons. Faced with a populist uprising, the Democratic leadership seems to be offering more of the same like an actor who cannot move beyond one script and one role.

We have previously discussed the unethical actions of interim DNC chief Brazile and the conspicuous failures of the media to investigate her claims of altered emails. While CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker called Brazile’s actions “disgusting” and others have denounced her actions, the DNC has stuck with Brazile and she recently appeared before staff to given them a pep talk.

The event however did not turn out quite as planned when one staffer had had enough. According to The Huffington Post, a staffer named Zach asked “Why should we trust you as chair to lead us through this? You backed a flawed candidate, and your friend [former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz] plotted through this to support your own gain and yourself.” He continued by saying “You are part of the problem. You and your friends will die of old age and I’m going to die from climate change. You and your friends let this happen, which is going to cut 40 years off my life expectancy.”

He then left — a personification for millions of independents and Democrats who abandoned the party to elect Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, the rest of the DNC rallied behind Brazile and gave breathless accounts of her inspiring leadership. A DNC staffer told HuffPost that there was “overwhelming” support for Brazile and that her words “had some staffers in tears.” That would be welcomed news for Republican strategists. It is also worth noting that, after emails showed that Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (Brazile’s predecessor) had worked to rig the primary and dealt dishonestly with Sanders, she was overwhelmingly reelected and embraced by the DNC leadership.

The second story is even more curious. Many viewed the election as the ultimate rejection of the Clinton dynasty that has controlled the Democratic party for over a decade. The Clintons put their family and its “brand” front and center in this election . . . and voters rejected it. However, within hours of the defeat, Democratic leaders were reportedly turning to Chelsea Clinton as the new flag bearer. Clinton, 36, is reportedly being groomed by the same leadership to replace Rep. Nita Lowey, 79, in representing New York’s 17th District. Of course, Chelsea does not live there but the district covers part of Westchester County, including Bill and Hillary Clinton’s hometown of Chappaqua.

Chelsea was previously given a high-ranking media position with disastrous results — a move that was denounced by journalists as political connections overwhelming journalistic merit. Her role in the Clinton Foundation has come under fire. However, the greatest problem is that her resume is largely the result of her family and foundation ties.

The question is whether the Democrats are going to spin the result of this election and deny reality when, in two years, they will be facing the inverse of this election: more Democratic seats will be up for grabs and Trump could receive a super majority in Congress, including a veto-proof margin.

I am an independent and do not have a horse in this race. However, in speaking with my Democratic students, they express complete separation from the Democratic leadership and the establishment politics that it has come to represent. I come from a long-standing Democratic and liberal family in Chicago. When I was raised in that environment, the Democratic party was the populist party — the voice of the outsider and emerging constituencies. Now it is viewed as the party of insiders and establishment power brokers. There may be enough unhappy members (particularly Sanders people) to change the party, but these stories do not help with that image.

It seems to me that, if the Democrats want to resurrect their party, it will require entirely new leadership and a new vision to fit an increasing independent populace.

What do you think?

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  1. Chappaqua is an address of convenience for Hilligula. She had no connection to New York ‘ere she was 53 years old. Her hometown is (suburban) Chicago. His is Hot Springs. The one place he made a stab at an adult career outside of public office was Fayetteville, Ark. The loci in which she made such an attempt were Washington and Little Rock.

    She has a daughter in New York, she has a brother in Washington, she has a brother in Miami. There are collateral relations around Scranton / Wilkes-Barre. These are the places for her to settle in her old age.

    Chelsea hasn’t the drive her parents do, and it’s a good thing, because they are pathological. They’ve not been advising her effectively about what to do with the talents she has (and the hat full of degrees she has). She needs to chart her own course, and electoral politics is not that course.

    1. Yes, I am hoping this aberration of history dies right now. I don’t see her having the blood lust drive of her alien mother to complete the task. However, if she is feeling robbed, that may change. History is full indifferent people who have found a path. We’ll just hope it’s not moving along Soros plans for anarchy here.

  2. A proper use of the terms conservative and liberal explain your comment on the change in party status.

    Conservatives are entrenched, fortified but generally not always use any ‘legal’ method to remain in power. Think of them as the aristocracy fortifying their feudal turf and keepin the peasants or serf in line. They will change BUT grudgingly and very slowly.

    Liberal means the opposite the outsiders who to quote Queen want it all and want it now. Actually that phrase came from a writer in classical literature. they don’t mind short cuts pragmatism or ignoring legal methods as a rule but not always.

