Cost of Solar Power Dropping Globally As “The World’s Cheapest Energy”

earth-screensaver_largeThere is a hopeful report out this week that the cost of solar energy has dropped so dramatically that it is not cheaper than wind power in emerging markets like China and India. Indeed, Popular Mechanics is now calling solar energy the “cheapest energy” option. In Chile, electricity is being produced by solar power for $29.10 per megawatt hour–half the price of power produced by coal. These countries are seeing the benefits in the investment into alternative energy sources in both cost and the environment. The pledge of the Trump Administration to expand drilling and “clean coal” use runs against the trend in other countries.

Even if the Trump Administration is resisting climate change research, it can at least recognize the benefits of new technology in combatting pollution and reducing costs. There are jobs to be secured in this green industry and we are not serving our country well by resisting the technological and political movement toward solar and wind power. As the grandson of a coal miner, I am more concerned with getting jobs to West Virginia and Ohio and other states — not propping up industries that are declining. I am still hopeful that the business orientation of the new Administration will see the logic in not allowing these other nations to dominate this emerging market for green technology and alternative energy sources.

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  1. Well now you and the the rest of the Trumpeteers can rejoice in the fact that the kleptocracy can proceed unhindered by those bad old demoncrats.

    1. Joe,

      I didn’t vote for Clinton or Trump and I’m asking for an honest response from you to an honest question. Do you feel that Clinton wasn’t part of the kleptocracy? Do you think that if she had been elected she wouldn’t be a kleptocrat? I just wonder because so much information has come out about the Clinton Foundation and also Saudi Arabia and Qatar financed 20 percent of her 1.3 billion dollar campaign with other big funders being in the banking, energy and defense sector.

      I agree that Trump is a kleptocrat. I was wondering why you think Clinton isn’t one.

      1. She could have been She certainly was not clean in that regard but she lost so now we must deal with what is. We are talking now about a whole cabinet full of them. Saw another billionaire was appointed today. Hopefully, at some point people will start to focus on our new president but maybe they won’t and he will be able to do whatever he wants like a true dictator while people still focus on Clinton. Distraction seems to work well in this environment.

  2. You need an Editor!! Think you meant ” it is NOW cheaper than wind power in emerging markets” ….instead of “not cheaper”

    These frequent typos and etc distort your posts.

  3. Prof. Turley, your hopefulness about the Trumpeteers is quaint but naïve and misplaced. They know very well climate change is real: they do NOT care! It’s all about profit and keeping those who have grown rich off carbon burning resources making as much money as possible for as long as they can and to hell with the environment, future generations and the prospects for humanity in the long run.

    1. I think global warming is a well-subscribed scientific “fact.” As with any scientific “fact” it’s not proven as categorically true but subject to further information. To say something scientifically is “true,” means it’s reproducible and falsifiable. Global warming does not meet these two criteria especially when some say global warming means anything they want it to mean, i.e. differing climate changes in all parts of the globe). We need to be careful about terms here since in the past the scientific community was aligned as one about the “fact” that lead could be transformed into gold.

      1. mespo – you mean you can’t turn lead into gold? Damn. I just bought all the equipment.

          1. mespo – read Jonson’s The Alchemist. The equipment and formula is in there.

      2. Mespo,
        Here is a more recent, and wrong, consensus: fat and cholesterol cause heart disease.

        Gary Taubes read the literature and wrote Good Calories, Bad Calories which eviscerated that argument.

    2. Last I checked Al Gore and other climate change proponents had done pretty well…big houses, private jets, hypocrisy…

  4. The voting will soon be over and I hope I never have to hear about Trump having the election taken from him again. People will still be free to protest his actions as president one would hope.

  5. Autumn, I wrote this to Carl Dix. I hope he will reply, (or someone from this movement) but I’m not hopeful of it:

    Dear Mr. Dix,

    I don’t understand is what you want to have happen as far as ending fascism. Do you want Clinton to be president? Do you want Obama to stay on? If so, I don’t see either of these choices as resisting fascism. I see them as replacing one set of fascists for another.

    I read through everything. I can’t see how replacing one fascist with another fascist is a good idea or how this results in resisting fascism. Would it be possible for the group to clarify what you see happening in this movement?

