GW Event On Candidates For The DNC Chair Leads To Controversy Over Racially Charged Comments

screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-8-47-02-am150px-GWUlogoThe event at my university for candidates for DNC Chair has caused a bit of a ruckus after various candidates lashed out at white consultants and white people in answering questions. The George Washington event was aired on C-Span and the most controversial comments came from the executive director of Idaho’s Democratic Party, Sally Boynton Brown.   I woke up this morning to find emails from GW students on some of the racially charged comments at the forum.  Brown said that white people working with the party had to be taught to “shut their mouths.”  Other candidates lashed out at “white consultants” as part of the systemic problem at the DNC.   The result is a debate on campus that only highlights the school and our wonderful location in Washington.

I thought that valid points seemed to get lost at points in the rhetoric at the event.  Many of the speakers were trying to acknowledge the sense of alarm and hurt felt in some communities, particularly communities of color.  However, some responses to the election took on a more lethal element.  For example, Raymond Buckley, the chairman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, discussed how even in New Hampshire his black niece literally feared for her life after the election of Donald Trump.  Here is the full quote:

BUCKLEY: “We were all grieving and I was shocked that America elected Donald Trump. I could not believe — I got home around 4:00 in the morning. But at 6:00 in the morning I was woken up. I saw that it was my niece Tunisia. What had not even processed I was upset about the results is how she was going to as a young African-American 20-year-old, how she processed what happened the night before and she was sobbing so hard I couldn’t understand at first what she was saying and I kept saying, what is wrong, what is wrong? She goes, Uncle Raymond, you have to get me out of here. She feared for her safety by what happened on Election Day. Now, until all of America understands the fear that is out there, the justified fear because of what we’re seeing happen across the country, to African-American lives, we’re never going to be able to move this country forward. It is important. I never again want to ever get a call from “The Today Show” like that. It was a soul crushing experience for me because when Tunisia was saying get me out of this country because my life is in danger because she had that overwhelming fear. That is something that is not just certain cities. It’s not just certain parts of the country. That fear is all across the country. It’s even in rural new Hampshire. So when people say black lives matter, you are damn right they matter.”

Is it fair to say that election has caused a “justified fear” for the life of a 20-year-old black women living in New Hampshire?  I understand that there are legitimate fears from crime and other dangers in our society.  Moreover, the election will bring about changes that many have opposed.  However, the notion that Tunisia has to leave the country out of fear for her life is thankfully unsupported.  I appreciate the passions of Tunisia but it is also important to put this election into a real context and seek real change if you disagree with the election.

I think that we need to appreciate that people of color have watched white supremacists and other intolerant people in this election. There has been harmful racist language on both sides.  The result is that some see existential dangers in the outcome of these elections.  That is certainly something that we need to address and I think that that was what Buckley was trying to say.  However, this was democratic election in a peaceful transition of power.  We remain a nation of laws.  Those laws protect Tunisia and everyone.

Brown’s comments particularly triggered a debate on the Internet as to why it is permissible to run on the notion that you want to shut white people up.  The racially charged message seemed to double down on the identity politics used unsuccessfully in the last election, particularly after Bill Clinton recently said that his wife lost because Trump figured out “how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”  The party actually did very well with the African American vote.  Trump won among white women and he did better than Romney among Hispanics, Asians, and blacks.

All of the DNC candidates pledged not to work with Trump and some hammered away that the DNC had to reject consultant companies on the basis for the race of their owners. However, it was Brown that went all in on the subject of race:

“We pull people in and they are volunteers. They don’t know anything and then we send them out to have conversations with people, hard conversations. We promote them to chair of a party where they have power and they have no clue what they are doing. We have to, at the DNC, provide training. We have to teach them how to communicate, how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white. So I think I made my point.”

Brown denounced white privilege and said that the Democratic party has racist elements that it had to address.  She was passionate in her argument that white people need to listen to their black neighbors about their experiences, which is clearly true and helpful.  There needs to be far more dialogue in this country on race.  However, some of the rhetoric on race and “shutting up” white people has caused an outcry on various sites.  In fairness to Brown, the shorter clips posted today made her sound more like a race-baiter when she message was that whites need to listen. However, there were elements that would be viewed as wholly unacceptable if the races were reversed.  Here is a long format of the comments.


