Can You Guess You What This Person Was Charged With?

161112-johnny-mullins-mn-0925_8a6fd1e97ede963fce5f2bcbc8c52e5e-nbcnews-ux-320-320Let’s just say that Johnny Mullins, 21, has curious way of seeking a job as a weatherman . . .

The aspiring weatherman in eastern Kentucky has reportedly confessed to setting a fire so that he could film himself in front of it and post the video on Facebook. His postings were called “Weather Outlook” segments and got 2,900 views on his final video. He warned his viewers to “Be extremely careful if you’re out there.”

He is now charged with second-degree arson for a blaze in Letcher County. Kentucky.

Most of the suspicious fires in the state remain unexplained, though a couple people have been arrested for some of the fires. Tens of thousands of acres have burned with a dozen of the largest fires still out of control.

14 thoughts on “Can You Guess You What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. Hilarious comment about Prozac, Nick.

    I’ve always wondered, is the motivation for attention of people like this inversely related to one’s appeal to the opposite sex? It’s not just men devising outrageous plumage. Women mutilate their bodies with implants, use abortion to unload baggage, and throw in with prisoners when free men will not have them. A person will do anything to hook up, even if it means becoming an arsonist or mutilating one’s body.

  2. PaulS, I suggested on another thread for Dems to put Prozac in the big cities they control. It’s currently much more needed than fluoride.

    1. Issac,
      That is unfortunate. Trying to understand other people’s perspectives and having a forum to civilly discuss contentious issues is very valuable. Too many people only have conversations with like-minded people. Too many of us only associate with people of or live in enclaves of our own persuasion. How can we understand someone else’s point of view if we only discuss amongst ourselves a caricatured or skewed account? Far better to really try to understand the other. Problems cannot be effectively solved if they are not really understood in the first place.

  3. Join the Peace Corps. Dig a well. Plant trees in the Greenbelt Project in Africa. Volunteer for the Red Cross. Be a Big Brother or a Court Appointed Special Advocate for a child in foster care.

    Get a point to your life outside of yourself. If you’re life is so boring you have to make up excitement, then get some real excitement out helping others. While you’re doing it, you’ll stop caring if others admire your volunteerism or ethic. You’ll perhaps just start to care about others.

    1. I’m fine with several of your recommendations, Karen, but I’d draw the line at Big Brother or Special Advocate. Those are “role model” types of positions, and in my opinion, this guy’s character disqualifies him.

  4. LOL I was thinking along the lines of that elderly pervert who had a sexual encounter with his neighbor’s orange juice, BTW I’m happy to say I didn’t guess what he did, and I would still be guessing(]:-)

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