Did The Trump Team Really Want Tanks And Missile Launchers On Parade Before The White House?

2015_moscow_victory_day_parade_-_01donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedAfter toasting President Trump and his Administration the best for a successful term of office, it did not take long to find my first criticism (about the same time as his predecessor). I was appalled to hear after the Inauguration that the Trump team wanted to have tanks and missile launchers added to the Inaugural parade like some homage to the North Korean “Dear One.” As someone who is an admitted die-hard traditionalist, I was truly shocked by the effort. I was in utter disbelief that the Trump team would want such an image — and a departure from our long-standing tradition. I still hope that this report is false because it would show a stunning lack of perspective and judgment. However, I have not been able to determine if the story is true. It appears based on one source and one site has pulled back from the initial story which appeared on Huffington Post and MSNBC. If this is a fake news story, I would like to see that confirmed and the culprits revealed. Either it is a shocking lack of judgment on the part of the Trump team in proposing the military display or the media in spreading this story. It is news either way. If false, I would have to hear soon from the Trump Administration. One learns in Washington that you have to stomp out false stories within the first 48 hour news cycle. We are past the cycle without a clear response from the Administration.

The Hill and other sites is reporting that the team proposed the tanks and missile launchers to the shock of military officials. First and foremost, the Trump people did not seem to consider what an over 100,000 pound tank would do the roads in the Capital. Second, the military is proud of the tradition of civilian leadership and the professionalism of their force. They tend to resist being put on show by politicians, even the president.

Flyovers have been long-established by tradition. It is just the image of a type of parade before Lenin’s tomb that would have rested badly with many of us.

Trump’s own comments seemed to reinforce the story when before the Inauguration he said “Being a great president has to do with a lot of things, but one of them is being a great cheerleader for the country. And we’re going to show the people as we build up our military, we’re going to display our military.”

That does not necessarily mean that he wanted to include a Soviet-like display at the Inauguration and I sincerely hope that he (and his team) did not want such a display. We are all proud of our military but I am most proud of its history of adherence to civilian leadership and its professionalism. This is not the image that they want and it is not the image that most Americans want of our military. However, as my kids constantly tease me about, I am a sucker for military marching bands and formations. I love to watch our soldiers and sailors in formation and to hear their amazing bands. The objection is only to parading of massive weaponry which has long been a signature of our enemies from the Soviet Union to China to North Korea to Iran.

Obviously there are more important policy issues to discuss but I would be curious as to whether this story is true and that such a request was actually made to the military and refused, as reported by Huffington Post.

What do you think?

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  1. Good! I’m glad to see someone cares about our military. It’s the weak bleeding heart liberals that will allow our country to get taken over by places like North Korea. Display our military might and let’s be proud to be America again. Unless you want to do another “apology” tour

  2. Why not. Both the Russians & Chinese do this (not to even mention the North Koreans.) Not good for the pavement and all those obstructions in front of the White House, hu cares (and Hu ain’t talking.)

  3. JT has some Commies staying @ his house. He threw them a bone so they don’t steal his good China.

  4. So with all the talk about fake news, you write a post about news that you admit you can’t confirm.

  5. What kind of story is this??? Might as well have run:

    Is John Podesta Really A Child Molester???

    And then in the body of the PizzaGate article, include a statement to the effect of “I don’t know if this story is true or not, but if it is, then I am really against molesting children! What do you think?”

    I am truly wondering if JT even wrote this, or if it was one of his SJW students.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. A long standing tradition of what? I see one of never ending wars with huge body counts of of our own soldier citizens who then are spit on by those who send them out to die for nothing. I’m sorry if the Pussy Party is all upset. Not. It sent a very strong message it’s NOT business as usual with the RINOs caving to the DINOs and the DINOS caving to the world.

    No MORE Cannon fodder and while I’m at it to support brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces No More Baby Factories.

    The clones of the left don’t have an opinion they regurgitate on cue and on command. I shouldn’t waste time they are not cognizant of themselves as human beings much less of the world around them.

    Pity for them lasts one or two seconds. Contempt is forever.

    1. ‘Too much for the new President.’ You have not been paying attention. This is nothing. At least if we all die we will die laughing. Laughing or crying, it’s the same release.

      1. AW issac your a Canadian from BC, tell me is it true that the ducks fly upside down over BC because there’s nothing to crap on?

  7. If you don’t know the facts don’t publish the rumor! Ask your friends at the women’s March if they wouldn’t like to march in solidarity with the women of Iran. Make it mean something instead of just gross stupidity.

    1. Obviously? If he were a very busy man he wouldn’t have or take time to publish unverified claims on his blog.

    2. CSA:

      In the early days of the blawg, JT would engage rather frequently. That has changed over the years to an occasional drop-in. He does read some commenters.

      1. Well good. But I am not interested in posting for or hearing from the trolls who regularly haunt these comment sections, so I’ll leave it to them. Keep on keepin’ on. They’re mostly good.

  8. One can only hope and pray that Trump realizes that the Hitleresque speech he gave yesterday was a flop and he presses the restart button.

  9. The greater question here is where does the funding
    come from which allows those 20 year old anarchists
    to destroy both public and private property.

    1. The media has yet to refer to any of those now calling themselves “the Resistance” as the “far left” or the “radical left” or “radical extremists” that are taking over the Democrat party. But they seem to have no problem calling Trump supporters the “alt-right”, or “fringe-right” or “extremists.”

      1. There is a difference, actually his supporter Richard Spencer is the one responsible for coining that silly term “alt right”, and it appears as if many(if not most) of his supporters blindly, and willfully jumped on board, enjoying this latest term.

        And everyone knows what alt right really stands for. It’s simply one of the most recent attempts of revolving door style of re-branding something that used to be known as White Nationalism. Today’s White Nationalism is yesterday’s “White Pride” in a 3-piece suit. Spencer figured using a vague term like “alt right” would make the WN Movement more palatable for the masses.

  10. All these rumors and fake news caused 217 people to be arrested on inauguration day for their violent protests. That is the real news. Public education has failed to teach objective journalism values and critical thinking skills to students.

    1. The US was at war (cold) with the USSR at the time. America was on a war footing against the USSR and China. WW2 was only a generation in the past. President Kennedy fought in WW2. Missiles, at the time, meant something and spoke to the concerns of the people.

      Today, and for the past generation, the US is the undisputed military leader of the world. There is no war against any other nation that would merit parading missiles or other military hardware. Having a parade without missiles and tanks, a la a time out of which we have successfully evolved, is the appropriate statement. An analogy would be the architectural differences between banks before technology when the cash was easily robbed and banks today when it is next to impossible to rob the cash. Then the banks were designed like fortresses. Today banks are designed of glass and open space.

      The mindlessness of comparing apples with oranges is illustrative of those that voted for DDT.

      1. blah blah blah blah
        excuses excuses

        Btw we ARE actually at war right now in several countries so stfu

      2. Obama just got done dropping over 80 bombs on a foreign country the morning Trump was sworn in.
        What planet are you living on?

        1. “Obama just got done dropping over 80 bombs on a foreign country the morning Trump was sworn in.”
          Obama needed to make one last push to seal his legacy of being a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

    2. But it’s OK he was dumocrat they can do anything they want to do. Maybe JT should have found this before you?

    3. Anon…..-JFK also came the closest to LAUNCHING nukes (in 1962).
      18 months after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
      The Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missle Crisis were not unrelated events.

  11. The reaction to Trump is worse than Trump. This rather proves it. The velocity of rumor these days indicates instability and at the same time domination by digital authoritarianism. JFK had missles at his inauguaral parade.

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