The event continues to reverberate on campus.  I think that we should understand that some of this rhetoric was heated but intended to show the depth of the anger and fear over the election.   I do not agree with some of the rhetoric and I do not believe that it is helpful to the DNC. This election showed a serious disconnect with many voters in the country. Part of that may have been the selection of perhaps the worst possible candidate in a largely anti-establishment election.  Yet, in calling for a more inclusive party (a clearly good thing) the language was surprisingly divisive at points. If we want greater dialogue between whites and blacks, the conversation should not start on the premise of shutting up one side due to their race.

In the end, I felt the forum on campus was a great addition to our community and its continuing debate over the election.  Campuses are places for passionate exchanges and honest viewpoints.  This was certainly raw and confrontational at points but it has caused a great discussion among students and faculty about politics, language, and identity.  I am glad that we were able to host the event.

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  1. Debate, as a route to an adequate plan and action, is so 18th century.

    Rhetoric required.

    1. Debate requres two sides as a minimum. Until recently, as in Nov 8th, there was only one side with two faces. Having blown up that system we can now get back to things like debate and rhetoric but whose going to represent the socialist left? What’s left of it?

      We’ve got the Constitutional Center back in place. But whose representing the whackos? Savage vs the Secular Regressives? Better to let the New Democrats get a chance to get settled under their new leadership and then remember in a debate or discussion there are three types. The Righteous with a my way or nothing attitude, The Debaters who are in it only to score points of no value, and those who roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

      1. That’s a good question Michael. As I referred to in one of the other topics, progressivism is now a religion, complete with all the blind faith. We need a rational argument from the left, but most have been swallowed up by this heresy.

        This guy is a good writer–Charles Hugh Smith. He makes such complete arguments he would probably never be included as a resource for the left.

  2. enigma is just fishing for commenters for her/his lame blog. He/she is a lightweight.

        1. OK, I have put it on my February list of books to buy. It looks very interesting. I am only like 50+ books behind because of the kittens, and Christmas, and work and stuff. I have one coming called “Lars Posena: On The Future of Swearing” because who could pass up a book like that???

          Sir Gawain, by W S Merwyn came in today, along with Magicians by Lev Grossman.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Squeeky – now that we know that women swear more than men (shock there) and that swearing can be therapeutic, I guess it does have a future. 🙂 I don’t see it fading from existence soon. 🙂

            I have my Rasputin bio to get thru next. Have 4 days to read 4 hundred pages.

            1. I bet that is interesting! Rasputin may be related to this guy:


              But on swearing:

              Swearing may be considered impolite and vulgar, but a new two-part study has revealed a more gracious attribute for those with an off-color vocabulary: Honesty. According to the research, people are more likely to swear as a way to express themselves, rather than cause harm to others, and the more an individual swears, the more honest they are likely to be.

              The researchers found that while liars are known to prefer third-person pronouns and negative words in their speech, honest individuals are more likely to use profanity. According to the researchers, that’s because swearing is often used to express one’s feelings, and people who do this more regularly portray themselves in a more honest light, The Independent reported.


              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. Is Ras Putin related to Vlad Putin? Similar name, and it doesn’t sound Russian…….

              2. Re swearing

                I don’t buy it. As Dr Sheldon Cooper was perceptive enough to remind us: “the social sciences are largely hokum anyway.”

                1. Hard to take serious advice from a guy in a Flash super hero outfit. By the way, when “hard” scientists were telling us that living things spontaneously arose from inanimate objects and treated diseases with leeches, social scientists were writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Live and learn.

                  1. mespo – the DoI was written by polymath Thomas Jefferson. Certainly, you would consider him a scientist of his age.

                    1. Most of them also spoke three or four languages. and were skilled as a minimum in history, philosophy, some of the hard sciences, writing, debate, elocution, and much more. These days it would take at least eight years of serious university training to match their level of intellect.When the question of IQ came up the ratings given to the first five or six Presidents were the highest as a group. Benefits of no television.

