Valentine’s Day Banned in Islamabad

240px-Antique_Valentine_1909_01If you are looking for a fun romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, you might want to pass on Pakistan.   The High Court in Islamabad has banned all public celebrations of Valentine’s Day despite the growing desire among students to have parties. Students in many countries in the Middle East and Asia have increasingly embraced the holiday to exchange cards, sweets, and have parties.

The Court responded to an outcry from Muslim clerics that the holiday is indecent, vulgar and an offense to Islam. Accordingly, as is often the case in Muslim countries, the solution is to force everyone to adhere to your sensibilities and values.

The court ruled in a petition where an outraged Muslim man complained that the holiday was just a Western cover for “immorality, nudity and indecency… which is against our rich traditions and values”. Muslim parties rejoiced over the news that their neighbors would be denied the right to enjoy the holiday.

The same drama is playing out in Indonesia and other countries with Muslim majorities.

There are many in this country who object to Valentine’s Day as an invented holiday by businesses. That may indeed be true but one could have worst reasons to have a party or holiday than expressing love for other people.


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    1. Rewrite the damn thing and be done with it! Watch when the first hit comes let’s see if these lib pinwheels will take responsibility?

  1. Ban all Muslims from coming here. Make the Executive Order on Valentines Day. Ah, demain.

    1. Poor girl. Her family likely blames her for the entire incident because she “made” them threaten to kill her. It’s all her fault for dating a non-Muslim. And then she likely felt guilty and refused to cooperate. Women’s shelters are full of these stories. The girls feel guilty and refuse to press charges, and many are eventually killed or forced into arranged marriages to cleanse the family honor. And it’s not just the Muslim girls who experience this phenomenon. Battered wives go through this cycle, too, refusing to throw the dirt bags in jail out of misplaced loyalty and guilt. They deserve better.

      When will these girls realize their worth and at least allow the law to help them? They should only allow men who are protective of them within 10 feet of them.

  2. This article is blatantly Islamophobic. Muslims do not ban Valentine’s Day at all. They merely celebrate it in an entirely different manner than the typical Westerner does. Please be respectful of cultures and practices other than your own. Thank you.

    The following is an example of a perfectly acceptable celebration of Valentine’s Day in the Islamic culture:

  3. They are not our kind of people. Anyone who would run their government from book written by religious zealots has the right to do so but not in my Constitutional back yard and that incudes secular regressives and the rest of the Marxist Leninist version and double that for Al Gores Secular 700 Club. Go ahead but the government guarantees freedom of religion as long as it does not imperil life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and that means freedom from religion. As a government itself? Call it the Church of England and have a repeat of 1776.

  4. Not a problem. My wife and I have no plans to travel to Islamabad for Valentine’s Day.

    1. That surely must have been the scrivener’s error. Attorney’s as everyone knows, do not make such mistakes. I’m sure he will talk to the scribe about this blatant carelessness.

  5. I think the Judiciary has been the greatest thorn in the side of liberty and happiness than any other single group other than the bankers who they are surely either directly or indirectly in bed with or a rubber stamp for the government they control. To understand that however, you must understand the powers the central bankers have received from the politicians and Judges. A nice coup-d’etat reminiscent of the ruling monarchs that our forefathers were forced to cut their throats.

    Lawyers erroneously believing they know what is in the best interest of the majority. Too much power in the hands of to few people.

    You solve the constant usurpations of individual rights by the judiciary and you will solve most of the social and economic problems of our world. But where would they get their money if they didn’t tax the crap out of majority.

    Instead of mitigating our differences they try to control the majorities social and economic behavior through a plethora of malum prohibitum laws and decisions. Courthouse vultures praying on humanity to maintain their country club memberships. Jonathan is constantly pointing out many of their idiot decisions and don’t tell me it’s only a small few. We have too many horrible social policies that usurp individual rights for that to be the case. Nobody wants to admit that there are too many worms feeding off the apple and that the judiciary is one of the main players.

    On supreme court cases, we need to drastically expand the number of Judges and how they are chosen. There has to be a way. The world cannot take any more nonsense like this ruling.

  6. Dave137 –
    1. Is it true?
    2. Is it kind?
    3. Is it helpful?

    Epic fail on all 3.

  7. These people are crazy. They need to learn from rational people, like Christians, who drink blood.

  8. Valentine’s Day is stupid. but that does not mean we should no bomb them back into the stone age for banning it.

  9. What do Muslim clerics think about indigenous tribes in tropical climates who have no need for clothing? Do they think they are immoral, that Allah disapproves?

  10. Surely there is some way we can blame this on President Trump. Right, anon? FFS

  11. Please, invite more and more of these Third World, backward and primitive throwbacks here, where we will soon witness the bombing of Hallmark stores for the grievous sin of selling cards with hearts, boxes of chocolate and stuffed teddy bears for the holiday. We will then, undoubtedly, be admonished to refrain from condemning an entire religion for its barbarity and to be more culturally sensitive to our differences. It’s coming, folks. It’s coming. Soon, these articles will not simply describe life in Pakistan. You know the saying about taking the boy out of the country but not being capable of removing the country from the boy. Yeah. You get it.

    1. I’m sure you long for another HRC/Baby Jesus Obama success story, maybe like Libya, where US-armed, financed, and instructed Muslim “Moderates” (hahahaha) anal raped and murdered Gadaffi…IOW, another successful and in this case all-DNC led regime change to spread democracy around the globe?

  12. Hallmark and Hershey are putting together a commando unit to take these heretics out!

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