Trump Tweet On Nordstrom Dumping Ivanka Line Falls Under Inherent Parental Powers

1202996429_8991-3Another tweet by Donald Trump  has caused a ruckus back in Washington (I am in Guam for a speech).  Trump took after Nordstrom for dropping the Ivanka brand. While the store cited poor sales, Trump tweeted “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!” Shares for the store chain dropped in value following the tweet and media began calling to ask for the legality of such criticism by the president. The answer is that it is perfectly legal . . . just ask Harry Truman.  While the scope of executive privilege is broad, it is not nearly as broad and plenary as that of inherent parental authority.  When it comes to a president and his daughter, history has shown that this is one power exercised by all fathers that is accorded sweeping deference and little judicial review.

If you think the Trump tweet was raw consider Truman’s letter to Washington Post music critic Paul Hume after Hume panned the performance of Margaret Truman.   Hume wrote that “Miss Truman cannot sign very well.”  Comparing Hume to columnist Westbrook Pegler (who Truman previously called a “rat,” Truman proceeded to say that he wanted to punch Hume in the nose and would likely kick the “frustrated old man” in the groin.  Hume was 34 at the time.

Mr. Hume:

I’ve just read your lousy review of Margaret’s concert. I’ve come to the conclusion that you are an “eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay.”

It seems to me that you are a frustrated old man who wishes he could have been successful. When you write such poppy-cock as was in the back section of the paper you work for it shows conclusively that you’re off the beam and at least four of your ulcers are at work.

Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!

Pegler, a gutter snipe, is a gentleman alongside you. I hope you’ll accept that statement as a worse insult than a reflection on your ancestry.


That makes the Trump tweet look pretty mild in comparison.


175 thoughts on “Trump Tweet On Nordstrom Dumping Ivanka Line Falls Under Inherent Parental Powers”

  1. Amazon’s days are numbered because it is totally, one hundred percent reliant upon the internet, which itself is vulnerable not only to military attack but also disrupting energy from the sun. Not only that, but the grid is equally vulnerable. Then there is also online fraud, account takeover crime, as well as identity theft. All of these factors don’t bode well for any company doing business on the internet. More and more people are getting fed up with all these negative factors of the internet, and all it’s going to take is a critical mass to set the stage for a huge landslide that’s going to bury every person and business without a back-up plan. Myself, I quit doing online business years ago, as I’ve also quit doing financial transactions online.

    1. Sure. And Obama’s Presidential Kill List comprising American child citizens he can assassinate w/o being charged is legal, right? (See Anwar Al Awlaki the father and 16 year old son.)

  2. The tweeter in chief is the bullier. He bullies judges, reporters and businesses on a daily basis.

  3. “media began calling to ask for the legality of such criticism by the president.” What a bunch of hogwash. Of COURSE any parent is allowed to say if he thinks his daughter was treated unfairly by Nordstrom.

    Honestly, I don’t understand all the political bullying of Melania and Ivanka. They are there telling Trump to ratchet it down, and Ivanaka has a lot of ideas to help women in the workforce. So…they go after her? Not a very intelligent or kind decision.

    Regardless of whether she’s severed any decision making at the helm, she still gets a salary from her line, and the brand bears her name. A hit at the brand was made by Grab Your Wallet.

    I am so very, very tired of all the political bullying, and of the Left ascribing evil tendencies to anyone who disagrees with them. It’s quite hardened me against the extremist Left for a good, long while.

  4. Hmmmm

    I thought Ivanka had severed her ties to her business.

    And the comparison between Truman’s defense of Margaret and Trump’s defense of Ivanka and its impact on an American business is positively ridiculous. BTW, Trump tweeted this during a security meeting. Further, Ivanka’s line is manufactured in China. I thought Trump was against manufacturing done in China.

    It’s hard to keep the insanity from overwhelming…

  5. Anyone out there recall the accusations against a President that he was a “failed haberdasher”?

  6. “She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! ”

    Great. Just what democracy and the country need, a president using the bully pulpit to promote his daughters clothing line.

    What happened to the free market boys defending a business mans right to choose? I guess the lesson to take away is that free market principles don’t apply when the president’s family is involved.

    If she is as successful at clothes as she is at getting the president to make the right choice, no wonder her brand is getting the boot.

    If only we could get big business to be as discerning toward the president as they are toward fashion we might see real democracy in action.

