Trump Wins Electoral College After Clinton Loses The Most Defections Of “Faithless Elector”

495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore225px-Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropThe Clinton supporters have been campaigning hard to convince electors to switch their votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. It was a remarkably hypocritical stance for Clinton who repeatedly called Trump’s failure to promise to abide by the election results “horrifying” and unAmerican. Clinton maintained that shocked demeanor all the way up to election night when she found herself the loser. She then broke from tradition and refused to concede that night before her supporters. Her campaign then supported challenges in various states and actively sought to convince electors to switch their votes. Well the results are in and it is rather surprising: Of the 10 electors who did not vote for their designated candidate, eight were actually Clinton electors who refused to vote for her. Only two Trump electors switched and neither voted for Clinton.

Four of the electors who were set to vote for Clinton were in Washington state. Of those, three voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and the fourth voted for Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle. They each will face $1,000 fines.

The two electors who did not cast their votes voted for Kentucky Sen. Ron Paul and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

In the meantime, Bill Clinton went public with an interview to continue the spin that his wife lost because of FBI Director James Comey and “fake news.” Once again, he did not point to the fake news that was so decisive in the election since the Wikileaks emails were not fake but real news. However, Clinton added that Trump won because “he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him.”  It is the same identity politics that was pushed by Clinton during the campaign —  only now it is the nemesis of white males being blamed for her loss.

The problem is that white males could not and did not secure the election for Trump. According to the New York Times, Clinton carried only 54 percent of the female vote against Donald Trump. However, nearly twice as many white women without college degrees voted for Trump than for Hillary and she basically broke almost even on college-educated white women (with Hillary taking 51 percent). Trump won the majority of white women at 53 percent.

Other Clinton supporters have explained the results by denouncing women as slaves to their “internalized misogyny. So it is either “angry white males” or self-hating women who toppled Hillary Clinton. Of course, there could be a more obvious answer: people really did not like Hillary as a leader regardless of her gender. It may be that the large numbers of women refused to vote for Hillary simply because she was a woman. Clinton and Trump were the most unpopular politicians ever to be nominated for president and over 60 percent of voters viewed Clinton as fundamentally dishonest. None of that stopped the DNC from engineering her victory over Bernie Sanders who presented precisely the populist campaign that many voters were looking for. Clinton had the Democratic establishment and many allies in the media — everyone agreed except the public. That was enough . . . until the voters had their say on November 8th.

What is striking about this story is how leading Democrats still refuse to acknowledge that the party was seriously out of touch with the electorate. Indeed, after securing her own reelection as minority leader, Nancy Pelosi promptly announced that voters really do not “want a new direction.” Yet, after a huge effort to get electors to move against Trump, most moved against Clinton. The Mae sentiments are not likely to pass despite the coordinated effort to blame Comey or white males or self-loathing women. Few people outside of the Clinton core supporters are buying the spin. The question is how steep this learning curve will be for a party that has continued the same leaders on the same course after the electoral defeat.

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  1. Prof. Turley says: “It was a remarkably hypocritical stance for Clinton who repeatedly called Trump’s failure to promise to abide by the election results “horrifying” and unAmerican.”

    Why is this “remarkably” hypocritical? The word “remarkable” and its variants should not be used for emphasis, and in this context it’s used misleadingly, conveying that the hypocrisy is unusual, stunning, or surprising in some way. But Clinton’s hypocrisy is none of those things. The woman is an ardent Leftist, a pathological liar, and a fraud (though the three usually go together), so of course she’s a hypocrite. This is a given. An axiom. A certainty.

    What would be “remarkable” is if Clinton actually did something honest, with integrity, and with decency. Of course, those things are NEVER to be found in a Leftist, but that is precisely what would make them “remarkable” if any of those things should ever exist in a Leftist under some bizarre set of circumstances.

  2. Will the Democrats ever admit that they sabotaged the candidate who would’ve beaten TRump?

    1. I would like to congratulate Colin Powell for coming in third in the final tally. I bet people voted for Powell because they thought his leaked email talking about how Bill Clinton is still d*cking bimbos at home was hilarious.

  3. Clinton was not hypocritical. She is abiding by the election results. Under our undemocratic system, instituted to protect slavery, the election occurred on Monday, December 19.

    1. So this is the newest brain-dead talking point: The Republic was established to protect slavery. Henry, get any 5th grade civics book and read up on it. Then you can stop embarrassing yourself. FFS.

