“They’re Young Adults. And They Make Stupid Decisions”: Bound Man Tortured On Film In Chicago As Assailments Scream “F–k White People” and “F–k Trump” [UPDATED]

chicago-victimTwo men and two women have been arrested after the filming of a young white man being tortured as what appears to be black assailants shout “f–k white people” and “F–k Donald Trump.” While the assailants appear African American as well as the woman filming the disgusting video for Facebook, the police refused to release the race of the arrested individuals or say whether this appears to be a hate crime. There has also been no statement from the Justice Department or agents dispatched to the Chicago to open a duel federal investigation as was the case in racially charged crimes in places like Ferguson, Missouri. The response from the local commander in Chicago is particularly curious. [UPDATE: A second video has surfaced showing the man forced to drink from a toilet.]

Police say that the young man was from the Suburbs and appears mentally ill. His hands appear bound and his mouth taped as the assailants cut and kick him. He cowers in the corner for the 28-minute video. Halfway through, a man says that the victim “represents Trump.”

chicago-victim-2The man’s parents in nearby Streamwood, Illinois said that the victim’s parents had not heard from him since December 31st.

When pressed about the absence of any word on a charge of a hate crime, Area North Detectives Commander Kevin Duffin said the department was considering whether race was a motivation and added “They’re young adults. And they make stupid decisions. That certainly will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime to determine whether this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving.” Young adults “make stupid decisions” to torture an innocent man on film? Is this really like standing up in a car through the sun roof in traffic or hopping freight cars? I do not recall the youth of culprits being factored into other alleged hate crimes. The use of “hate crime” charges remains controversial among some civil libertarians but the greatest concern is whether the charges appear sometimes based on not just legal but political factors.


[Second Update:  the four arrestees will face hate crime and battery charges.  It is not clear whether kidnapping and torture counts will be added later]

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  1. I am in no way criticizing the victim. Mental illness is real, it’s a disease like others.

    Which is why these thugs picked on him; because they thought they could get away with it. I’ve been following this story and I keep reading by some hopefuls that maybe this crime was not premeditated. Yes. Yes it was. Like all bullies, these two didn’t pick their target at random. They knew him. Everything about this crime screams premeditation.

  2. The whole thing in a short sentence is a racist is a racist is a racist by any other name is a racist – including their supporters.. Time to trot out the terrorism laws. End of conversation.

  3. Not to be unduly critical of the parents, bu who looks at any of the above and thinks, “I’m going to drop off my mentally challenged child for a sleepover?” and it’s all going to be OK.

  4. What were the thugs chanting as they tortured the kid? They were chanting lyrics that come from a popular rap song called “F Donald Trump” with hateful violent anti-Trump, anti-white lyrics and cussing throughout which was given positive reviews by MTV and Billboard that both celebrated this song. It’s racist, it’s violent and was celebrated and legitimized by the media. Look how many views (over 14 million) just this one video has had, and this is only one version of it.

    1. Sad thing is that in the song they make Obama their hero and the truth is that he didn’t do a damn thing for any of them.

    2. What do you expect from as sick foreign system of poltiical philsophy which promotes welfare as tool to develop racism, sexism and religious bigotry. And that light weight weigh in by the socialist secular regressive regime who have chosen to continue the same sick policies under the same sick leaders.

      But to support your point how many of them were invited on Air Force One for a night out dining in Paris a la Marie Antoinette with her let them eat ethanol attitude? You are correct. That experiment should be over we can’t afford to futz around any longer with proving, once again, that left wing fascist socialism is a social disease which benefits no one. Not helping blacks. He didn’t help anyone except help himself and how many of them are invited to the costly going away party?

      He did however help the moderate center folks going back to the constitution and turning their backs on this Marxist Leninist secular regressive movement. The faster that part of government gets sent to the employment lines the better. Back to representative democracy at the grass roots and a consitutional republic as the only legal system. .

      I’m listening to an interview about foreign intervention and should remind everyone it was the left that supported the Money Is Free Speech nonsense which when passed and approved by their version of a Supreme Court very carefully left an additional right. The right of foreign entities and governments to use Money As Free Speech to interfere in our political system.

      No wonder Obama didn’t do anything he’s part of the system that made such interference legal. None of the news folks have made the connection yet but in the end IF there was interference it’s the result of making it legal and that law needs to be changed or restricted or over turned completely. think of all the money given to a certain family foundation under Pay and Play. Does it matter the top two culprits were divested at the time? Not with bag lady Huma A toting the cash and arranging the meetings.