  7. Nordstrom stock is a long way south of its 52-week high of $62. What else have they been doing wrong to tank that far?

    1. Amazon is eating the brick and mortar’s lunch….. Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, etc.

        1. Bezos singed on with the companies that are opposing the immigration ban so Amazon could be coming up for a threatening tweet soon.

        2. Unless his daughter, what’s her name these days, starts making a bundle selling on Amazon. Then Amazon will be great and all because of DDT himself, and his yugely gorgeous daughter with whom he would ‘date’ if she weren’t his daughter, or he could get away with it. I’m sure she would like to slide in beside the Pilsbury Doe Boy.

  8. This illustrates the problems with Americans and their so called democracy. This piece of tabloid fodder along with a seemingly endless supply of drivel seems to garner more attention than the issues that affect us all. Who gives a rat’s patootie about Ivanka what’s her face? America’s problems are much more serious than this silver spooned clothing advisor. Anybody who would buy something because someone’s name is attached is an idiot.

    1. What was done to Elizabeth Warren is noteworthy but she is clearly coming out on top.

    2. And you, as usual, have, once again, just illustrated your persistent inability to recognize or comprehend the inherent inappropriateness and reprehensibility of seeking to destroy an individual–economically or otherwise–simply because one does not agree with the policies of said individual’s parent. P-A-R-E-N-T. I don’t know what planet it is from which you are attempting to write, but Americans and their so-called democracy, as you put it, are far better than this. Family members, of political figures with whom we disagree, are not targeted for destruction. At least, that is the way that things used to be–the way that things have always been–until now. Now, a family member, of a President, with whom some disagree, can have a bullseye, placed on her back, despite the fact that said family member has committed no crime other than to claim that she loves her father and that he would make a great President. Before now, who would dare to criticize and condemn a designer, like Ralph Lauren, who had the intrepidity to create and supply the First Lady with an outfit for the inauguration? What used to be, however, is no more. Ralph Lauren was inundated with complaints and threats of boycott for simply supplying clothing for this historic event. Would that have ever–and I do mean, ever–have happened with Michelle Obama? Inconceivable. It’s insane, and it’s fully attributable to the lunacy of the Left, which has gone off the rails. Now, all bets are off. Any person, or entity, perceived as having any connection, however tangential, with the Trump family, is subject for persecution. Fair game. Whether it is a store carrying a brand–associated with the DAUGHTER of a political enemy–or a clothing designer, daring to supply the First Lady with an ensemble for the inauguration–the Left will not relent until it has left a path of destruction in its wake. This isn’t my country. I don’t recognize it. Only a small and simple mind views these acts as tabloid fodder and endless drivel. Why? Because you simply fail to grasp the much broader and extensive ramifications behind the actions described in the article. As we, Americans, that you seem to detest so much, like to say–YOU DON’T GET IT, AND, YOU NEVER WILL.

      1. Bam Bam – your post broke my heart because it is true. I am still reeling from the fallout of the election. I had members of my own family go absolutely bananas, and viciously turn on other members of my family, saying the most awful, reprehensible things to and about them, because they voted for Trump. They were enraged, literally enraged, that they refused to vote for Hillary. They sincerely believed it was all a hit between the Russians and the GOP against a completely innocent, honest as the day is long Hillary. They became irrational, angry, and I didn’t recognize the people they became. I tried to mediate and pled with them that family comes first and who cares about politics. But it was a figurative blood bath. And only the Liberals in my family engaged in it. The conservatives just kept pleading with them to stop.

        I realized that they fell for it, the efforts of the Left to paint conservatives as drooling, mindless, savage sub humans. They actually started to believe it. At some point they dutifully suspended disbelief and critical thinking, and just ate what the Liberals were serving. And what wouldn’t you say or do to fight an actual Satan?

        I don’t know how to make Liberals understand they have become fascists and a hate group. I wish they would snap out of it, but they don’t see it. They view the footage of the riot against gay Milo, and think, how brave. They don’t stop and think, wow, we just threatened a gay man with violence if he spoke his opinion. Could that be…wrong? Or the racial epithets against black conservatives, or the threat of violence against conservative satirist Ann Coulter, a woman speaking her mind. They are like the small child who blames someone else for his actions. They blame Trump for the violence of their hands and mouths. But no one is responsible for what we do or say except ourselves.