                    2. mespo – he was the one who wanted specimens sent back from the Corps of Discovery and notebooks made of everything they saw.

                    3. mespo – he was a middling architect, good writer, etc. You cannot be great at everything.

                2. Jay – an let us not forget “the rock people” who might get his grant money.

  3. All in all, I hope the white folks in the Democratic Party do shut up. And I hope the Black Democrats chase the white folks out of the party, as part of a reparation thing. Nothing would serve the race-baiting white Democrtas better than to reap some of the race hatred they have sown.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Amen and pass the ammunition. They may be caucasoid and it’s perfectly all right to be that or, as you said, any other shade of pale As Long As your my kind of ….well we used to start and finish that with a and a couple of esses in the …. mm reserve.

  4. Here’s what a real party would be going after: “It wasn’t just the EPA.

    Earlier today, we reported that the Trump administration instituted a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants….”

    People who agree with these constraints and secrecy have a party. Those of us who do not, don’t have a party in the Democrats, that’s for sure! The Democrats are courting a very small membership of people. You can be “diverse” just as long as you won’t knock the oligarchy’s boat over. That’s it.

    They love “diversity” as long as you are a willing shill of the oligarchy. That’s what “diversity” means to the Democratic party. Don’t challenge the elite, welcome aboard!

    Instead I want a party who fights back against injustice. I don’t really care what color, gender, sexual orientation, class etc. you come from. I want a party full of people who actually care about the earth, it’s creatures, and all its peoples. I want to be in a party who takes a position of justice and doesn’t back down. I don’t want a surveillance state and a govt. running in the dark. I want the rule of law.

    I have no idea how recruiting “diverse” members of the oligarchy or their willing shills is a method for tackling the problems which face us. That is counterproductive to say the least. I resent the Democratic party doing the work of the oligarchy by trying to divide ordinary people. Divide and conquer. That’s what they are up to. In the meantime all sorts of truly bad things are happening. I suppose that is the point of their party in this time. Keep the people distracted and hateful. Then the oligarchy does what ever it wants. I’m truly hoping people quit falling for it.

    1. The Democrat party is dead. Hillary almost mercifully applied the coup de grâce.

      While the election process was unfolding, I could not help but be angry at the DNC and the party as a whole for their stunningly open corruption and foul play not to mention the extent and pervasiveness of the rot. Now that the race is over, that anger is subsiding. I’m left with no joy in seeing the actual demise of a party that once stood proudly for the fair mindedness of the new deal. But facts are facts. The Democrat party is not going to get up from this, dust itself off and change direction. The invitation to the funeral will come in the form of the DNC pretending nothing’s happened (and they’ve already started). The other announcements will come in the form of bickering over identity politics (as long as it doesn’t touch on the bottom line of the owners).

      Democrat “leaders” (the leeches at the top) will search shamelessly for every manner of excuse, alternate news, Russia, dog ate homework, what have you, but at the next election there will be no change. You will see nothing but same old neoliberals and neoconservatives with the usual smattering of progressives finely tuned to auto-destruct before anything of substance actually happens. A party that can not change is a dead party.

      Also, they can’t last for long with such a moribund platform because it’s redundant. They are simply doing dishonestly and hypocritically what the Republicans are already doing openly and with out shame and far more effectively. The Democrat party no longer fulfills a need and Its base is peeling off faster than the Arctic is melting. They imagine Trump will round up the troops in a great opposition hurrah, but young and old, the troops are already looking in new and different places.

      1. Good post. But….the troops are right here busy planning for 2017 and 2018. The phantom army that the polls and media still denies exist. If you want a name don’t say conservative or liberal and definitely not Republican or Socialsts Try this one

        Constitutional Republic (party) firmly grouped around it’s center The Constitution and supported by it’s base of representative democratic principles. That sums up a lot of it but if you want more look at the military oath of office. That former Governor of Arizona was right we were and are the greatest danger that former government faced Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired and former and now we’ve got DHS and can keep it from becoming another protective echelon like Obama wanted.

        Support and defend the Constitution Of The United States Of America against all enemies foreign and domestic…..

