Bats Over Ballots: Anti-Trump Rhetoric Takes Violent Turn

For days leading up to the election, President-elect Donald Trump was pummelled (not without reason) for suggesting that he might not accept the results of the election.  Now, many of the same people who were outraged, are protesting the results of the election. Some however have gone further and taken the rhetoric to violent levels.  For example, Actress Lea DeLaria, right, (Big Boo on “Orange Is the New Black“) wrote on Instagram that she wanted to “take out” Republicans and Independents with a baseball bat.  Likewise, Matt Harrigan, CEO of the network security firm PacketSled went on Facebook to say that he would kill Trump.They are only two of a chorus of liberals who have discarded any  measure of restraint or principle in lashing out at the results of an election because it did not turn out the way that they wanted.

DeLaria left little doubt as to how she believes people should react when they do not get what they want in a democratic process. She  suggested that people “pick up a baseball bat and take out every f–king republican and independent I see. #f–ktrump #f–ktheGOP #f–kstraightwhiteamerica #f–kyourprivilege.”  It is not clear if studios would react to her hateful message. There has been no such reaction thus far.

There was a response to Harrigan, who is now the former CEO at PacketSled.  Somehow threatening the life of the President-elect did not sit well with the security company. It also did not help to prove that you are a dysfunctional moron in publicly threatening a president, which is a crime under federal law.


Harrigan went back on social media to say it was just a joke — just one that no one thought was funny:

“My recent Facebook comment was intended to be a joke, in the context of a larger conversation, and only privately shared as such. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not engage in this form of rhetoric with any level of seriousness and the comment most certainly does not represent my real personal views in any regard. I apologize if anything that I said was either taken seriously, was offensive, or caused any legitimate concern.”

In the meantime, the company is working with the Secret Service after dispatching their CEO:

“The PacketSled Board of Directors accepted the resignation of President and CEO Matthew Harrigan, effective immediately. Fred Wilmot, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, will serve as interim CEO while the Board of Directors conducts a search for a permanent replacement. We want to be very clear, PacketSled does not condone the comments made by Mr. Harrigan, which do not reflect the views or opinions of the company, its employees, investors or partners.”

These statements raise a long-standing debate that we have had on this blog over the discipline or termination of employees for their actions in their private lives.  Companies are not restricted under the First Amendment in this sense. If any employee embarrasses the company by their association with controversial actions or statements, they can be terminated.  That can create a “Little Brother” problem that we have previously discussed.

While I know people coming to Washington protest the election, I do not share that view.  They, of course, have every right to protest, but I believe that the country should come together in the 45th peaceful transfer of power in the country.  Those voters who prevailed have every reason to celebrate.  Those who lost are protesting the results of a democratic process — a problematic notion.  Nevertheless, both the inauguration and the protests reflect the core rights protected in this country so long as people like DeLaria and Harrigan do not find solace in calling for violence as a way to vent their disappointment.  President Barack Obama said once that “elections have consequences.”  The inauguration is one of those consequences.

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  1. Soros keeps his money and does his deals in and from his own bank(s) in Curacao. And pays zero taxes on any of it. while his useful stooges live on welfare and neighborhood burnings. Marshmellows anyone?

  2. Well, the best description ever has just been made of the anti-Trump protesters! To wit:

    some kind of Amygdala-Milking Bukakke of Terror.

    The estimable Ace of Ace of Spades HQ nailed it:

    This is mass hysteria.

    In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria (also known as collective hysteria, group hysteria, or collective obsessional behavior) is a phenomenon that transmits collective allusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population in society as a result of rumors and fear (memory acknowledgment).

    In medicine, the term is used to describe the spontaneous manifestation (production in chemicals in the body) of the same or similar hysterical physical symptoms by more than one person.

    People teach each other how to behave. These people spend all day in bubbles spraying each other with panic pheremones like they’re in some kind of Amygdala-Milking Bukakke of Terror.

    Or they tweet out unhinged emotional Vaudeville that sparks the release of fear and panic chemicals in readers. (snip)

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Yes i do have an alternative if you live anywhere near the southern border of the 48. Or can ride a bus or fly. Prices for medical assistance in Mexico are typically 40% of the prices in the USA. USM has plenty of quality in their medical program. to find one look up the expat network on google or talk to the snowbirders About one million USA citizens live six months or more south of the border and medical costs are a major reason.

