Anti-Bullying Advocate Charged With Assaulting Elderly Trump Supporter

Shacara McLaurin, 23, from Brooklyn, New York, is described as the “anti-bullying ambassador” but that designation is in doubt after, according to police, she was arrested on Thursday night for pushing an elderly Trump supporter to the ground in a fight outside Trump Tower in Manhattan. The 74-year-old man, James Durkan, required medical attention after hitting his head on the concrete.

McLaurin is the spokeswoman behind Stomp Out Bullying and has widely told her own story of being the victim of beating in 2011.  Classmates at a Brooklyn school wanted to keep her out of a talent show and five teenagers from her school were charged over the attack.

McLaurin appears to be a talented singer and she was the lead singer in the Harlem Gospel Choir performing at the Plaza Hotel nearby before the incident.

She is also described as a Black Lives Matter protester and allegedly turned violent after the elderly man screamed that “all lives matter.”

McLaurin faces two assault charges, including a felony based on the man’s age.

However, McLaurin offered a distinctly different account. She says that Durkan called her a “n—er, a black beast” and, as her counsel stated, “The complainant in this case is nothing more than a Trump bully.” The police quote McLaurin as saying “I pushed him. He’s a faker. He wasn’t pushed hard enough to fall. It took him a long time to fall. I did tell him if he keeps following me, I will f him up.”

The police clearly did not accept the argument of self-defense and this will come down to the videotape and witnesses.

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  1. I am astounded that on a supposed legal blog, there is no outcry about the Trump proposals to have a litmus test on SCOTUS appointments. It is even worse, when Trump attacks Roe vs Wade which is a long time precedent, FAR longer than the one establishing gay marriage. For the libertarians, they should be the leaders of outrage since Trump’s view denies the very basis of Roe which is the right to privacy. I guess that Griswold vs CT will be next on the chopping block so that he can outlaw birth control in each state. To suggest that a woman can have her RIGHTS taken away by a state legislature returns us to the bad old days when southern states denied the right of black Americans their vote. So in Trumps view, any state can put in place requirements for voting that makes it impossible for black and minorities to even vote. Voting is not considered a right that the Federal government can enforce. Trumps answer to them will be if you wish to vote, then move to a state where they will let you vote. Way to go folks.

    1. randyjet – you are really hurting aren’t you? Supposedly the Canadian medical system is great. You should be able to get an appt. for therapy soon. I know they are overbooked in NYC.

    2. So you support an interpretation of the 2d Amendment which says individual gun ownership is permitted? That is settled law. Bet you don’t.

      1. Autumn, We need to have Diamond and Silk get this alleged anti-bullying woman’s mind right.

        1. I agree Nick!! Diamond and Silk would set those black (and white) snowflakes right. Maybe they could tour the country like Milo.

          I will always regret not having been able to see them live – the night they appeared with Trump in Charlotte my car broke down so I couldn’t drive up there. But even on YouTube they are quite informative and entertaining.

  2. I think the monopolistic Dem big cities need to put Prozac in the water along w/ fluoride. I’m LOVING watching the fascist left implode. If they don’t get their heads on straight, stop making excuses, and come up w/ a POSITIVE strategy, Dems will be a minority party for a generation.

    1. Nick, it’s not only big cities. Here in Red State SC my small city is blue. I am watching with horror as Hilbots cry out in grief and “fear” (never mind I told them and told them to vote for Bernie in the primaries). Women are donning diaper safety pins in solidarity so they readily identify as HRC diehards. I find this both childish and spooky. Even some of the ministers are in on this. A prayer posted Sunday:

      “o the God
      of the safety pin
      we pray—

      Our thanks
      for another day
      of life
      for breath
      and how
      we might use it

      to speak
      and to bless

      for our backs
      and how we might
      use them

      to stand
      and sing
      and work.

      We pray this morning
      for all who wear
      the safety pin
      fastening it
      to their
      shirts and blouses
      right above the heart.

      We pray for strength
      and courage
      for all who
      that they will not
      be silent
      in the face
      of hate.

      And we pray
      for all who see
      the safety pin
      that it might be
      an encouragement
      a momentary help
      the smallest
      of love
      and solidarity.

      We pray
      for our country
      a country whose
      worn fabric
      is tearing

      we don’t know
      if our safety pins
      will hold it together
      we only know
      that we will do
      what we can do
      to mend it
      to repair
      the damage

      by joining
      the freedom struggle
      in our place
      and time.

      We give thanks
      for all who worked
      before us

      civil rights activists
      farm workers
      gay and lesbian marchers
      trans storytellers

      ordinary people
      who did extraordinary things
      with their days
      of life
      with their

      We pray
      for the clarity of heart
      and the strength of vision
      to follow
      in their footsteps. . .