    What we have or had until Tuesday’s Counter Revolution the Third Revolution of the country after 1776 and Civil War being that of the Progressives was a mix that evolved into a near or actual one party system both left of center of both the major parties. I think the Republicans got the message if not they’ll lose more teeth but as you said it appears the Democrats are still stuck in the 60’s which is a bad choice of date it hosted one of their biggest failures.

    As For Ms Clinton the second she in her role as CEO of the Clinton Foundation and apparently milking it dry for personal gain are still under investigation by the IRS.

    The DNC people have gone spastic hoping to keep their jobs. Given the results those remaining in the socialist left mght want to consider a new broom sweeps clean and finding another potential poster child who is not starting off in the minus column. Chelsea is an adult with PhD she can stand on her own feet. Democrats are waaaaayyyyyy behind the power curve and actually might deserve the name liberal by the original defintion. The outsiders who have lost a hundred years of failed effort.

  3. Incurable denial or clueless?

    I can’t help recall what Camille Paglia said about McCain in 2008: “It’s heavy weather for Obama fans, as momentum has suddenly shifted to John McCain — that hoary, barnacle-encrusted tub that many Democrats like me had thought was full of holes and swirling to its doom in the inky depths of Republican incoherence and fratricide. Gee whilikers, the McCain vampire just won’t die! Hit him with a hammer, and he explodes like a jellyfish into a hundred hungry pieces.”

    Personally, going by all the email correspondence published by Wikileaks, I think there’s a good chance Chelsea, together with a whole lot of other perps, will be indicted for fraud with their involvement in the Clinton Foundation. Going by the election results, the middle class is quite fed up with the Clintons, preferring to see them in prison rather than in office.

    1. Maybe it will like when Caroline Kennedy ran for Senate in NY and it did not go well for her…..let’s hope so.

      And I agree. No pardon for Hillary Clinton. Force her to go through the justice system and face the music.

      1. She never ran for any office. She supposedly put her name in the hopper when Gov. Patterson was mulling over people to replace HRC, who was resigning. He appointed Kristen Gillibrand (aka Tracy Flick).

    2. And think about it…..who is actually gonna give money to the Clinton Foundation now? Watch all that big foreign money etc, dry up.

      1. Got to love a family who amassed hundreds of millions of $ by working in public service and running a charity organization. Geeeeeez. It was clear that the Clintons sold access, so now–hopefully, but maybe not–it will dry up.

  4. The democrat party is the closest thing this nation has to the communist party and the media might just as well come out of the closet. Its taken them some time to get there but they made it. I have been saying for some time Princess Chelsea was waiting in the wings, I guess I was right. Corrupt politics is a great paying job, where can untalented mediocre people get so rich in such a short time.

  5. “The problem it seems was that the public was not given enough Clintons”

    I need more cow bell!

  6. There seems to be no humility in their loss. Maybe they feel emboldened by the post-election protests but responding to that would be a huge mistake; something along the lines of Custer ignoring his own scouts.

    1. Well said Olly. But they should not feel emboldened by their loss. While they may have won the popular vote, they lost the votes of the people who elected a black man to the Presidency twice. And isn’t Clinton just Custer, but more corrupt? If the Democrats want to become relevant again, they need to throw out the Clintons, ignore the protests, and get to work making a new organization. Tammany Hall collapsed, the Clinton house needs to collapse. Her upcoming color revolution is a problem. The party needs to do what she has done so, so many times, throw her under the bus. She, and Bill need to be prosecuted, and the party should not support them. They better see it’s their best chance to go forward.

      1. Both parties had better recognize that nearly 3/4 of the electorate voted against them in one way or another. There should be no hat-hanging on vote counts or electoral margins.

        1. That’s right! Even though Trump won, almost half of the country didn’t select him either. The Republicans better see this and understand if Trump doesn’t produce, he has to find his place under the bus too. He could be out in 4 no problem with numbers like this.

          1. Fifty five percent of eligible voters voted. More stayed home than voted for either candidate. Trump received about 27 percent of the vote when one includes the people that chose to stay home,

  7. VOTE …for the Clinton of your choice – but vote.

    My friends – there are no friends.

    “We want to make cigarette smoking even safer than it already is” – Jammy Carter

  8. We can only hope the same thing happens to her that happened to Jeb! However, that the Democrats would back Donna after Wikileaks is beyond the Pale. They are still in denial.

  9. An aristocracy has arisen including members of Congress and the Seante as well as a few politically connected families like the Bushes, the Clintons and apparently the Obama’s. It used to be that there was some noblesse oblige but our “nobles” are anything but and they view their obligations as only to themselves.

    No to Chelsea. No to Brazile and no to the entire group of corporatists in the Demcoratic party.

