“Trump Is Here Now”: Massachusetts Man Arrested After Assaulting Muslim Delta Worker

220px-2010-07-15_B767_Delta_N1611B_EDDF_04Another incident has captured the growing hate exhibited on both sides of the widening political rift in this country.  Robin A Rhodes, the president of Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions (a metals company based in Worcester) is accused of a vile attack on a Delta employee due to her Muslim faith  Rhodes allegedly abused Rabeeya Khan in the Delta Air Line Sky Club and kicked her. He also is quoted as declaring “Trump is here now” and “he will get rid of all of you.”

Rhodes had arrived from Aruba and was awaiting a connecting flight to Massachusetts when he approached Khan the Delta Air Lines Sky Club lounge.  Khan was wearing a hijab.  Rhobes went to the door of her office and asked if she was sleeping or praying.  He then reportedly punched the door and threatened Khan. He is also accused of kicking her in the right leg.  Another person tried to calm down Rhodes but he is accused of following Khan as she ran to the front desk.  Rhodes then allegedly got on his knees and pretended to be praying as a Muslim.  He also is quoted as saying “You can ask Germany, Belgium and France about these kind of people. You will see what happens.”

He is now facing charges of with assault, unlawful imprisonment, menacing and harassment as hate crimes, and related charges. Those charges can add up to four years in prison.

Rhodes’ mother has gone public to say that he is a kind individual who hires people of any faith in his company.

Notably, the company appears to have removed Rhodes’ name from its website.

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  1. Kinda wonder what this guy sent up his nose before getting on that plane.

  2. I read the story a couple of times, but I’m still confused by the facts. The article alleges that the gentleman approached the Delta employee in the lounge, yet it continues with information about entering her office, kicking her in the leg and punching the door. I’ve been in these lounges, myself–not this specific one, of course, but others, where passengers can rest, have a cocktail and await their flights. I don’t recall seeing any offices, of airline personnel, situated in, around or adjacent to these lounges, as these rooms–lounges–tend to be quite noisy with individuals having discussions and mounted televisions tuned to some television program. And, yes, liquor is usually flowing. I highly doubt that an airline employee–especially a devout Muslim–has an office connected to one of these lounges. My knowledge, from acquaintances who are Muslims–practicing Muslims–they are not even supposed to be in close proximity to alcohol. I could be incorrect; however, if I am correct, the entire story makes no sense. Looks like CAIR is working overtime in fabricating some good ones.

    1. bam bam – I was curious about that office myself. Although I forgot that devout Muslims are not supposed to be near alcohol so she shouldn’t be working the lounge.

  3. Every rabid dog will have its day. America is greater than DDT, certainly greater than the cockroaches and dupes that voted him in. The only question is whether or not DDT’s lies and other despicable tactics will overcome through complacency. America has rested on its laurels for decades, forgotten the true values that made this country, and has slowly partnered with an illusion. DDT worked that illusion. DDT needed cockroaches and dupes, and there were enough.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. There are many, many, many more intelligent ways to deal with these issues. His first two weeks have shown DDT to be a blithering idiot. Time for whatever intelligence there is in the GOP to put a leash on their mutt.

    1. Isaac,
      The potential for violent backlash against Muslims is not soley “a Canadian issue”.
      One who is obsessed with bashing Canada might try to turn it into a “Canadian issue”.
      Just as one who has an extreme fixation on Trump might try to turn this solely into “a Trump issue”.

      1. tnash – I want to make it a Canadian issue. Too long have we put up with their snotty attitude, it is time for payback. 😉

        1. Paul Schulte..
          -Fair enough…..from this point forward I will expect only “one-theme”, anti-Canadian posts from you.
          ( “DDT, cockroaches, midget cowboy, three stooges”, etc.
          can’t be used in your posts.
          Someone else already “owns” those words and phrases.)

    2. “forgotten the true values that made this country” – specifically what ‘true values’ has America forgotten?

    3. Maybe YOU are the one who has “partnered with an illusion”? There are many ways to look at Trump’s first week in office. I do not see him as a blithering idiot. I see YOU as one, though.

    4. The Canadian seems obsessed w/ “cockroaches” lately. He must be working for a pest control company now.

  4. DDT has accomplished one thing Obama couldn’t. DDT is bringing the cockroaches out from the cracks. DDT is encouraging cockroaches to express themselves, even in Quebec.

    The truth in this is that DDT could have accomplished the same thing by quietly picking up the telephone and orchestrating a tightening of vetting and other procedures and protocol regarding immigration, visas, and border crossings. However, DDT made it as big a deal as possible. DDT is flying a flag, not the American flag. DDT is not the President. DDT is an aberration, the result of hate and anger, a considerable amount among the cockroaches of this nation.