        So although this will fall upon deaf ears, I say again to the hard Left, snap out of it. This is the aspect of Progressivism that appealed to the Nazis, the Eugenicists, and the Prohibitionists. The forceful put down of opposing speech, the force of one’s ideas upon another, and the dehumanization of opponents. Shake that off and stop spreading hate.

      2. You’ve been fooling with the dictionary and thesaurus agains, haven’t you? First of all, her stuff wasn’t selling. Second of all, DDT is a business man and what’s her face brags about being a business lady and DDT brags about how astute his daughter is and how he would love to nail her but those days are past.

        It seems to me that this leviathan of common business sense should understand that if the stuff isn’t selling, you drop the product, regardless of whether it is because of the stuff or the name, his daughter’s name. This is another example of how twisted and perversely hypocritical DDT really is. He would out of one side of his mouth preach common business sense and at the exact same moment out of the other side of that fish mouth, preach fidelity to his daughter, even if the sales are down.

        DDT sold America a bill of goods and lots and lots of simple minded angry people bought the line, didn’t even need a hook. So, why don’t all the dupes that voted for DDT go out and buy his daughter’s stuff?

        As far as the rest of your missive, it makes no sense given the reality of the situation. It isn’t about buying something that was created. It is simply about buying something that someone tried to boost with the famous family name, branding. Branding is for idiots. Idiots make the branding world revolve. Art is art and BS is BS.

        1. Your nonresponsive answer, is, as usual, nonsensical. This is far more than just a product, or a product line, not selling. Your overly simplistic characterization of the issue is telling. As expected, you fail to mention what, exactly, caused a successful and bustling ten year old enterprise to suddenly, and without warning, to tank. No reference, of course, to the nonstop pressure and bullying, by the lunatics of the Left, used against stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, to make them comply with the Left’s demands. Neiman Marcus, by the way, followed suit, right behind Nordstrom, within hours, and declared its intention to drop the line, as well. Another coincidence. If you would bother, for once, to pull back the curtain and examine what is, in fact, transpiring, you would admit that this is about a concerted and organized effort to financially crush anyone–whether it’s Ivanka or a designer creating an outfit for the First Lady–for daring to have any connection, whatsoever, with the Trump family. Maybe that’s how things work on the planet that you inhabit, but, until now, this was never the norm in this country. By the way, since you, purportedly, don’t live in this country, who the f cares about what you think? You are inconsequential. Worry about your own country’s issues.

        2. First of all, I have not been fooling around with a dictionary or thesaurus. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in some states.

          If her line was dropped because sales were down, that would be fine. However, Grab Your Wallet has been harassing her with boycotts, as well as harassing stores that stock her goods. I would have a problem if someone did that to the Obama kids, as well.

          You’ve remarked that Trump sold America a bill of goods and his voters are stupid and angry, but he hasn’t been President for very long. So far the Dow has been doing well, and he’s saved a few jobs. He’s done some things I’ve liked and some I haven’t. None of which has anything to do with the topic of the post, which is does President Trump have the right to criticize Nordstrom’s treatment of his daughter? I was personally financially damaged by Obama’s policies, and I STILL would not want his daughters harassed.

          President Trump’s comments were a father’s prerogative. Most of us ladies appreciate a father’s support and protectiveness.

          Also, if you’ve given an explanation for why you use “DDT” instead of “DJT”, I’ve missed it. Why change his initials?

          “Branding is for idiots.” I disagree. The brand stands for something. If you buy something from YSL, you expect a certain style and quality of craftsmanship. If you buy a BMW, you expect the same. The brand sets expectations. I prefer one brand of saddle, one brand of irons, one brand of bridle, boots, etc. I’ve found the brands that work the best for me. A brand from a famous name adds a fan base. But once the initial curiosity is satisfied, customer base depends on the quality of the product, price point, and market.

          Ivanka Trump seems to be caught in a bit of a Catch 22. If she runs her own business, then she’s cashing in on a famous name. If she sits home and does nothing, then she’s a spoiled do nothing rich girl.

          1. Karen S

            I could be wrong, but I think that the dictionary and thesaurus comment was for me. It’s because I used some words with more than two syllables and it confused isaacfullofshitovich.

              1. Although it was only slightly ahead of this one that I read on Breitbart about faux Indian identity Senator Elizabeth Warren and her admonishment in the Senate.