      The only way to defeat racism, sexism and bigotry is not condone it in any way shape or form, in any spoken or written words. That includes reverse racism and paid for by George Soros an American in Name Only and the ACLU.that he funds along with moveon.org and BLM.. THAT is what Money as Free Speech brought us.

  5. Squeek, you are back in full force force – glad to see! The kittens not as demanding of your time?

    BTW: I am currently reading a great novel by Lionel Shriver – “The Mandibles: A Family 2029-2047” A wee harsh, insightful and well written IMO. Then again I love dystopian works.

    1. Well, now I only have three kittens. Two of them still love getting bottle fed in addition to their food, so that takes a little time. But they are growing up fast. I guess I will just keep the three of them because nobody else wants the poor little kittens. But we did find good homes for 5 of them. So maybe this is just God’s will for me. Plus, I really enjoy watching them play and scamper around. The other cats are beginning to like them too, except for the ex-feral stray I took in a few years ago. But at least she is no longer freaking out and spray painting graffiti on the walls.

      I am reading When Prophecy Fails, which I think may be one of the most important books I will ever read. It is about cognitive dissonance. So far, it is fascinating.

      If I disappear for a few days, it is because I need to take my laptop to the shop and get it cleaned out and fixed. I am planning that for next week maybe. I should be OK if I just charge up my old laptop. But who knows,

      Squeeky Fromm
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      1. Squeek, I will check out that book. Cognitive dissonance is very powerful – that’s why the HRC cultists are so angry IMO — projecting all this anger on Trump, Bernie, the Russians, etc etc because in their souls they know they know they chose the wrong person, the party has no message/values yet know they are invested.

        Have been fleeing to fiction lately as a respite from the whole damn election saga.

        You ever see that book “why cats paint?” I thought it was a hoot.

        1. No, but I will look it up. My three little lions are out right now. They had their midnight pig fest, and Scamp’s tummy is so pooched that he can barely walk. Pogo is on my shoulder, and Sassy, the adult cat is running madly through the building playing with the kittens. She acts like she is scared of them when they start out after her, and she jumps straight up in the air, and runs away while they chase her. Cooter Brown is over raiding the big cat’s food dish, but my goodness, he ate enough to choke a horse. They will scamper and chase for another 90 minutes or so, and then start crashing, and I will put them back in the play pen, and go to bed myself. Now Scamp is on my shoulder and Pogo is chasing Sassy around. And Cooter has found the stick with the feathers and the jingle bell, and ooooops, Pogo just fell off a piece of furniture. . .

          Oh My, but I guess this is what having kids is like. Sometimes I am sooo tired and want to go to bed early, but they need their exercise and play time. I have a big 6 foot tall cat tree thingy with two separate apartments in it, and plenty of posts, and two little stairs and mice hanging off it, coming tomorrow and that will give them something else to play on.

          Squeeky Fromm
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          1. Biden’s new summer home or a new prison construction for the Bin Laden’s? Perhaps each an office for a network anchor and celebrity actor/actress banished to NBC. I got it!!!! A guard tower built by the Obama Administration for guarding the border. No facilities since they are unmanned in an effort to stimulate the drug trade on the south to north axis through central ‘Arizona. Just some SWAGs and WAGs on one of Obamas last minute executive decisions for using up the last of the current budget for something besides golf and partying. Day 6 with 14 to go or as we learned in the military 13 and a wake up. Ah yes. It’s Obama’s new retirement house. How will he explain that to Michelle Antoinette. Does she care. Word is she’s applied for the job of first lady while Ivanka minds the kids citing eight years of experience. Now some of this is fake news and some true lies Some War stories some sea stories and some fairy tails. But one line is political gospel hmmmm different way of saying the same thing. I should put in for a desk at NBC.

          2. They will love it – and the sissal scratching posts are great. I had a small version of this which Kitty loved and this year bought him a different one. Unfortunately he’s getting too fat (17 lbs!) to reach the top level. Thinking about getting another cat so they can play and he will get more exercise (indoor cat) BUT he is a thug and hates all other animals so it could be dicey

          3. I don’t mean to bum you out, but my dog Becky loved to chase and catch balls. My other dog Romeo just liked chasing his girlfriend. I didn’t realize this until after she died. Then I’d throw balls for him until my arm wore out and he’d look at me like I was stupid. It turned out he wasn’t into the ball chasing thing. And I could have sworn he was.