    1. Your pretty boy, Fidel Trudeau and Canada have their own Muslim problems. He says he will take all our Syrian refugees and then there’s an attack in Quebec. You have a vapid clown running your country.

        1. What? ‘You have a clown vapid running your country’ is the correct formulation?

          The Liberal Party got the brilliant idea in 2011 to put its leadership in the hands of a wet-behind-the-ears member of parliament whose previous occupation had been serial grad-school dropout. He was a school teacher from 1995 to 2002. He taught drama. That’s the most taxing position he’d ever had. Canadian voters ate it up. Justin Trudeau is the real-life analogue to the character Chet Roosevelt in the movie Americathon,

    2. Trump is stirring up hate worldwide. That is what he wants. Then if there is an attack he will have an excuse to to really clamp down. Bannon’s way…………

      1. Of course the world was at peace prior to Trump taking office. Joe, you need to look carefully within your own leftist ranks and identify who is stirring up hate. If you cannot do that objectively then you are wasting blog space.

    3. As usual Assac offers his mindless rants. Canadas mental institutions should not allow thier patients access to computers and blogs.

      1. The Great Zambini – I think use of computers by mental patients is very therapeutic.

        1. Paul-you sure about that? In the case of the visiting Canadian a shot of Thorazine might be more therapeutic. This guy is so loaded with hate he’s acting like he’s almost unhinged.

          1. The Great Zambini – I am a believer in behavioral psychology, so the patients would have to earn the use of the computer. Some might have to spend several months on Thorazine before they got to the point where they get use of the day room and later milder drugs and the computers.

    4. Trump is an aberration — and by that I mean he is straying from the normal or usual course a ‘politician’ might take. Yes, he did make a big deal about the immigration ban and there is a reason for this. Trump is a strategic thinker and is charting a course that we have yet to see play out. I can say this for certain – I trust Trump at the helm far more than I would have trusted the likes of Hillary Clinton.

        1. Don’t make the mistake of judging reality by just looking at the outer appearances of things.

  5. The last time a Muslim woman claimed she was attcked it turned out not to be true. Maybe we should wait to hear the entire stor?

  6. I appreciate his sentiments but not his method of expression on an innocent, yet misguided, member of the Muslim cult. Islam, as practiced in the Middle East, is incompatible with Western values. Always has and always will be. Beliefs are not all equal, grand or even acceptable.

  7. I blame it on the ACLU and their minions. There is a script out there run by the Left, Soros probably, on how this should play out. Trump is putting a big crimp in his globalization scheme.

  8. The public is having a lot of fun on Yelp
    With Robin’s company he works for or owns.

  9. Possibly mental but basically just another criminal act. Not rocket science. Charged, tried and let a jury decide just like any other wrong doer. Muslim today Jew tomorrow, Catholic on Wednesday and Bahai on Thursday a bigot is a bigot is a bigot.

    Assuming facts presented in evidence support the charge. That’s our system.

    On the other hand if he’s charged with an act of terrorism might not be heard about againi from now until forever.

  10. There are hateful people on both sides. There has been alarmingly bad conduct by both.
    Sadly there has also been a rash of fake hate crimes. I’ll wait until this plays out first.

    1. True. On both sides.
      But the 4 black people who terrorized the white disabled man a couple weeks ago were not charged with a HATE crime until there was several days of a public outcry.
      This white idiot was charged within a few hours. Big difference.
      Lawyer up white idiot. It will be a long time till you see Aruba again.

  11. It’s really no surprise and there will be some more of these attacks I am sure. It’s not a good policy to decide to shove people down the throats of a culture. Now we see the backlash. I guess people have had a bellyful of being part of this little social engineering project. As a Libertarian, Conservative I am as happy to see the immigration of Muslims into this nation as I would be to see more members of the Westboro Baptist Church arrive. I realize from listening to Ayann Hirsi Ali that the name “MUSLIM” also refers to the culture and not the religion. However, what we are used to is a paradigm where Christian means an adherent to those teachings. Jewish means an adherent to those teachings, and so on and so on. So they must excuse us if we assume that Muslims adhere to the teachings of Mohammed and I ask for no excuse in that case, to equate them with the WBC.
    BTW If you go into a mosque and shoot people, you should be held fully accountable as with all criminal acts. I do not endorse lawlessness.

  12. “Religious liberty” is for Christians only, apparently.

    And mothers in these situations should keep their mouth shut: “My son would never do that” is a little cliche and almost always wrong.