    Thank you,


    1. Good for you Jill! All one can do is try – not give up to resignation although I often feel like Sisyphus. Just saw the attack in Berlin by radical Islamists on the Xmas market. This is going to inflame the far Right even more thanks to Mama Merkel’s stupid non vetting policy which allowed these bad apples in. And no doubt innocent Muslim refugees will suffer.

      We keep stoking the fires – even arming them. It would help if we would stop intervention and regime change for Big Oil and the MIC. I blame Obama, HRC and Kerry for the ongoing destruction of Olde Europe. In comparison Bush was a lightweight with “only” Iraq and Afghanistan under his belt.

      1. Wonder if Germany can hold off the white nationalists. The white nationalists have won in the US.

      2. Do you even know that Trump appointed the CEO of the largest oil company in the world to be secretary of state?. Expect more of the same or much worse.

      3. Do you know for a fact that is an unvetted immigrant that carried out the attack? Most of these attackers were born in these countries. Many of these Europeans have open immigration with their former colonies. Bush killed over a million people in Iraq and broke the country and the mideast. I find nothing light about the Bush and Cheney administration. We are still paying the cost of the Iraq war in many many ways.

        1. “Lite” mean ironically, but it still pales compared to the ongoing warfare and human devastation by the Obama/HRC/Kerry globalists – Iraq, Honduras, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Somalia, Yemen…. Dems were sposed to be the good guys/gals. Same coin different sides.

          My point is that no matter who is behind this horrific chaos they should ALL be called out. Why did Obama lock up the torture investigation results if not to protect Bush/Cheney & Co? Because they are all, R or D members of the same horrific club where money and power rules.

          1. You tout Trump. the leader of the oligarchs and complain about power and money. Do you realize Exxon will be running our foreign policy?

            1. I “tout” Trump”? Where/when did I do that? All I said was HRC is a known bad and Trump is a maybe bad. Obviously Brock is still paying CTR peeps. Very sad, but not surprising.

            2. And Hillary Clinton did a good job of it? Foreign policy looked to be a profitable wing of the Clinton Foundation, eh?

        2. There are some so-called “homegrown” terrorists for sure, but many acts of terror – and I am including assaults on women – are by immigrants which came in en masse after Merkel opened the floodgates.

      4. Why do Trumpeteers blame immigrants for everything that goes wrong in the world? Have not seen a report that an immigrant was responsible for the attack. Could you provide a link?

        1. Goldie, I am assuming you are a Hilbot otherwise you would not jump to the assumption that I am a “Trumpeteer”. I am a Bernieorbuster Independent. I am not “blaming immigrants for all that goes wrong in the world” but I do believe in calling a spade a spade and when an act of terror is committed by a RADICAL f*cking Islamic immigrant I will call them out. Each time and every time. I grew up in Germany and I am horrified at the changes going on over there — and in the rest of Western Europe to accommodate these insane folks – women told not to walk alone, dress “provocatively”, etc. Germany spending extra money on security so maybe THIS new year’s eve there won’t be “wilding episodes” during public festivities like in Cologne and Stuttgart where women are cordoned off to be groped and/or raped. Turks who are Islamic have long been part of Germany having been imported as “guest workers” in the 1950s and there were certainly some cultural differences and mishaps but nothing like what is going on right now. Several of my friends who have daughters are actually thinking of emigrating themselves as their personal freedoms are being eroded and the authorities are increasingly told to stand down.

          ” Sicherheitskreise: Festgenommener ist Afghane oder Pakistani vor 39 Minuten von Frank Jansen”

    1. Dear Joe,
      There is a roll, in my judgement, for all sources, and subsidies should be restricted purely to research. But not development.
      I reside in Switzerland. We are surrounded by expensive boondoggle schemes, particularly in Germany, but we have our own in the Jura.
      I think most Germans, who are into the numbers like I try to be, will tell you that Germany’s subsidized attempt to move to clean energy from fossil fuels (mainly coal) whilst abandoning nuclear power is a failure.
      AC Falk, PE

      1. I find nuclear to be dangerous and expensive. The plants in the US are old. Natural gas will take their place with an assist from green energy in my opinion.

