donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedAs I discussed in my column yesterday, I stayed at home today to watch the inauguration with my kids and to celebrate America’s 71st time that a democratically elected president has taken the oath of office (and our 58th formal inauguration). While my brother and family from Chicago went to the Mall to protest, we raised a toast to the country and the new president for the future. On this day, we celebrate a constitutional system that has weathered wars, depression, social unrest and every type of national crisis. Yet, it (and we) remain. There are many constitutions that are more poetic in language or detailed in powers, but none has the record of this amazing document. It is the common article of faith of a free people and today’s ceremony represented our commitment to a nation governed by a free people.

I was on the mall last night to do interviews and it was a rather surreal experience with streets cut off and massive tents on the Mall. I watched the fireworks from the media tent between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. In a foreshadowing of today, there was a protest at the Trump Hotel where pepper spray was used by police. Over all, it was quiet however and, away from the White House, the streets like Constitution were largely abandoned late at night. Since my car could not get anywhere near the Mall (a change from prior inaugurations), I ended up walking a couple miles to find the car sent by the studio. It was actually very interesting to walk through the streets the night before. There was a sense of something immense about to happen.

I tend to be a stickler for tradition and, for that reason, I was very disappointed to see Nancy Pelosi sporting a button to protect health care. Politicians are expected to put politics aside and appear in a unified nonpartisan front. She was right to appear and not yield to the impulse of over 50 Democratic members to boycott the Inauguration. However, she snatched pettiness out of the jaws of dignity by wearing a political button.  I share the concern over health care but there is a time and place for advocacy.  I noticed that in the executive order signing shortly after the Inauguration, Pelosi was no longer wearing a button.

I had the same reaction to those people in the crowd chanting “Lock Her Up” when Hillary Clinton came out. It was a remarkably classless act and trashed our tradition of coming together as a nation.


  1. A public interest law professor is an enemy of the people… how American of him.

    You toasted… Please stay on the animal farm!

  2. Oh Joy! The asylum staff have let the knucklehead Nazi use the dayroom computer again.

  3. Trump leads congressional luncheon in standing ovation for Hillary Clinton While the rest of us might get cut to the bone in Trump’s dystopian hell hole, the rich will nearly always take care of their own.

  4. Protesters – knowing that it will not make one bit of difference = results of the pathetic educational system resulting in ignorant and illiterate minions that have nothing better to do. America’s society is truly in the trash bin.

  5. Second verse is different from the first.

    On Day Two he don’t look so blue. Its…
    New Guy!
    The sun is up and I see a truck its…
    New Guy.

    They’re moving chairs and moving stairs..
    I see the guys in underwear.
    The White House is a brand new place for…
    New Guy!

      1. Only gold plated; a cheaper imitation for flash; a poor man’s idea of a rich man’s house.

  6. (music- to the tune of My Guy)
    Nothin you can say can tear me away from New Guy.
    New Guy!
    His stern face can take the place of last guy.
    Last Guy.

    He may be a movie star. But when it comes to being happy….
    We ARE!

    1. From c.5 mins: “What reportedly saved the race from extinction (by mass killer WASPS/WhiteAngloSaxonProtestants) was their use as slave labor. Highly prized slaves were Indian girls as young as THREE…fulfilling double roles of labor AND of LUST!”

      1. willistina556 – you have a cite for those claims? Are you aware of what the Iroquios did to the Mohicans? Or the history of the Caribs? Any number of Indian tribes who captured and enslaved women from other tribes and whites.

        1. Peanuts Paul Shulz?

          Local tribes little killings, and much peace-piping has occurred Worldwide since WAY before lil bros Caine & Abel.

          But, have U ANY idea of the S-H-E-E-R GLOBAL S-C-A-L-E of so called ‘Christian FREE Democracy’ mass killer WASPS/WhiteAngloSaxonProtestants mass killing MULTI MILLIONS. Including MILLIONS of innocent kids over 4 Centuries on FIVE CONTINENTS where mass killer WASPS don’t belong?

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          1. willistina556 – with the body counts you are touting, they are killing a lot of WASPS, so you are defeating your own point.

        2. Hey, Peanuts?

          Here’s where it all started- in the 1640s.

