21 thoughts on “The Perils of Texting and Walking . . .”

  1. She was lucky she wasn’t walking next to an alligator pit. Maybe next time. It’s called Darwinism.

  2. Texting while walking or driving freaks me out.

    I was at a shopping center when my son was very little. I took him out of the cart and was in my truck buckling him in when a young woman roared into the parking spot next to us, smashed into my cart full of groceries, slammed it into a tree, and wedged it there. My kid would have been killed that fast. I never saw her coming. She was texting while parking and she just sat there, probably texting about how funny it was that she had a shopping cart wedged between her and tree.

    I told her that she’s got to quit doing that because she could have killed my kid. She felt offended and got very defensive. She must have been embarrassed, and not open to criticism at that time. I told her that I was hanging on to my temper by the slimmest thread, because MY KID ALMOST DIED BECAUSE YOU WERE TEXTING SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST ACCEPT WHAT I’M TELLING YOU TO PLEASE BE MORE CAREFUL BECAUSE YOU CAN’T TAKE IT BACK IF YOU KILL ANYONE. YOU JUST HAD A NEAR MISS AND FOR WHAT? A LOL???!!! Not trying to attack you. You’re alive, and we’re alive, and it’s a beautiful day so please be more careful next time, OK?

    I never did get an apology but hopefully she thought about what I said. I was very proud of myself for not shrieking.

    Sooooo, public service announcement for all you moms and dads out there. Always get your kid out of the cart first and buckle him or her in, and then go back for the groceries.

    1. Good tip Karen. You have to take every precaution these days driving. Another aspect of the entrenched liberal tradition is lack of personal responsibility, as was illustrated to you in your encounter. There was actually a time in days past when the magnitude of that possible tragedy might have been a cause for remorse in that individual. But apparently not any more.

    1. Steve Groen – situational awareness is important, but when you are multi-tasking the brain has to make a decision as to which task to prioritize. In this case, it prioritized walking and texting. It did not prioritize mall fountains.

      1. Of course your right, but did the refined woman in the video I posted prioritize a mirror?

        It’s a matter of priorities when it comes to situational awareness.

        1. Steve Groen – I habitually walk into door frames. I forget to prioritize they are there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. If it were a “survival situation” and you walked into a door frame, would you have been ready to protect yourself? Well, would you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Perfect combination of the dangers of idiots texting and humor. Idiots like this kill and maim people all the time while driving, or more correctly coming to a stop into the car of someone else. The penalty should be to drive at fast speeds in a controlled area while blindfolded, with several other idiots. Cordon off part of an airport with hay bales and let them loose. Televise it. Admission could be charged. The proceeds to the innocents.

  4. Squeeky – thanks for the Debbie Downer video. Nothing I like better than seeing a woman eaten by a tiger early in the morning. Is this covered by your normal insurance?

      1. Hi David!!!

        The funny part is that she got out of the car to run around and jump on her husband. She was sooo mad, and sooo intent on what she was doing, that she completely forgot where she was. Plus, Tigers got to eat, too. Knowing the cheap-a$$ Chinese, they are probably scrimping on the Tiger Food to save a few pennies.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  5. Those who can: do.
    Those who can’t do: text.
    Those who can’t text: fall in the pool.
    Those who fall in the pool: eat stool.
    Those who fall in the pool and refuse stool: do text at school.
    Those males who text at school have no tools.
    Those females who text at school are seeking tools.
    Those tools who hang out in schools need to text.
    And so on.

    1. And I will add this:

      Those who text and drive will never thrive.
      For those who don’t know there is no rhyme or reason.
      Those with no rhyme are out of season.
      A text in time saves nine.

  6. She was just trying to see if the wavelength of the cellphone’s transceiver could be derived from the length of the waves caused by her splash.

    Most folks just use a frequency counter, but to each their own.

  7. If she had drowned, definite uncontested first place Darwin Award annual winner. Maybe next time…

  8. This is just too funny….thanks for this Prof…a lesson 2 be learnt 4 sure ๐Ÿ™‚

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