Wisconsin Students Demand Free Tuition and No Standardized Tests for Black Students

imagesStudents at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have demanded that African-American students be given free tuition and housing because blacks were denied access to college educations for much of our history.  They also opposed the use of standardized test scores as a barrier to black students.  

Notably, George Washington University has also dropped the requirement of SAT or ACT scores expressly to boast minority student enrollment.  Such scores were denounced by the Associated Students of Madison as a vehicle of “white supremacy.”

The Black Liberation Collective, a national organization, has also demanded such accommodation for African-American students.

The Madison students also demand access to the university for black people, including former inmates.

 Obviously, such proposals for struggling universities would impose not only huge costs but also a challenge to maintaining the ranking of the school if students are no longer required to have competitive scores.

What do you think?

261 thoughts on “Wisconsin Students Demand Free Tuition and No Standardized Tests for Black Students

    • If you think a story about the left’s demands can’t be true because the demands are ridiculous, then you haven’t been paying attention.

  1. A practical solution would be tuition free community colleges. They should have strong programs in the trades: masonry, plumbing, electrical, auto mechanics, carpentry, etc., as well as academic programs for those who want to move on to a four-year college. I suspect that a one year program leading to a well-paying trade, would be preferable to most low-income students than a four-year liberal arts degree leading to a job at Starbucks. Community colleges can also offer semi-professional training as paralegals, bookkeepers, nursing assistants, etc, which also lead to immediate employment.

    • Sounds good, but I disagree with “free.” There should be a cost, but the cost should be a true cost based on it’s market, not what the market can pay with a government subsidy. That’s the slippery slope where we are at now. We don’t need to pad higher ed with more highly paid administrators.

    • TIN, I agree – free tuition at a technical/community college would provide real world training – welding, cooking, para legal, pharm tech, auto mechanics, HCAV, rad tech, etc. They would be immediately employable and start paying for themselves – taxes and buying goods. In Germany and Switzerland many kids take the apprenticeship route which is the same – training and schooling. Far too much monies are spent on administration which accounts for the annual tuition hikes – and I won’t even start on the academic book publishing industry which rips students off..

      • Autumn, I don’t think most have an understanding of how indepth the German apprenticeship system is. I think it is one of the reasons why the country does consistently well economically. In this country, I just think there needs to be a formal commitment, and I think a reasonable cost is in order. My first semester in the local community college (in the dawn of the 80s) was about $1,000, with books. That same institution now is about $10,000. Take in account the stagnation of wages, this becomes quite a burdensome figure.

        • slohrss – you may be right that Americans don’t understand the apprenticeship system, however, I think it could be used here the same. Most companies provided training for their employees – especially line workers. Now it’s been “turfed out” to the local technical college which both students and taxpayers subsidize. Boeing has a nice training facility at our local technical college plus getting all sorts of tax exemptions just because they opened the Dreamliner plant here. Corporations should do their own training on their own damn dollar IMO.

          Luckily in SC students can defry their costs due to lottery monies. However, the semesters have been shortened to 7 weeks and I wonder how much they actually learn as the majority of them work full / part-time as well. So the college gets more students, more monies and the administrative staff continues to benefit.

          • Minimum wage has destroyed the concept of businesses taking in unskilled workers and making them highly skilled. So has child labor laws which seek to protect children from job abuse but instead creates a social class with no work ethic. If we could eradicate these two things alone, minimum wage and child labor laws, our economy would boom as young people engage in the workforce earlier and become more highly skilled and paid as they prove themselves. Young people need to embrace the idea of hard work, starting at the bottom and progressing to the top, rather than the idea that they put in their time at school to get a degree that gives them an automatic high paying job upon graduation. Too many today think society (government) owes them rather than looking at the best way for them to contribute to society.

            • Minimum wage laws have an effect on the margins – the produce a small premium to one class of low wage workers and price another class out of the market. Lowering the minimum wage will have a small salutary effect on the labor market.

              The demise of child labor is a function of the effect of affluence on preferences. Once families have a certain amount of margin, they keep their children out of the labor force. Even a century ago, youngsters employed ‘ere the age of 10 were unusual and the employment of youth under the age of 14 regarded as a social vice by bourgeois types. You had farm chores, of course, but that’s hardly relevant in this day and age as < 3% of the workforce is employed on farms. A great deal of time is wasted in youth these days, but that can be addressed through longer school years and lower doses of tertiary schooling as well as having more opportunities for wage labor among juveniles. You'll get some social benefit from having more adolescents working part time. The economic benefit will be quite modest.