      1. FFS – when the Constitution was signed, it seems only one state outlawed slavery. The whole slavery thing is a dodge to make the Democrats get rid of the Electoral College.

  4. Have you made your post-Trump hair appointment yet?

    “…Then came the November 8 election upset, and Evans fell into a downward spiral. “I cried for three days,” the Atlanta native, 45, recalls. “I felt like it was the worst thing, politically, that ever happened in my lifetime. It was catastrophic.” By Friday she noticed grays growing in, so she put on her big-girl panties and dragged herself to the drugstore. “Literally without thinking, I grabbed the Natural Black box by Garnier,” she says. “I was like, f** it! The election deadened my soul. I think I wanted to do something defiant to feel stronger.”

  5. For the Washington faithless electors I did some more research. The $1,000 civil penalty assessment against the faithless was codified in June of 1977. Accounting for inflation, that amount should be equivalent today to $4261.71 which is more a disincentive than a thousand is today. But given the politics of today, where a billion dollars can be spent on a losing campaign and the ease for which GoFundMe type of campaigns can be raised to indemnify the faithless of their civil liability to the state, the fine certainly needs to be adjusted to make it a truly enforceable deterrent.

    The oddity of this is that in WA violations of voting laws are punished severely. Most are felonies. Yet for something as important as presidential electors keeping their oath the penalty is a paltry grand.

    1. Where is their GOFUNDME acct.? Need to send contribution although I may not agree with their choices…still it reflects the intent of the founders.

      We are held hostage by the two parties with many suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  6. It was a turnoff that the de facto response was to ascribe evil tendencies to anyone who disagrees politically. Don’t bother to explain your position, just go right to you are a racist/misogynist/bigot/homophobe/Islamophobe, etc. It was so very tiresome and intellectually lazy.

    More than half the country was offended to be called “phobes”, “ists”, and “ism” if you worried about the rising costs of Obamacare, hard times finding work, and just putting food on the table. The Middle Class began to feel like the hard left viewed it as the enemy, and it pushed back.

    They pushed an establishment candidate infamous for pay to play and lying, rich off of selling her and her husband’s favors, who viewed half the country as deplorable, and they are still blaming anyone and everyone but themselves for the country’s response.

    1. And the Left has people like good old Michael Moore saying things like this: “Trump is not president until 12 noon on Jan 20th. So we’ll continue to fight & hope to find a legal, nonviolent way to stop this madness.” We get it, you hate the Constitution. I wish more people would ask how could Hillary truly have so many popular votes anyway? That is a number that just doesn’t add up.

      1. Paul,

        What isn’t being reported is that the 2.8 million votes Hillary got over Trump comes almost entirely from California. Thank God for the electoral college or our nation as a whole would suffer for the whims of California and NYC. Our founding fathers were brilliant to put this in place to maintain our republic. Another point to ponder…. if the election chose a winner by popular vote then Donald would have simply campaigned differently and spent more time in NYC, LA, and San Francisco. Donald would have easily beaten Hillary either way. Donald will be a great president for everyone and I am sooooo happy that we have the chance to save our great nation. Thanks to all the Patriots that came out to join this movement!

  7. I used to respect you. I no longer do because it is clear you are no legal scholar or even a patriot. You are just as clueless as the skin-baring black-root bottle blondes on Fox. If the Democrats and Hillary Clinton were out of touch, why did she win the popular vote by almost 3 million? I think even Trump knows he will never have legitimacy, and I view his “victory” as the re-set button for democracy. The only question in my mind, as the damage mounts up due to the dangerous people he appoints to head various agencies and the damage he does to the economy, our health care system, our tax system and general welfare, is whether the Republicans in Congress will have the testicles and ovaries to set aside partisan politics and vote to impeach him. That’s my real worry.

    1. Hillary lost a total of 5 electoral votes (WA, HI) yesterday. She would have lost 8 if three Bernie electors (MN, ME, CO) hadn’t been expelled/coerced.

      Popular vote can mean whatever you want it to mean, but in our Constitution there is no mention of a national popular vote.

      1. I believe it was only 2 electors that abandoned Trump. Democrats might also want to look at getting rid of their Super-delegates.

    2. Uhhh, why did she win the popular vote??? Because California is full of idiots who believe in Skittle-crapping Unicorns. That, and the fact that Democrats are basically paying the Welfare Class to vote for them. Which will work out fine for another few years, until we go the route of Venezuela, and the yahoos have to start eating zoo animals and their pets to survive.