    1. The sooner, the better. Here’s a good example for you. My brother, gun-toting alt-right reader, liked Bernie. Excited by Bernie’s traction. Enter Clinton. My brother voted for Trump. Start anew quickly–seize the day! Prove to the American people you are serious AND winners by relegating the Clintons to the dust bin of history. Give the Clintons the “et tu, Brute?!” treatment and prove that you really mean change.

      Demand justice in the media. When the man who is holding the trigger to 5,000 nuclear weapons says he is going to protect his country, and the media won’t report his outrage, it’s time to disregard it. While the Internet is still free and open, start new with good arguments instead of the same old water-carrying sites like DailyKos.

      Tell Issac to quit complaining and become energized by the possibilities that lie before you! People will respond.

      1. slohrss29, I have many conservative friends who would have voted for Bernie – they felt they didn’t have a choice given the candidates and reluctantly voted for Trump. For months I pleaded with my Democratic friends to contact the Super Delegates en masse and demand they choose Bernie. No dice. Now they are sad, shocked and angry.

        I don’t know if the Dems will survive – they do not seem to be looking at the factors involved – shifting blame. And Bernie brought many independents into the fold for those living in closed primary states. After he was thrown under the bus they exited the party. And another thing is many life long Democrats exited as well as they were appalled at what the party had become.

        1. Autumn,

          I agree that the Democratic Party should get rid of the super delegates. It was frustrating for me as a Bernie supporter to see how they helped Clinton win states that Bernie may have won.

  10. And to this day Donna Brazile denies any wrong doing or ethical breach and the Democrats have rallied behind her. Astounding.

  11.“ Ellison embraced the Wellstone vision in Minnesota, where both men emerged from the same Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party activist tradition. They worked together for shared goals as a sitting US senator and a young African-American community activist looking to get involved in Minnesota politics, as a college professor and a lawyer, as an veteran farm and labor organizer and a community organizer on issues of racial and economic justice, as a Jew and a Muslim who sought a more progressive Democratic Party and a more progressive local, state, and national politics.

    Ellison keeps a picture of Wellstone on the wall of his office and speaks about how the former senator (who died the year Ellison was elected to the Minnesota state legislature) “played a pivotal role in my political [career].”

    “Paul taught me that if you have a vision for an inclusive society, for peace and for environmental sustainability, you don’t just run to make a point, you run to win elections,” says Ellison” Think the DNC needs to go with Ellison and clean house. Ellison is a Bernie supporting Wellstone democrat. He would provide a nice contrast to Trumpism and all that entails.

    1. This sounds like a good start. People have short memories. The “rascist” United States recently elected a black man to two terms as President. Not one in a fluke, but two times.

      This election has been about the Clintons, not even so much Trump. Like the article says, “Steep learning curve.” Trump didn’t just happen, he was created by the Clintons. A short review:

      Late 2000. On the way out the door, Clinton clears the way for the repeal of Glass-Steagall. It’s creation was to keep the pillars of the economy completely separate so that if one fails again, it won’t take the other pillars with it.

      2000 Election. After 8 years of Clinton shenanigans bringing shame to the focal point of the law of the land, people were ready for change. Enter party boy George W. Bush. A super-tight election decided by people in Florida who apparently didn’t know how to use a voting machine. Not much to go on there. Kicked people in the nerds playing rugby in college.

      2001. Asleep on the watch, 9/11

      2004. John Kerry. I voted for it before I was against it. People chose the devil they knew. Into the trash heap of history. Kerplunk.

      2008. People DESPARATE for change, elect first black man, inexperienced in most things, but chosen as an alternative to an old white dude looking for another war. Disposes of the anticipated next President Hillary Clinton along the way. Hmmmm.

      2012. People re-elect first black President to office after white guy who made a fortune doing hostile take-overs of businesses, hollowing out their assets, and putting them in chapter 11. From the non-tighty-whitey wearing sect of believers. Clinton secretary of state. Thousands of people die around the world.

      2016. Alien 3. She’s back! This thing just will not die! Smiles as she busts the knees of her Democratic rival to assume her rightful place on her throne. 22 years of Clintonism in a not so close election. The results were tight, but when you factor in the people who voted for Obama in 2012 that didn’t show it, it is a telling defeat.

      2020. The “if were still here,” and special snowflake “hey, should we stop protesting for a moment to see what those loud streaks are falling out of the sky” edition; including the yet to be titled Alien 4 edition. Yes, as we speak, they are building a new genetic mutation to unleash more death and destruction.

      Most teams see when they have a losing game to change it. Change the losing game. You had a potential winner in Sanders. And in politics, not everyone gets a trophy for showing up.