      Wear your safety pins to church today and we’ll bless them. Bring extras and we’ll share them.”

      So, no, I am not seeing any hope for gutting the current DNC and replacing it with the likes of Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, Misty Plowright, etc. These folks seem to embrace corruption and the war machine. And they entirely ignore the fact that millions of independent women, blacks, browns, asians, LBTGQs and whatever categories rejected her!

      1. Also, Squeek; I just read that “prayer” to my husband and he started laughing mid-way – he said “wow Squeek is amazing isn’t she?” “The stuff she comes up with” I shushed him and finished up the reading and then let him know – it wasn’t you who had written a satirical prayer – it was actually a real prayer by the minister at our former church! =)

        1. LOL! I did write a prayer after the Trayvon Martin thingy, but it just made all the Liberals mad. But I can do a quick unofficial Irish Poem

          Oh, the Trump victory makes us sick!
          And we just gotta do something quick?
          Something nice and serene!
          Not ugly and mean. . .
          Safety pins! Yes, ouch g’dammit got a prick!!! #$%!*% son of a friggin….

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Love it Squeek!!

            Also, I finally finished reading your work on Liberalism by Outis — made me think of a combination of “Sophie’s World” and “The Screwtape Letters” You really ought to be published somewhere IMO as you are such an incredible writer.

            Kudos to you!!

            1. Oh, I didn’t write that. Some guy named Outis Philalithopoulos wrote it. I just collected it up from 7 different posts on Naked Capitalism, and combined it into one document where it was easier to read. I am not bragging, but I probably could write something like that, but I am mostly too lazy. I mean, heck- I wrote a Bible once.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

        1. Thanks for the kind words Nick. I learn a lot from you all as well – every day!

          BTW: I just finished a series on Netflix – an Islandic crime story called “Case” – it is very gritty, but excellent IMO. Though dark I like the Nordic films a lot.

          1. Oh, then watch Troll Hunter and No Such Thing, and Rare Exports and Thale! Plus, there are three Girl with the dragon tatoo movies, from Sweden. I think you will like all of those!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Thanks for the tips Squeek. I am a big fan of Lars von Trier – except his last one. Also, I watched a documentary called “The Lion in Your Living Room” about cats. Learned quite a bit – including the fact that orange tabbies were bred by the Vikings. So my cat is Nordic – who knew?

              1. I will check out Case. I am sooo far behind on stuff. I did read the most unintentionally ironic sentence ever written today. It was by Erich Neumann, on page 138 of his book, Amor and Psche – The Psychic Development of the Feminine. I still have about 30 pages to go in his analysis of this myth, and he says:

                At the risk of being suspected of an over-interpretation, we shall point out these connections, although their full significance can be disclosed only by an exposition of feminine development in all its phases.”

                No! Ya think??? Sheeeesh, but dude spent a chapter explaining why it was little ants who sorted through the seeds Venus threw down, because of their Chthonic nature, etc., and now we are micro-focusing on the death of Psyche’s two sisters, which I think is more of a borrowed fairy tale element, than anything else. I mean, the guy is smart, and he wrote The Great Mother thing, but sometimes you can just beat a poor myth to death.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

          2. Autumn – just finished The Bridge (Sweden/Norway) and halfway thru Luke Cage.

  3. Hmm, a star of Harlem Gospel Choir – home to power hungry sycophant blacks like Sharpton who sold out Bernie. These fools who are out protesting Trump need to get a grip. Their intelligent brothers and sisters saw right through HRC’s empty rhetoric.

  4. Shacara vs a 74-year old. Sounds completely fair to a libtard. After all her food stamps are at risk.

    1. You have no idea what her economic status is. Don’t make conservatives look ridiculous.

    1. The only people who still watch John Oliver after he trashed Bernie, his supporters and Brexit are the idiots now running around sporting diaper safety pins.

        1. Bernie is willing to work with Trump. He does not condone violence and rioting unlike apparently the majority of the Dem olde guard.

      1. Some of you alt reich folks feigned support for Bernie while you were supporting trump. Didi not fool anyone.

          1. Oh, you are clever, aren’t you. Maybe put some of that cleverness together and call forth some strong, noble Democrat guys. Fussing like children isn’t doing anything for your argument. If Trump is as bad as you say (the jury is out), then get your lazy, whining butts going and get some real people. 46% of the people who didn’t vote at all are looking for something.

            Maybe we see the problem here. Not everything comes to you on a silver platter. Now get to work.

          2. Opposing illegal immigration, supporting a reduction in legal immigration and support of the 2nd Amendment does not make one a National Socialist. Really.