            I sincerely hope the play house is a big hit with your cats.

  6. Those interested in justice, actual justice not vengeance, might care to start with Aristole’s Nicodemian Ethics. There is quite a bit which has been written since.

    But I doubt it will cause those bent upon vengeance to consider alternatives, even from about 2300 years ago.

    1. He’s not alone.

      I have never understood why it’s supposedly racist to say “Some of my best friends are black.”

      Because, some of my best friends ARE black. Some of the most despicable, indecent human beings I’ve ever met were black. The video out of Chicago being a case in point. But, same goes for whites. And vice versa. When I was going through AOCS one of the DIs was black. He wasn’t my class DI, but I still learned from him. I had black petty officers who worked for me who were stellar. I worked for black Captains (I was intel; it’s rare that any Naval intelligence officer makes Admiral) who were stellar.

      One more time.


      “U.S.S. Sea Cloud, IX-99,
      Racial Integration for Naval Efficiency”

      Diversity is not our strength. Our strength produces our diversity. Our freedom is our strength. As long as people all over the world can come here, and compete, we’ll be the better country.

  7. The perpetrators are entitled to a fair trial which is the ultimate determination for them.

    I am just speaking as a fellow citizen. I find what I see here abhorrent. I also find comments by others dismissing this cruelty abhorrent.

    For a CNN anchor to say this isn’t evil behavior is sadly perfectly normal. They don’t think it’s evil when this govt. tortures people so why would they care about torture of another person in this case? Still it shows how depraved and indifferent to suffering the CNN anchor and others here commenting have become to the cruelty inflicted by some people on other people.

    We must pull out of this depraved indifference to human life and suffering. If you don’t like the govt. then don’t be like it. This is one of the most violent, cruel govts. in the world. The way to make things better is to think and act with justice and compassion towards others. That’s the response this govt. never expects from citizens. Cruelty and violence? That they can deal with that. I hope people will quit justifying cruel behavior whenever it occurs.

    1. Jill, did you watch the video? It’s true that the anchor was at best gauche in his personal assessment of bad parenting being the more appropriate qualifier of this crime, but he was hardly indifferent to the behavior of these thugs and definitely not saying their crime doesn’t deserve punishment. He also encouraged his guests to express stronger points of view and made sure they got time to do so.

      The general opinion was that this was a heinous crime, evil, deserving of punishment, no matter what the color of the perpetrators. Three of the four guests agreed with hate crime as an appropriate qualifier and the fourth agreed it was nasty and deserving of punishment, but felt that context was important.

      In other words, this was a nuanced discussion expressing different shades of view (points of view would be too strong a term), but unanimous in considering it a serious crime.

      I somewhat object to terms such as “evil” being required as a necessary means test that all must acquiesce to and kiss the finger of in order to avoid being labelled as a member of the depraved indifference club or a Democrat out to label all Republicans as monsters. As to Democrats being the root of all evil, I agree except I think there are two roots and Democrats just aren’t big enough or smart enough to occupy both.

      1. My last sentence, btw, is directed at the tenor of this particular comment section/thread.

      2. I should also back up a little about nuanced discussion and say this was what CNN might consider a nuanced discussion. I am no fan of CNN, and this particular discussion could easily have been deeper and more probing of the hypocrisies that some on this thread are justifiably – if perhaps a tad ardently – complaining about.

        1. if perhaps a tad ardently -> if perhaps with a tad too ardently broad a brush – complaining about.

    1. That crap might work if somebody TeePees your house, or steals your bicycle, but if a thug shoots and kills somebody in a robbery, the victim is dead, and can not participate in the mediation. You are letting yourself be controlled by emotions, not good sense.

      The old Vikings and Anglo-Saxons had a form of restorative justice, too, for people who were killed. It was called the wergild. But apparently the practice did not work very well, so exceptions began to be made for murder. The murderer was simply executed.

      Now, in all your wisdom, you seek a return to a system that failed way back a thousand years ago. Go figure.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Squeeky, try reading first and pontificating later.

        You are wrong once more.

        1. I did read it. It was just blah blah blah bullsh!t. Have you ever actually dealt with a real, live bad criminal? Bullsh!t isn’t going to fix them. Intensive psychotherapy isn’t going to fix most of them. They do bad things knowingly, and with full acceptance that it is a bad thing. They just don’t give a sh!t. Yes, prison makes them worse. Which is why I believe in large scale executions.

