Publish and Perish: Court-Appointed Lawyer For Arias Suspended For Tell-All Book

nurmi-e1479481969856Kirk Nurmi, the attorney for Arizona murderer Jodi Arias, has avoided disbarment by voluntarily accepting a suspension for four years after writing a tell-all book about his infamous client. Nurmi allegedly sought to cash in on his representation by revealing confidential information in his self-published book, “Trapped with Ms. Arias.” It wasn’t Arias but ethics that trapped Nurmi.

Arias, 36, is serving a life sentence for killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, 30, in suburban Phoenix in 2008.

41qnaixm3pl-_sx331_bo1204203200_There will be many who believe that this deal was far too generous for Nurmi who was Arias’ court-appointed counsel. Nurmi reportedly portrayed Arias unfavorably. The book relied information from private conversations as well as evidence ruled to be inadmissible. The bar determined that Nurmi was never given “written or oral permission or authority to any of her attorneys” to publish information about the case.

With the exception of being disbarred, the four-year suspension is no trivial matter. Do you think that this is sufficient punishment?

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  1. This was a judicial disaster, the State’s circumstantial evidence only proved Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander, not why.

    Yes she lied, who wouldn’t in the circumstances. The rest of the evidence is ambiguous meaningless junk.

    There was no credible motive. Alexander’s actions after being shot ( nobody of discernment believes the ridiculous prosecution theory that Alexander was shot after he was dead ) suggest he wasn’t worried Arias would shoot again.

    Read more here :

    As for Kirk Nurmi, he was part of the disaster, and embarked on an unethical vendetta against his former client, who he represented so badly, while her appeal is pending. He deserves censure.

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