            1. The second amendment is a civil right just as the first amendment and the other eight in the Bill of Rights.

              An illegal immigrant is violating federal law every moment they are within the United States. If they are deported, that’s what happens. If the federal government followed existing law and as a result 90% of illegals were repatriated to their country of origin, the federal government is within its prerogative to do so. I don’t see how we can turn a blind eye to illegal immigration crimes and strictly enforce laws against our own citizens.

        1. Yawn….same Marxist bilge was spewed by YOU people back in 2000 through 2008….0h, and again from 2008 to the present. Moooo

  5. Hmmm, Mr. T, Are you just going to post stories about violence against Trumpsters but ignore violence or violent rhetoric committed by Trumpsters?? You could post a story about what has happened to black freshmen men at the University of Pennsylvania, for starters.

    I expect better of you but perhaps I’m an idiot to do so.

    1. Or maybe. . . there just isn’t much violence or violent rhetoric by Trumpsters. You need to face it. That drooling rabid insane lynch mob carrying torches, pitchforks, and rope that you guys worry sooo much about – – – well it’s Democrats! It’s you! You’re the ones out trashing the cities and doing all the fascist stuff.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. You are welcome to provide the link. Same with the church fire-bombing randyjet alluded to.

      Professor Turley does this in his spare time. He cannot possibly read all the news and write a story on everything fit to share. Perhaps tomorrow he will share a stupid Trump supporter story. They exist to be sure.

      1. The SPLC has reported that they have received over 200 instances of hate actions against minorities, and Clinton supporters, and the instances of Trump supporters being victims of harrassment number 10. Likewise, Turley disregards that exit polling that showed Comey’s letter played a significant part in voters choice. While it is obvious that Clinton had poor ratings, the FACT is that she did nothing illegal, unethical, or even immoral. The prime example is the Comey letter which said they think that there may be more evidence to consider, but they don’t know! Turley had the absurd position that this was appropriate in opposition to the long standing FBI policy of not making such announcements before an election.

        The worst failure is that his only fire was directed at Clinton with nothing that was true. He decried her getting huge speaking fees, like many other celebrities which is not illegal, or immoral. A Trump supporter would say that it proves Trump is a successful negotiator if the situation were reversed. Yet in the right wing view getting such fees is wrong for Democrats. Why did not Turley praise her for being a good negotiator? Then we have the deafening silence on Trumps bribes, corruption, out right theft, which makes him our most corrupt President before he even takes office! Clinton has made her tax returns public for decades, yet Trump has said through his spokeman he will NOT ever release his tax returns. So just WHO is the corrupt one?

          1. I prefer $PLC! The money making, McCarthyites of the left. God help you, if you disagree with the $PLC on one of their pet issues. They will seek you out and try to destroy you personally and professionally.

            1. Paul, The general public, the OnePartyState and the media complex certainly wouldn’t acknowledge your cogent remark.

    3. Where? When? Who? Oh, “violent rhetoric” (I can assume that means anything a Marxist doesn’t like) is now the equivalent of actual violence. I do understand you (YOU) people.

  6. I was unable to post anything for the week before the elections. I looked back and there wasn’t much anti-Trump stuff on this blog. But Turley wouldn’t do that, because he’s a lawyer.

  7. I was going to comment but I got distracted clearing the burning crosses off of the lawn. Ah, S. T. Bannon. Thanks Turley.

  8. i see that for a legal blog we have so many legal illiterates, and Turley is not doing anything to curb or inform these fools. He knows well that there are such things as fighting words, which DOES excuse a fight against those who utter them. We even had one Congressman in San Antonio who decked a guy who called him a communist at a restaurant when he was eating out with his family. That was Henry Gonzales by the way. Of course he endured a lot more than just those kinds of words when he was in the Texas state legislature and all of his colleagues made it quite clear Meskins were not welcome in a white legislature.

    This fixation on ONLY the left doing misdeeds and refusing to report even worse on the right is extreme bias to say the least. I see that Turley overlooked the fire bombing of a black church on which was spray painted VOTE TRUMP. The local sheriff observed that this was NOT a political attack! I guess that Turley agrees with that assessment. Then we have the FACT that Trumps spokeswoman made direct threats against journalists, and others who criticize Trump. NOT a word about that! It is a lot more serious than a minor scuffle between a drunk and a protester.

    1. When they catch the church arsonist, they will turn out to be black, either torching it for the insurance, or because the Pastor or Choir Director was screwing somebody’s wife or girl friend.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. randyjet – you are smart enough to know that Trump supporters do not riot. And they are in an age group that does not use spray paint. However, George Soros has a group aimed at low information voters in the right age group to both spray paint and riot.

      1. I read randyjet’s post and I don’t believe that he’s “smart enough” to know or to determine anything. He sounds like a hopelessly deluded leftist.

    3. I Sincerely doubt any Trump supporter spray painted a Church and then set it afire, more likely it was someone who intended to make it appear to be an action by someone who follows Trump.

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