          Quit falling for the latest liberal word salad theories, and maybe go to work in criminal law somewhere, as a cop, or a lawyer, or a corrections officer, and get you some first hand, real-life experience with these losers. You think you are going to get them to make amends, and become good people? Fat chance with most of them. They are miserable, horrible people, and they think that they are the smartest things on two legs, and that they can “game” the system. Mediation and talking isn’t going to fix that for the large majority of these people.

          Because while you are trying to put good and happy thoughts into their heads, they are hanging around a bunch of criminals and ex-cons who are busily reinforcing the bad and unhappy thoughts. Maybe, if we started executing criminals in large numbers, and significantly reduce the criminal and ex-con class, we might have more luck with a few of the others.

          But frankly, you are just of full of it, if you think this restorative crap is going to work.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Having worked putting criminals in prison, and having worked in a Federal maximum security prison, Squeek is correct. I would amend her assessment in saying there are some criminals that turn into decent citizens. They are a distinct minority and usually it’s via religion, not some do gooder program.

            1. Amen! I wish some of these idiots actually had to deal with some of the criminal types on a day to day basis. Nothing good is going to come out of turning large numbers of them loose on society, There are a few criminals who will grow out of their habits as they age, or like you said find religion for real, or even just realize how much they have given up by going to live in a cage with really bad people. But by and large, if the whole lot of them fell off the face of the Earth it would be a good thing.

              That being said, I do think that prison is unnecessarily bad for them in some circumstances. They ought to be able to talk to their relatives without it costing $5.00+ a pop, and they should be treated better, have more physical space, and their physical safety should be of paramount concern to the wardens. If I was King, I would mandate immediate extra-judicial execution for any prisoner carrying a shiv, any prisoner who rapes another prisoner, or who kills another inmate except in self-defense. I would also institute immediate execution for any prisoner caught with illegal drugs. After about the first 10 executions (or less) in each prison, I think a new spirit of friendliness and cooperation would take hold among the inmates, and you might actually be able to focus on educating them, teaching them a trade, and helping them mend their evil ways.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

          2. Squeak are you talking about prisons or the Obama administration?

            /signed/ laughingly confused

        2. Is she? I like the fly swatter theory of capital punishment. Here goes. Society decides and society wins or loses but in our society it’s self government not a bunch of looneytoon bureaucrats. In a more perfect world soceity decided capital punishment was the way to go for flys that bother picnics. Consequently no one bothers with a bunch of BS just SWAT!!!! and theproblem ceases.

          Of course that does not change fly DNA so there will be more to SWAT. It does not answer to recidivism and for sure proves that revenge motive is also wrong. It proves flies are unable to learn and cannot follow Plato, Kant, Engels into the mystic world. Just SWAT and their dead.

          On the other hand that one fly that got the SWAT will absolutely undenaibly for certain sure bother your picnic again.

          To lessen the work load one can do a little Black Flagging or H24 application or one of those plug in electorcution devices.

          By the way. WHAT was the name and family name of the last fly that bothered your picnic?

          If humans were treated like flys though there might be a chance at re-training and assimilating into society again, it would not rely on a revenge motive, lessen the cost of incarceration and etc etc etc.

          To what length would this sort of punishment be allowed? That’s up to society. The only valid is what to do with the squeamish? Are they not accessories to or supportes of this form of terrorism? Hmmmmm SWAT! Doesn’t change the flys but then they aren’t humans. Of course the kind that bother miy picnic aren’t either. Especially those that aid and abet and turn flies loose after they have been convicted under the present system. Well for all the sociologists and psychologists with their pseudo science, if you are sitting on a parole board think on what you are about to do. I have a swatter in just your size.

          Emjoy your picnic.

    2. Squeeky failed to read the Wikipedia article with comprehension, Paul. You would know if you read it yourself.

      In particular, the outcome of the Battle of Hastings changed the form of justice in England. Squeeky missed that, being too caught up with retribution.

      1. I read it. I got it. Still, the wergild didn’t work, sooo it was replaced by executions. The wergild still wouldn’t work today. Assume Dequarius of the Hood shoots Pooky of the Hood over a $20 dollar IOU. What is Pooky’s life worth? Because all Dequarius has is a pair of nikes, two jogging suits, three changes of undies, and a gun. If he can’t pay Pooky’s family say a modest amount of $25,000, then what happens to Dequarius? I’ll tell you what happens. Pooky’s cousin Ray-Ray pops a cap into Dequarius, and Dequarius’s brother for good measure. Now, all Ray-Ray has is a pair of nikes, two jogging suits, three changes of undies, and a gun. Sooo, he can’t pay for his two victims, the modest sum of $50,000.

