Can You Guess What This Man Was Charged With?

21913334-smallHint: Alesandel Rodriguez really really does not like paying tolls . . . or getting license plates . . .  or paying fees.


Rodriguez was arrested after racking up 888 unpaid tolls worth more than $56,000 in unpaid tolls and fees.  He was stopped on the George Washington bridge for failing to pay a toll.  The officer noticed that his car was missing front and rear license plates.  His temporary New York tag inside the vehicle was expired.  The officer then found that his EZ-Pass accounts were revoked.
Rodriguez was charged with theft of service.


What is breathtaking us the sheer size of the violations from toll fees to license plates.  He clearly felt that he could declare himself immune from such laws.

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  1. The near blatant racism on a blog for a guy that holds the “public interest law” chair at George Washington is quite fitting. The coded language is the much more preferred approach for the striving gentleman that JT appears as.

    1. Leibniz Transformations??? Like the Time Dilation Equations??? That is waaaaay over most people’s heads. I have a book about it somewhere, but I bought it thinking it was a grammar book about contractions. Boy, was I ever wrong!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Typical of the JT blog!

        No substantive engagement, but rather an ad hominem attack about a user’s grammatical proficiency.

        Sounds about right…

    2. ChipKelly – how is life in that special world of yours? Do you own the only decoder ring?

  2. This place is like an alt-right type of blog…

    Look at the headline… yet, civil liberties are allegedly at the forefront?

    Hahaha what a joke…

    It’s amazing who has “credibility” in my society.

  3. I guess I’m not sure what the big deal is to get an I PASS or EZ pass. I live next to Illinois (QC area) but only go to Chicago area 3 times in last 7 years. But I went online, found out I could get a pass device in any Costco for a refundable deposit and put 20 dollars Refundable Balance (if I ever close the account) on it for the tolls. So I did. Boy was it great for my drive to Cleveland last summer! Worked on all tolls (I Pass AND EZ pass), with that discount.

    Easy peasy. Waved to the people in life easier as I zoomed by. You can order it online. Just pretend you ate buying off amazon if that makes you feel better.

  4. Maybe asking the impossible, but if everybody was on the EZ/I-Pass system, wouldn’t all the states be more efficient? Rocket science it ain’t.

  5. “What is breathtaking us the sheer size of the violations from toll fees to license plates. He clearly felt that he could declare himself immune from such laws.”

    Right? It’s not like he’s an illegal alien.

    If he didn’t have his license plates, how did they know how many tolls he’d skipped?

    It wouldn’t take that long to rack up $56,000 in toll violations in CA. If you don’t pay the toll within 48 hours, you get fined $57.50 plus the toll. If you don’t respond it goes up to $100 plus the toll. That’s for each violation. They replaced the cash, manned booths with unmanned, no cash booths. So you need a FasTrack Account or an Express Account for the right counties. Otherwise you have to go online beforehand and get a one time use fee or call a toll free number. The goal is to reduce congestion by allowing only the rich to use them, I mean, by making cars route around high traffic areas to save money and spend more of their lives fighting traffic while their tax dollars go to maintain the road that they cannot afford to use.

    Get how they difficult they made that? That’s a deliberate attempt to fleece out of towners. PLUS, politicians get the schadenfreude of making taxpayers pay to build a road that they then have to pay to use, as well as rubbing their hands together as all the visitors unfamiliar with our roads have to pay $100 and more just to drive on it.

  6. He is just a broken window. We don’t worry about broken windows in Democratic administrations.

  7. “What is breathtaking us the sheer size of the violations from toll fees to license plates. He clearly felt that he could declare himself immune from such laws.”

    No, what is breathtaking is this man’s ability to hide in plain sight.

  8. Right he’s guilty. So how’s the collection of delinquent parking tickets owed to the city of New York owed by foreign diplomats coming?
    It”s like the US government has 20+ Trillion in debt why can’t we all be in debt up to our asses?
    Didn’t we just get over a YUGE episode of people being above the law and not being prosecuted with the same affect as the common citizen?
    That problem hasn’t gone away.
    He should say his refusal to pay is a act of protest.
    It’s just hocus pokus fabricated taxation anyway.
    Don’t get me started on toll roads.

    1. Don’t get me started on toll roads! In Illinois people without an I-pass pay twice as much for tolls.
      I suppose the toll commissioner’s response would be that they have to pay people to take the tolls…and that’s my next complaint. They have one of the toll booths up on the way to Chicago that isn’t staffed at night. I drove my car up to Chicago last year, and I used it at night. I then saw they expected ME to do THEIR job!!
      So I called the toll number & explained that I had went through and that they could stop by anytime & get their money. The nice lady explained that I had to send it to them, or the fine would go up. I told her I would be happy to do that, I charge $20 an hour with a minimum of 1 hour. So actually they would owe me money. She couldn’t grasp what I was saying so she put her supervisor on and I went through the whole thing again, explaining that I would be happy to do their work for them, but NOT FOR FREE!
      The supervisor explained that they had no people there at night, so I needed to send in the money. I inquired if she got paid for helping to collect tolls, she said yes, and I explained that’s all I was asking for. So as far as I could see they had four options, come get their money from me, get someone there to collect tolls, get a automatic machine to collect them, or pay me.
      She gave me the number for the Toll supervisor in Springfield, left my name & number, but have never heard from anyone again.
      Twice as much for no Ipass, and THEN expect people without one to do their work for them?!? Grr

      1. I feel your pain John. We have a toll road in south Orange County, CA that has toll booths that used to be staffed when the road went in. On one trip through I exited to the toll plaza to pay for my trip however there was no one there and no way to pay. I then noticed they had a sign up that said to go to a website, put in my vehicle ID for a fee waiver for the one trip. By the time I had reached my destination I had completely forgot about the trip but was reminded a couple of weeks later with a toll demand plus penalty fees. Grrr is right.

  9. Charged with : bald, stupid, smug, drugged, probably foreign, and no cover charge anytime.

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