Pakistani Airline Responds To Deadly Crash By Sacrificing Goat on Airport Tarmac

3b846c8100000578-4047924-image-m-33_1482158625056Faced with widespread safety concerns, most airlines order shake downs, inspections, and enhanced monitoring. Pakistan International Airlines however had an additional safety measure: the sacrifice of a goat to ward off bad luck. The pictures on social media show smiling airline officials as they practice the barbaric superstition. It appears that some airlines have carry on policies while others have carrion policies.

A Pakistan International Airlines turboprop plane slammed into a mountain this month, killing all 47 people on board.

The sacrifice was confirmed by PIA spokesman Danyal Gilani after PIA grounded its 10 remaining ATR planes.

Referencing the Islamic tradition of animal sacrifice, a spokesman simply noted “It was done by some local employees as a gesture of gratitude over the clearance of the first ATR [for flying].”

Of course, most passengers would not be comforted by an airline turning to supervision rather than engineering to guarantee flight safety. Most require a bit more than a “hope and a prayer” for a flight.

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  1. Back in the 90s, I took a PIA flight from Karachi to Islamabad and was surprised when the pilot came on the loudspeaker berfore takeoff and led the passengers in prayer. As a secularly-oriented American, it did not make me feel comfortable at all.

    1. Then stay out of Pakistan. It’s their country and public life and social life is conducted according to certain rubrics they are used to and you are not.

  2. ” turning to supervision rather than engineering ”

    perhaps you meant “turning to superstition…” ?

  3. This is just the ancient practice of animal sacrifice common to Judaism as well as Islam. In a country with a majority Islamic population one can see how this likely supports peace if mind and can be an effective PR move. Out of respect for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion ; seems contradictory and insensitive to not honor such or to characterize as “barbaric”. I’m a JudeoChristian…but still…

  4. Oh, for God’s sake, let’s hope they actually made improvements to their training besides animal sacrifice. I hope they at least ate the poor goat instead of wasting it’s life.

    No, no, it’s all fine now. We still have exactly the same procedures in place, but we killed a goat so everything’s fine now!

  5. Most of your commenters are a dung pile come to life, and you’ve earned ’em

  6. A goat today a nuke tomorrow. They may not know the difference. Or care…as long as it kills the infidel.

    1. mairbair – I would like to think they would ramp up a little slower. Goat, cow, ox, elephant, jeep, etc.

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