Illegal Immigrant Sues San Francisco Police For Assisting Federal Officials In His Prosecution

Seal_of_San_FranciscoThere is an interesting case out of San Francisco where an illegal immigrant from El Salvador is suing San Francisco after police turned him over to United States Immigration authorities. Pedro Figueroa Zarceno, 32, alleges that the police violated the law by helping the federal authorities in the enforcement of the law. He relies on the controversial municipal law barring municipal employees from cooperating with federal immigration authorities seeking to deport a person.

The civil lawsuit details how Figueroa reported his stolen car to police in November 2015. When the car was found and he came to collect it, he was arrested and handed over to the federal authorities. Local authorities have criticized the action. However, this case could be a foreshadowing of the conflicts ahead as the Trump Administration fulfills its pledge to crackdown on illegal immigration and various cities pledge to obstruct such efforts — or at least refuse to assist in such enforcement.

In this case, police ran a routine background check on Figueroa and found that he had an outstanding warrant for his deportation from more than 10 years earlier. He had failed to appear at an immigration hearing in San Antonio in December 2005. He also failed to appeared on a 2012 conviction for drunken driving. I remain skeptical about the claim in this case — and both the standing and merits of a claim based on an injury from the enforcement of the law.

What do you think?


Here is the complaint: Figueroa Complaint

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    This is right up there with discovering that an advocate for legalizing pot is, SHOCKA! a stoner.

    “…In her appeal, Uruchi asked prosecutors to show discretion in her case, essentially weighing her community activism and otherwise clean record against the danger of her committing another offense.

    Under Obama administration guidelines, however, immigrants convicted of DUIs are a priority for deportation. Her appeal was denied.

    “They focused on one thing, that she got that DUI, and it was like they forgot about everything on the other side of the scale,” said Enid Gonzalez, Uruchi’s immigration attorney…”

    In what universe is this a sane argument? The immigration attorney wanted the court to grant leniency to a lawbreaker because of her advocacy for lawbreakers and lawbreaking.

    In a sane universe shouldn’t being an advocate for illegal immigration count against you?

    “Don’t deport me, your honor, for driving drunk because I’ve done such good work pleading that all those other laws need to be broken.”

    As an aside this is a refreshing story as she’s a Spanish citizen. Not a citizen of any Central or South American country. I don’t know the details of her case, but there are a lot of people who get here legally and then overstay their visa. I always hate how the debate is framed, as if I only care about illegal immigration because I have something against “brown people.” I have just as much a problem with Europeans coming here illegally as I do Africans or Asians or Hispanics.

    There’s several other kinds of wrong with this story, but that will do for now.

  3. I remember back in the 80s watching the Teamsters I worked with cheer as INS raided the furniture factory next to our business. They handcuffed and carted off the illegal workers, working for a pittance that was driving down wages. Today, the Teamsters protect and champion illegal workers. What rabbit hole did I fall down?

    1. Emanuelle Goldstein – well, at least the Teamsters are helping the unemployment rates by hiring minimum wage workers to stand in the strike lines for the workers.

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