Muslim Teenager Arrested After Making False Report Of Abuse By Trump Supporters In New York Subway

yasmin_seweid-1481327466-991-1481328678-6425Yasmin Seweid, 18, a Baruch College student, raised a national controversy after she reported being harassed on the New York City subway by supporters of President-elect Donald Trump. She has now been arrested for fabricating the story and filing a false report as well as obstructing governmental administration.

Seweid told police that three white men shouting “Donald Trump” verbally accosted her on the subway around 10 p.m. on December 1 as she was leaving a Baruch College event. She said that the men surrounded her and called her “a f–king terrorist.” She also said that not one of the many onlookers did or said a thing as she was physically and verbally assaulted by the Trump supporters. The men allegedly ripped off her hijab or religious headscarf.

Police however could not find any videotape evidence or witnesses to support her claims.

161210-yasmin-seweid-mn-0930_36d454751070a44ba81479cd62d1b642-nbcnews-ux-320-320Seweid told CBS “The president-elect just promotes this stuff and is very anti-Muslim, very Islamophobic, and he’s just condoning it.”

The story became even more bizarre after her parents reportedly forced her to shave her head over the incident and she told police she made up the story to cover for breaking her curfew. She also said that her strict Muslim parents were opposed to her dating a Christian boy.

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  1. I have not heard of one real crime committed by a Trump supporter on a minority or non Trump supporter. (Except the one guy who punched at rally). Everything has been fake/hoax.

  2. The moral of the story is.
    ‘Thou shall not lie.’-God
    And move away from dad, asap.

  3. I see a very bright future for Seaweed in the Democratic Party, as the replacement for Sandra Fluke.Hey, the abuse doesn’t have to be real for her to have credibility! All the Dems need is the symbolism! To hell with Reality. heck, just look at “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” Being a lie didn’t stop that from taking off like wildfire.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. Hey. I just noticed–her last name is probably pronounced the same as SEAWEED. How appropriate for an all-expense paid trip into the Hudson. Take her out on a boat, like Michael did to his lying, embarrassing and brother, Fredo. Problem solved. She’ll never take sides against the family again.

  5. A couple of her cohorts, in the Religion of Peace, just plowed into shoppers, mowing down and killing innocents who were simply out and about buying gifts for Christmas. We are, of course, not supposed to believe that a single, putrid and death-worshipping ideology connects these mutants. CAIR, no doubt, will defend this poor, hapless and forlorn teen. We’ll hear some garbage about how she was severely impacted by an election that traumatized her. We’ll be chastised for not providing a society that has welcomed and protected her, despite the fact that she fabricated a story about a crime that never existed. Whether it’s filing false police reports regarding hate crimes or driving trucks into crowded pedestrian malls, as Hillary would say, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Both are attempts to destroy and disrupt life as we know it. I say, dump her in the Hudson.

    1. bam bam — Dump her in the Hudson? You think the crime she committed calls for essentially a death penalty? You are one very sick, twisted individual. You have a lot in common with those who adhere to Sharia law when it comes to crime and punishment. You certainly have no regard for the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

      1. Sorry.

        Foolish me.

        You’re right.

        First, chop her up and, then, toss her into the Hudson.

        I stand corrected.

    2. Like I said testy, but now not even when challenged. Dump her in the Hudson? Chop her up first. What’s your punishment for murder? Boil ’em in oil. Pure medieval. Get a counselor.

  6. She should fear her father rather than Trump. Shave her head? I hope we don’t see her name and picture again in an article on honor killings.

  7. More news on this however is that she made up the story so that she wouldn’t get in trouble with her parents for missing curfew. Her father then gave her an “honor haircut” – he shaved off all of her hair and eyebrows as punishment for dating, drinking, etc.
    There’s almost always more to the story, folks, FFS.

  8. She should not have a Christian boyfriend. If they have sex it will have to be upside down. She should cover her face. All muslim females should cover the face. Most are ugly as hell and need some cover. Believe in Allah and all that apcray and you go to hell. I say: Hey Zeus!

  9. I saw our rotund Attorney General pontificating on CNN about the uptick in hate crimes against Muslims. The only “uptick” is in fabricated hate crimes.

    1. What’s her body shape got to do with any of this? You just can’t help yourself can you. Gratuitous insults are all you have because the concept of substantive responses completely eludes you.

      1. Dogfight
        I agree with you on the name calling. But he did make a valid point.
        Simply take out theword rotund.
        I saw our rotund Attorney General pontificating on CNN about the uptick in hate crimes against Muslims. The only “uptick” is in fabricated hate crimes.

  10. I am glad they are arresting and prosecuting people for these false reports. This gives Fake News a bad name.

  11. Trump supporters abuse is so widespread that Leftists have to make up attacks just to prove their true.

  12. The point is, it wasn’t her fault. Parents, society, social pressure – all that stuff – made her do it.

  13. She should be prosecuted. What she did was neither silly nor a child’s prank. It was a dangerous and incendiary false report. It was broadcast around the world and held up and more evidence of intolerance. This woman is not a child.

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