Anti-Bullying Advocate Charged With Assaulting Elderly Trump Supporter

Shacara McLaurin, 23, from Brooklyn, New York, is described as the “anti-bullying ambassador” but that designation is in doubt after, according to police, she was arrested on Thursday night for pushing an elderly Trump supporter to the ground in a fight outside Trump Tower in Manhattan. The 74-year-old man, James Durkan, required medical attention after hitting his head on the concrete.

McLaurin is the spokeswoman behind Stomp Out Bullying and has widely told her own story of being the victim of beating in 2011.  Classmates at a Brooklyn school wanted to keep her out of a talent show and five teenagers from her school were charged over the attack.

McLaurin appears to be a talented singer and she was the lead singer in the Harlem Gospel Choir performing at the Plaza Hotel nearby before the incident.

She is also described as a Black Lives Matter protester and allegedly turned violent after the elderly man screamed that “all lives matter.”

McLaurin faces two assault charges, including a felony based on the man’s age.

However, McLaurin offered a distinctly different account. She says that Durkan called her a “n—er, a black beast” and, as her counsel stated, “The complainant in this case is nothing more than a Trump bully.” The police quote McLaurin as saying “I pushed him. He’s a faker. He wasn’t pushed hard enough to fall. It took him a long time to fall. I did tell him if he keeps following me, I will f him up.”

The police clearly did not accept the argument of self-defense and this will come down to the videotape and witnesses.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what he SAID. It doesn’t seem that he touched her or pushed her. There is no justification for her actions. If you’re waiting for a video to absolve her, check yourself. No matter what the tape shows, he did not touch her, she is not being treated for injuries, he’s considered a “vulnerable adult”-over the age of 70 in many states-, and it’s very hypocritical. .

    The Democrat Party keeps refuses to recognize the real reasons Trump won. The lack of common sense,intolerance, shutting down of free speech, physical violence, rioting, lying,demonizing the tax payer and hypocrisy are only part of it. They continue to dig a hole for themselves. The folks that have been pandering to this behavior will soon be powerless. They know it and we are witnessing the worlds largest hissy-fit.

    With Keith Ellison (my congressman) at the helm of it, it will only become obsolete.

      1. And of course, harassment from a 74 year old man makes it ok to push someone down and knock their head on the concrete. I will remember that when someone harasses me for wearing my MAGA hat!

        1. Check my earlier statemements. She should suffer the consequences. However, if he was harassing her, he ought to be charged, too.

          You missed the conversations in the run up to the election. While I did not vote for Trump (I voted none of the above; my husband did vote for him), I advocated against Hillary.

  2. Yep. Just like Donna Brazile. Catch ’em lying, and they come out with the invented racial stuff. Tommy Sotomayor did a video about that, how black women will continue to lie even when they are cold busted on something. It is a cultural thing. I wish I knew which video that was in.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. I am going to wait for the tape, but given the tenor of the protests lately, right now I am leaning on the side of whitey.

  4. I want to see the videotape. If the man was harassing her and following her, this is not so nearly cut and dried. She should not have pushed him, but perhaps he should be charged, too.

    Makes me think of sibling battles. The younger kids harass the older kid, when the older kid finally responds to being picked on, the older kid gets caught for smacking the younger sibling who was the harassing instigator. The older kid should not be the only one who gets in trouble.

  5. Shacara is a big black mama to be feared: Beat your yams in, up side your head.
    Wonder what she has in mind for husband when married. There will 911 domestic dispute calls.

    Alternative. Send Shacara to the front lines of Afghanistan & scare the Taliban away.

  6. Perhaps the elderly man got a glimpse of the wild print on that beast’s blouse, became dizzy after suffering some sort of seizure and then fell, hitting his head?

    Those five mean teenagers. . .the ones who wouldn’t let her in the talent show. . .what did she do to them. . .eat them?

  7. If the videotape proves that she fabricated her story of racial slurs, will she be charged for making false statements to the police, and then sued for slander?

    There have been so many fabricated victim stories, I’ve become quite jaded. I need video, triangulated witness placement, and a busload of nuns, to feel really comfortable with anyone’s story at this point, which is sad.

    1. I agree, I want video. Was she truthful with her lawyer about what happened? I, too, am often skeptical because of all the faked abuse reports.

      However, maybe the guy was a jerk and was harassing her and following her. Maybe he should get in trouble, too.

  8. Yet another irony in the Fascist alt Left. If they keep proclaiming they are tolerant, how long will people keep believing that? They would not recognize true Liberalism. Their tolerance for cheating, corruption, violence, attempts to change the rules after an election, win at all cost tactics, even against others of their own party (Bernie, et al) is deeply disturbing.

    I know many intelligent, kind Democrats who would never dream of such behavior. (I’m trying to lure them away to Libertarianism, moderate Republicanism…anything else! But perhaps they are needed to reform the Party from within.)

  9. Since the election it is plain to see the left wing is a dangerous and violent extreme group. They continually tried to label Trump supporters as uneducated, racist, violent, red necks, while they paid people to attack Trump supporters at thier peaceful events.

    When they thought Hilly was going to win all was well now the mask is off and we see the dangers of the liberal left wing.

    1. Short memory

      For months Trump and his lemmings based their entire campaign on racist, xenophobic, violent, red neck, uneducated threats. Trump encouraged violence. Trump lapped up the adoration of the worst of America. So he won. That simply says that almost half of America is either not intelligent, immoral, indecent, or all of the three. What you hear now is stupefaction, and disbelief. It will go on for a while and then perhaps in two years the damage might be mitigated if the Senate goes Democrat. Unfortunately, just as with Germany in the late 30’s and into WW2 the right wing and Trump are extremely well designed tactically and strategically. About that Horst Wessel song. Could you send me a copy?

      1. Trump specifically told his supporters “don’t harm the protestors” I don’t see that coming from the Demoncrats.

  10. It is interesting to me that this “anti bullying” advocate believes that assault is an appropriate response to words with which she does not agree. She hit a 74 year old man! She doesn’t dispute it but she tries to suggest that he made himself fall and hit his head on the pavement.

    1. If you read the whole story she states she was protecting herself from a man calling her a racial epithet.

      1. We read it and read it many times before, it’s a very old chestnut that’s played itself out and very unbelievable.

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