        And a lot of other fine Americans who joined in the ballots not bullets counter-revolution against the fascist left and WON!

        But that’s only the first battle.

        Quit Enabling ….check
        Take Control….. check
        Make Changes ….working on it.

        Next job is watch the former Democrat Party get splintered. For example part of it becoming the New Democrats featuring the African Americas who deserve some paybacks for years. It’s there turn. Or maybe the next to become the largest cultural group in the nation the Latino Americans and don’t forget the Jewish culture, the Asians and the Native Americans What’s left including the RINOs keep going left.

        Not that it mattered which it didn’t but Clinton DID NOT win the popular vote she got 48.2 and it takes 50.1. In the vote that did count there was no landslide. Trump 55% Clinton 45%

        Ding Dong the witch is dead and Schumers next. ….

        Regressive Suckulars? Who you?

      2. BB,

        Well written.

        I notice that there is a lot of confusion going on. Ty, a libertarian who runs the site Zero Hedge, is presenting a “Savage take down” of anti white Democrats by Dr. Michael Savage. In this “take down” Savage says any number of bizarre things against Sally BB. He calls her a man-woman, praises God for electing Trump and rarely touches on any of the real problems with what Democrats are doing.

        If you go to most “lefty” sites, everything is as you describe above. There are only a few actual left wing analysis of what is going wrong with our nation and offering solutions we badly need. In the meantime, the oligarchy just keeps pitting people against each other and I believe, are quite successful in keeping the discourse under control–ie-there will be no class analysis of this society.

        1. Jill, Jimmy Dore, Jardin Chariton and Tim Black are all people who are keeping it real IMO =)

  5. Also, we need to unite and work towards getting rid of closed primaries — UNLESS the respective parties choose to pay to keep that system intact.

    1. Voter Primary system is in accordance with the law and are the sole province of the various parties, coalitions etc that elect to, as a group, sponsor a candidate. The rules they must follow are strictly up to each of the parties and they may use voice vote, written vote, delegate vote, caucus or any method they deem suitable. changing that is first a province of State law but as has been stated is not a province of federal regulation.

      General elections unless they deny listing someone on the ballot as Comrade Gregoire of Washington tried to do are run differently where federal candidates are concerned. There are two of those.

      While there are closed primaries any subject that is open to all such as races where party affiliation is not used (typically Sheriffs and Judges) and any measures or questions and any recalls are open even the selection of electors to the Electoral College. However once certified there is no law and until recently no attempt to force a vote if the Elector decides to change. or switch.

      Of the 700 some attempts to change th elecotal system none of them has made it past stage one which has the Congress enacting a proposed Amendment – OR – the citizens in each state by initiative or referendum demanding a change. I seem to recall it takes 26 to force such a vote if the State route is used and two thirds to pass.

      Presumably the same would be required on changing the rules for a primary election.

      One measure I would like to see is Recall for any State of their delegate to the federal Congress regardless of the rules of the Senate or Representative congressional grouips.

  6. “BROWN: “We pull people in and they are volunteers. They don’t know anything and then we send them out to have conversations with people, hard conversations. We promote them to chair of a party where they have power and they have no clue what they are doing. We have to, at the DNC, provide training. We have to teach them how to communicate, how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white. So I think I made my point.”

    This is a perfect example of why the Dems are going to implode. Divided along identity lines – no longer the party of the people. When I phonebanked for Bernie I talked to a wide variety of people across the nation – young, old, white, black, etc. and I had many fine conversations about POLICY. The Dims refuse to realize THAT’S what it’s about. No one cares about ethnicity or sexual preference – we wanted to improve the lot for ALL citizens.

  7. I was a Democrat for almost 30 years until recently. To hell with the Democrat party

  8. So this is what passes for reasoned debate and racial healing among our radicalized Democrats: White folks, shut up! Any wonder the Democrats are heading down the tube of fringe party. Maybe they can be The Nation of NonWhites Party? Nation of Islam is already taken. Drats!

    1. If the new administration manages in the next couple years to fix the Rust Belt problems and provides real jobs and security for the average working American and actually helps those living in inner-cities the national Democratic Party will be moribund.