                The poster said “Gray Beaver speak with forked tongue and brain pretty forked up, too.”

  9. Indulge me, if you will, and allow me to tell you a story about a little boy, named Pavlik Morozov. The name is probably unfamiliar to most, as it was to me, unless, of course, one is a student of Russian history. I, admittedly, am not; however, I happen to have a very close and personal friend, who spent her first forty years of her life, in the former Soviet Union, and she happened to mention, the other day, this person’s name, including his invaluable role with regard to life under Communist rule. I must admit–I was fascinated by the tale, and I was even more fascinated by the fact that this character, Pavlik Morozov, was so admired and adored that he gained a cult and hero status in that society and was proudly and unabashedly hailed as a martyr by the Soviets. Who was Pavlik Morozov? He was, allegedly, a 13-year-old boy who, for lack of a better term, ratted out his father to the authorities. His story, which was presented to Russian children as a template for their own behavior, was an integral and vital part of their socialization. So much so, he was the subject of required readings, various songs, plays, a symphonic poem, a full-length opera and six biographies. The cult, purportedly, had a huge and significant impact on the moral norms of generations of children, who were encouraged and rewarded for informing on their parents. While there are varying accounts as to what actually transpired with the youngster in 1932–some claim that he informed the Russian authorities that his poor and destitute father, in direct violation of Communist rules, was hoarding grain, thereby causing his father to be expelled to Siberia, while others claim that the young man reported his father for forging various documents. The prevailing concept, regardless of the exact or precise details, which needed to be imparted and ingrained into the impressionable minds of the citizens, was that loyalty to family, and, parents, in particular, held no value and/or place in light of Communism and its lofty commandments.

    While I never believed that individuals, in my beloved country, would ever seek to punish and penalize an individual for the grave and unforgivable sin of simply being the daughter of a President–a President with whom some disagree–the unimaginable has now become a reality. The insane and vile Left, no longer simply satisfied with aiming their laser at President Trump, has now set its sights on Ivanka Trump. The Grab Your Wallet gang has relentlessly pressured and bullied multiple corporations to separate themselves from anyone or anything even remotely connected to the Trump name, and these weak, spineless and cowardly companies have relented, folding like cheap tents. And why, you may ask, do the Grab Your Wallet lunatics insist that Ivanka’s line be booted from Nordstrom? Because unlike Pavlik Morozov, that little hero and icon worshipped by the Communists, Ivanka didn’t betray her father. Yeah. The loony Left is funny like that. Step out of line and we’ll destroy you. To the contrary, Ivanka has had the impertinence to speak of her father with respect and dignity. That’s why the Left has targeted her for destruction. Because she had the audacity to dare to introduce father at the Republican convention. Because she had the temerity to reveal, publicly, that she admired, loved and respected him, both as a father and as a human being. Because she has had the gall to tell reporters, during her interviews, that the American people should give her father a chance. Yes, and for those transgressions, she must pay. Stores that carry her line will be pressured, until they finally relent, to pull her merchandise from the shelves. She will learn to be a good, little Pavlik Morozov. She will learn.

    How ironic that those fat and hairy participants, who marched, in protests, purportedly demanding equality opportunities for women, are so blind that they seek to destroy a company, such as Ivanka Trump’s–a business, created by a WOMAN, ten years ago, as a jewelry line. A business, which has expanded, under her leadership, to include dresses, shoes and handbags. Isn’t she a woman? Oh, that’s right–she’s just not the right kind of a woman.

    Just imagine, if you will, Chelsea Clinton being targeted in the same manner, or, God forbid, Sasha and Malia. Try to imagine that they would be targeted by those who happened to disagree with the politics of their parents. I know, I know, I need to keep this realistic.

  10. mespo – what’s with the candle tattoos? And those balaclava are illegal in all 57 states.

  11. Ivanka’s clothing line is very nice and professional looking. But not something one would wish to wear to a protest or anything. Who knows, maybe Nordstrom makes more money off slutwear.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. Putin should have turned them into ashtrays or lamp shades or something more useful. /sarc off The fact that Putin allowed Pussy Riot to continue breathing, forever confirms and certifies his infinite and undeserved mercy.

