They Call The Wind Mariah: Dick Clark Productions Raises Defamation Claim Over Mariah Carey’s Disastrous New Year’s Performance

200px-dick_clark_logo-svgLike many my family watched the Dick Clark New Year’s celebration on Saturday night (we watched CNN in past years but the inexplicable return of the always vulgar Kathy Griffin finally led us elsewhere this year). Instead we caught the disaster surrounding the performance (or lack thereof) of Mariah Carey. Not only did Carey show the world that she is the worst lip sync artist since Milli Vanilli, but she went on a tirade against Dick Clark Productions about technical problems that DCP says did not exist. Now, 2017 is starting with our first alleged defamation (a promising start) from DCP over her comments. DCP made it clear that Mariah is all wind and that it was her not the equipment that was out of whack on New Year’s Eve.

For those of you who missed it (and I will admit it was riveting), Carey seemed out of sorts as she began to sing her hit “Emotions.” She could be heard complaining about the monitors and never sang the song. Instead she told the audience to sing, though some critics noted that her voice sounded pretty bad when she could be heard signing a few lines. After trying to sing a few lines, she said “I’m trying to be a good sport here” and just strutted around the stage. When the song ended she simply said “That was” . . . amazing.” She then began to sing the 2005 hit “We Belong Together.” However, that performance became even more bizarre as she stopped moving her mouth and revealed that she was clearly lip syncing. That became abundantly clear when she put the microphone down and began saying things like “Happy New Year!” while her voice continues to magically play in the background. She ended with a disgruntled comment of “It just don’t get any better” and walked off stage.

Fulfilling every stereotype of a programmed artificial being, Bryan Seacrest then said in a gushing tone in the wake of the disaster, “No matter what Mariah does, the crowd absolutely loves it.” What? (DCP has yet to explain why it views lip syncing to be an appropriate practice at events deemed live performances).

Carey and her manager clearly blamed the production company. Her manager Stella Bulochnikov (who appears only marginally more lucid than Mariah Carey) dashed off a letter to DCP with an irate accusation of negligence. The letter noted that “You know her inner ears were NOT working and your entire production team did not set her up to win . . . AND MARIAH KEPT TELLING THEM [something was wrong] ON STAGE IN REAL TIME. THEY KEPT IGNORING HER. SHE TOOK A HIT HONORING HER COMMITMENT TO YOU. I SHOULD HAVE PULLED HER OFF THE STAGE THIS IS SABOTAGE.” She demanded a formal apology.

The suggestion of technical problems (and the denial of such problems) clearly impune the professional standing of the company and its contractors. There are obviously economic injuries that can be associated with the allegation that the company blew one of the biggest events of the year and then denied responsibility.

Instead, DCP officials put the blame squarely on Mariah and noted the defamatory content of these statements and denying that there was any technical problems. A source said that the problem was that Mariah refused to rehearse or test out the equipment.

Dick Clark Productions says, “In very rare instances there are of course technical errors that can occur with live television, however, our initial investigation has indicated that DCP had no involvement in the challenges associated with Ms. Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance.” DCP people are quoted as calling the statements “defamatory” “outrageous and frankly absurd.” However, DCP added “We want to be clear that we have the utmost respect for Ms. Carey as an artist and acknowledge her tremendous accomplishments in the industry.”

The controversy reminds one of an earlier musical hit:

O no, Mariah blows the stars around
And sends the clouds a-flying
Mariah makes the mountain sounds
Like folks were up there dying
Mariah, They call the wind Mariah

Now before I knew Mariahs name
And heard her wail and whining
I had a girl and she had me
And the sun was always shining
O, but then one day I left my girl
I left her far behind me
And now I’m lost, I’m oh so lost
Not even God can find me

Mariah, O, Mariah, They call the wind Mariah
I hear they got a name for rain
And wind and fire only
But when you’re lost and all alone
There ain’t no words but lonely
And I’m a lost and lonely man
Without a star to guide me
Mariah, blow your love to me
I need my girl beside me
He, Mariah, O, Mariah
I’m lonely can’t you see
Mariah, O, Mariah
Please blow my love to me
Mariah, blow my love to me

Here is the video:

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  1. How did we ever live to see the day that lip syncing would be called a performance?

    I can lip sync to Mariah Carey. And I cost less, for those of you planning parties.

    I won’t wear a dress, though, and definitely not those nude skin tone tights.

  2. For anyone who cares, Kathy Griffin happens to be one of the most talented, original and successful stand-up comediennes today. Pure brilliance. Google one of her live performances. They’re pee in your pants amazing. She’s vulgar the same way that the late, great Joan Rivers was vulgar. Either you get it or you don’t. Obviously, JT, you don’t. Nothing surprising. What’s inexplicable is that anyone–anyone–still wants to see an overweight and bloated Maria Carey, whose expiration date has, long ago, surpassed its limit, teetering around in high heels and resembling a an overstuffed bag of potatoes.

      1. One thing never changes–humorless individuals, despite the passage of time, will never acquire a sense of humor. You are either blessed with one or you are not.

        1. bam bam – my wife does not think I have a sense of humor anymore, but I think she is just not funny. Therein lies the rub. 🙂

        2. Hallelujah!!

          bam bam looked in a mirror!

          Who gives a damn about the issue of Mariah and the troglodytes that infest current media?

          Bombs flying, people dying — but hey — Mariah lip synched, sorta!!

          We have to get serious now, don’t we, can’t have that. After all, what would our illusions think if they were exposed to the more important issues of the day?

          What is the world coming to?

          So nice for the Georgetown Inquirer to bring these important issues to the front and center.

          1. Not every article is related to bombs flying and people losing their lives. Get a grip weirdo.

    1. No way; really?

      I will have to consider this after watching the, “How Get Rich — Quick” infomercial. Strangely, all the actors are white men, and they all have shag haircuts like David Cassidy did in the 1970’s.

      Damn, I need to pay more attention to the Georgetown Inquirer to stay abreast of not only hair styles, but important legal events.

      Thanks for the head’s up!!

    2. Undoubtedly it is – and more so now than when Newton Minow made his famous speech.

      Save for the odd film on TCM, I watch dvd recordings of classic films, and Youtube, where one can find so much that is satisfying.

  3. Valentine’s Day Massacre Feb 14 Rockin ’58.

    Following Royal Teens HOT Hit ‘Short Shorts’, quote Looziana ‘Killa’ Lee Lewis ohn Clark’s debut Saturday Nite Beechnut Show, “Ah ain’t no dummy, gimme ‘Live’ juice!”

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