  9. It never ceases to astound me that people “fear” the result of an election to the point of crying over it. What would happen to these people if they were ever ordered into combat or were faced with a terrorist attack. That’s fear. My good buddy from my undergrad years at GW lost his election to Congress. He is an air force combat vet. He took the loss in stride, acted like a mature adult, shared a few laughs with me, and got on with his life. If he can do that, so can Tunisia, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the 68 Democrats who pretended that the inauguration did not happen, everyone who took to the streets to vent about the election results a la a banana republic, and everyone else who has not progressed past the denial stage of grief.

    Speaking of people who have not gotten past the denial stage, everyone should see Tom Toles political cartoon in this morning’s Washington Post. Under the caption “Alternative Facts”, Toles draws pictures of the Loch Ness monster, Atlantis, a UFO, something entitled “Elvis Lives”, and a building labelled “TrumpCare”. Also in the same “Alternative Facts” cartoon is the Hindenburg and the Titanic. Does Toles really place the Loch Ness monster and UFOs in the same category of alternative facts as the Hindenburg and the Titanic? Does Toles think that the Hindenburg didn’t blow up or that the Titanic is still sailing the seven seas somewhere?

    1. The point isn’t to make sense or make an argument. The point is to signal to a certain bourgeois sort what a sophisticate is to laugh at and subscribe to. Garry Trudeau’s career has been built on this, not humor.

      1. Love Trudeau – especially his “Alpha House” series, which unfortunately was cancelled was after only two seasons. I think it was not renewed because he “humanized” Republicans – can’t have that!!

    2. VInce, good point about your friend. After Jim Webb was painted in an ugly light during the first Demoncrat primary “debate” – had to fight to get in a word and millions of viewers who were unaware of who he was and his decades of service – came to the conclusion that he was an angry white man – we did not hear him whining and crying about it.

      1. Jim Webb (or Martin O’Malley for that matter), if nominated, might have been able to win the election for the Dems.

        1. Vince, I am a Bernieorbuster – given the enthusiasm I think he would have made it if the DNC and MSM had not kneecapped him. But, I would definitely have voted for Webb as well.

          1. All of those blue collar guys who voted for Trump would have gone for Webb. Plus, Webb didn’t have Clinton’s baggage, Plus, a moderate Democrat would be devastating in a general election. Plus, a whole lot of other things the rank-and-file of the Democratic party doesn’t get.

  10. Can someone help me? Is this a racially charged comment?

    A hypocritical, sanctimonious, duplicitous, pusillanimous pip-squeak.

  11. Words can lose meaning and weight due to overuse. If the democrats and others keep throwing words around so freely do describe nearly everything then eventually you will find Hate Speech = difference of opinion, Racist = dissent, sexist = male gender and so forth. Since there is no replacement words generally available accusations of true racism using that word are met with little credibility or interest in the minds of the audience.

    1. Typical ‘boy cries wolf’ dynamic.
      If the real thing comes along, you have already used up all your superlatives, and no one believes you anymore.

  12. One has to wonder when the DNC will recognize that alienating and insulting millions of voters leads to additional losses. But if they want to continue with that strategy it’s no skin off the noses of the public if they continue to fail and increase their irrelevance in various legislatures. As I’ve written before, people can only be called a racist so many times before they no longer support you.

    1. It’s head-scratching at this point. Just for the sake of any argument, HRC won the popular vote. Look at the more local level. The Democratic losses are astounding. And yes Darren, it gets old. I am 50s and white. I don’t have “black friends,” they’re just my friends. A wise man said years ago to “judge people by the content of their character,” and that’s always worked for me. I resent constantly being referred to as a racist by the Democratic elite. By continuing to call me that, they deepen my resolve not to support them.

      Being on a sinking ship and dictating terms for your rescue usually isn’t a good plan, either.

    2. That’s what really soured me on the Hard Left. There are just so many times people can be told they don’t care about the poor, are racist, bigots, stupid…all if they merely disagree with a Progressive policy or the outcome.