      With a owner controlled Medical Fund if the law is written properly there should be equally free choice on where to go. Panama is also a good bet as are many other countries. If you have a separate fund with after tax income (until we get rid of income tax) it’s even easier.

      The second part since you have to satisfy ObamaCare with something but it’s no good outside the country same with Champus Tricare is $70 or so a year air medevac insurance. See DAN Divers Assistant Network.

      Flu shots are given to anyone and everyone at no charge.

      Ambulance rates are ‘by donation.’ all EMT III and IV’s.

      So the alternative is making sure the Medical Savings Plan is not barb wired under excessive government regulation WHEN it’s written and passed coupled with goinig where it’s affordable. 40% applies to pharmaceuticals as well.which means purchasing from Canada or Mexico.

      Short version its’ cheaper to pay out of pocket for everything with a catastrophic back up plan which now i guess is Tricare/Medicare which costs me $100 a month and so far has provided nothing. People contemplating the military as a career should be aware I have seen zero of the promised benefits that were not reneged on in one way or the other including pay. that’s just my experience but when you elect people like Al Ulman of Oregon and Montgomery of Alabama you made a really bad choice.

      This will not replace nor repair the damage done by Obama Care but it offers more sensible uses of a Medical Savings Plan

      Not to forget Canada for pharmaceuticals which should include via FedEx etc. The competition will in turn drive prices down in the USA as much as liability insurance and lack of tort reform will allow.

      The other comment had to do with recession. Possibly but more probably a combination of that and a repeat of the cycle of economic repression scam. Recession is two plus quarters with minus GDP growth. The other is a direct attack on the elderly and retired and all pension funds. Inflation followed by devaluation and debt repudiation or refusal to honor and pay debts In this case it’s a government caused scam that significantly reduces the buying power of the retiree and old folks money – those least able to go back to work. My sister is working until 75 as a result I moved to Mexico for a middle class life instead of to the poor house in the USA.

      Devaluation of buying power is there way of evading the Law of TANSTAAFL. There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Someone always has to produce a product or service or good(s) and someone always has to pay. In this case the retirees had to BOHICA or Bend Over Here It Comes Again (and don’t forget to check the vaseline for sand. So I will leave you with BOHICA as the RINOs and DINOs retrench for another attack.

      We’ll be damn luckey if by some miracle the Recession is only a hiccup. The Cycle of Economic Repression could chew up another 25% of the 2000 dollars buying power. right when those who paid in for 50 some years double in number.

      It may be ugly but it sure isn’t pretty.

  3. I am thinking for real Trump is going to go against the control of the lying Zionist media and their money system. They tried to defeat him. That is good for us. They have been lying about the illegal wars, the Truth of 9/11, criminality of the Obama regime and so many things.

  4. I’m so sad at the violence in the street, and hatred towards conservatives. I’ve heard that both sides get personal, and I’m sure that is true. And it’s wrong to go personal. But I have not heard Progressives called deplorable, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-semitic, or otherwise unworthy. It seems to be a matter of degree, and a habit for the far Left to immediately engage in ad hominem attacks rather than address the issue. It’s gotten so bad over the years, which started when any criticism against Obama was regarded as racist, because it couldn’t possibly be about the issues. And when so many started criticizing Obamacare, foreign policy, taxes, etc, the meme got going that clearly the entire country turned racist. It just got worse from there.

    I blame public schools. Clearly they are not teaching debate or critical thinking.

    My family falls all along the spectrum of political and religious beliefs. It’s always been an asset for me as well as a reminder for tolerance. I like hearing different views. But after this past election, a small minority among my Left leaning family and friends are taking it quite hard. They’re livid, and seriously believe that most of the country is racist, etc, and that those who voted for Trump voted for racism. Which surprised the heck out of the right leaning family who voted for him. It’s just so sad. I’m hearing a lot of similar stories from others. I realized that every Republican presidential candidate for a couple of decades has been called racist, etc. The same receptacle of pejoratives recycled the moment someone throws his or her hat into the ring.