  6. Jonathan,
    I haven’t read the report to which you are referring, but let me assure you, unless regulations of an unreasonable nature cause the cost of power generated from coal to rise significantly, that from solar is still far more costly than that from coal. The cheapest source of electric power is still of course natural gas, but generation from coal is still reasonable in cost.
    We need all of these sources, Jonathan, if we are going to recover America’s industrial strength, employment and wealth generating capability.
    AC Falk, PE

    1. Arnold Falk — You are way out of date. Price of solar PV installations has dropped dramatically since last you looked.

    2. Arnold,

      I couldn’t agree more. I worked in the power gen business and the common person on the street does not understand the concept of base load. The issue with solar and wind is not necessarily the devices themselves, but the lack of storage capability.

      Natural gas and Thorium (LFTR) reactors are the way to go.

    1. Don’t know that they are neo fascists but they are true believers in Trump and his oligarchical kleptocracy, David Benson.

      1. Not accurate. At least I know a fraud when I see one. That fraud is Mr. O. It matters not where the man was born at this point; what matters is that the president of the United States knowingly presented a forged, fraudulent document to the American people and has done nothing to dispel the findings of not one, but two, court-certified forensic document labs. We wouldn’t want to interrupt Mr. O’s tee time in Hawaii to answer such questions now would we?

        1. Sometimes I forget that Trump’s campaign started with his birther movement. Thanks for reminding me.

          1. Joe – the current President of the United States has spent millions keeping his background secret.

          2. Yes, and Trump was exactly correct. Now we have all this phony uproar about Trump being ‘illegitimate’ and yet the Obama true-believers couldn’t care less that Mr O knowingly defrauded the American people. It’s truly baffling.

        2. LRT — Googled this claim and discovered that your source for this latest idiotic version of the birther BS appears to be none other than the World Nut Daily and an investigation conducted by now former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the poster face for Wingnut America, that loathsome part of America that has imbibed an intellectually toxic volume of the conspiracy-laced kool-aid that destroys the critical thinking faculties of the victim.

          1. dogfightwithdogma – I watch the latest press conference and they are not saying that Obama is not born in the United States, only that the long form used presented by Obama to prove his birth is Hawaii is fraudulent. The actually found the document most of the info was stolen from. It is on YouTube and includes a slide show.

            1. That’s right. The point is not where O was born, the point is that he put forth a forged government document as his valid birth certificate. That doesn’t bother you? Good on ya, then, but I would suggest you are the one drinking the Koolaid and swallowing the propaganda O’s team has been feeding you for eight years.

              Sheriff Arpaio, who has been in law enforcement for over 55 years, plans on turning over the findings of this investigation to the federal government with the hope that Congress will pass a law requiring that the president be vetted just like any other civil servant is. Point being the press/media used to be relied upon to perform as ‘watchdogs’ to vet our presidential candidates, but that is clearly no longer their role. If supporting something like this means I am a Koolaid-swilling-Wingnut in your view, then so be it.

              BTW, many presidents hide their records, but besides presenting the public a forged, fraudulent birth certificate, other legal records the Obama camp has refused to release are the marriage license of his father (Barack Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham), name-change records (Barry Soetero to Barack Hussein Obama), adoption records, records of his and his mother’s repatriation as U.S. citizens from Indonesia, baptism records, Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) records, Punahou School financial aid or school records, Occidental College financial aid records, Harvard Law School records, Columbia senior thesis, Columbia College records, record with Illinois State Bar Association, files from his terms as an Illinois state senator, his law client list, medical records and passport records.

  7. And that is because Dick Cheney is another one. Remember Cheney cam from big oil too but not as big as Exxon.

  8. My thoughts about this movement are that I don’t understand what their goal is. If it’s really to resist fascism then replacing Trump with Clinton won’t accomplish that goal. They are both fascists. I wondered what other people thought about it.

    1. Wall Street is going berserk and so the puppets dance their jerky dance. But it’s hardly the usual suspects. What a list! Wow!

      Indeed, who do they plan to replace him with?