      I just had enough. My beliefs are all over the map. I’m for gay marriage, for example. But the Left has lost me in recent years, while the establishment Right also engages in pay to play. I want to get the money out of politics and a return to calm discourse.

      1. I like the general feel of your posts but I have some basic differences with your analysis. Working backwards, getting “money out of politics” is not only a pipe dream, it would empower elites to propagandize at will. Without money in politics, the NYT, NBC, CNN etc, would enjoy even more power. Money is a great equalizer.
        You may want to note that the person who raised and spent far more on the Presidential campaign, lost.

        As for your earlier post, about Progressives setting aside the unsavory aspects of their agenda, you miss the point. Dominating and dictating to the masses are at the core of their philosophy. Progressivism fails unless force can be used to compel behavior.

        1. ti317 – you are right, in this last Presidential election the person with the largest war chest lost. However, in my state the Senator with a huge war chest won.

        2. and that last remark was included in every proponent from Plato through Kant to Marx and Engels. Plato however admitted it wouldn’t work as the Greeks were too freedom loving but the rest sort of cherry picked past that little bit of wisdom. Just as they skip past Maynard Keynes warning that his system of economics would only work as long as the society could pay the interest. But never bother a secular regressive with facts or thinking. They are not equipped to deal with either one don’t you know.?

      2. Here is an example of where the Progressives have lost their way.
        Year in and year out, American kids score in the bottom half of the world’s most developed country. This subpar status is definitely something that the Department of Education should focus on.

        But what is Job 1 at the Dept. of Ed? Making sure transgender students can go potty in the restroom of their choice. The perceived needs of the 0.001% suck up the mindshare, depriving everyone else.

        1. Never mind hard questions such as how consumers not businesses pay business taxes and who loses when tariffs are charged. I guess people really are that dumbed down and stupid which tells met he first major cut ought to be the entire Department of Education.

  13. The Progressive movement has become sadly quite racist. There was BLM’s rhetoric that was blatantly anti-Semitic, racist against Caucasians, bigoted against cops, and even called for violence against whites and cops. There is the rise of Progressive anti-Semitism in the BDS pro-Palestinian movement. There is the common meme that all whites are born racist, white privilege, angry white men, etc. There are even the ubiquitous racist epithets they hurl against black conservatives, and the misogynistic comments against female conservatives. There are the efforts to prevent parents from having a choice on where to send their kids to school, even when the local public schools are failing. There is the Progressive PETA movement that slaughters animals by the thousands in its shelters and drove the circus out of business through lies and deceit (, and which almost brought the NY carriage industry to its knees using photos and videos of horses outside of the US. There were the Progressive lies (instantly forgiven) that brought us Obamacare through treachery, and which did not care at all about the millions of people who had their health insurance taken away and the replacement was unaffordable and not accepted at most top cancer treatment centers. (These are the same people who beat the drum that there is a war on the elderly and that there is a threat that Medicare could be taken away. Really? Gosh, if I only knew how horrible it would be to go through that…)

    This is hate, pure and simple.

    Many people do not follow the roots of the Progressive movement. Like many movements, its distant past would not hold up to current moral scrutiny, just as the values of most Americans are quite different today than they were 100 years ago. Progressives brought us Prohibition, genetic racist theory that blacks are genetically inferior, that it is our destiny to subjugate Native Americans and civilize them, Eugenics…It goes on and on. The Fascists and Socialist Nazi Party were quite chummy with the American Progressive Movement, and shared ideas frequently.

    That was in the past, and times change. It is anachronistic to judge the past by today’s standards. The chilling aspect, however, is that Progressive still believe in forcing their ideas upon others through the force of government. (You will note that all of the above examples were incorporated into government policy and forced upon the population.) They still threaten those who disagree with them (as they did to blacks during the Jim Crow era if they did not vote as instructed.) They are still violently intolerant of different beliefs. They still demonize their opponent.