      All Trump will give us is a few years respite, a few more years to stock up on guns, ammo, and food. I plan on doing just that. Then, post-Trump, in 4 or 8 years, the Democrats can continue to work their race-baiting, gender-baiting, schtick to stay in power, like the Nazi Hierarchy who were going to Wagnerian Operas as the bombs fell around them.

      All thanks to schmucks like you, who have bought into the Democrat’s idiotic narratives.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. One big thing I cannot understand and that is why so many people apparently can’t see Trump for what he really is: an egomaniac who will say or do anything for personal adulation. That is the only reason he ran for President, and as the polls went against him, he set the stage for his toddler-esq rant about a “rigged election.” He was already planning on adoration tours regardless of the outcome of the election, because that is what he thrives on: attention and flattery. He’s too important or distracted to even be bothered with daily briefings, because he isn’t really going to be running the country. He will delegate. He will listen to, repeat and act on whatever he is told–for example, he repeated a claim made by Carrier that 50+ alleged new government regulations resulted in Carrier’s decision to move to Mexico. When Carrier was pressed to come up with a list of these new onerous regulations, it couldn’t do it. Think about all of those with agendas who will have the ear of the actual decision-makers. It makes my skin crawl. He has lied about so many things, been wrong about so many things, and never apologizes, never learns, never attempts to do better. He is no patriot. He is an egomaniac first, last and always.

        His pandering to the coal miners and factory workers borders on criminal. We’re not going back to the days of burning coal for home heating, electric generation, or anything else. Coal is dirty and outdated. It is an energy source of the past, not the future. New factories powered by coal and paying good wages aren’t going to be built. Jobs will continue to be exported, and there will be no import taxes because too many Republicans are too deep into the pockets of too many big businesses. Millionaires and billionaires aren’t going to be forced to import their offshore deposits, either. He’s not going to proceed with trying to jail Hillary, either, despite his pandering to blue collar whites who are threatened by her. He encouraged his adoring crowds when they chanted: “lock her up, lock her up”. Lying Kellyanne can only come up with so many ways to pivot blame to Obama and the Democrats when the bloated orangutan doesn’t deliver on his promises and when things start going south, which they will.

        He doesn’t even understand the basics of governance. He doesn’t understand what a blind trust is, why it is important, how to implement it, and more importantly, he doesn’t care to learn, either. That’s not why he ran. He wants to be driven by limo down the streets of Washington to cheering crowds as the biggest shot there is. He wants the most prestigious job in the world. He wants to be a Lincoln, an FDR, a JFK. It literally sickens me to think of that bloated egomaniac reality TV star and his Slovenian concubine living in the home formerly occupied by Lincoln, FDR. and JFK .

        1. I hear ya. A lot of voters felt the same way about Barack Obama. Egomaniac, toddler-esque rants about Fox news and talk radio being mean to him, adoration tours on all the liberal late night comedy shows and daytime chat shows like Ellen and The View, and fawing NPR and other liberal media interviews. He never did anything but ‘community organize’ before being elevated to the highest office in the land, he panders, he lies, he takes lots of really nice vacations……please….Obama set the bar so low that all Trump has to do is show up.

        2. Oh boy, you don’t like Republicans, and Republican ideas. And Trump is vain. So what??? Which politician isn’t vain? And coal is a fuel of the past? That’s weird. I am not sure that my appliances can distinguish between electricity made by coal, and that made by nuclear methods, or natural gas. That’s about like saying that oil sucks because it is old. Fine, but at least have the decency to start riding your bike to the store, or byu an electric car. Oh wait, maybe the electric car is being charged by a coal fired plant. Best stick to walking.

          In short, I think you just have a bunch of ready-made word salad canards to lay out, and none that make good sense. My goodness, do you have any idea what your JFK idol was doing in the White House? Let’s see, he was “doing” Commie spies, and chicks named Fiddle and Faddle in threesomes. His wife was messing around, too.

          No, I think you just get outraged when it’s a Republican. Because you have bought into the whole Democratic Party narrative.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Maybe your refrigerator doesn’t know the difference between electricity generated by coal versus other means, but your lungs do, and so does the water you drink if it comes from a reservoir. Regardless of what JFK’s “Johnson” was doing, JFK put the country first. We didn’t elect him for his bedroom morals, any more than we did Bill Clinton, but neither of them ran for President because he was an attention whore like Trump. Neither of them lied to blue collar workers promising them a return to the glory days of post-WWII factory and coal mining, either.