  2. What do I think? I think white liberals come in three varieties: sentimental sorts who understand little, the aggressively abusive whose shtick is harassing their cultural enemies and manufacturing patron-client relations between bourgeois types like themselves and various ‘oppressed’, and contemporaries of Nat Hentoff (who are all dead now). They contribute nothing to the public interest anymore.

    It’s a reasonable inference that a large minority of blacks fancy that they are an aristocratic stratum who are due deference by the rest of the population just because. So, it’s outrageous for white peasants in the police force to tell them to not walk down the middle of the street as if they owned it and outrageous for said officers to ever stop and question them no matter what suspicious thing they’re doing. About 8,000 blacks are violently dispatched each year (of whom over 90% are so by black civilians), but only the 2% (nearly all of them reprobates disrupting civil peace) dispatched by police officers are of interest, because that’s peasants striking lords. Another bit of effrontery is white-peasant psychometricians making use of their insulting tests to ration berths in the academy and the civil service. Blacks are due the trappings of success just because; demonstrating preparation and accomplishment is something peasants have to do. You have Joseph Rauh’s word on it.

  3. The irony here is that as necessary and effective affirmative action has been and can be, when used intelligently, this sort of nonsense is directly responsible for keeping Blacks and other minorities down. The concept of affirmative action was to place Black professionals into society in proportion with their percentage of the population and to illustrate to Black youth that this segment of society was accessible.

    However, if those professionals become ill-equipped to function in these positions because of excessively lower standards with no financial responsibility, those entering the professional levels will stand as an argument against Blacks becoming professionals. This is another example of a simple lack of common sense. Common sense knows no racial boundaries. All races enjoy access. Unfortunately these idiots are a few bricks short a load.

    The answer is to approach the problem at all levels: encourage access to higher education, tax the sh*t out of garbage food and subsidize good food, address the deplorable conditions of Black youth in inner cities, and compel successful Black professionals who have profited through affirmative action to contribute to the troubled areas of the problem. White racism should also be dialed back. This is OUR problem. WE made it.

    • I like how you attack the problem Issac, but I disagree with your solution. I do not agree that more government regulation will make the problem more betterer. My thought would first to be to pull federal funding from all colleges and let them supply studies that would actually serve the marketplace. End student aid–that will rob colleges of being able to charge these unbelievable costs. I know, I know… the first thought is, “what about the students?” Well, without government protection, the schools will have to find out REAL quickly how to become a sustainable business and create a fee system that can be supported by its intended market. Is this a novel approach??? No. Is it innovative… No… Does the current model of higher education really serve the needs of the individual or the country? I would say no, based on many arguments. So much of this snowflake entitled attitude goes back to cheap and irresponsible credit, from the individual right to the Presidente of the OOOSA. At some point people will have to start understanding there is a cost for every action, and that, “the need gives me the right” philosophy serves no one in the end. You could also apply the same argument to the medical industry.

      • slohrss29

        The problems we have today are primarily the result of little or no social compass. Governments, when functioning well-and there are more examples than not-offset the greed, racism, bigotry, and ‘me first’ forces of nature that make government ‘regulations’ necessary. When the pendulum moves too far in one direction the first knee jerk reaction is to swing it back in the opposite direction past the middle. The ‘law of the jungle’ approach is a basic necessity but given that humans are the only species that govern themselves, and for obvious reasons, it is not a question of how much governance but how effective. The sugar and other crap lobbies are a perfect example of the force of nature that is business negatively affecting society by perverting government. If soda was taxed heavily and fresh juices and fruit were subsidized then we all would benefit from lower medical costs, social costs, etc. It is woefully perverse to attach the concepts of freedom to the industries that disproportionately sway government at the expense of all. What we have today is an oligarchy, a two part system, one more than a dictatorship. The US is way behind evolutionarily speaking when it comes to these common sense approaches to government.

        • issac wrote: “If soda was taxed heavily and fresh juices and fruit were subsidized then we all would benefit from lower medical costs, social costs, etc. … The US is way behind evolutionarily speaking when it comes to these common sense approaches to government.”

