Ze Has Arrived? Oxford Union Denies That It Barred Using “She” or “He”[UPDATED]

oxford_university_coat_of_arms-svgWe have previously discussed the move to expand the pronouns used at schools and allow students to chose a gender but also a pronoun. Indeed, at George Washington University where I teach, the school is asking faculty to list their preferred pronouns so I recently received an email from a colleague with “Pronouns: he, him, his” after his name. Over the weekend, stories appears in various sites that Oxford University has asked its faculty and students to stop using “he” or “she” entirely in favor of “ze.”  It now appears that the story was based on a policy to encourage the use of correct pronouns and not any mandate.

This appears less of a “fake news” story as misreading of the policy.  Oxford University’s behavior code makes using the wrong pronoun to define a transgender person an offense. It now requests that only the gender neutral pronoun be used.

In countering stories claiming a mandatory rule, the Union released this statement:

“We would also like to clearly state that we would never tell anyone to use ‘ze’ pronouns instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’ if ‘he’ or ‘she’ is the pronoun someone wishes to use. That would be misgendering and would likely have the biggest impact on individuals who may already be struggling to get people to use ‘he’ or ‘she’ for them. It would be totally counterproductive.”

What do you think about the idea of a mandatory or voluntary program to shift to “ze”?

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  1. In my writings, I have always used s/he for she or he, and hir for him and her.
    Poor JT may have fallen for fake news either way though.

  2. Zee Zee Top.

    I after e except after C.

    Where do bent people pee in NC?

    Bent people got no reason to live.

    Jockey mo fee ni eeh!
    You don’t like what the Big Chief say then jockey mo fee ni eeh.

    In essence we are all members of some tribe and the tribes live within nation states. And if you don’t like what the Big Chief says then you have to pull outta da tribe. Watch Blazing Saddles.

  3. I’d just like to point out the democratic value of language.
    Language is not dictated by schools or clergymen (in the older days) though they would sure like it to be.
    No, no, the people decide what they mean with the language they use.
    Which is of course why ‘zey’ want to curtail the word. Ze people must be shut up.

    Well, good luck with all that, mister jailer.

    1. Fake or the story changed? I missed the start of all this putting the new computer on line with a new address. Returned just in time to catch the blistering of comrade Reid lying about another elected official and only saying,”It worked didn’t it?” Reid must have read every book Goebbels and Lenin ever wrote.

  4. “Oxford University’s behaviour code makes using the wrong pronoun to define a transgender person an offense. It now requests that only the gender neutral pronoun be used. ”

    It is amusing that academics think they can control language. There is a natural process and economy to language.

    Despite the best efforts of grammarians, double negatives are still in wide use. People still interchange lie and lay. Ain’t is still spoken and understood.

    Let them try. I am betting on the common effort of millions and the wide spread use of he and she for decades if not centuries.

  5. As the world laughs…Americants continue to prove just how ignorant they are…amazing and beyond belief that a society could stoop to this level, and it appears as though they aren’t finished disgracing themselves.

  6. If it happens at all it should be entirely voluntary.

    To the extent there is any non voluntary, coercive, threat of punishment aspect to it, I think all faculty members should oppose the policy to stand against coercion, to stand against other free speech violations, and to demand respect for differing points of view.

    If “xe” is a thing, it will become a thing on its own like Ms did.

    But coercive policies are not free speech, and first they came…

  7. Whoops, meant to say Prof. Peterson is one of my heroes in academia and outside of it as well. And Professor Turley is also in the “pantheon” — this blog brings up relevant issues confronting us all and we are free to write, post videos, art and debate.

    1. Autumn, Thanks for this clip. Since we have a far left Canadian who comments here, it is heartening to see there are people in Canada that understand the importance of free speech. And, this is in Toronto which is pretty far left.

    2. God bless him. We need more profs like him. It’s scary what higher education is doing to our young people.

      1. All it takes – and this happened in Florida with High School Diplomas – is for Employers to keep a list of the worst offenders as institutions. Then instruct human services ha ha ha to not call for interview anyone with a diploma from the various schools.

        Might be easier to accept diplomas from the non-offending schools. Let’s see U. Of Chicago, Hillsdale and Grove City. Perhaps the service academies. Thee must be more? Maybe not. Yes one in Florida.

        In Florida businesses refused diplomas from any Florida High School. The face of education, at least for a while changed fast.

  8. I don’t see our model of freedom of speech going anywhere. And the more these idiots come up with these crazy ideas the more normal people will ignore them.

  9. I live just outside Washington, DC and see descriptions like this more and more often: “X identifies as gender non-conforming and uses the pronouns they, their, and them when being referred to in the third person.” I try to keep an open mind about it, but still don’t understand it.

  10. The faculty members should, instead, list other words–like Morton, imbecile, robot, timid follower and mental patient–after their respective names, for failing to speak up and voice their objections regarding the irrational behavior and complete insanity spreading across college campuses. Silence isn’t golden in the face of the lunacy overtaking these institutions of purported higher education. Instead of asking us what we think, JT, why don’t you, personally, take a stand against these outrageous and frightening transformations that now masquerade as normal and rational behavior in your very midst? We don’t attend your school. We are not faculty members. We have no voice in what transpires at your place of employment. How about an article, penned by you, and published in your vaulted university’s newspaper, denouncing this plunge into the abyss? I challenge you to do so, although I am well aware that you would never advocate against such blatant craziness in a very public and vociferous manner amongst your students and colleagues. It would turn you into a pariah. You wouldn’t be voted favorite professor of the year. Yes, fear is a powerful emotion. It’s unfortunate, since your silence permits evil to triumph. Who knows? Perhaps your bravery, in the form of a letter, published in the school’s newspaper, may embolden others to find their voice and work to stop the insanity? Pity, as it will never happen.

    1. You accuse Mr. Turley of being silent? He ridicules this kind of hysteria at least once a week, and unflinchingly so. This blog may not be an official school publication, but it’s hardly a secret. If the professor is trying to hide his thoughts on the matter, he’s doing a pretty lousy job of it.

      1. Only a very small mind follows a blog and then attacks those who generously provide the blog.

        1. Only the tiniest of minds can’t tell the difference between a plea for action and an attack. JT is in a unique position, as a well-respected professor at his university, to actually bring about a change. To stop the madness. To call this insanity out. That happens, not on this blog, but internally. At the university level. We can voice our opinions all that we wish. Our opinions are useless, as we have no authority or sway in the policies of these universities. A professor, on staff, writing an open letter, to the entire university, in its own newspaper, would. Only when like-minded individuals, in positions of authority, have the b@lls to demand an end to the trip down the rabbit hole, will there be an end to these detrimental social experiments crippling our society. Your history of odd and bizarre remarks on this blog mark you as one whose opinions most simply ignore.

  11. Pure idiocy. It shows the iron claw grasp the Left has on the education system in Western Civilization. They are even worse in Europe. At this point the Left needs to be removed from control of our schools. They are insane. They have become zealots.

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