Valentine’s Day Banned in Islamabad

240px-Antique_Valentine_1909_01If you are looking for a fun romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, you might want to pass on Pakistan.   The High Court in Islamabad has banned all public celebrations of Valentine’s Day despite the growing desire among students to have parties. Students in many countries in the Middle East and Asia have increasingly embraced the holiday to exchange cards, sweets, and have parties.

The Court responded to an outcry from Muslim clerics that the holiday is indecent, vulgar and an offense to Islam. Accordingly, as is often the case in Muslim countries, the solution is to force everyone to adhere to your sensibilities and values.

The court ruled in a petition where an outraged Muslim man complained that the holiday was just a Western cover for “immorality, nudity and indecency… which is against our rich traditions and values”. Muslim parties rejoiced over the news that their neighbors would be denied the right to enjoy the holiday.

The same drama is playing out in Indonesia and other countries with Muslim majorities.

There are many in this country who object to Valentine’s Day as an invented holiday by businesses. That may indeed be true but one could have worst reasons to have a party or holiday than expressing love for other people.


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    1. Steg, I cut out the sugar a long time ago. It feeds some bacteria but primarily the fungus amongus as some say. Yea, it pretty bad stuff because we consume way too much. We should not eat any additional sugars except for those already in the various fruits and vegis.

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      1. Sparked a nice reply! Thank you!

        I read Nina Planck “Real Food, What To Eat and Why” a few years ago and that kicked off my food rebellion. My biggest takeaway from that book was our recommended daily cholesterol was just a BS political middle of the road decision.

        Half a joke, but sort of not really- bacon every day! OK yea, I can’t even eat do that, but eggs every day for sure.

        Maybe about six years ago I started a wheat grass business- I sold it to pet stores in my area, and grew it on the porch. Selling to pet stores meant I had no FDA regulations but there was nothing to prevent people from using it themselves… which was an angle I tried to bring up from time to time.

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  2. Darren

    The problem is CAUSED by ‘parent’s consent’ in both America and Islamic countries.

  3. Anybody here know the marriage laws of many states in the Good ‘Ol USA?

    No problem with twelve or thirteen year olds getting married if she has parents ‘permission’.

    So how is this different than what happens in Islamic countries?

    1. Lack of consent on part of the minor is one aspect of the differences with the USA.

  4. No, no, no the moderate Muslims love the Christians and all their holidays. They wake every morning thinking of ways to accommodate and tolerate their brothers and sisters of another deity. Usually that involves finding “remarkably cool apartments” for them “where the light of the Sun is never bothersome.” Jizya? Another myth of the infidel. Pogrom, smogrom, just more misinterpretation the Prophet. Anyone who says differently is a racist, lying Islamophobe. The ban is just another corrupt Western attack on all things holy. Allah be braised!

  5. enamor not enumeration. The youth are not numbering the ways they like Valentine’s Day. Oh, wait, unless they are making their own cards now since they are banned for sale. Inshalla, how do I love thee, habibi, yalla let me count the ways.

  6. Many Middle Eastern regimes reject Western values and our pesky liberation of women. So of course the imams fight the tide of youthful enumeration of anything Western, especially espousing romance and letting women be pampered and loved. It raises the expectations unrealistically for women stuck in Sharia Law. It’s not like they are allowed to kiss anyone they are not married to, or shake their hands, or make eye contact, or let him see her hair, or fail to wear a rain coat in summer, or stand next to him unchaperoned, or accept candy or gifts or a romantic song…Come to think of it, it would just be depressing to buy those cards anyway and think about all the things they are not allowed to have. Turkey used to be more secular than most, although they looked the other ways while gays were persecuted, but we all know how that’s going with Erdogan. And Assad was a bit secular but he’s a homicidal maniac and his opponents are terrorists. Egypt was cosmopolitan, and everyone had a favorite Egyptian dancer and knew all her moves, but then the Arab Spring ruined that and it’s become more extremist and the tourist trade is in shambles. What’s a girl to do in the Middle East?

    Now, if they had a national arranged marriage of a child bride to an old man day, they’d probably embrace it in any extremist regime.

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