          The US is way ahead of other governments. Why do you think we have been the most prosperous of all the nations in history? The threat to the USA today is big government. This threat comes from people from other nations bringing their socialist ideas of how to advance and control others. We have rejected the Marxist perspective on history in the past, and we should continue to reject it. The path for progress today is embracing love for our fellow man (which is a voluntary endeavor), not looking for the revolution of the proletariat in order to force economic equality upon everyone. Economic equality is a unicorn that will never be found.

          Taxes = Greed + Control. We do not need more taxes to control what people eat or drink. That is the role of education, and people need to be free to choose voluntarily what to eat and drink. It does not harm others if some citizen drinks a soda every day. The primary role of government is security, not social engineering, so government has no business forcing me to eat a certain way or forcing me to buy products that I don’t want to buy. To take benefit from me which was produced by the toil of my own hands, by the threat of force (taxes, imprisonment, or fines) and give it to others in society is theft and plunder, even when the government does it under the color of justice. I should be free to give of my surplus to those whom I choose and not to those chosen by another. I reject the idea that my government has a legal right to rob me in order to enrich others.

          • Amateur tip: three of the individuals who post here are nuts. It’s best not to respond to them unless you want to be drawn into the rabbit warren of whatever delusion they’re nursing today. You’ll be able to recognize them readily. One’s an incoherent graphomaniac, one’s an oecumenical purveyor of conspirazoid rubbish, and one hates the Jews.

  4. It is well established that when the government distributes burdens or benefits on the basis of individual racial classifications, that action is reviewed under strict scrutiny. As the Court recently reaffirmed, “‘racial classifications are simply too pernicious to permit any but the most exact connection between justification and classification.'” In order to satisfy this searching standard of review, the school . . . must demonstrate that the use of individual racial classifications . . . is “narrowly tailored” to achieve a “compelling” government interest.
    Parents Involved in Cmty. Sch. v. Seattle Sch. Dist. No. 1, 551 U.S. 701, 720 (2007) (citations omitted).

  5. The Black Liberation Collective? Disagree with their policy (btw – appears to apply to black and indigenous), but who the hell is this group? How many do they represent? Has anyone here ever heard of this group? Their website looks thin. Are they really worth a thread?

    btw – after maybe 100+ threads on Hillary and security, its fascinating the silence on donald trumpwreck’s lack of security, record keeping (disappearing messages), seemingly illegal foreign entanglements, bald face lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, etc…….. Maybe its 10+ days in Pacific sun, crazy Republican Guam representatives (remember those crooked reps?) and the most electoral votes since Putin…….oops……I mean Reagan that is distracting

    • The blog is getting geared up for the sore winner’s campaign rally in Florida. Maybe they can help with the crowd count. What else matters when you need a distraction? See Trump signed something to let coal sludge into the streams. Pretty soon we will need masks. Maybe we should all move to Guam.

    • Not hijacking the thread, but just keep listening to the mainstream media Bill W, they’ll tell you all you want to hear.

      Good article at the hedge this AM. Feel free to be duped into the “mean Russian” meme, when there are a lot of real issues that are important, but also reflect the will of the status quo. It leads off with the newest attack on the heinous Dalai Lama:


      Now get back to your window and watch for Putin, he’s on your street today (assuming anyone could get past the approx. 100,000 troops and 5,000 tanks sitting a foot from the Russian border…).

  6. This is a sham and a shame to society.
    There was a time in the last century, even under extreme predijuces
    Of other races, we expected more from our children. We didn’t have them dumbed down with gang music and sexual twerking. We let them believe and encourage them they could go higher.

    • I saw this movie hoping for a good up lifting story. Instead it is just a hit piece to make white people look bad even in NASA. I suggest all that see the movie, do a fact check on what Hollywood presented vs. how it actually happened. What really sucks is, there is a story there, but Hollywood couldn’t resist tearing down one of our great accomplishments and trivializing a lady who was a genius.

  7. Under the heading of putting your money where your mouth is, I suggest that the powers that be in Madison mandate that each protester demanding free tuition for any student be required to pay that student’s costs. Also, any protester demanding waiver of standardized test scores should be required to hire the student whose admission was gained sans standardized test scores.

  8. It’s time to start calling this racist garbage what it is: racist garbage. And the progressive movement behind it is just as destructive as the Klan of old ever was.