        1. As bad as Hillary. All profiteers. All fully bought and paid for. Let the ship go down and may the rats run for it.

            1. Bill is a gentle soul. He wants to spare blood shed but doesn’t want to see or know what the Faustian bargain is.

    2. Wow. Jill I am speechless but not surprised with the exception of Scahill – he’s a damn fine reporter. We’ve seen the drumbeats by the Establishment aided by the MSM to derail the election ramping up. These very same people overlook what HRC has done and Obama continues to do in terms of regime change and global destabilization. Progressives realize that HRC is a known danger while Trump is a possible danger and would rather go with the latter. Republicans and Independents stood together during this election and refused to vote in the Queen – voting for Stein, Trump or not participating.

      The big question is — will they get away with it??

      1. Hard to believe. Actual regime change would mean a civil war or a revolution. If they go for it, we will find out just how far technology has come in the last ten years, but again, I just can’t see it. It’s just a major protest. Got-to-be.

        1. Trump will be sworn in on January 20. Didn’t anyone else hear Obama say it during his pre-vacation press conference on Friday? He made a comment along the lines, “when Trump is sworn in….” suggesting to me that Obama knows all of this “resistance” is hogwash and reeks of Democrat desperation.

          1. Or hedging his bets. Still, in the main, I agree with you. Ousting Trump is truly unthinkable which is why it is so amazing that Hillary and company – including Obama – are going so far out on a limb with the Russian hacking and McCarthy like lists of anti-American sites. Also note how many Republicans they have going along for the ride, such as John McCain. I suspect that is partly due to the mouth watering idea of curbing the internet which is becoming every politician’s nightmare.

            It’s also a hoot to think that Obama is accusing Russia of the anti American act of getting the TRUTH out about the Hillary emails. The Truth, ugg, how anti-American can you get!

            1. Well, Obama told Putin in September to ‘cut it out’ or else. So he says it stopped then and there with his stern warning but then DNC head Donna Brazile is going around today saying not so, the Russkies are still at hit. So what’s the truth? I believe Assange and Wikileaks. It was not the Russians.

              1. Not quite. Obama says he warned the Russians, but that they didn’t heed his warning. Either way it’s a bunch of crap. Obama said nothing what-so-ever to the Russians on that subject. He’s really climbing out on a limb.

                You’re right about the result. It’s probably an internal leak and not a hack, at least the exposure of Hillary’s emails.

                That the Russians hack our systems is another matter and has been known for a long time. The only country that does substantially more hacking, a lot more, is the good ol US of A. We hack into the system of every major foreign country and almost every minor one. We manipulate foreign elections about ten times more than Russia ever dreamed of doing. Everyone does it to the degree they can get away with it. Again, this is just a big excuse to curb freedom of speech except by authorized propaganda outlets such as all TV news stations and all major news publications Repub or Dem slanted. As long as it’s establishment propaganda, from either tribe of liars, it’s fine.

      2. Initiators include (list in formation):

        Bill Ayers
        Herb Boyd activist, author, journalist and teacher
        Isabel Cardenas Community Consulting Services, Los Angeles; Salvadoran-American activist
        Carl Dix founding member, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
        Niles Eldredge evolutionary biologist
        Charles Gaines visual artist
        Chase Iron Eyes
        Everett Iron Eyes, Sr. Water Administrator, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
        Robin D. G. Kelley Gary B. Nash Professor of American History at UCLA*
        Fran Luck, Executive Producer of Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio at WBAI
        PZ Myers evolutionary developmental biologist
        Milton Saier, PhD Professor of Molecular Biology, UCSD*
        Sunsara Taylor writer, Revolution Newspaper
        Cornel West writer, professor
        Michael A. Wood Jr.
        Rev. Frank Wulf United Methodist minister
        Andy Zee spokesperson, Revolution Books
        David Zeiger filmmaker These are leading members of the left. Highly doubt they will be successful and if they are can’t imagine they would be turning to Kasich or Biden.

        1. Bill Ayers at the top of the list is all you need to know. They know that when Trump gets rolling – unless the Democrat party moves back to the center, they will go extinct. It reeks of desperation.