      1. “The ‘rascist’ United States recently elected a black man to two terms as President. Not one in a fluke, but two times.”


        Ever consider that Obama may have gotten elected and reelected because the Republicans ran such poor presidential candidates in 2008 and 2012? That said, I actually think that Romney may have been able to win the popular vote if he ran in 2016.

        1. I thought I made that clear in my post. If you were alive in 2008, you would realize there was a wave of change ready to take hold. Only problem was that many noticed, Obama was/is unqualified to be President. He was unqualified to be Senator. He was just too green. We needed a President who would go to the Pentagon and remind them whose in charge. Stay angry and make excuses. Do not put forth effort.

          1. slohrss29,

            I wasn’t making any excuses. I asked a question. I think John McCain made a fatal mistake by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate when his campaign hadn’t fully vetted her. I also think Hillary Clinton made a big mistake by choosing Tim Kaine as her running mate.

            As I said in my previous comment, I think Romney may have won the popular vote this time around. Had he won, I doubt you’d see so many Americans expressing fears and concerns. I doubt you’d have so many folks out protesting. There is so much about Trump’s character that concerns folks like me. Not so with someone like Romney. He got elected to serve as governor in one of the bluest states in this country. He gave Massachusetts Romneycare–which was a model for Obamacare.

            1. I think John McCain made a fatal mistake by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate when his campaign hadn’t fully vetted her. I

              There weren’t any scandals in her past. Her daughter got knocked up by a troublesome boyfriend. That’s it.

              1. Step,

                There was something else that caused headlines besides her daughter’s pregnancy:


                Among other less attention-grabbing news of the day: it was learned that Ms. Palin now has a private lawyer in a legislative ethics investigation in Alaska into whether she abused her power in dismissing the state’s public safety commissioner and that Mr. Palin was arrested 22 years ago on a drunken-driving charge.

              2. I’m in a profession to make this statement. Anyone who thinks a person w/vocal range and inflections like Sarah Palin could ever win a national office knows less than nothing about sound, music, acoustics, human hearing sensitivities, etc. The woman’s blessed w/a voice from Hades.

                Re. her ability to think and converse “on her feat:” she makes W look like a genius, and that’s not easy to do. Her foreign policy expertise stems from her ability to see Russia from AK, and she loves the “Founding Fathers” (plural) but knows of only one, GW, whose foreign policy is the polar opposite of hers. GW was a strict non-interventionist (“all foreign entanglements are temporary”…Farewell Address direct quote) while SP lives and breathes Woodrow Wilson’s hellish doctrine summarized as “The more wars we start and regimes we change to spread American style democracy the better, more peaceful, and more prosperous is the world and its people” (my own paraphrase). e.g. “Unbreakable bond” w/Israel (HRC, then Obama), or more recently “iron clad relationship w/Israel” (Kerry, Neuland, or Rice, sorry forgot).

                1. Joseph Jones – you forget the George Washington lead an army against the best European army of its day. However, he needed the help of the French (foreign entanglement) to finish them off.

            2. edm – I thought John McCain was a poor candidate. He was too afraid to really attack Obama for fear of being called ‘racist.’ Palin was a better campaigner than McCain.

              1. Paul Schulte- The meltown of 2008 ( or “near meltdown) came into full public view in mid-September 2008.
                With the election less than two months later, I don’t think the GOP had much of a chance of winning in November, regardless of who the candidate was.

        2. LOL!! This edm sockpuppet is saying Obama only won because his opposition was weak. Now, THAT’S racist!

          1. You don’t think the sockpuppet could be “she who must not be named” do you???

            Plus, has anybody seen or heard from PhilaT lately? I hate to think he is a hanging in a closet, or off a ceiling fan someplace. He was pretty dumb, but I would not want him to croak or anything.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

  12. You forget to mention that Hillary won the popular vote so it was not so much a pro Trump vote but the democrats were not motivated to vote. The best thing to revive the democrats will probably be a Trump presidency, when the whites who voted for him realize nothing will improve for them.
    Pretty hard to see republicans picking up 8 seats in 2018 ,more likely democrats will lose less than expected as a rebuke of Trump.

    1. Some say Hillary winning the popular vote is mostly meaningless. Trump did not allocate time or resources to California or New York where the vast majority of the popular vote result comes from. This is the very reason we need the Electoral College – to keep the rest of the country’s voices heard and a part of the process rather than being drowned out by the liberal elites on both coasts.

      And btw, if the Hillary supporters continue these protest/riots? We can congratulate Trump on his reelection now.

      1. Don’t think Hillary supporters are in the street protesting. That is not their style.The protestors are mostly people that did not vote. The protestors are mainly students and anarchists. There is a million woman protest in Washington on inauguration day. Hillary supporters will be protesting there.

