Anti-Trump Advocate Removed From Airliner After Berating Trump Supporter

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-10-00-20-pmWe recently discussed a Trump supporter who caused a ruckus on a plane after raving about making America great again.  Now we appear to have found the perfect seat mate for him on the flight from hell.  An Anti-Trump advocate unleashed on Scott Koteskey for his support for Trump on a flight and was forced off the aircraft as captured in the video below.

The woman in the video admits that she is upset that the young man said that he came to Washington to celebrate the inauguration.  He said that she asked him if he was “here to cheer or protest.” Koteskey replied he was merely in town to “celebrate democracy.” He says that she immediately began to abuse him verbally.

The woman demanded that she not be seated next to the Trump supporter and continued to berate the man with statements like “You pretend you have the moral high ground but you put that man’s finger on the nuclear button.”  She added “That man doesn’t believe in climate change. Do you believe in gravity? Did you know gravity is just a theory?”  She is also quoted as saying “And I’m entitled to get drunk and puke in your lap! I’m going to throw up right in your lap! You make me sick! Don’t talk to me! Don’t look at me! Don’t you dare even put your arm on that rest. You disgust me! You should be ashamed of yourself! You put a maniac’s finger on the button” (assuming she means nukes). You are a bigot. You should get off this plane!”

Other passengers supported the young man and cheered when the woman was finally escorted off the plane with her husband.

It is a scene that captures the concern I raised earlier of the level of hate and blind rage revealed this week in America’s War of the Roses.

I suggest booking a flight for the Trump supporter and anti-Trump activists in these two stories and requiring them to fly to Asia together on a 14 hour flight.

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  1. Jonathon, I dont think your recommendation was fair to the gentleman she was berating. He seemed to be patient and remarkably forbearing, only perhaps surpassed by the poor husband of the shrew. I dont see how he did a thing to deserve 14 hours of hell.

  2. TSA should be tasked with the responsibility of pre-boarding screening for nuts like this. If you want to get on a plane, you should have a certain minimal level of sanity. I’m sorry. I know we all have the right to travel. Maybe, as an accommodation, people excluded could be given free food and lodging until there was enough of them to fill up a plane. Then, take them wherever they want to go.

    I’m the guy who will volunteer to sit next to the screaming baby on a five hour flight, but crazy people are another matter altogether. At least the baby has a rational reason to yell.

    1. People whose name is on the “no fly” list have no right to fly.

      I’m shocked my search just now for this nut case woman’s name was negative.

      I want a video crew parked IFO her house, with a sweet looking, short haired (Progressive requirement) young, sexy female reporter, pleading with her, “X (clearly say her first name) America needs to hear YOUR side of the story! X (again, clearly say her name) please, please tell us YOUR side of this ONE-SIDED story! Please, X!”

      She can’t resist biting THAT apple!

      If she’s not already on the “no fly” list (she should be of course), she sure shall be after THAT interview! The reporter’s sole job is to fan the flames of her disgust, agree with all her outrage of the election results. Get her to stuff both feet in her mouth so far they come out the other end.

      1. With TSA, you’re on your own. I would tell you how to make a decent baton out of a few quarters, some rubber bands, and the kind of magazine with a spine. But I’d probably get arrested.

    2. Aww come on. She looks like someone’s Grandma—–until she threatens to vomit on them!!!!

  3. “I suggest booking a flight for the Trump supporter and anti-Trump supporter of these two stories and requiring them to fly to Asia together on a 14 hour flight.”

    Why? That would imply that both parties did something wrong and need to wear a Get Along Shirt to learn how to behave. This woman immediately questioned the man about whether he was there to celebrate or protest. He said he was just there to celebrate Democracy. She went insane on him, threatening to puke in his lap and telling him to leave the plane. Why would you want this man to be subjected to her for a 14 hour flight, or for the other passengers to be subjected to hearing an irrational woman shrieking at a helpless victim over politics? He couldn’t do anything to defend himself. He couldn’t move – that’s his seat. He couldn’t reason with her. He certainly couldn’t duct tape her mouth shut. All he could do was helplessly sit there.

    This was just another example of political bullying.

    However, what I found inspiring out of this whole uncomfortable scene, was that Blacks, Whites, Asians, Democrats, and Republicans stood up for this man and asked that she be removed from the plane. And then they talked with him during the flight, and had a great discussion about free speech and differences.

    That’s the real message. That people are capable of calmly discussing differences and having an interesting conversation. The hard Left actually believes everyone else is evil, and this is the result. Moderates on the other hand can still talk to each other and get along.

    Extremism ruins everything, and the Left is no exception.

    1. Seriously, you this airplane ride was hubby’s first hint at who this woman is?

  4. I always find it interesting how totally convinced people are that their own thinking is far superior to other people’s thinking. Frankly, I don’t care for Trump, but seeing that lots of other people do, maybe they are right and I am wrong. While I don’t see how they could be right, I have no reason to believe that my thinking is any more valid than theirs. It’s all just variations in configuration of grey matter and neurons.

    1. I actually think I’m right about the guy and that anyone who invested a lot of faith in the guy is going to be let down. Hard. But I am still amazed at the over-the-top reaction to his election.