          1. The far left has been nearly extinct for a long time, LRT. Maybe opposition to Trump will rejuvenate them

            1. Maybe, but I doubt it. It’s not where the country is. It’s where the left wing of the Democrat party wants to move the country, but the country is telling them ‘no’ by way of the last three elections 2010, 2014, 2016 and if they do not start listening they will lose again big time in 2018. That’s my take, anyway.

          2. Back to the center??? Hillary is left? Hahahaha, ha. Good luck trying to force the Overton Window ever rightward. I know, I know, it’s just a formula, like nice day. But regardless, it will guarantee only 4 years of this. The problem then is will the DNC move to the left, the real left which is where Sanders claimed to be when he was cheated out of the nomination which would have given him,the left, an almost guaranteed win over Trump or will they continue trying to peddle a fake Republican like HIllary?

            The American public has proven it again and again. If they are presented with the choice between a real Republican and a fake one, they will choose the real one every time. Trump is so real he doesn’t even need to be a Republican. Hillary is so fake…, oh what;s the bother – but make no mistake; she is a Democrat of the old school in name only. Her heart is stone cold to New Deal Democrats and far more in tune with squeezing every man woman and child dry of every last cent they possess or ever will possess. A real Republcan couldn’t give a rats a*s whether it’s someone’s last penny or not; they just want more money than they got yesterday for less risk, less cost, and less product and they are certain that even a rock is hiding it somewhere. No excuses.

            1. Btw, I know the answer and so does Harry Reid and that Madam in the House of ill.. (akk, behave nasty tongue!). The DNC doesn’t need to change a bit. It’s not that they are too hot or too cold or even just right. They are moribund. Almost lifeless. No more hope of reviving than Republicans have of becoming the party of Lincoln again. All that stuff is gone.

            2. I have no idea what the Democrats will do. The Democrats still have Donna Brazile heading their party – you know, the ethically-challenged-debate-question-leaker posing as neutral political commentator before fired by CNN. I hope they put Keith Ellison in charge – that will seal their fate – and not in a good way. Trump to me is more like a third party candidate with his own agenda posing as a Republican for now. I say good on ya Trump. Washington needed someone to come in and do a complete shake down.

              1. I agree with an awful lot of what you say, Donna Brazile spot on – not that that matters much. But it is hardly my opinion anyway that Hillary is far to the right.

                Along the lines of an old saying by John Kennith Galbraith, “The difference between Republicans and Democrats is as follows: With Republicans, man exploits man, whereas with Democrats it’s the other way around.

                Galbraith used the above to describe the difference between Communists and Capitalists – but it works just fine for our two parties as well.

                Agree with you about Trump which is why I said he is so real he doesn’t need to be a Republican. Hope he works out well and that the fears of this group are unfounded, but I am skeptical because of the people he is surrounding himself with.

              2. The American people make get shaken down again by Trump’s international bankers and hedge fund guys.

            3. “To listen to the administration talk you’d be justified in thinking that the Russian hacking of the email accounts DNC and John Podesta (neither, which should be pointed out, are actually US government agencies) was something unusual and now Obama is really upset.

              The sad fact is that Obama’s concern is selective outrage. Back in June of last year the now-incarcerated hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 hacked the DNC and retrieved the opposition research file on Donald Trump. A big yawn went through the White House. Why? Hillary Clinton was going to win. In August, Russian hackers attacked the voter registration systems in Arizona and Illinois. Obama went off to play golf or whatever he does when foreign countries are tampering with the electoral system. Why? Because Hillary was going to win.”


            4. “Republicans, despite all odds, kept the Senate with a 52-48 majority. Despite all the polling, which panicked many Republicans going into that fateful Tuesday, the Republican Party set itself up to keep and even extend their majority over the next 2-4 years.

              Republicans kept the House with a decisive 241-194 majority. They lost a net total of six seats, but competed well in races they should not have.

              Republicans now have 32 state legislatures and 33 governor’s mansions, marking this as one of the most dominant Republican eras in American history.

              If Hillary Clinton were the real winner based on the fact that she got more votes, wouldn’t that have given Republicans more losses?