  9. It is time to realize that the races are not all equal, and that equal opportunity is the noble concept. Equality before the law does not mean equality of abilities and performance.

    • All inherited brain cells are NOT created equal. But every race can have their Geniuses. Their cream rising to the Top.
      But when we took The Creator out of public schools in the 60’s, and told the lie to our children they share a common ancestor with apes, dogs, bananas and turnips. How did we
      Think they would turn out with this garbage we poured into them from hollyweird and society? Here is some hidden history that shoud be mandatory watched in every school!

  10. The concept of equality and equal opportunity is destroyed by this opinion to lower college standards for a particular race. It reveals that the new civil rights is not really about equality, but about black supremacy. It is time to see through the charade.

    • Blacks constitute about 13% of the population and hold perhaps 9% of the human capital in this country. “Black supremacy’ is not possible. What this is about is transferring discretion over allocation of valued things to the court system making use of opaque criteria dreamed up by lawyers. A way station is to establish patron-client relationships with blacks who are deeply confused about their proper place in society and about what they are due through social processes in order to pretend you’re doing something decent with your arrogant power grabbing.

  11. Also the state could cover the cost for instate tuition by making the adjuncts, because with that plan I’m sure that’s all the state could afford and professors would leave in droves, reteach the students what they didn’t care to or were unable to, due to their “disability” in secondary school.
    So let me get this right, being black is now a disability?
    But what about mixed kids?
    Who gets to determine the amount of “Blackness”.
    I’d love to hear Chauncey Devega’s take on this.

  12. That would certainly validate the apparent worthlessness of a college degree.

    Why not demand on the job training.

    Oh, that would imply that one was actually going to want to get a job huh?

  13. I think I might go for it, just after the U of W agrees to allow small White guys to a guaranteed 80% of the positions on their Football team, or whatever percentage Whites are of the total population of the state of Wisconsin. This position based on race should be the governing rule for all sports at U of W, especially in the basketball program where it seems that majority of starting players are person’s of color.

    The idea that just because White guys tend to be shorter, slower, and can’t jump is no reason why they shouldn’t be represented in numbers equal to the numbers of White guys on campus. Some may say that when it comes to Basketball skills and height, these are realities that can’t be corrected for.

    I would answer that it sounds like to say that is heightism, and skillism and should not be allowed to even be discussed.

    In fact, seeing as all the major spots were invented by White Guys, I am not sure we should allow any people of color to partake, as that is clearly a case of misappropriation – “Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of the elements of one culture by members of another culture.[1] Cultural appropriation may be perceived[2] as controversial or harmful, notably when the cultural property of a minority group is used by members of the dominant culture without the consent of the members of the originating culture. This is seen as misappropriation and a violation of intellectual property rights.[3][4][5][3][6][6] [excessive citations]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_appropriation”

    It is clear that in the “culture” of sports small, slow and a little out of shape White guys are an oppressed majority, where the dominate culture, African Americans, misappropriate the “cultural property” of the oppressed minority – White athletes of the most popular sports, Basketball, Football and Baseball.

    And don’t get me started about all the cultural misappropriation of all those “Black” musicians – misappropriating all those Dead White Europeans invented, from the Piano, Trumpet and of course the Saxophone. I am not saying the Thelonius Monk isn’t a genius on the Piano, Miles Davis on the Trumpet or Cannonball Adderly on the Sax.

    But thats the point isn’t it? They have too much talent to allow them to compete with poor White guys with no rhythm. I say, No Justice, No Peace. All political power comes out of the barrel of a Trump – et!!!

    If I see these progressive moves taken on the grounds of fairness and the defeat of the dominating Jazz power structure, it will mean you are bigger idiots than even I could imagine. And I have a very vivid imagination.


    Peace Out!!

    • You have perfectly captured the absurdity of the PC crowd. This post would make a great parody in “The Onion”.

  14. I do not think that they should have to take a bar exam after they “read for the law”. Even if they cannot read. And should be admitted to the bar.
    The bar is getting low. The bars in that state are getting filled. Milwaukee Beer should be free to all black students too. And because their parents were discriminated against then they should be given food stamps and free tickets to the cat house. But. The girls at the cathouse should be able to refuse or accept who they want. We can not go too far.

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