          2. Huh, You can specify to your energy company if you want green energy as your source for electricity in many states these days.

    3. Natacha – You are right…..about the “skin-baring black-root bottle blondes on Fox.” But not much else.

    4. Natasha, “The only question in my mind, as the damage mounts up due to the dangerous people he appoints to head various agencies and the damage he does to the economy, our health care system, our tax system and general welfare, is whether the Republicans in Congress will have the testicles and ovaries to set aside partisan politics and vote to impeach him.”

      Where have you been for the past eight years? Obama actually DID what you just described your fears of Trump are!

      1. Tell that to the 20 million who were able to get health insurance as a result of Obamacare.

        1. I was paying for my own health insurance with a plan I liked just fine until it kept going up, and up, and up, to the point I could no longer afford it, so I went into Obamacare subsidy program. I know a lot of other people who did the same. There are some people happy about Obamacare and those are the ones getting it all for free.

        2. “Obamacare is the craziest thing in the world” according to Bill Clinton. Most of the better docs won’t even accept Obamacare patients.

      2. Just one example of the big difference between Trump and Obama and the lie Trump told about his hiring the best people. Look at the Dept of Energy.Obama appointed a Nobel winner in physics, and a prof from MIT. Trump appoints an animal husbandry major from Texas A&M who had a hard time graduating with even a degree to run our nuclear programs. Not to mention the fact Perry wanted to abolish the dept, except he could not remember which one he wanted gone. Our only hope is that Perry is too stupid to find his new office. I think that says it all about Trump and his supporters.

        1. You just exposed your own ignorance. A physics major is not required to run the Dept of Energy. Someone with the experience of managing a large bureaucracy is. Rick Perry managed the economy of the state of Texas (12th largest economy in the world), for over a decade. So he is much more qualified than some egghead from MIT. FFS.

    5. She won the popular vote in California, and as a result, was awarded that state’s 55 electoral votes. Trump won the popular vote in the rest of the country, and as a result, exceeded the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Hillary was aware of the Electoral College system, I’m pretty sure. FFS.

  8. Watching the leftist activists and Democrat party has been surreal and disturbing. If Obama and his policies were so beloved, why didn’t more people rush out to the polls to preserve them? He campaigned his heart out asking them to vote for Hillary to preserve his legacy. And now Hillary is the one who is truly a loser of historic proportions. My guess is that Trump will begin to blur the lines between Republicans and Democrats and make it more about Americans, which will be a welcome change from the identity politics and racial division that Obama stoked. Trump will do his best to cut through bureaucratic ineptitude and is going to make them all look bad (R’s and D’s) by getting so much done. I said in an earlier comment that Assinity is word of the year for Democrats. Schadenfreude is word of the year for Republicans. Results is going to be word of the year for Trump.

  9. The Lady exhausted every blame category in the book.
    Only in America are people urged to break the law
    and usurp the will of the people.
    January 20th can’t come soon enough.
    The Swamp will be cleaned out and the “deplorables”will have
    their voices heard.
    God Bless A merica.

    1. Actually, the “will of the people” was to elect HRC. She won the popular vote by over 2 million.

      1. In California only. Given the state of California, I don’t think that they have the adequate senses to be making decisions for the rest of the country. I think it’s a capital idea for them to leave the union. Their tab has gotten too high and i don’t think we should bail them out.

  10. While I supported the hand recounts (IMHO, it should be automatic if requested in any state where there aren’t wholly hand-counted ballots), it’s counterintuitive and without a rational basis – or, more to the point, JUST PLAIN STUPID – that Electors who cannot in subjective good faith give their electoral votes to the general-election winner are subject to criminal penalties and fines. I have my doubts as to the constitutionality of such criminal laws.

    1. The constitutionality of state pledge laws was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1952 in Ray v. Blair. The court ruled states have the right to require electors to pledge to vote for the candidate whom their party supports, and the right to remove potential electors who refuse to pledge prior to the election. The court has not ruled on the constitutionality of criminal sanctions for faithless voting but civil sanctions like fines are likely constitutional.

    2. Steve – Electors in bound states take an oath to vote for the person who wins the election in their state. Oath breaking deserves a heavy penalty. We do not take it seriously enough now.