              It is true that the Republicans lost six a net six House seats and two Senate seats, but the gains at the state level more than make up for it. Republicans have been largely running up the score in three of the last four major election cycles.

              Clinton, therefore, cannot be considered to be the right and proper winner because she was representative of her entire party, having been nominated by her party, and her party lost. She lost the states she was expected to lose and then lost several of the states she was supposed to hold on to with ease. A person who loses that much, and whose party loses that much, can in no way be considered victorious.”


      3. Trump a possible danger? I think you can put that idea to rest if you care about the environment.

        1. You can’t win ’em all in our lobbyist dominated government. But my concerns were TPP and wars. And HRC was pro both.

          And Dim Dems have done their share of wreaking harm on the environment. If those vets had not gone to Standing Rock the pipeline would be rolling right along.

          1. It is curious that nearly all Trump’s appointees are pro TPP. Scahill calls them OIL – oligarchs in love. Energy Secretary Perry is pro pipeline. He is even on the board.

          2. Joe is right Autumn. We’ll see, but a President is 80% what the people around him want him to be. It’s not a fault, it’s a necessity given the complexity of our times. And the people around Trump are going to work on him hard. Now have you ever heard Trump change his mind? Well, I never have, at least not before the verb in the same sentence.

      4. Autumn,

        I was speechless myself. Scahill does write good articles but he and Glenn have always struck me as propagandists aimed at the silver of the population who is extremely well informed on the left. They always stick with the donkey in the end! And then there’s the more important point which you wrote about above.

        Where were these people during Obama’s sealing of tyranny in this nation? Many of the signatories did speak out about Obama’s tyranny but they didn’t urge people to reject Obama’s throne sitting in 2012, a time when it should have been clear to everyone that he was a fascist– that he had brought Cheney’s plans along to fruition and then some.

        Further, what kind of mass movement can’t be honest about what it’s planning on actually doing? It appears they want to install another fascist, Clinton, in place of Trump. It’s never clearly stated but that is the implication. It doesn’t seem legitimate not to state your real end point and why you think it makes sense to oppose fascism by installing your own fascist on the throne.

        Some are claiming this as a color revolution (coup) for the US, backed by Soros and other powerful people in the oligarchy. Neera Tandan has a RESIST sign on her FB page. As others have pointed out, this is pretty laughable because people like Neera will come out just fine no matter who gets the throne. She is not going to put her life on the line to RESIST.

        I am all for resisting fascism. That could never include installing Hillary on the throne.

        1. Glen Greenwald is not on that list. I wouldn’t lump him in with Scahill any longer unless he specifically comes out and says so – which I very much doubt.

          This screed sits atop pretty weak reasoning. Too often, they simply repeat Fascist over and over again as if that word alone with little to no supporting evidence speaks for itself and proves everything. There are different degrees of Fascism. Is this country really prime time for a real Fascist regime? Something tells me no.

          1. BB, I understand Glenn isn’t on this list but i still consider him a sophisticated propagandist.

            Glenn has consistently stood by team donkey. Although I truly appreciate the reporting and opinion he puts out, I have noticed that it is never free of propaganda on behalf of donkeys. It is subtle (sometimes not so subtle), but it’s there.

            Also, if you go to wikileaks page you will see Assange state clearly this wasn’t from the Russians. An associate of wikileaks, Craig Murray, said he picked up the leaked info in a D.C. park, from an intermediary. Murray wan’t told to put out that info by wikileaks. He did it on his own. Bill Binney is another person to look at, showing how easy it would be to prove this was a Russian hack, not a leak. The fact that the govt. won’t put out what should be easy proof, is telling.

            Apparently, wikileaks is under sustained attack in multiple levels and they have had to put out their insurance file (as yet unopened), likely to prevent a hit on Assange.

            This group released the info right before the electors meet. There is all sorts of lies and crap being disseminated by the MSM and its master, the oligarchy. This action seems coordinated to me. That’s why I wanted others to see the info and see what you all think.

    3. The Plan: Detailed description of what they want to accomplish at link below (but no name for replacement that I could find – the implication, however, is Hillary). Fascism is repeated perhaps 100 times or more as the logic. and Millions must resist about the same. Million on Millions and so on. Sounds eerily like a Trump rally. A little bit out there. These people may want to sit down and take a few deep breaths, but I don’t think this will go anywhere (of course I didn’t think Hillary would loose the divine right of coronation either).