    I don’t want to watch the news, turn on social media, or pick up a newspaper for a while. I’m grieving over the anarchy in the streets, being enabled by millions of outraged Hillary supporters, as well as all the efforts to silence every state except the densely populated CA and NY by disbanding the electoral college. As well as efforts to get them to change their votes.

    Just so sad to see our country decay by people burning it and its freedoms down, thinking they are right, good, and justified. Don’t get your way? Then anarchy! Sad.

  5. Hey Squeek, have you seen “Mustang”? It’s a Turkish/French film I saw last year at a festival – finally released on Netflix. I’m gonna watch it again tonite. All about those (few) who refuse to conform to the status quo and craft a different life. Heart breaking yet fabulous — like real life =)

    1. No, but I will add that to “Case”! I am catching up on all I dvr’d and haven’t watched, plus reading like crazy, and doing those little picture thingies, and helping Penelope on her legal work. Man, I have been going strong! Plus, I have 30 pages left in that damn Neumann book, and that is some slog-hard reading! But I will work it in. The election has me about two weeks behind on everything!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. thanks for the tip. I am an avid fan of ‘film’ versus ‘movies.’

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      1. Michael Aarethun – I have a separate computer set up to hold my films and tv programs. I have close to 3000 films, both domestic and foreign

        1. Since there is not much room on my 10 meter floating casa I put mine on 500 gByte to 1TB external hard drives. About 1200 movies/film, 3GB of music I am now trying to filll in blank spots. Then there are the books. With Kindle it’s a larger than the public library in high school days. Will I listen to, watch, or read all of it? Not in my life time But much of it is meant as a reference collection. And some when the mood or muse strikes. We are indeed fortunate to live in this time period. Imagine if MTV and rap was the only thing available. Life would be so negative and poor with only reall bad imitation beatnik bongos laid over incoherency. .

          1. Michael Aarethun – I have 3 drives: two for movies, one for tv shows. I use a program called xbmc to organize everything. It does require you to rename the movies or episodes correctly or it will be a blank. You do learn to spell correctly. 😉

            1. I knew there was catch!!! XBMC thank you! Does it work with Linux. Never mind I’ll find out!

              1. Michael Aarethun – not sure if it works with Linux. Had my neighbor put the system together for me. I bought the parts and paid for the labor. Then loaded the films and shows.

                1. 23, 2016 – Team-Kodi (formerly called Team-XBMC) first ported XBMC Media Center software to Linux in 2007, and the whole project cross-platform …

                  the answer is yes the above traces the development of the open source journey through 2007. Other Google references gave instructions for tweaking the the applications to work more efficiently and to use them on and with various ipod/android hardware etc applications

                  The ability to see ahead and see the future produces these programs. Winston Churchill was one do did exactly that on multiple times. Two ways. Be part of the development or be a thief. Kalugin of the KGB pointed out they more they stole the more the US computer communit leaped ahead. They couldn’t keep up as be the time they deciphered the information they were still left in the dust. Some can only see the past and try to cut and paste it into the future ‘as is.’ Others see the past and simultaneously deliver the future their system promised – if left alone to so. Thus the failure of progressivism is in it’s own arrogance. and inabilities.

                  Kipling in “The Mary Glouster predicted exactly that.

                  Here goes

                  “and they asked me how I did it,
                  and I gave the the scripture tex,
                  you keep your light still shining
                  a little in front of the next.
                  they copied all they could follow
                  but they couldn’t copy my mind
                  and I left them sweating and stealing
                  a year and a half behind.’

                  I got that from Cathedral & Bazaar Eric S. Raymond.

                  Reagan used that knowledge to bankrupt the Soviet Union on a project that was never meant to be built nor meant to work only to entice and we used it to engineer a portion of the events of Nov 8th.

                  Now they flounder and try to revive the past and the next time we’ll be five then twenty years ahead.

                  Just to bring the thread back on line.

      2. Michael, I too prefer films but sometimes it’s great to watch movies too. Have you seen “8 Mile”? I just bought a copy at the library book sale for a friend – she is 70 and most definitely not into rap, but the movie is great as it allows those of us not in that world to better understand them. It is an art form. And Eminem is a white rapper.