  13. There needs to be a continued reminder by all leaders that we all are members of the same human family–this lowlife is an extreme case–but the shooting in Quebec earlier tonight is an indication that this is a Worldwide challenge–Justin Trudeau AND the Quebec Premier immediately condemned and issued messages of solidarity as this Administration doubles and triples down…..

      1. As someone with a weird “id”, you have a lot of nerve–I’ll give you that when you had the audacity to cdall others idiotss. When you educate yourself about humanity, then give yourself a right to judge–with your comments before and your half-baked useless answers, you proved yourself to be a total lightweight. Just note this: Just because the Daesh (which is what their true name is) are savages, does not mean that others have to act like savages-If you wish to deal with savages, you’re welcome to it. Cheers.

        1. Sooo, if “Daesh are savages” then what the holy heck good is it going to do to talk about us all being in the same human family??? Uh, those “family members” would just as soon burn you alive as look at you. What is all your milk of human kindness drivel, except drivel???

          That’s about as useless as that doddering old coot of a Pope coming out and giving some some insipid speech that “everybody must love everybody” after ISIS has just slaughtered a hundred innocent Christian women. It’s bullsh*t! We need a fighting Pope, who will take up for his people rather than toodle around spouting inane platitudes.

          That’s my opinion, which is why I said take your sermon to ISIS. See if your “answer” and your “advice” will hold up in the real world. Which it won’t. And you know it. Which means you just spout that silly crap because it makes you feel good about yourself.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. As I have noted before, you’re entitled to your opinion–But you need to be respectful of others–and we’ll just leave it at that. Cheers.

            1. Why? Why do we need to be respectful of others? So that they can continue in their ignorance without distress?

              Maybe we need to challenge others, and get them out of their comfort zones. Maybe the same old dull idiotic platitudes that people spout are part of the problem. They keep people from seeing alternative ways to solve problems.

              IMHO, niceness is way over-rated, particularly when you are dealing with savages who burn people alive for sport. And, it is a sure fire way to end up dead.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. Squeeky,
                You often bring up important questions.

                Yet, you can move people out of their comfort zones and make them more open to your assertions if you are respectful. Good salesmen don’t insult potential customers.

                  1. Squeeky
                    I happen to appreciate your blunt wit. I can see how some would find it malicious but it always seems to have the intent of provoking critical-thinking about a particular point. The fact it makes people uncomfortable is evidence they haven’t considered or won’t consider anything that does not conform to their worldview.

                    Keep it coming!

                    1. Thank you for the nice thoughts!!! You get it! I just think we have had years of try to discuss things rationally with the Liberal Left, and the response from them has been to call Conservatives names like racist, homophobe, xenophobe, etc. Sooo, I don’t feel too bad about calling them a bunch of frigging idiots and getting in their faces. J H Kunstler had a fantastically good rant this morning. Here is an excerpt. For the full story go to the link, and then hit “Furor Time.” (Check out the url, and then you can see why I can’t link directly to the story! Filters. 🙂 )

                      The furor [over the recent Executive Order] seemed rather out of proportion to the people inconvenienced by Trump’s administrative blundering: about 300 green card holders out of 300,000 travelers admitted over the weekend — even after the White House walked back its green card miscue on Sunday. And it gives the impression even to someone who is allergic to conspiracy theory (yours truly) that some organizing principle is behind it. That principle may be the deep neurosis of the Dem/Prog Left reduced to virtue-signaling in their out-of-power echo chamber. Having no coherent ideas about the immigration issue besides resistance to it, they offer only sentimental narratives: tears on the statue of liberty, “dreamers,” sanctuary cities, nation-of-open-arms, we’re-all-children-of-immigrants, and anyway North America was stolen from the Indians. The hysteria is impressive, as if the Left has come down with ergot poisoning, seeing witches (racists, homophobes, misogynists, white privilege villains, and Russians) behind every juniper shrub in the land.

                      I’d go as far to say that this neurosis derives from the general psychological boundary problems of the current Dem/Prog ethos. Their zeal to erase categories has resulted in lost categories of thinking — it’s all one big soup of victimization out there now and everybody better rush to cash in their victim brownie points while they still can — or as long as Senator Chuck Schumer can keep the crocodile tears flowing. From my vantage, this country would actually benefit from having firmer categories of thinking and certainly firmer categories of behavior.