      1. It won’t go anywhere. The Left is spinning and trying to drive the media narrative to get this Russia hacking BS out there to get the public to think something they want us to think. It may or may not be false propaganda, but they want the public to “think” something and question Trump. This is all about delegitimizing Trump’s presidency in the minds of the voters. Hillary lost all on her own – she didn’t need the Russkies to help, she was tanking all on her own – no help needed. Plain truth? Hillary was a god-awful candidate. She lost. Trump won an electoral landslide. STFU Democrats or I can just about guarantee this will backfire on you. Hello 2018 Super Majority.

        1. Agree with all your points. Don’t sell the DNC short however, or Hillary, or Obama, or all the little snots running the current establishment’s front office. They can create one god awful mess before they let go of this. The group in question, not so much.

          1. I’ll just keep watching the Dems sell themselves short – imagine the hypocrisy that is Donna Brazile going on the Sunday shows accusing others of interfering in the election! What do you suppose would be happening now in the press if Trump had lost and his supporters launched this kind of resistance and intimidation campaign to pressure electors to overturn the election? Just imagine if it was the opposite result and Trump supporters were pulling this crap…..

            1. I’m as dumbfounded as you, maybe more. It’s not just the unfairness – though that is plenty, it’s what they are doing to the legitimacy of our whole system. Dragging it into the mud. On top of that, the end game is truly alarming; they want to censor all non establishment points of communication as sites of hate speech. Have you seen what’s happening in Germany? The ostensible reason for all this Russian bashing is to de-legitimize Trump, but the real reason is to crack down on the internet – and I fear Trump will see the wisdom in this as much as the Dems for he will almost certainly survive the present scuffle. He will certainly make use of Internet censorship if they succeed and will have only gotten a few dings for the benefit. As always, it’s we who will suffer.

      2. Reply to BB posting

        They state in the document that, “Trump’s election itself was illegitimate and his ascension to power would be even more so, and must not be allowed.”

        From the White House website: “In 2008, in response to media inquiries, the President’s campaign requested his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. The state sent the campaign the President’s birth certificate, the same legal documentation provided to all Hawaiians as proof of birth in state, and the campaign immediately posted it on the internet. That birth certificate can be seen here (PDF).”

        The irony: five years later it is concluded by two court-certified forensic document labs that the document produced under pressure during the 2012 election was a computer-generated multi-layered fraudulent document. Would that be considered “illegitimate” by them as well? Hardly. The press and media pundits have little interest in pursuing this other than to go after and smear Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Imagine my shock.

        1. The right-wingers tried so hard in ’08 and ’12 to get the word out about Obama, but failed to stop him. Now we have Trump and all the liberals are blowing themselves up about it. What’s that McD’s slogan? I’m lovin’ it.

  9. Live from Cooper Union in NYC & Everywhere via Livestream:
    Prevent the Trump / Pence Regime from Taking Power…(Speakers List in Formation):
    Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party, initiator of
    PZ Myers, Evolutionary developmental biologist, University of Minnesota Morris
    Jeremy Scahill, founding senior editor, The Intercept; author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army
    Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books, NYC and initiator of Fran Luck,

    Immortal Technique, Hip-hop artist and urban activist focusing on global politics
    Chase Iron Eyes, via Skype from Standing Rock

    From the Call from
    In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America!

    “Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger. Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear, and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance – before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands.

    Should we fail to rise with determination and daring in our millions now to stop this, the consequences for humanity will be disastrous…

    We therefore CALL FOR A MONTH OF RESISTANCE beginning on December 19, reaching a crescendo by the January 20 2017 Inauguration.”

  10. DW, I said “if”. I don’t think anyone ever got a tax credit for using coal.

  11. “Clean coal”. A contradiction in terms. Kind of like “smart smoker” as opposed to “dumb smoker”.

    1. No, it’s a movement to resist Trump being seated as president because he is a fascist. I will try my original post to see if it will go through now. What is your opinion of this?

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