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          1. willistina556 – being half-Irish, I am well aware of the brutal treatment of the Irish by the British. BTW, it goes back much further than 1640. Still, you have left out the Mongels, Vikings, Saracens, etc.

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                1. Rephrase scared Schulte, “Sadly, I place much value on biased mainstream media blocking facts found by highly respected unbiased researchers blocked by biased mainstream media. Yet widely read by serious scholars also blocked by biased mainstream media.”

                  Now check Harvard’s highly respected veteran Chomsky (also respecting Curtis, Blum, Pilger and many more mainstream muted) or is the revered scholar Chomsky rightly trashing WASP hegemony, also off scared Schulte’s little list?


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  7. Trump needs to prosecute all the US War Criminals.

    The Local and National Media are Zionist Liars.
    According to U.S. and International Law all the U.S. / Israeli invasions are Wars of Aggression, War Crimes.
    These are the same crimes the Nazis committed.
    Millions have been murdered & maimed due to these invasions.
    Washington, DC = Nazi Berlin
    Anyone who supports the Republicans, Democrats, Israel & the Mainstream Media are accomplices to murder and have blood on their hands. They are Zionist Nazi Terrorists.
    Congress, Justice Department, FBI & Court System are corrupt cowards else they would have indicted the Bush / Obama administrations & Israel for 9/11 and War Crimes years ago.

    1. U tell ’em PatriotMusicMan!

      We’ll mebbe believe their 4 centuries of mass killer WASP/WhiteAngloSaxonProtestant B.S. –
      when a NATIVE American Squaw is U.S. Prez!!

      Don’t hold yer breath…meanwhile quote NATIVE Americans, “We’ve been fighting terrorists since 1492!”;_ylt=A0LEVjU0HINYxsEAzA8PxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–?p=Squaw&fr=yhs-iba-1&hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-1

  8. Trump and his administration are Covering up the Truth of illegal US / Israeli Wars, illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine and that Israel did 9/11.

    Shame on Trump! Trump is showing his true colors in his being pro-Israel as Israel murders Palestinians and steals their land for 70 years.

    Trump has chosen some un-prosecuted Supreme War Criminals for his cabinet. They voted to attack Iraq and are also guilty of every War Crime that has happened there since.

    Trump needs to start by prosecuting these two for innumerable US / International Crimes
    One Supreme War Criminal honors another Supreme War Criminal.
    2 Mass Murderers guilty of Supreme International Crime.
    Presidential Medal of Freedom Replicates Nobel Hypocrisy
    by Stephen Lendman

    1. That right there, You could give me the Silver Star (cough, cough, President Johnson) and I wouldn’t wear it.

      1. Steve57 – not sure about this, but doesn’t your unit leader have to recommend you for a medal and it goes up the chain of command?

  9. After watching the inauguration, the speech, and the rest of the day’s coverage, I realize that I have never lived in Trump’s America and I never will. I guess it’s a combination of environment, genes, the values my parents taught me, the exercise of my free will and damn good luck. I’m grateful.

      1. The US. No doubt that I am far more sane than Mr. Trump. I send him lovingkindness often.

          1. Heavens, you are concrete. It was a metaphor. I’m an American citizen and have always been.

    1. Good post…. I refuse to live in Trump’s dystopian hell hole. Reagan gave us “Morning in America” and Trump throws out this dark sh.. . Let’s go protest.

      1. Matthew Dowd Verified account

        At Union Station in DC and watching so many young woman about to march. Regardless of your views, good to see patriotism and action. Bravo.

        1. Yeah, it had the jackbooted kind of patriotism feel to it when the great mass of “the good ladies of the rich suburbs” excluded women from the march who didn’t agree with them and their pro-choice positions. Quite the “big tenters.”

  10. Many Democrats need either new and expansive leadership within the Dem Party, or, a new party or the leader of an old party who has some new ideas that are somewhat in between both parties.

    Maybe over time the Dems will switch over to the Party of New Guy. I for one, am open to it. He was not offensive, in my view, today. At the same time, some Republicans may leave the Party and seek out another Reagan or Bushie. No one in the Republican Party today is of the mindset of The Party of Lincoln. They all went South with Lee Atwater and The Southern Strategy.

    New Guy is different from anyone in the past. New Guy is our Commander in Chief. He is trying to lead us into greener pastures.

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