    If Progressives would lay down their efforts to use the government to force their beliefs onto others, as well as the ubiquitous ad hominem attacks and attribution of evil tendencies to dissenters, then you would have a movement that actually was trying to spread tolerance. As it now stands, it is one of the least tolerant movements that exists. Even the fringe lunatic KKK do not have the force of government to impose their ideas upon others. But Progressives do. That’s how we now have the lawsuits and boycotts of florists and pizza parlors. It went from we must tolerate gay people who want to get married to have their chance at happiness, to we must punish and bully those who hold different beliefs. Tolerance is only for Progressive ideas, and Progressive women and minorities. Conservative women and minorities must be crushed at all costs.

    It’s chilling. It’s a long trend. And I wish people would shake it off. It could be a good movement if they would only throw off the fascist root.

  14. Sometimes, when you stand in a roomful of noise, there is one message that gets through. And then, suddenly, the noise disappears and only that message is left. The message from the Democratic Party has been clear enough to be heard by everyone.

    Sally Brown stated that white people in the Democratic Party need to learn to “shut up”.

    But she was also saying something else. She was only repeating another message that the party has been saying, but not in words that would be sure to alarm people.

    The first part of that message is that the white race is over. That in a very few years, the demographic composition of the country will have shifted – for the first time in our history – so that non-whites will be the majority.

    The second part of that message is that the Democratic Party is in the best position to benefit from that shift.

    That’s the entire message, but its meaning for white voters is just as clear. That the Democratic Party intends to maintain and increase its power base by giving primary attention to the NEW demographic. Which means that white voters will be put at the end of the line.

    The question is: how are white voters reacting to that message? If they decide to distance themselves from the Democratic Party, does that make them racist?

    No, it does not, because the real racists have opposed the party for decades now. The whites abandoning the party now are not racists. They hear what the party is saying, and they react quite rationally. They know that BECAUSE they are white, they have absolutely no reason to support the party that has now defined itself as their enemy.

    1. No, the attitude is that white people, especially white men, are gonna be fine because they’ve always been fine. That every group is entitled to have an affinity group to help them rise up, except for white folks, cause they’re at the top and always will be at the top.

      But I don’t know. My dad neglected to whisper the secret words in my ear that would ensure that I would always stay on top of the heap.

  15. She was passionate in her argument that white people need to listen to their black neighbors about their experiences, which is clearly true and helpful.

    Ah, ‘libertarian’ academics, ever unaware that they cannot help revealing themselves to have the same attitudes as non-libertarian academics.

    I wouldn’t presume to bore my black neighbors talking about my ‘experiences’, which are unremarkable. Black Americans are generally ordinary people with ordinary experiences. They aren’t mystical gurus who are going to teach us all their secret wisdom.

    1. DSS –

      Agree w/your comment about ordinary people. I would add that more than one self-important “leader” uses three names – especially female pretenders e.g. Sheila Jackson Lee — sounds more important than Sheila Lee, no? And she IS a leader, esp. when it comes to making sure she wears RED if there’s a camera nearby, the better to be noticed, regardless of whom or what the camera is focused on.

      1. The three-named women I know want to honor both their fathers and their husbands.

    2. I don’t get the ‘libertarian academics’ reference.
      The quote has little to do with libertarianism.

  16. My friends have passed a hat and we have an airline ticket for Tunisia to Tunisia. Its one way.

  17. ‘Tunisia’ is her name? You’re waving that red cape in front of Squeaky Fromme, Girl Reporter.

    Dear Tunisia is something of a head case. It would be helpful to her if her relatives reflected reality back at her, but they don’t appear inclined to do that. (Reflecting back starts with, “Quit talking rot, little girl”).

    I have a suggestion for ‘white people’ active in the Democratic Party: (1) show these cretins the door or (2) leave the Democratic Party.

    1. Yeah, I just read that and was going to comment, and then I saw what you said.

      Sooo, the Black Liar Buckley, has a niece with a hoodrat name like “Tunisia”, and he is worried about Trump??? Poor Old Tunisia better be worried about all those bacteria that grows under the hair weave, or getting a cap popped in her by some other hoodrat named Pooky, Ray-Ray, or Delmonte. Or Type 2 diabetes from being overweight, or as they say, “thick.”

      Or, even more dangerous to Tunisia is another BT1100 (Black Terminatrix 1100) stabbing or poundcaking her over her hair weave:

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

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