        1. I wouldn’t say that as a definite just yet. Clintons may be designing a “Purple Revolution” here. It is not without precedent that I can make this statement. Her group had no problem cheating on Bernie, they won’t have a problem reeking havoc for the rest of the country to get their way. Choose a new path going forward and things have to, and will get much better quickly. Want to turn things around overnight? Tell the people of the US that the DNC is starting completely new with no Clinton involvement. You will gain credibility and support in waves. Especially if Trump goes the neoconservative route.

        2. And what are the Hillary supporters protesting? Their dislike of the results of a free and fair democratic election?

        3. Define “anarchist.” I’m still wondering why the silence from Hillary or president Obama after all the outrage at the idea of Trump not accepting the results? These are not protesters, they are rioters smashing windows, burning flags, assaulting people, destroying property, and threatening Trump’s life both on the streets and online. Why? Because they are trying to overturn the results of a democratic election? Does anyone else think it’s wrong for Obama and Clinton remain silent if this protest/riot nonsense continues?

    2. Actually, I think it may turn out to be that the blacks who voted for Democrats all these years will realize how much Trump has improved things for them.

      “I will not rest until children of every color in this country are fully included in the American Dream.”
      -Donald Trump.

      And folks, Trump has already kept his first promise to the American people: “I will fight for you and I will win for you.” And against all odds? Trump won.

      Don’t underestimate the man. He doesn’t owe anything to anyone but the American people. Kinda refreshing if you ask me.

    3. Please, by all means, keep promoting the meme that the outcome of the popular vote means (fill in the blank).

      This meme is like someone finishing a foot race second, w/.5% longer ET (Clinton’s popular vote winning margin). In this analogy, the race loser says, “But I took more steps! Look at me! I’m the real winner!!!”

      The problem w/this flawed meme is, if the definition of “race winner” was “contestant that takes the most steps,” the person who finished w/the shortest ET would have referenced a step counter instead of looking over his shoulder to insure his distance IFO the loser (Trump would not have ignored CA like he did).

      Any DNC hope that several dense population centers should determine the President for the rest of the nation is as flawed as the slime ball they propped up for this most recent election.

      Again, by all means, keep thinking Hillary and the Dems won!

      On a separate but related matter: Why did Hillary get 300% (3 to 1) margin in CA, fully SIX HUNDRED x her national average of .5%? Let me speculate. As a ratio of each State’s GDP, the 50 State average % of contribution toward “safety net” programs = X (sorry, I forgot the number). CA’s rate is 5x the national average of 1X! One might safely presume that CA voters viewed Hillary as being the most generous candidate for safety net programs, and this was their first and foremost concern for the average CA voter was to increase contributions to its ever growing FSA.

      And save us the pure unadulterated BS that federal safety net revenues have diminished. Non-means tested safety net revenues as a ratio of GDP:
      1960: 18%
      2015: 35%

  13. Ah, so now we know why the Clinton’s bought the house next door to their Chappaqua home — you know, the one they began renovating without having bothered to obtain the proper permits. They said it was for Chelsea and her family so they had a place to stay when they visit. Sure looks like the wheels are in motion for Chelsea to establish legal residency in Westchester County.

    The delusion and arrogance of the Clinton’s is astounding. They should be in exile, but instead they are plotting their next power grab.

  14. The democrat party is waning and it is because their leadership has forgotten what they stand for and who votes for them. I was a democrat until Osama Bin Laden hit me upside the head on 9/11. It was a case of facing reality. Like you, JT, I have been an independent ever since.

  15. Takes more than cutting off two heads to kill the hydra. This is a huge moment for democrats. They now have the opportunity to turn their backs on the Clintons, the chief architects of where we are at today, and move forward with Bernie Sanders–and Autumns fave, Tulsi Gabbard. and the many others in the party who are justly motivated. The field has been burned and ready to be planted anew. The country needs a rational voice from the left so we can find a center. The Clintons have not been a representative of the left. And please keep a veteran as a leader. We don’t need anymore neocon chickenhawks.

    The data is clear. The people who voted for Obama in ’12 didn’t come out to vote. Reach back out to these people with a just message and leaders.

    1. Actually we did come out and regected THIS. We DO NOT WANT Chelsea Clinton. We do not want these dinosaurs or their kin. The swamp needs draining post haste.

      1. A weed will keep growing back unless and until you pull it out by its roots.
        Or use fire … and LOTS of it.

  16. So incredibly clueless. Maybe the Democrats can’t be rehabilitated (morally and tactically). A new party is needed.

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