  11. I felt a lot of sadness about the whole thing. I wished Faith Spotted Eagle had really won.

    Trump is a scary man but Hillary and her gang are doing real damage to our nation. As they scream about violence and intolerance, they are perpetuating it. As they speak about honoring people’s conscience they practically took a stage hook to the first faithless elector who didn’t vote with the “correct” conscience–meaning for her! They sure fixed that quickly!!

    Now there is a “resistance” movement which appears to have the goal of replacing Trump with Hillary. It’s not exactly resisting fascism to appoint your own fascist ruler. Then there’s the media. They keep denigrating Trump supporters and lying about Russia. Many of Hillary’s followers believe everything they hear on the MSM. They are absolutely vile when they speak about Trump supporters and they really do believe “Russia did it”.

    There is a dangerous hatred being fomented by the govt. of citizen against citizen. I see it everyday. I’ve tried talking to Hillary supporters and facts just don’t matter to them. They are filled with hatred and rage that will not be satiated. I don’t think this is accidental. I think it’s being encouraged by govt./corporate propaganda. As long as people hate other people that badly, we won’t be united to solve our problems, that’s for sure.

    Trump is bad news, just as Hillary would have been. To be effective in stopping the oligarchy’s plans, we need to work together. That’s where our energy should go.

  12. So much fog here. Wikileaks said that the emails were “leaked”, not “hacked”. Russia has no way of leaking, they can only hack. The emails were leaked by someone who had direct access, most likely a staffer. Is this part of enhancing the Russian bogie man image in preparation for war, not or cold?

    Interesting that no one is talking about the thousands (millions?) of voters who were prevented from voting by eliminating them them from the voter rolls. How about the many malfunctioning machines that were placed in predominately Democrat precincts? How about the many provisional ballots that were not counted, in some cases, more than the difference in the totals? How about the many people eliminated from the rolls because someone in another state had a similar, but different name? Did one of them or both of them get scrubbed? What about the machines where the seals were broken?

    I don’t know who really was the choice of the voters, but I do know that the election was dishonest. I’d rather see a good discussion about the problems of the our voting and vote counting than which candidate is more dishonest. I’ll readily agree with those who think Trump is dishonest and those who think Clinton is dishonest.

    1. Bettykath,
      I agree that the whole thing stinks to high heaven, including Clinton and Trump. Something is rotten in Denmark.

    2. Great comment! Interesting that no one is talking about the thousands (millions?) of voters who were prevented from voting by eliminating them them from the voter rolls spot on.

      Nasty candidates, nasty election, nasty aftermath, nasty temper tantrum with potentially very nasty consequences.

      1. Removing those who die and those who move is legitimate. People with different names were identified as the same person and both purged. I did a search on my name and found several people in the state with the same name. Should we all be purged because we simply share a name? Middle initials different? No problem, purge. Sr. vs Jr.? No problem, purge. Names similar but spelled differently? No problem, purge.

  13. Trump can have a ‘faulty perception’ evidenced by his calling Obama “a good man.” Obama is one of the biggest criminals in world history.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says Investigation ‘Concludes’ Obama’s Birth Certificate is Forgery
    Obama is NOT the president, he NEVER was president
    Obama should be arrested. He is a pathological liar and fraud. His history should be stricken.
    9 POINT Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Proof
    Trump lied about Obama’s birth certificate.

  14. When the nomination for the Scalia position comes out I do not want a Harvard or Yalie. I want someone from the midwest or farwest who understands what it is to try a jury trial. None of the Harvard or Yalies (or Stanford guy) has tried a jury trial for a client as criminal defendant. None for a civil rights case. One was a trial judge. We do not need no friggin professor. Hugo Black was a good one. Thurgood Marshall was great.

  15. Hillary lost because she ran a poor campaign. Even protected by a press that she refused to talk to for almost a month, it was a poor campaign. The last campaign that poor was John McCain’s.

      1. You say. “McCain did not run a poor campaign” ? I will go with that but he stunk as a candidate. And i say that as a Republican.

  16. Somehow the MSM isn’t reporting the facts that 4 times more electors abandoned Lady Macbeth. But, the people REALLY not buying the spin are the big fat cat Dem donors who watched her piss away a billion dollars. This narcissistic woman lost to a freshman Senator in 2008 and a Reality TV star in 2016. However, it’s not her fault!!

      1. And they continue to blame Comey and the FBI for swinging the election to Trump. For that last time Democrats…if you didn’t want the FBI involved in the election, you shouldn’t have nominated someone being investigated by the FBI.

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