        Another Turkish film I’d recommend is “Winter Sleep”

        1. I’ll give it a look but I never liked bongos either. HOWEVER i own every thing Dylan ever recorded though some were at first hard to track down. Agreed on movies if they are entertaining but I don’t take actors seriously for the most part. Cusack a recent exception. He’s got a serious well educated mind. Rap and PC are much the same. A lot To Do About essentially nothing and neither one are historically ethnically correct. For sure their are no more Makeba’s

  6. I was not surprised at all when HRC didn’t appear to her supporters. I have two close friends who have spent time around her – one flying as an AF One staffer and another at State. Her temper and penchant for screaming and throwing things is real.

    Naturally no one wants to go on record as they are afraid. HRC may have lost but the Machine is still very much alive as is evidenced by the latest apologists who have cropped up on this blog.

    Great cartoon Squeeky!

    1. Thanks! I put the “champagne cork” thing in because I hear they were popping the corks on the plane that day anticipating a win. I am glad you liked it!

      And yes, her temper is well known, as in Bill’s Face. Meet. Mr. Ashtray. Plus, that secret service agent wrote about it.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. Sharing another video. This one continues to point out valid and concerning questions and make the case that Hillary is not fit for the position. He even mentions how Donna Brazile was feeding Hillary the debate questions and why she likely did it – to help make it look like Hillary was thinking on her feet. I hear things like this and it makes me feel better and better about Donald Trump being in charge and not this woman. Just imagine someone so lusting for power and control that she would hide something this significant from the voters and put America’s best interests at risk. Voters made the right choice in this election I am convinced of it.

      1. dim27 – I do not know if Hillary has Parkinson’s but it is clear she is ill. I think on the days of the debates she was getting B12 shots to get her thru the debate.

        1. Was she in a recreational pa pa pahh pah pot state?

          Important thing is ‘ding dong the witch is dead the wicked witch which witch is it the wicked witch . Hi ho Hi ho hi ho ho ho Santa Claus arrived early…. Michael don’t speak ill of the dead? “Why not Mummy? She didn’t listen when she was …..alive?

          Not sorry paybacks are a revenge served cold and there’s nothing colder than a politcial coffin. So Sioux Me. Easy to find I live in the great north east town of Bight, ME.

          I’m doing a bad job of competing with a truly literate wordsmith Squeakie Fromm …who knows where. Might be my neighbor down the street.

          1. Michael Aarethun – I do not try to compete with Squeeky, since I am more of a long form poetry person or haiku. I just live in the same world that she does.

      1. Better her than us. The Number One objective attained and not a moment to soon. Number two objective tear apart the Democrat Party attained. Number Three scare the Republicans into getting out of bed with the Democrats and leaving the Progressive movement attained. Will they try it again? Of Course. But speaking as a moderate centrist defending our Constitutional Republic, Our Constitution, our grass roots representative democracy base I can say without hesitation…

        Wheel chair or whatever better her than us.

        240 years and still ticking and as Franklin said when asked what did you delegates give us?

        “A Republic if you can keep it.”

        May take a few more wheel chairs but that’s all right too!

      2. I think this doctor lays out a good case with specific examples as to why Hillary could very well have Parkinson’s disease. In this video he cites WikiLeaks email comments that are very curious. “We have a pattern of confusion and bad judgment.” I think America dodged a bullet here by not putting Hillary into the White House.

    1. I think Hillary should have come out anyway……drunk or sober, rage or semi-rage.
      It would top the 1962 appearance of Nixon after he lost the CA.gubernatoriol race to Pat Brown.
      Nixon went off on the press
      about their coverage of the race and the candidates.

    2. Of course everything printed in the American Spectator is the truth, just like everything on Fox news.

      I am amazed at the naivete of commenters here.

      And this is the top legal blog? Horrors…

    3. “Parkinsons disease caregivers and families instantly recognized this as a Parkinson’s disease rage” – when they saw the video clip of Hillary exploding during Benghazi hearings with her infamous, “what difference at this point does it make” statement. It’s likely something similar happened on election eve. Hillary’s health is a real issue that needed to be delved into more, but wasn’t. The most important thing we need in a commander in chief is their ability to think clearly.

      The video is a retired anasthesiologist who has analyzed Hillary’s health based on observations from the campaign trail. Talks about Parkinson’s rage at about 7 minutes into video:

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