        Progressive playbook:
        If/when a “feminist” employs the word “pussy” it’s fun, awesome, and sexy.
        If/when a non-Progressive uses the word “pussy” it’s Hitlerian hate speech.

  12. Someone call Herr Drumpfenfuhrer a waaaaaaaaaaambulance. He’s a big baby who’s diaper is full of crap.

    1. You’re the one who obviously got pooped on November last…..still butt hurt?

        1. It is an abuse of power to attack a company for refusing to carry your daughter’s line of clothing.

          1. It’s nor an abuse to point out that their decision was based on fear of the radical Orc backlash against an innocent family member. You don’t have to check your cahones in the Rose Garden to be POTUS. The Left is making a negative impression that will last a generation.

            1. I hope it lasts a generation. But with today’s young people’s attention spans, we might be lucky to get it to last 2 or 3 minutes.

              Because. What was I saying? Oh, never mind. Here, Kitty Kitty!

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

  13. Except Trump didn’t write a personal letter to Nordstroms decision makers, he broadcast his attack using the official POTUS twitter account. Do you really thing it is appropriate for the President to use the power of his office to strongarm a company into doing busoness woth his daughter? Do you not see the incredible conflict of interest there?

    1. More often than any other POTUS, alleged Constitutional Scholar Baby Jesus Obama (BJO) wrote Executive Orders later declared illegal by the Judicial Branch. When Congress moaned about BJO’s illegal obfuscation of Congressional power, BJO replied, “If they don’t like it, sue me.” Such declaration by BJO was of course only BJO extending his middle finger to Congress, because there is no such thing as suing POTUS.

      Ditto when Scholarly, erudite BJO failed to properly and legally debate Congress about immigration law, to which failure BJO said, “I have a phone and I have a pen,” in which BJO declared himself a King who could author, sign, and enforce immigration laws directly contradicting Congress’ own laws.

      How do you compare BJO’s above described spoken words declaring the Constitution void vs. Trump’s silly tweets about Trump’s lovely daughter? What is the likelihood of the judicial branch declaring Trump’s Tweet illegal and void?

  14. Just another example of a narcissistic personality disordered person splitting everything and everyone between all good and all evil, depending on how much narcissistic ego they provide to him personally.

    Trump is not a little narcissistic but full blown, plus a pathological liar who projects the negative things that he is doing on others. Nothing more than a childish, I’m not, you are. Most of his “beliefs” are delusional and made up on the spot and ready to change in any situation that benefits him.

    Health care is a perfect example. A number of years ago he was praising single payer health care. When it wasn’t beneficial to him he wants to remove Obamacare/Romneycare. Last month he had a replacement. This month he doesn’t, but lets repeal it anyway. This is not only personality disorder, but incompetence as well.

    He does not have the mental capacity to handle the job he is now in. He does not have the mental stability nor the competence to handle this job. It is more important for him to be perceived as perfect than be a real president. This kind of childish crap will go on as long as Trump is in office. This is what narcissists do.

    1. Foon:

      Here’s a list of the five most narcissistic Presidents according to the Association for Psychological Science:

      1. Lyndon Johnson

      2. Theodore Roosevelt

      3. Andrew Jackson

      4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      5. John Kennedy

      And here’s the least:

      38. Calvin Coolidge

      39. Ulysses Grant

      40. Grover Cleveland

      41. James Monroe

      42.Millard Fillmore

      I’ll take the top five over the bottom five, anytime. It takes a narcissist to get things done sometimes as the list points up.

    2. The “Trump is clinically deranged” meme is extremely old. Google “Goldwater mental diagnosis” or similar wording. The DNC pulled all stops, enrolling over 1k licensed mental health professionals to publishe alleged professional Goldwater mental health diagnosis. The stunt was so patently and transparently bull feces that the Certification Board had to publish a paper contradicting the non-diagnosis described above. The lying shrinks forced the Board to publish a professional document declaring the lie, and establishing that a diagnosis of mental health requires personal examination of the subject. The stunt was worthless, as is every single alleged mental diagnosis of Trump.

      But don’t let that stop you…………..And don’t let the fact that the Judicial Branch declared Unconstitutional more Executive Orders by alleged Constitutional Scholar Quasi-White Baby Jesus Obama than every other POTUS combined. I presume, to demagogues like yourself, this obvious, extreme, egregious contradiction only proves and confirms Baby Jesus Obama’s pure and highest level thought process.

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