                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    2. Olly,
                      If you mean me, I DO try to consider other perspectives that do not fit my worldview. I agree that Liberals have gotten away for far too long in shutting down dissent with name-calling. I also think Squeeky does typically pair her ascerbic commentary with a point. I am concerned that people will just dismiss her points wholesale because of the delivery. She also makes very thought-provoking statements without name-calling. The quiet drip, drip, drip of water will wear down stone. I guess deluges make me nervous. Guess I’d better find a nice, large umbrella…

                    3. Prairie Rose,
                      I was referring to anyone that might find Squeeky’s posts unacceptable. I for one WANT to post many of the things she posts but I don’t because I’m trying to appeal to reason from a different angle. I get her points because I agree with her underlying logic. For a similar reason, I don’t have to like or respect Trump or Obama’s words, I do however have to be able to think critically about what they say or do with respect to the power of the office and the rule of law. From what I can tell, Squeeky is being called out for style over substance. I look for substance over style.

              2. Thanks for your opinions. I will note this: Just because we are dealing with savage subhumans, we should not act as one. Thanks.

                1. I don’t disagree with that and have said so myself. Even so, we need not stretch our neck for the executioner either and a vigorous self-defense utilizing every asset at our disposal seems reasonable to me. If that scares the world, so be it.

            2. What a moron. You accuse Squeeky of providing half-baked, useless answers, not to mention, your assessment that she’s a lightweight, and, then, you have the b@lls to preach about being “respectful” of others? On your BEST day, moron, you couldn’t dream of holding a candle to Squeeky’s on her very WORST day, in terms of insight, intuition and frankness.

              I’d say CHEERS, but I strongly suspect that you’ve been indulging long enough.

              1. Thank you, Bams!!! I see that person as a “Sir Ivan, Peaceman” type, who if you will watch the video, his character is pretty much an exercise in grandiosity and narcissism. The savages are there threatening each other with spears, and here come Whitey McWhite in a weird costume where he commences to sing Kumbaya, and the natives all start dirty dancing instead of stabbing each other. Oh God! It is sooo horrible on sooo many levels, that it becomes compelling, kind of like a Ed Wood movie.

                That is how I see the guy. He thinks if we all say nice things then ISIS will just fade away with their captive brides, to little tents in the desert, where they will raise sheep and goats, and make hordes of little Arabs who will become social justice warriors and fight for Gay Rights in the Muslim world.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. Be careful about making assumptions–as I have repeatedly told you (and it appears that you don’t want to listen) You are entitled to your opinions but not your own facts and as I have told you, if you think by insulting me and others who disagree with you it makes you feel good and strong, have at it– I will only leave you with this…Thnks for taking the time to write: https://stateofmind13.com/2017/01/30/to-the-americans-fighting-the-muslimban-a-middle-eastern-thank-you/

                    1. As I said, you’re entitled to your opinion–but not your own facts–remember that–and never assume–it is not adviseable. Cheers.

              2. As I said in response to the person who calls herself “girl reporter” (whatever that means) you’re entitled to your opinion–and as I said in response to her (and repeate it to you) if throwing insults with no basis in fact makes you feel good, big and strong, “have at it”–and as for calling me a moron, (and hope you’re not offended by it) I guess it takes one to know one…Cheers…..

                1. Now you are getting in the spirit of things! Didn’t that feel better than mushy-mouthing out some stale, trite, “Let’s all be friends with ISIS!” drivel. First, you learn to take up for yourself online, and then you can proceed to taking up for yourself as an American, in the real world.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

        2. Daesh is not their “true name” it is a term that has been increasingly used to describe them. Supposedly because they do no like being called by that name.
          Calling them Daesh conveniently allows politicians to avoid the mentions of Iraq and Syria inherent in the term ISIS.

          1. Thanks for your comments. What you said is NOT quite correct–unfortunately with your comments u give credence to those lowlife subhuman. Please try and avoid legitimaizing these lowlifes

  14. Why man doesn’t learn? He attacks others without any reason and then when the others try to defend themselves the best they know how, then they are terrorists that need to be exterminated. Why don’t we teach real History and Humanities at schools? The logic is so simple to understand that elementary school children would understand it. What is wrong with teaching children to think by themselves? Maybe they would become intelligent men and women and we could have peace on earth. But the military and the weapons industrial complex would become unprofitable and there are men for whom it is a family tradition to gain with the death, hunger and pain of others. How to end with those traditions based on destruction of anything and everything?

  15. Wow…that guy had some rage. I wonder who pi$$ed in his Cheerios. There’s no excuse for being so hateful to someone who hasn’t done anything to you.
    I do agree that it is common sense to suspend the immigration from Obama’s list of 7, I’d expand it to be a few more; most notably Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Those guys are bad actors, too. It’s a 90 day ban to put better vetting in place. Seems reasonable to me.

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