“Trump Is Here Now”: Massachusetts Man Arrested After Assaulting Muslim Delta Worker

220px-2010-07-15_B767_Delta_N1611B_EDDF_04Another incident has captured the growing hate exhibited on both sides of the widening political rift in this country.  Robin A Rhodes, the president of Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions (a metals company based in Worcester) is accused of a vile attack on a Delta employee due to her Muslim faith  Rhodes allegedly abused Rabeeya Khan in the Delta Air Line Sky Club and kicked her. He also is quoted as declaring “Trump is here now” and “he will get rid of all of you.”

Rhodes had arrived from Aruba and was awaiting a connecting flight to Massachusetts when he approached Khan the Delta Air Lines Sky Club lounge.  Khan was wearing a hijab.  Rhobes went to the door of her office and asked if she was sleeping or praying.  He then reportedly punched the door and threatened Khan. He is also accused of kicking her in the right leg.  Another person tried to calm down Rhodes but he is accused of following Khan as she ran to the front desk.  Rhodes then allegedly got on his knees and pretended to be praying as a Muslim.  He also is quoted as saying “You can ask Germany, Belgium and France about these kind of people. You will see what happens.”

He is now facing charges of with assault, unlawful imprisonment, menacing and harassment as hate crimes, and related charges. Those charges can add up to four years in prison.

Rhodes’ mother has gone public to say that he is a kind individual who hires people of any faith in his company.

Notably, the company appears to have removed Rhodes’ name from its website.

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  1. This blog appears emboldened, and even giddy at times, by the election of Trump.

    That’s quite telling.

    Some may even say “res ipsa loquitur”

  2. First comment made and it got deleted So Here it is again.

    Assuming the reporting was factual it’s a clear case of assault AND battery. The steps are. Handcuffs, coillect crime scene evidence and statements. See if one of the Detective sections or forensics needs to be involved (Was their blood in that case DNA and an AIDS/STD test series is indicated, ) off to the booking desk.

    Assuming facts in evidence are presented to the Judge and at the Trial to the Jury and assuming a guilty plea sentence the SOB and give him a felony record for life. He won’t get to vote again until the next Socialist gets in office for one thing. About 2050.

    after action. review the case, how it was handled and the same for the airport itself and prepare for the flood of snowflake tort-ISIS-ts looking to make some pro bono now bill the government later like Davey Adkins out in Oregon did for the Spotted Owls.

    1. You seem to be a very angry individual. May I suggest yoga or meditation? You are jumping to conclusions, stereotyping, assuming and marginalizing all over the place. Please for all of us and more importantly yourself and your mental health – I mean this sincerely – take several deep breaths and pause. It may sound hokey and hippy to you – it’s not about that. Just do it and you will feel better. You will whether you want to or not. If you choose not to do so – no worries: positive thoughts to you and everyone who reads this. Deeeeep breathsssss everybody. We are all in this together.

  3. If you are a frequent flyer, you sometimes get to enjoy airport digs such as the Sky Lounge. In it are airline employees to cater to your desires. It’s no surprise that there was one accessible as a concierge or assistant, and a hijab is even allowed in public service. To assault anybody is a crime. To do so with an obvious minority elevates to federal status.
    Don’t call for bail, bub.

  4. After 10 days of trump and his administration, it’s clear that the term white supremacy is an oxymoron.

    1. All the oxymorons are over with the regressive seculars now the white identity party wondering how the Afro Americans are going to with what used to be Rino to Dino Democrats before they and their Fuhrer went national socialist. Which Fuhrer. I dunno Soros,Cariville have to ask the agent handler not the half identified klutz they were handling.

    1. Actually one of the greatest pieces of classical music ever written. The lyrics came a couple hundred years later and they sucked. I didnt realize that in my younger years until one of my German friends clued me in.

  5. That poor lady. I hope others in the airport protected her.

    And I was very saddened to hear of the shooting at the mosque in Quebec.

    1. That poor lady? You’re that gullible to instantly believe the tale? Have you been to an airport lately? If so, tell me: when was the last time that you, as a passenger, either walked past an office or had access to an office containing an airline employee? Not a trick question and not a rhetorical one. A sincere question. The answer is, most probably, never. While there are, undoubtedly, numerous offices housing various airport or airline employees, they are located in areas of the terminal which are inaccessible to passengers. You and I are incapable of seeing them, unless, of course, we are escorted by another employee, into the myriad of hallways leading to those offices. Behind the scenes, so to speak. Would you agree with that assessment? If so, then, you must ask: how did this man purportedly attack a Delta employee, wearing a hijab, in a lounge, which was surely serving alcohol, or, in the alternative, have access to her office, where he punched the door and kicked her in the leg? This isn’t to say that there aren’t individuals who will lash out at others simply because they ascribe to a different faith, but don’t you find this story fishy, especially in light of the young woman who recently ginned up a story about having her hijab torn from her head? Remember, the Muslim woman who caused a faux uproar over not being given a can of unopened Coke while she was traveling, since the flight attendant, with her dirty infidel hands, opened it for her? If you can make some sense of the story, at hand, I give you much credit. From the firsthand knowledge that I have of airports and the manner in which they are generally configured, the story about the hijab-wearing victim doesn’t fly. Yeah. Sorry for the pun. That one just came naturally.

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