      Oh, and if I’m wrong, I’ll say I’m wrong.

      1. Trump met with Big Three auto execs yesterday. Every single one of them commanded their union members to vote straight Democrat, like they always do (I am ex-member of such union).

        They all spoke glowingly of their meeting with Trump. So far (I know the day is young), should UAW members feels let down?

    2. A fine example of just how far from liberty we’ve wandered. “I’m right. My ideas are right. It’s my duty to make you act/think right.” The only thing worse than a fire-breathing, moralizing bible-thumper is a fire-breathing, moralizing partisan.

      1. Actually if someone truly gets Christ’s message they aren’t fire-breathing. Christ could be pretty darned fire-breathing. Matthew 21:12. But Christ is God, and we’re not.

        It’s not for me to judge the servant of another. I have to be concerned about the beam in my own eye.

  5. OK, Turley, so there are mentally unstable, either permanently or momentarily, people out there. This has always been the case regardless of the President or other events. Why not do some work and present some important issues. Enough of this tabloid cr*p. DDT goes to the tabloid rags when he wants fodder. Are you placing yourself down at that level? There is certainly enough ‘real’ news on which to comment.

    1. In case you haven’t noticed, there has been an epidemic of unhinged since Der Donald has been elected.

      And I don’t even like the guy.

      Women are not sleeping with their husbands over how they voted. You might think that’s a bad view from The View, but it’s true. DJT’s election has brought the crazy from what for decades have been outwardly normal people.

      1. There’s what is an epidemic and what is ballooned out of proportion through the media to appear as an epidemic. It’s what sells. DDT was elected President using this very device, or rather devices: lies, exaggerations, slander, etc. No one is interested in the issues and the details, the real substance, regardless of left or right. Turley does maintain a focus on issues and detail but in this most serious situation, enough of the nut case, left or right wing, that gets thrown off a plane. I read several newspapers and this sort of thing rarely happens. When it does, it makes the papers. What doesn’t make the papers is intelligent analysis of the issues. Too much work. Man bites dog all the time.

    2. We’re so sorry the voices in your head prevent you from clicking away from JT’s blog posts.

      /sarc off

  6. A DFL door-knocker had a similar meltdown on my front porch after the 2008 elections. A lily white liberal male asked me how I felt about the election and I told him I wasn’t happy. He went off on an insulting tirade against me on my own property.

    This occurred in May of 2009. It was never clear why they were door knocking after such a massive win. I don’t think that they have to lose everything to fly into a fit. I think that there’s a good deal of righteous indignation in progressiveness.

    It scared the heck out of me. I was afraid he would come back and set my house on fire.

    I’ve worked at the MN State Fair with massive crowds for Rand Paul and also the Libertarian party and I’ve gotten hate from the RNC, too. Yet I’ve never felt physically threatened. Right wingers normally insult my candidate, not me.

    1. This happened to me with *regularity* after that election. Even after I’d voted and said as much, asking to be removed from their list, I continued to be harangued on the regular. Interestingly, too, it was without exception, young white men and women under the age of 25 appearing on my doorstep presuming to reconstruct my thinking for me. This all predates the current POTUS, it’s a generational issue, I have no doubt in my mind, and forget ‘white privilege’, these kids are suffering from run of the mill privilege (also known as, Exhibit A: the spoiled brat. It knows no age).

      My wife comes from a poverty stricken country (not Mexico, and lest you think she is a wilting refugee, she’s an amazing teacher, writer, and lawyer, acumen I’d be willing to wager few younger American folks can match, and she did it with zero advantages) where women are very legitimately and actively oppressed. The resistance I see in my own country at the moment still feels more like a temper tantrum to me. Protestors don’t even have the decency to pick up after themselves, and yet, I’m sure they’d sue if, walking by, your dog even hinted at leaving a poo on their lawn.

      I have dealings with people overseas fairly regularly, and I can also tell you that this is largely an American phenomenon. We have lost it BIG time, and I’m also STILL looking squarely at two generations of parents for their culpability. The rest of the world is going to blow right past us, and it is OUR fault.

    2. Thank you MarieKat in your continued work for actual liberty & democracy in this country.

      I thought that Rand Paul missed his opportunity to set himself apart from the “me too” republican mainstream, and felt he should have adopted this extremely simple campaign theme which would have garnered him MUCH more support from both sides than his attempts to with his mixed messages and his continued attempts to appeal to the so called Republican “Base”

      “Restore The Constitution- Save The Republic.”

      It is, after all, what many thinking American’s truly want – and as a policy is emminantly defensible from attacks from either side.

      1. I agree. His message was solid, but for some reason, he felt the need to go to the front and out-Trump Trump. Strange strategy. It took him out of character. He paid the price for it too.

    3. One hundred years of dividing a nation by distraction, while they robbed us blind has born this bitter fruit… but give the ‘Believers’ 6 months and they’ll be changing their tune once they figure out that the rich are still getting richer ( especially the flim flam Trump), with the peons still footing the bill… same old same old, through both degenerate and traitorous parties.

    1. Oh FFS, Dave T. The prayer had started and Melania is a reverent believer. She’s not frowning.
      You are sick. Get some help.

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