        Sooo, Dequarius’s 2nd cousin, Deshontay, pops a cap. . . etc.etc.etc. Because the whole point of making restitution is making restitution, and if the perp and his family don’t have anything, then restitution isn’t going to get made, and what happens when the wergild isn’t paid? Just like in the olden days, it’s open season between the families.

        Plus, in those days, the value was set by the social class of the victim. So that a serf’s life was worth less than a lord. Just think! Your boss might save money by just killing you as opposed to firing you and paying your severance and benefits package, and defending any discrimination lawsuit you might file.

        And that is just one example of how stupid restorative justice is. Like I said, it might work for a stolen bike, or toilet paper hanging off the tree, but for real crime, it is just a bunch of bullsh!t. Which, you stepped in.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      2. “You’ll get your kicks in ten sixty six at the Battle of Hastings hop, hop, hoppity hop.” A true student of modern history will be able to place where and when that line etc. It also means you are probably over sixty and had a real life without feudal television to guide every waking moment.

        There was little change in the forms of government as the Norman Conquerors took over but kept nost of the Anglo-Saxons existing systems. The principle changes were (not all inclusive)…

        Duke William became King William and required a swearing of allegiance. introducting a more triangular form of government There were a form of traveling courts representing the King as centralized feudal justice usurped the customary jurisdiction of the local area so if anything the change was a form of nationalization with a common language required in the Kings Court. and obedience to the Kings laws etc etc etc.

        .The first para refers to a skit performed by Red Skelton as the cast and guests did a chorus line review to the song. Sometimes a little lighen up is a good thing and Red Skelton was one of the best in the day of real comedians and real comedy that did not require laugh tracks nor feaure rolled up sleeves, cigarettes and four letter words. Second City Television delayed the inevitable

    3. They can make amends for the harm by sitting in prison for a while (and standing still while their backside is whacked with a rattan cane).

  8. I sense a great deal of outrage within us all. Shouldn’t we be rioting in a city or looting a mall, where is “White Lives Matter”? I could use a new Brooks Brothers suit saw a nice one at the mall the other day.
    Being civilized and obedient to law can suck sometimes.

      1. Malls are where people go to waste time and money buying items for triple price of elsewhere and texting to someone sitting next to them. A third reason is telling your parents I’m going to meet my friends at the mall is a more sellable lie than saying meet them at a bar.

  9. “An eye for an eye” went out a long time ago.

    I’d like to see more restorative justice and less retributative justice.

    1. I would like to see more hangings. The reluctance to send career criminals to the gallows, or guillotine, has resulted in mass incarcerations and less overall civilization. There are neighborhoods, mostly black, where it is not safe to live. For example, Chiraq. The very notion that not executing criminals is a more civilized approach, is silly, and simply hasn’t worked. Duterte Harry, of the Philippines, has figured this out, and is disposing of the drug element the old-fashioned way—by killing them, and life is improving there. Approximately 600,000 druggies have surrendered to the police, and indicated that they desire to make a career change.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. Agree about an eye for an eye. One always hopes, and is often disappointed, that evolution takes place in more than the genes.

      Note that the article in the Update (not the video) claims that charges are forth coming, so at least part of the premise of this article may no longer be relevant.

      Police said two men and two women were in custody, and criminal charges were expected. Authorities said the suspects might be charged with kidnapping and/or a hate crime. -Second Video (follow Update link)

    3. It sure did and so should the death penalty. Glad I live in a no death penalty state.

  10. It is irrelevant as to what the formal charges against these beasts actually are or are not–they will skate. We all know that. How about a little honesty? It’s a foregone conclusion. Maybe a few hours of community service, a short-term probationary period. That’s it. They will never be truly held to account for this savage and despicable crime in any significant way and we, instead, will be berated and admonished for being audacious enough to dare to believe that justice demands that these brutes be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Those imbeciles, commenting here, who condone such savagery, in various forms, need only have a simple thing occur to get a dose of reality–have a loved one be kidnapped and tortured as was this young man. Simple test. Or, maybe, find themselves, personally, to be victims of such an inhumane act. That would open their eyes in a very profound manner. Gone would be the unending excuses for these barbarians. Unfortunately, some need to actually experience such pain, personally, to comprehend the gravity of such actions and the societal need and requirement for retribution and punishment.

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